The Money Machine – Social Impact Profiteering from Misery

Happy Apocalypse… how are you holding up? Things are about to get even more interesting as the AI agenda is stepped up to the next level. The Technocrat’s solution to every problem ever is technology, technology, and more technology. While technocracy is a system that subverts local control and self-determination, one of the biggest beasts we are up against, as a planetary system, is social impact investing and pay-for-success finance. Within the hollowed-out shell of what is left of the economy, global finance has built a new machine that will use predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, geo-fencing, wearable and screen-based technologies to monitor and manipulate the global poor to profit from their misery.

As humanity engages with an accelerating presence of AI and nano-neuro-electronics, aiming to hijack our innate sensory circuitry, it is vitally important that we understand how public health policy across the world has been harnessed to feed global markets. Instead of serving those at risk of illness and death, these policies of financialisation are constructed to benefit social impact investors. Global capital demands the creation of new investment products to circulate the holdings of billionaires and further concentrate their wealth. This money machine continues to advance, even as poverty rates skyrocketed under the fallout from restrictive conditions of worldwide economic lockdown. Social impact finance is the centerpiece of a new era of “stakeholder capitalism,” and the Davos cronies are praising and promoting it at every turn.

The effort to build the misery money machine is being carried out on both sides of government, in partnership with the non-profit sector, higher education, think tanks, and global foundations. Outcomes-based contracts are the machine’s operating system. Contracts employ pay-for-performance agreements that reimburse service providers IF they produce specific success metrics. These metrics are narrowly defined and chosen for their particular ability to be gamed. Contrived solutions offer up fake “success” to enrich investors at the expense of vulnerable populations – think superficial, cookie-cutter junk like standardised test scores as success metrics for education or fit-bit step counts for preventative health.

“If you want to know the outcome of a game before the game has even started,

you need to control each side.”


― David Icke

Problem - Reaction - Solution

This misery money machine requires a steady supply of people tagged and identified as deficient by those in power. Like batteries in The Matrix, the poor are meant to be the fuel. The machine does not care for their actual wellbeing; its sole purpose is to maximise profit. Similar to the Western medical model where Big Pharma opts for chronic disease management over research leading to lasting cures, pay-for-success does not empower the poor. Rather, it manages them and harvests their data indefinitely. The globalist plan requires that everyone participates. Outliers are not allowed and are seen as a threat to the “system.” Therefore, the anomalies must either be assimilated or eliminated.

Nobody, outside of the UN or WEF, has ever asked for a “Social Contract” that would bind everyone into a scientific dictatorship. However, in classic Deal-with-the-Devil style, the UN Secretary-General presented a scenario that, to the untrained eye, looks like a no-brainer. Antonio Guterres painted a picture of a world facing a choice between collapse and the UN 2030 Agenda. In what sounds suspiciously threatening, he claims that if we make the wrong choice, we will be hit by a mutating virus repeatedly haunting us. Health systems will apparently not be able to handle the pressure and the “vaccines” will be distributed unequally (sound familiar?). He goes on to explain that somehow the planet will magically heat up, resulting in melting polar ice caps, floods, droughts, cyclones, animal species extinction, and wasted human lives. Poverty will then increase, protests will be crushed, human rights will be neglected while the development of new forms of warfare will prevent all hope of peace initiatives. (Yawn – the narrative is getting old).

“Tiny details imperceptible to us decide everything!”

― Winfried Georg Sebald

The Devil in the Details

Now, we all know the devil does not come empty-handed: if we choose the model promoted by the UN and the World Economic Forum, we are promised a utopian paradise (of sorts). A greener, safer and better world with rapid crisis response, including a health system where  “vaccines” are available to all (kumbaya). Fossil fuels will be phased out and global average temperatures will be kept in check. And everyone will be given the right to a digital connection in order to access a lifelong education. The devil’s price? All we need to do is hand over our power and personal autonomy to the UN and its partner WEF to allow ourselves to be integrated under the watchful eye of the digital AI god. As frequent WEF stooge, Johan Rockström from the Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact said in an interview in 2015: “I can see no other way than that 200 countries must relinquish part of their decision-making power to a planetary institutional administration. We have to work with the institutions we have, and there is only one institution that is global, the UN.”  World domination? The hubris of the cult knows no bounds!

World Economic Forum and UN Sign Strategic Partnership Framework

“So, in the interests of survival, they trained themselves to be agreeing machines instead of thinking machines. All their minds had to do was to discover what other people were thinking, and then they thought that, too.”

