Fleeced – Predatory FinTech Interests Exploiting Global Poverty

The giant theatrical edifice of all things Covid succeeded in distracting the public’s attention away from the criminal central bankers take over and push towards complete totalitarianism through monetary and financial control. The completion of this coup of all coups will be when they introduce Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). In the clear light of day, we can see that the concept of programmable money did not magically appear in time for the Fourth Industrial Revolution without considerable planning.

Social engineers used impoverished communities as testbeds for unscrupulous experimentation in the decades leading up to the crypto bait-and-switch. Illustrious careers have been built on investigations into evidence-based public assistance “reforms” including Mexico’s Progresa and the World Food Program’s refugee iris-scan payment system. In 2014, the World Bank presented a slide deck promoting conditional cash transfers (CCTs). The figures show that programmed benefits reached tens of millions of people worldwide. In Brazil, Bolsa Familia began with 3.5 million people in 2003, growing to 54 million people a decade later. In the Philippines, a conditional cash pilot serving 6,000 people in 2007, expanded to 14 million people in only seven years. Giving money to poor people has never nor will it ever stop poverty. Once hooked into these payment programs, participants are subject to rules of ‘proper behaviour’ imposed by the government of the day, including daycare and school attendance, vaccinations, workshop participation, and demonstrations of productive labour.

People in crisis have very limited recourse. Programmable money is nothing more than a tool of economic warfare deployed against marginalised people who suffer social consequences of globalisation. The poor are stomped on by the heavy boot of debt-finance strong men who profess they want to “help” them out of poverty. On the surface, these programs are seen to improve some of the worst aspects of oppression in the short-term. However, poverty alleviation schemes are really about establishing new markets in human capital futures. What does one do with a global economic model that devastates everything? Find a way to make that devastation profitable, of course! That’s what predictive analytics, impact metrics, and data dashboards are for. The conditional cash transfer model set up in the late ‘90s opened the door to app-based financial services that will permit metadata to be aggregated and made interoperable on blockchain. Finclusion apps mean the digital footprint of the poor will determine their right to participate in economic transactions. “Conditional” is the key to this concept.

“If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we’ve flattered reality enough. It doesn’t need any more. Reality needs a massive injection of imagination. If a person can’t imagine a better world, he’s stuck with this one.”

— Jon Rappoport

The Planned Future of Money

If data is the new oil, it’s not economically feasible to extract at scale just yet. Infrastructure must first be put into place, and that’s where fake philanthropists like Jack Dorsey come in. Billionaires have the capital to burn. So, they hire creative debt finance professors working with their MBA alumni at hedge funds and central banks to spin markets out of thin air. The billionaire class has long-range goals and they plan decades in advance. They also have money to buy all sides – governments, academics, think tanks, labour, activists, journalists, even artists. So, they can sit back and wait until all the pieces fall into place. Then they flip the switch. Making mobile phones available to low-income families for “financial inclusion” where traditional banking is not available sounds nice if you don’t consider other planned uses of the devices. Phones are mechanisms for monitoring and digital nudging via push notifications and automated text messages.

The masses are being driven toward tokenised scrip on blockchain, doled out for obeying the rules of the game outlined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. You must behave if you want to be granted “deserving poor” status by the crypto overlords. Neo-banking, micro-finance, micro-insurance, and peer-to-peer “lending,” shocking Pavlovian wearables, KYC (Know Your Customer), and real-time financial activity monitoring have all been set up to channel ESG aligned capital flows through the bodies and social relationships of the formerly “unbanked.” The insistence on transitioning people from informal local economies onto blockchain reached a fever pitch during the lockdown months. This manufactured dispossession was planned and intended to clear the decks of cash in order to usher in a global control grid.

“It is no coincidence that the century of total war coincided with the century of central banking.”
― Ron Paul

Augustus Gloop! The Great Big Greedy Nincompoop!

Today’s battle of digital currencies, inflation, and paper money has humanity on a knife edge between freedom and fascism. The pandemic and accompanying lockdowns have been wildly successful in creating the right environment for total control of society, health, money, and food. Huge portions of the population, influenced by fear and mind control, are in complete submission. In order to have a full digital monetary system with complete central control, the circulation of paper currency has to end. 

In October 2020, Augustis Gloop Augustin Carstens, the General manager of BIS (the central bank of central banks) explained how your social credit system will influence your ability to use money under the coming Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) system. “We don’t know who’s using a $100 bill today and we don’t know who’s using a 1000 peso bill today. The key difference with the CBDC is the central bank will have absolute control on the rules and regulations that will determine the use of that expression of central bank liability, and also we will have the technology to enforce that.” You can read the entire snorefest here.

