The Quantum Age

Quantum is the new black; the law of unlimited possibilities. We are a universe of possibilities waiting to be explored – quantum energetic beings. Quantum physics says that there is no limit to the different possibilities latent within any given situation, no limit to the number of possible perspectives on the quantum world.

How do you lead in this world of technological upheaval, chaos, threats and opportunity? Quantum consciousness is a revolution in business thinking and practice. Leaders who have shaken off the pollution of the ages (limiting beliefs and thinking) can begin to generate the immense power needed to ignite the collective consciousness and co-create the world of tomorrow. Humanity is yet to truly grasp the damaging effects of accepting futile and valueless beliefs. Wherever you feel challenged in life – money, sex, health, employment, relationships, or religion – it usually comes down to how you manage your energy. 

The areas where you struggle, where you develop anxiety, anger, and frustration, and where you perform poorly, are all signalling negative beliefs about yourself and that your thinking is not conducive to your best interests. More often than not, your beliefs about important issues rule your life from behind the scenes. These are the areas that need to be addressed and examined, acknowledged and released. Shameful feelings damage your body by acting like unseen termites eating away at the framework of a building. By simply acknowledging the existence of an issue, the blocks and walls are loosened, allowing more energy to flow through your body.

You don’t have to have all the solutions worked out in advance – be willing to pay attention and notice. Observe and watch for patterns. Ask yourself: What else is this issue connected to? What higher purpose and great opportunity await me if I see this situation from another point of view? With an open and positive attitude, energy will flow through your body. You may then have the impulse to seek out body work or go for a walk, write in a journal or cry for a while. Healthy tears melt down the barriers that block memory and can open the way to releasing what you were holding inside. As long as you cry without feeling sorry for yourself and hosting a pity party, your tears can offer a soothing balm that comes from an open heart with the courage to delve into pure feeling. To truly empower yourself, you must recognise your fears as your regular contribution to the current state of global emotional pollution.

“If you do not fill your energetic field with new experiences, new ideas, and new versions of yourself, your field becomes dim and worn, bored with the same old story.”
― Barbara Marciniak

Too Busy to Notice You're Stuck?

Why is this a problem? For leaders, the risks of being stuck in a rut extend beyond being caught in a boring routine or stuck in an emotional funk. Left unchecked, company innovation and performance suffers, engagement and morale may plummet, and good talent leaves when leaders and teams stay stuck. Leadership ruts are serious business, but what makes them hard to see is that the signs often appear in small ways. How do you know if a rut is sneaking up on you?

No events to look forward to

Calendars are not just timetables – they mirror how we spend our days. The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it. What do you have coming up that you are looking forward to? Too many days in a row without bright spots has an impact. Over time, it can hurt our motivation, engagement, creativity, and we may not even realise it is happening to us. Think about it this way: Are you really at your best at meetings you don’t look forward to? Eventually, too many of those impact your performance and your self-respect.

HD Leader Suggestion: Recognise that a great calendar won’t just happen by itself. It’s easy to get caught up in a trap of thinking that we don’t have control over our calendars. Don’t buy into the old story that work shouldn’t be fun. As good as you are, you’ll be even better if you have days and events to look forward to. Commit to a calendar that energises you for instant results.

You’ve stopped dreaming big for yourself

Being in a leadership rut can often start from a place of good intentions. Perhaps you’ve been leading through a challenging time and you’ve been focused on getting through the issues at hand. The question to ask yourself is when are you not in a period like this?  If it’s always code red, all the time, it’s easy to stay in a permanent state of firefighting. This produces the worst kind of leadership rut, where we are never able to get beyond the urgent and tackle the important. Prolonged, this will lead to some dark nights of the soul. Do not allow yourself to wake up 10 or 20 years later and regret not tending to your hopes, and visions to live the life of your dreams.

HD Leader Suggestion: Make daydreaming as important and strategic an activity as any other high priority in your life and treat it seriously. Set aside time to sit in your favourite spot (preferably outside) with your pen and paper. Answer some simple questions for yourself, like, “What do I dream about?” or “What do I want to do that I haven’t done yet?” Daydreaming is about unfiltered, unedited thinking, and it is where some of the best ideas for your life and work can happen.   The first few times you do this, you may feel uninspired or cringe at the word ‘daydreaming.’ Forget about all of that and remind yourself it is what the most enlightened, productive leaders do to get even better.