― Kurt Vonnegut

The Cogs of The Machine

Data-driven pay-for-success deals are set up to be structured around the UN Sustainable Development Goals. “Health” is goal number three. The enterprising World Bank has created new investment products aligned to these SDGs. Essentially, pay-for-success finance is a performance-based contracting system that has been applied to a wide range of social issues ranging from preschool, mental health and aged care services to workforce training and housing services. “Pandemic preparedness” is clearly being fitted out for pay-for-success profit-taking, too. The “pay for success” model works like this:

  1. Identify a social problem. In this case the possibility of a pandemic (seems to work well!).
  1. Find an academic institution or think tank to cost out the problem as a negative externality. (the more expensive the problem, the more potential profit from pre-emptively “fixing” it).
  1. Establish an equation that fixes a rate of return for evidence-based “solutions.” (bamboozle the masses with numbers while lining investors’ pockets).
  1. Select the type of data and parameters that determine “success” for the deal. (measure it to “manage” it.)
  1. Set up the infrastructure to track the data and provide “evidence” of success. (Data and dashboards).
  1. Identify partners – service providers, investors, and project oversight. (Predatory FinTech)
  1. Deliver the services and collect the data. (nom-nom-nom feed the machine)
  1. Pay. After a third party determines if success metrics were met, performance payments are issued to investors – or not. (Cha-Ching!)

“We live in a world where unfortunately the distinction between true and false appears to become increasingly blurred by manipulation of facts, by exploitation of uncritical minds, and by the pollution of the language.”

― Arne Tiselius

Manipulating Weak Leadership

After its FinTech makeover, the new welfare state will essentially function as a maze into which poor people are forced by social work navigators. Technologies will track, predict, and influence behaviour. The digital dust the poor generate as they attempt to negotiate punitive bureaucracies will flow to social sector dashboards, informing hedge fund bets in real-time. Here’s the thing: investors do not pour money into markets they expect to dry up. Therefore, logic dictates that turning poverty into a global investment market will only increase global poverty. 

In an amazing co-incidence, the World Bank and the World Health Organisation had the foresight to partner on an initiative called the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board. Its task is to oversee member nations and identify pandemic preparedness “gaps.” Gaps are a red flag for technocrats. Once a social problem can be turned into data, it can be put onto a dashboard and twisted to serve the needs of global markets. The “gap” between the data as it currently is and that which is desirable allows public services and resources to be placed under the control of systems engineers and tech oligarchs indefinately.

“Data will be essential to motivate political leaders and measure progress”

— Johns Hopkins Centre for Health Security (2019).

Fiddling the Books Digi-Style

Narrowing the “gap” justifies private profit raping taking. Dashboard managers are continuously incentivised to modulate the “gaps, but to never actually close them. The pay-for-success model is based on tightening gaps, but only just a little. Problems with wide gaps that can be tightened up quite easily are more attractive investments than intractable problems where the gap is narrow. In the case of pay-for-success, the worse the problem, the better your chances are to show “improvement.” When you start from a terrible baseline, demonstrating growth is much easier. The horrific reality of this sham market is that it is built on and sustained by pure misery. Therefore, when profit is made, more misery is needed in order to grow returns. There is no money to be made for investors in addressing the structural nature of social problems. Those in power set up the deals, and the deals are structured to favour, well, those in power of course!

Yes, here we are, living in a world where the health and wellbeing of everyone you care about, has been placed under the jurisdiction of those who expect to get an “attractive return on investment”. With the world-wide response in 2020, there is now an expectation that the cost of inaction around disease mitigation will be quantified. Those costs include: reduced trade, financial market losses, food insecurity, impacts to agriculture, premature mortality, lost wages, and social order disruption. It is unfortunately clear that those in positions of power are prepping us for a future punctuated by repeated “viral” outbreaks, energy scarcity and climate lockdowns.

“Information walks. Misinformation flies.”

― Rupa Mahanti

Weaponised Data

Our pandemic response has been horrible due to a combination of austerity, poor leadership, outrageous mandates, police brutality, and a shredded social safety net. Health data is being weaponised and politicised before our very eyes. All over the globe, governments continue to advance the financial interests of the parasitic elite over the masses and there will be profound, almost incalculable, economic fall-out from the rolling lockdowns. As tragic as this is, it makes sense within the context of global markets. Pandemic finance is meant to be a growth sector, and market logic dictates a terrible first time out of the gate will guarantee “improvement” on future dashboard metrics. So we were ill-prepared this time, but next time around we promise to do ‘somewhat’ better, so our investors get their payout. By tanking the global economy, which was planned to kickstart the Fourth Industrial Revolution and human capital investment markets, those with an eye on pandemic markets are totally going to cash in by maximising potential future profit.