“In this place, a mind was at work to negate the image of a free and intact man. It intended to rely on manpower in the same way that it had relied on horsepower. It wanted units to be equal and divisible, and for that purpose, man had to be destroyed as the horse had already been destroyed.”
― Ernst Jünger

Digital Concentration Camps

CBDC as a tool for eliminating privacy and for central bankers to force citizens to use currency exactly when, where, and how they are told. If an all digital financial system snaps into place, they will convert our homes, our cars and our communities into digital concentration camps. At that moment, we will have handed over our freedoms forever and there will be no hope of ever building a wellbeing economy. We will have entered into a slavery system in which a handful of the most powerful people in the world can strip you of your assets, your children, and control every single aspect of your life: where you go, what you read, what you say and what you eat (they are open about their plans to feed us insects and synthetic food). Humanity needs you! We must take a stand to make sure this never happens… and we don’t have long.  

Dozens of central banks around the world are working on CBDCs

  • Bhutan’s central bank, the Royal Monetary Authority(RMA), who will use Ripple’s CBDC solution to pilot a central bank digital currency (CBDC) in phases.
  • Ukraine announced it will start issuing a CBDC which will be tied to their Digital Identity platform ‘Diia app’.
  • The Bank of Canada and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) announced an agreement to collaborate on a twelve-month research project on Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).”
  • The rise of the PetroYuan parallels the rise of the digital yuan, China’s CBDC is the CBDC that’s the farthest along globally.
  • The Reserve Bank of India(RBI) will introduce a digital rupee sometime in the 2022 to 2023 financial year.
  • The Bank of Russia first announced plans to launch a digital ruble in October 2017.
  • Brazil has been exploring a CDBC since at least 2020, after the successful rollout of PIX, an instant payment system created by the Brazil Central Bank (BCB).
  • The Federal Reserve Bank has expressed interest in CBDCs. In January 2022, the Fed released a report providing economic context and weighing the benefits and risks of CBDCs.
  • Nigeria launched the e-Naira in October 2021
  • Eight countries located in the Caribbean already have CBDC.
  • Even though 43% of Ghana’s population does not have access to a bank account. Ghana’s central bank is deploying hardware wallets and other devices for CBDC
  • Philippine CBDC To Be Launched by Central Bank ‘In the Near Term’
  • Bank of Jamaica: Releasing Jam-Dex CBDC in April
  • Nigeria’s CBDC went live in October 2021
  • Israel is running a pilot
  • …and the list goes on.

“Who do you listen to? Who influences your day-to-day decisions? Many of us are being led and misled away from our own thinking power.”
― Rosangel Perez

Crime That Pays is Crime That Stays

Do you want to live in a world where a group of unelected, power-crazed lunatics control access to strings attached Universal Basic Income (UBI) and social welfare? How about a world where your UBI is distributed via blockchain ledgers and conditioned on your compliance with behavioural management systems that are overseen by social impact investors, thus undermining your ability to make autonomous economic choices? Centralising power in the hands of ‘stakeholder capitalists’ under the guise of reinventing capitalism to make it fairer and greener, using deceptive slogans like ‘Build Back Better’ is nothing more than an outright con. Aligning global investments with the UN’s SDGs is creating a system of new international markets before our very eyes, built on the disaster and misery of millions of people suffering from the pandemic.

Since March 2020, humanity has been immersed in a pervasive mathematical construct, hovering on the threshold of an age in which artificial intelligence takes control of the planet. Bureaucrats of the biosurveillance state are dragging us, against our will, into an encoded, augmented reality meant to deprive us of our fundamental rights as natural, autonomous beings. Through the imposition of the Internet of Bodies tied to programmed “currency” exchanges and real-time geo-fencing, bankers and defence technologists intend to shoehorn the complex symphony of life on Earth into the confines of cybernetic computation. This post-human future is being advanced, in part, through the field of econometrics. Econometrics is the use of statistics to analyse economic relationships. Econometricians use mathematical models to make forecasts about information like labour markets. Such forecasts rely on assessments of human capital to predict how a particular person or population fits into economic scenarios. The scenarios unfold beyond the control or influence of everyday people. And when everyday people can’t shape the trajectory of the game; it is their fate to be tallied as value on the central bankers’ ledgers.

“It is a kind of spiritual snobbery that makes people think they can be happy without money.”
― Albert Camus

Cash is King

To slow this train down, we can keep paper currencies and coins circulating as much as possible. This is very easy and anyone can do it today. There are a lot of divide-and-conquer politics out there. However, the one thing we ALL can agree on is stopping our money from being stolen or controlled – keeping our money safe. We don’t need 100% of the population to do this; 10% of the population is enough. We must keep cash circulating through the system. We are currently on the precipice between freedom and serfdom and it is the responsibility of anyone with a conscience to expose the dystopia into which we are sleepwalking.

We have a tendency to embrace the virtue of “effortlessness and ease”. We crave and long for convenience. And yet, research shows that we need to be challenged, to struggle a bit, in order to stay happy and to evolve. Struggle actually cultivates intelligence and wisdom. If there was ever a time to lean into the struggle, that time is right NOW. It’s time to bring disruption to the patterns that we simply accept and don’t question as true and valid. The “fear” that it will be “too hard” or not worth the effort is completely invalid. Not forging forward leads to a life of compromise… are you willing to tell your Grandchildren you comprised away their freedom and liberty because you were too inconvenienced? The struggle with “struggle” is rooted in materialistic thinking.