Falling into a rut can start off innocently, like always going to the same restaurant and ordering the same thing off the menu. In leadership, it’s risky, because it limits our ability to be everything we can be for our organisations, our teams, and ourselves. Toughest of all is the fact that other people may recognise that we’re in a rut long before we do. The good news is that we can address this with a few simple changes, and when we do, leadership becomes vibrant, energising, and inspiring once again.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think it terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

– Nikola Tesla

The Quantum Age

There are always a multitude of favourable probabilities from which to choose in any one moment. Worry is a supreme waste of energy in any situation. It creates a disturbing vibration in your field and drains you of energy. To avoid worry, you must deal with your beliefs concerning what you choose to worry about. Release your need to be in charge or in control of everything. Replace your worry with a statement that affirms your choice of safety, comfort, and peace of mind. Learn more about yourself by paying attention to how you manage your energy. Be aware of what no longer works by recognising how your inner ruminations become the movie of life that you meet each day in the outside world. 

The concept of using quantum physics to explain human consciousness was highlighted in Roger Penrose’s 1989 book, The Emperor’s New Mind: Concerning Computers, Minds, and the Laws of Physics. The book was specifically written in response to the claim of old school artificial intelligence researchers who believed that the brain was little more than a biological computer. Penrose argues that the brain is far more sophisticated, much closer to a quantum computer. Rather than strictly operating on a binary system of on and off, the human brain works with computations that are in a superposition of different quantum states simultaneously.

The old (Newtonian) business thinking assumed that corporations and markets were like machines, capable of operating with simple, law-abiding certainty and predictability. In this way they were somewhat stable and controllable and best managed in a way that eliminated risk and assured equilibrium. That thinking is no longer fit for purpose. We have entered the quantum age of time defining innovations, transcending the known limits of science and technology. An ever-increasing number of leaders and visionaries are harnessing the power of embracing these higher values and working with the field of consciousness. As these thought-leaders demonstrate the strength and ultimate success from running their companies through a new lens, others are following their example. The trend is sending ripples out through the corporate landscape.

“Abandon the urge to simplify everything, to look for formulas and easy answers, and to begin to think multidimensionally, to glory in the mystery and paradoxes of life, not to be dismayed by the multitude of causes and consequences that are inherent in each experience — to appreciate the fact that life is complex.”
― M. Scott Peck

As Above, So Below - Swallowing Complexity Whole

Chaos and complexity apply to physical systems on our everyday level of reality; things like the weather, the flow of rivers, and the beat of a human heart. In the old Newtonian paradigm, nature was seen as simple, and ultimately controllable. The quantum paradigm sees nature as complex, chaotic, and uncertain. It is all around us. It’s inside us, inside our bodies and our minds, and inside nearly every technological gadget on which we’ve come to depend. Nassim Haramein’s discovery of the self-organising, communicative movement of subatomic particles at the base level of all space and matter, has catapulted our understanding of the holographic, entangled nature of our reality. This knowledge and new understanding will be used across industries to reinvent business models using the field of consciousness, energy and vibration.

Business leaders, their companies and employees will either be at the forefront of this transformation, or will experience this paradigm shift through the realisation that if they don’t adapt, they will quickly see an erosion of their equity valuation, brand, client base and end-users. Last year, as leaders were reeling from a virus wreaking havoc on their companies, 100+ women business owners gathered virtually. They declared “we will not get back to normal because normal is the problem.” These women are hard-nosed business leaders, committed to their organisation’s success while also unwavering in their determination to address societal challenges within the context of business.

WeTheChange regularly meet to tackle what we can do together that we cannot do alone. The women of WeTheChange practice an uncommon kind of leadership uniquely suited for these unprecedented times. By demonstrating conscious quantum leadership, they address the pressing needs confronting humanity. In this way, they position themselves to lead successfully in an undetermined, yet clearly changed future. We now understand that our intent, vibration, resonance, and inspired action is directly linked to the reality we experience through the quantum entanglement of this field. What was previously written off as unproven theory, conjecture, or not ‘pragmatic or practical enough’ to be considered in the corporate arena, is beginning to take a prominent role in business strategy. The seeds of change are beginning to take root.