For them it was a win-win. Impoverish millions so they will be forced to become social impact data commodities and serve up a robust futures market in pandemic preparedness with a side of biometric surveillance. The world-wide rise of extreme poverty was entirely predictable as the technocrats shut down the global economy in response to COVID-19. In the end, it will be hundreds of millions forced to live in abject squalor. FinTech oligarchs have really outdone themselves this time! The health of you and everyone you love has become a plaything for financiers. Soon large segments of the population will find their life choices subject to digital engineering, forced onto prescriptive pathways, being constantly nudged and jumping through hoops to comply. Smartphones play a major role as benefits are moved to online platforms and linked to digital identity. It is the phones with their biometric capacity that facilitate transfers of value and data. They enable the tracking and analysis of impact. Phones will be the minders of the poor. Those with phones can never ever have any expectation of privacy.

“Small acts of courage are where true leadership begins.”

— Martin Luther King Jr

Out of the Ashes

We are living through a period of orchestrated mass confusion and distraction. Some are sitting like frogs in simmering pots, distracted on their phones as the steam billows around them. Others are forced to play real-life games of Frogger, heads down, crossing dangerous highways, dodging crises right and left with little opportunity to see, let along plan for, what is coming. Then there are the conscious leaders who are stepping up to do what they can with what they have, where they are right now. As the conscious leader of your own life, if your capacity in this moment is only your ability to share this content, then let that be so. Everything counts. Everything matters. You may just enlighten someone else with a little more capacity – and that’s how we take our planet back!

At this point there can be no doubt that we are living in a time that has been prophesied for millennia. A time of great change, in which we must gather together and remember who we truly are. We must recentre our activities and decisions around our critical role as the protectors of Life on Earth. In this way, we stand in service and devotion to Nature and all of LIFE on this magnificent planet. Many of us are conditioned to hide the brightness of our light. We are taught to keep our heads down – don’t rock the boat, play small. Many of us are afraid to live as BIG as we know we are inside. This is not the time to be afraid, or even embarrassed or ashamed. The world needs YOU and all your unique talents and gifts. We are all pieces of a giant unified puzzle and, when we come together, we create a magnificent picture. In order to do this, we must live out our authentic self or we will distort our “piece of the puzzle” and, ultimately, affect the big picture.

“I no longer feared the darkness once I knew the phoenix in me would rise from the ashes.”

– William C. Hannan

Ignite the Flame!

If you think that little you is not important or vital to the well-being of the planet then you do not understand the nature of reality or the power of the Quantum Source Field. Not only is it crucial to the well-being of the whole for you to live out the purest, fullest expression of your authentic self, it’s actually a much easier way to live. It’s exhausting to pretend to be something you are not and, it is ultimately futile because it is difficult to sustain. Phoenix leaders are wise in the ways of abundance. Collectively, we are ready to shatter the program of conditioning that has enslaved our planet for a thousand years. It is time to realign with your natural state, your true power, and the incredible wisdom of nature. Here’s the thing: when you live your life as your authentic self, you cannot help but be abundant. In order to do this, you must learn how to navigate your way out of the program that keeps you locked in the belief that it’s not okay to be the big, powerful, radiant, magnificent conscious, regenerative leader of your own life.  

“From the ashes, a fire shall be woken, A light from the shadows shall spring; Renewed shall be blade that was broken, The crownless again shall be king.”

– Arwen

Your Time is Now

We invite you to let go of some pretty big paradigms and see yourself and your life from a radically different perspective. Reclaiming your authentic self may sound uncomfortable but it is a journey well worth taking for yourself and for the future of humanity. The world needs you to be the magnificent, glorious, and powerful creator being you truly are! By leaning away from warrior and victim mindsets (and what may have initially stemmed from anger and fear) we are attempting to lean into a more positive, emboldened, and transmutative engagement. As we face the ever-present influence of digital domination and in unpacking the details of this overreaching cybernetic post-human agenda, we are collectively releasing our doubts and doom-infused fears. Seeds of hope, empowerment, confluence, and clarity are now blooming as more bringers of the dawn awaken with potency. We did not come this far to lose and now it’s our time to shine. Together we rise! 

“The greatest prison people live in is the fear of what other people think.”

― David Icke


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