“There is scarcely any passion without struggle.”
― Albert Camus

Life is Short; Don't be Lazy

Somewhere along the way, someone decided to craft a “formula” for success. We are taught that if we follow certain key steps we will be guaranteed “effortlessness and ease”. People market “success strategies” and “self-help” programs and we are sold a bill of goods that basically says, “If you do what I do, you’ll never have any problems again for the rest of your life…” That is an outright lie. Here’s the deal. You MUST have challenges to grow. You NEED to have your old stories and narratives disrupted in order to expand into a new and bigger story. Let’s say you mastered the “success formula” at the age of 30 and just kept bobbing along in your easy life from that moment forward. BORING!!!

Disruptive events spit you out into a void where you can no longer return to who you were before. They force you to challenge yourself to grow into something bigger and better – to elevate your consciousness. Disruption is so essential that it’s built into our cosmic life cycles. These cycles are crucial maturing points in life and help us deepen our wisdom and, ultimately, help us lead and guide the world with our maturity. If we bump up against challenge and refuse to grow, we avoid it like the plague or we fight and claw to go back to the way things were, we basically get stuck in the void for the rest of our lives. This is why so many people are hiding out, numb and immune to the events on the planet, spending endless hours on electronic devices, scrolling through hours of mindless time watching short one-minute videos with repetitive music and themes. We are collectively stuck in the void because we’ve forgotten that our true power lies in our ability to push through the challenge. We’ve forgotten that the things that are truly meaningful are worth the effort to push.

“It’s not the appearance that makes a man, it’s the man that makes an appearance.”
― Anthony Liccione

We Change the World by Showing Up

We can’t push through challenges and change the world if we don’t have a vision, a dream that we’re moving toward and if we don’t have the faith that we’ll make it through. Faith isn’t just something we are given. Faith is a muscle that we cultivate and grow. The first step in cultivating faith is to take stock of where you are now. Here’s the thing: You’ve literally survived every challenge in your life so far. If not, you wouldn’t be here reading this. What carried you through? The answer to that question is the seed that will sprout the spark of faith within you. There are no guarantees no matter how “right” you do it. The only guarantee is that it will never change or get better if you don’t try. In fact, if you don’t try, it will most certainly get worse.

If you do push through, and choose to become a conscious regenerative leader, you will discover the true meaning of life. You will also become more adaptable, more resilient, more wise, and much more capable of doing your part to help evolve the world and increase the presence of love and compassion on the planet. Anxiety often brings us an important message. Sometimes anxiety is spurring us forward. It’s telling us that we need to keep moving, stay hungry, and challenged because it’s that hunger that keeps us in the game and working towards a solution to create something better, something more worthy of who we truly are. Here’s to the adventure of the challenges, the call for growth and expansion, and the willingness to try because it’s worth it!

“Showing up begins long before you stand at the start. Prove yourself an exception in a world where people talk more than act. Intent without follow-through is hollow. Disappoint yourself enough times and empty is how you feel. Make yourself proud. Fill yourself up. Show up.”
― Gina Greenlee

Conscious Leadership Lighting the Way

Some day soon on our prison planet, when the brutality of the ideas that have always informed ruling class minds has reached its peak of expression, dark ideas will be met by a kind of consciousness that is able to clearly see them, and their insanity, for what they truly are. This consciousness will see them naked and completely exposed, It will easily see past the ugly posturing and arrogant claims of total domination. The conscious leaders carrying this ability will see a wide path through the darkness to a better day. Those who stand up in the light of that new consciousness will dispel the dark idea of a global prison system for total control of humanity. Together will all share in a new vision. It’ll be a vision so accessible and clear, so comforting and empowering, that the general population will listen and finally shake off chains that were only ever in their own minds. The new vision won’t despise them or blame them. It won’t blame anyone. It will only help them see that they can unlock the chains of their own mind. They are free. They’ve always been free to walk forward into a better day.

Conscious leaders have tasted the soil of where we are today to see what it needs. We carry and nurture the seeds of awakening in preparation for planting time. We’ve paid close attention to passing seasons and the phases of the moon. We are singing songs of encouragement at the waters’ edge together with our friends. We have supported each other while carrying small offerings and placing them at the feet and foundations of the old dark ideas to let them know we are coming. This is a courtesy to the dark, which only ever sponsors fear, so that it will not be so afraid when our light suddenly appears. The tactics of fearful propaganda are not part of our repertoire. We choose to dignify others with the awareness that no outside authority will ever lead them to freedom. The tools, the poetry of beauty, and the action of loving-kindness are freely shared. Place into our care are the seeds that will one day grow so bright as to gently dispel the old dark dreams. They tried to bury us, they forgot we were seeds.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.

Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

― Martin Luther King Jr


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