“You can only recognise the presence of light in darkness.”
― Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel

The Leadership Tipping Point

Old, outdated command-and-control style, profit-at-all-costs leadership has failed in a world in crisis. As work and commerce shift, we are unlikely to ever return to our pre-pandemic normal. Even before our current predicaments, Larry Fink, the Chairman, and CEO of Black Rock, advised corporate CEOs to clarify their companies’ purpose beyond profit if they wish to survive. And in 2019, as a result of pressures from customers, investors, and employees, the lobbying group, The Business Roundtable, released a statement asserting that the corporation’s role is to serve society. One-hundred-eighty-one companies signed on. The pandemic has only accelerated the call for a new kind of leader.

So, what is the difference between a Newtonian Leader and a Quantum Leader? A Newtonian Leader approaches their function in a black-and-white mechanistic way. The Quantum Leader recognises the vast array of possibilities in all situations. They realise that leadership is shared and, as a result, understand how to lead while simultaneously empowering their teams to lead. Quantum Leadership is not just about having a well-oiled machine as an organisation. The idea of right way and wrong way is less central to creating success because they are conscious of the infinite spectrum of possibilities. Perhaps you are feeling the urge to change your style? Here are 10 questions that you can use to be self-reflective as to what type of leadership you stand in more often.  This is simply a guide to spark conversation within yourself about how you lead, and how you may react to situations in front of you.

What kind of leader are you?

  1. Do you believe infinite possibility exists for yourself at all times?
  2. Do you believe that infinite possibility exists for all members of your team / family / company at all times?
  3. Do you believe you have the ability to create something new for your company / team / organisation at all times?
  4. Do you believe the way things are today does not determine the way they are in the future?
  5. Do you believe it is possible to invent / write / draw or communicate in any form something that is unique and authentic to who you are?
  6. Do you have multiple sources of data that you review prior to making a decision?
  7. Do you consider feelings you have in your body important indicators towards making decisions that are important to you?
  8. Do you trust yourself?
  9. Do you doubt yourself?
  10. Do you hold compassion and empathy for others?

Entangled at the Newtonian end? You can change that!

Most of us can authentically answer yes or no to any of the above questions at different times in our lives or even at different moments in the day. This is what it means to be human. We are complex beings. Our ability to stay open to possibilities and to lead with a vision that those possibilities can exist in everyone is key. Our understanding that our ability as true leaders must come from our own authentic passion for what we do in the world is at the core of being a Conscious Quantum Leader. 

Answering yes to 5 of the 10 questions above would suggest you approach matters from a Quantum perspective at least 50% of the time; the more you answer yes, the higher the percentage of your time is spent leading from a Quantum perspective. Exceptional leaders thrive with the recognition that all possibilities do exist inside each moment, and inside of each of us. Only from this place, can we give birth to: that historic idea; that legacy-leaving company; that ultimate vision the physical world will never see coming.

“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.”

— Richard P. Feynman

Trust Plummets while Expectations Surge

Alarmingly, a large percentage of global citizens do not trust leaders to do what is right, according to the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer released in January of 2021. While trust in leaders dropped, demands escalated. The Edelman study revealed a widespread desire for businesses to step in when the government does not fix societal problems. Most said that executives should take the lead. Increasingly, our loyalty to our employers and the companies we patronise as consumers depends on them addressing issues beyond their boundaries. As these unusual times persist, we all recognise at a visceral level the fragility of life and work. We seek leaders who will contribute to the solutions necessary for our wellbeing and prosperity. We want leaders who can navigate a terrain that is unknown and uncertain. And we are keen to find those rare individuals who can forge new paths forward in a transforming world.

“The vast majority of exchanges are win-win,

otherwise they would not have taken place, since they are voluntary.”

― John Mackey

Trailblazing Conscious Leadership

Leadership suited for our swiftly evolving society simply cannot resemble the hierarchical, top-down style pervasive in past years. The volatile conditions of today require trailblazing quantum conscious leaders. People want to see companies that use the power of business to tackle social and environmental problems, while also making a profit. They expect organisations to transform the world. And they will only accept conscious leaders who bring both their hearts and minds to the leadership table. The thinking associated with quantum physics, chaos and complexity stresses the creative potential of uncertainty. It invites leaders to rewire their brains and reinvent themselves to think and behave in a new way – for the highest good of all concerned. Conscious leaders learn how to thrive on uncertainty and instability. They know that creativity and innovation are best nurtured at “the edge of chaos.” 

When you have the ability to envision many possible outcomes and explore – a vast range of solutions for addressing problems appear before you. This exploration is best done from many perspectives. Conscious leaders make use of interconnected networks, dialogue groups, teams-within-teams. Teams are given more room for taking the initiative and self-organising their work structures and practices. The quantum age is upon us, changing everything before our very eyes. No part of human life is unaffected by this change. The impact on management and leadership is just beginning to be defined. If leaders and their organisations are to thrive in the new era, a whole new mind-set and skill-set must emerge in each one.

“One day, virtually every business will operate with a sense of higher purpose, integrate the interests of all stakeholders, develop and elevate conscious leaders, and build a culture of trust, accountability, and caring.”
― John E. Mackey

Quantum Organisations

We are starting to realise that organisations are essentially dynamic energy systems. The new paradigm science says we live in a “participative universe” where conscious observers make reality happen. We are not just responsible for our own actions but for the world itself. Quantum science gives us the vision of an entangled universe where everything is subtly connected to everything else. This means things cannot be described in isolation from their environment or context, and that wholes are greater than the sum of their parts. 

The quantum worldview also promises to restore meaning and a sense of purpose to our lives and leadership. Hence the rise of conscious capitalism that is focussed on making money for a higher purpose. Conscious capitalism makes and circulates money for what it can achieve in the wider world for the collective. Organisation no longer consist of a series of smaller divisions separately labelled “Product Development,” “Marketing,” “Finance,” and so on. Newtonian models are based on the premise that the world consists of separate little atomic bits. All the new science of the twenty-first century – physical, biological, theoretical – is holistic. Your organisation is holistic too. 

“We can’t impose our will on a system. We can listen to what the system tells us, and discover how its properties and our values can work together to bring forth something much better than could ever be produced by our will alone.”
― Donella H. Meadows

Quantum System Dynamics

How do we predict and control complexity? Where are the rules that guarantee the behaviour (and therefore the creativity and the productivity) of what managers call “intellectual capital”? How do we quantify and measure the more human characteristics? How do we neatly box up the individual motivations and human potential in those people that companies describe as their “greatest assets” or their “competitive advantage”? Here’s the thing: The corporate world does not need more human “thinking machines.” Silicon chips are cheaper, faster, and much more reliable. Newtonian organisations have no existing structures that foster emotional intelligence, let alone structures that foster the creative abilities of spiritual intelligence. 

With its seismic disruptions to business activities, workplace organisation and team management methods, the pandemic forced a rethinking of the already unpredictable future of work. Quantum system dynamics is called into play when the unexpected happens. The brain tries probable realities, simultaneously until it arrives at a narrative (a mental model made up of a new set of neural connections) that makes sense. The notion that all fragments are separately existent is evidently an illusion, and this illusion can lead to endless confusion and conflict. Quantum physics is radically indeterminate. Quantum events seem to happen as they happen, without rhyme or reason, making the prediction of any one event impossible. Because they are indeterminate, quantum entities have no fully fixed identity until they are in relationship. Relax, Newtonian control freaks – this is actually a good thing!

“Freedom does not mean doing what you want without consequences;

it means having the capacity to choose, in the face of a situation,

the response that is most consistent with your values.”

― Fred Kofman

Let it Go - Let it Flow

Seemingly random chaos gives the quantum system maximum flexibility to define itself as it goes along. When a plan does emerge, it will belong to the group as a whole, rather than being a policy imposed upon them. In a quantum organisation, every employee is a potential leader. The competitive advantage usually rests with the party best able to handle and use the ambiguity. This is why division of labour is an outdated, reductive philosophy. Breaking organisations into competing divisions is reductive because it inevitably leads to Newtonian fragmentation and actual loss of overall control. In new paradigm science, emergence and self-organisation are key. Quantum wholes are larger than the sum of their parts. 

“Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.”
― Carl Sagan

Do You Even 'Science,' Bro?

Maximum potential is achieved by letting the system unfold and emerge organically. Old outdated, Newtonian organisations boast a bureaucratic monstrosity with its emphasis on top-down command-and-control, tight structure, and imposed plans or solutions wrapped up in an obsession about doing more with less. Similar to quantum and chaotic physical systems, the futures of creative human organisations can only emerge in a free-flowing (that is, not heavily controlled) dialogue with the wider economic, political, social, and ecological environments. That again requires a new kind of trust, a trust in the emergent properties of complex situations. When a quantum bit wants to get from A to B, it doesn’t just follow one path. On the contrary, it throws out an infinite number of possible paths called virtual transitions. Each path represents one possible path from A to B – a potential future reality. And, just to make things interesting, in quantum reality B itself is not yet sharply defined. B is still part of a future scenario yet to emerge. Oh the possibilities!

The most important principle of the new science focuses our attention on the importance of not knowing everything about a situation. The Uncertainty Principle tells us we can only know one member of a pair of complementary variables at a time. We can never know both position and momentum. This has enormous implications in both science and business. We see only what we look for. Anytime we act on a quantum system, we change it. Our questions, our assumptions, our prejudices, our beliefs – in short, our paradigm – determine how we will act, and therefore what changes we will bring about. 

“You are every thing, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation. You are unity. You are infinity. You are love/light, light/love. You are. This is the Law of One.”
― Ra

The Law of One

The foundational element that is missing in the current business paradigm is the understanding that all of life is interconnected. We are One. In order for humanity to thrive, the truth of our Oneness must become a central organising principle for every aspect and action of the business world. We are all members of a living system whose many parts influence and mutually define each other. The world does not make us. We make the world. This is a crucial insight in the new quantum worldview. We know now there is no radical split between mind and body. Our character is affected by our genetic code, and also by the material and social environment in which those genes flourish. Therefore, there is no more basis for a sharp distinction between public and private, between the selves we bring to work and the selves we share with our families and friends. This distinction is an illusion created by mechanistic structures and attitudes, and it dissolves with their dissolution. 

The universe is a vast pool of seething potentiality, an interwoven pattern of dynamic energies that convey information. There is no emptiness. Objects on which we can focus – rocks, trees, stars, buildings, animals, ourselves – are all specific, recognisable patterns of incarnate energy and information. Organisations, too, are persisting patterns of dynamic energy and evolving information. This is why they have character, personality, and a recognisable style over the years – even though employees and leaders come and go.

“Real transformation requires real honesty. If you want to move forward – get real with yourself.”

–Bryant McGill

Go Quantum or Go Home

The structural model for Newtonian organisations is the serial thinking process in the human brain. All Newtonian systems are fated to certain death in a cold and silent universe. Nature is telling us there is a better model for organisations. There is a far superior model for thinking than rule-bound, goal-oriented, linear thinking in isolation. You need a quantum organisation because it aligns with nature and the wholeness of who you truly are. The Quantum model has both the qualities of particle (individualist) systems as well as wave (networked) systems, fuelled further by powerful qualities found in the creative thinking and the organisational potential of our distinctively human brains. 

The features of a quantum organisation:

  • It’s holographic. 
  • It’s holistic. 
  • It’s flexible and responsive at the edge. 
  • It’s bottom-up, self-organising, and emergent. 
  • It’s thrives on diversity. 
  • It’s playful and human-centric
  • It’s “deeply green” because it’s part of the collective. 
  • It’s vision-centred and value-driven. 
  • It serves a higher purpose and gives its’ people meaning. 

“If your mind carries a heavy burden of past, you will experience more of the same. The past perpetuates itself through lack of presence. The quality of your consciousness at this moment is what shapes the future.”
― Eckhart Tolle

It Starts With Us

Global business easily has the money and the power to make a significant difference in today’s troubled world. By making that difference, it can help itself as well as all of humanity. Denial of a human-centric world and its impact on the planet since the industrial revolution is no longer an acceptable worldview. We must demand from our leaders a deeper understanding of the true nature of reality: Our quantum reality is accelerating expansion and this is driving the future story of humanity. We have the ability to feed, clothe, educate, house and provide healthcare for everyone. With our safety and survival needs met, it’s possible for us to enter a new era of peace, creativity, prosperity and sustainability for a better world.

We are living in a time when opportunities for self-empowerment, expanded awareness, and spiritual growth appear to be unlimited. When you grasp the quantum nature of reality, you will understand that reality is only limited by your own mental constructs. The truth is you have unlimited creative potential. When you come to understand this, you will no longer see yourself as a product of reality that reacts to circumstances. You have the innate ability to co-create, to form and shape reality to experience anything you truly desire. Where focus goes, energy flows. The more energy you give something, the stronger it becomes and the faster you will draw it into your experience. Creating from the heart is the key. The heart will only create that which is beneficial for all of life. Emotions are quantum in nature, they are the physical manifestation of an intangible signal. Emotions also have a vibratory frequency associated with them. Pure Love is the highest vibration of all. Choose to co-create our future with Pure Love.

“The universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter. We ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter. Get over it and accept the inarguable conclusion. The universe is immaterial-mental and spiritual.” 

— R.C. Henry

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