Leadership [R]Evolution – Co-Creating with the Logic of Life

Our external world has become the wildest, most insane theatre show we could ever possibly have imagined. It is futile at this point in time, to know who is telling the truth and who is lying; who is hiding what, who is being paid by whom, or to decipher the motives and agendas at play… which is of course partly the point. When you choose to step away from the distraction to tune in to your heart, you realise… none of it actually matters.

What is nothing more than a group of seriously bad actors, reading a terrible script in a dismal performance is all about to topple. The false matrix, invented long ago by those who wanted to be in power, is shattering and crumbling to the ground before our very eyes. This is the culmination of thousands of years of distortions, deception, and truth-hiding. All over the world, conscious leaders are rising up to stand strong and fierce with the courage, willpower and knowledge ready to build a New Earth. While the ‘authorities’ cling to their dying illusion of power and control, the groundswell, the healing force, the rebellion … is rising.

Those who are awakened at this time are united in meaningful purpose. We are the tidal wave of conscious leaders here to overturn the dominant skewed reality (based only on scarcity, fear, and delusion) and anchor in a new, solid foundation – a true reality based on love, compassion, joy, abundance, and trust. As humanity faces system-wide breakdowns, disillusioned people everywhere are desperate for guidance and help. It’s time to face tomorrow with a logic fundamentally different from that of yesterday. This is not the time to be all-too-busy, all-too-consumed, all-too-distracted to pause and reflect. This is the time to let go of what no longer serves you. Conscious Leaders everywhere are formulating wide-ranging (far-reaching) future plans and making steps to implement these plans today. The time has come to let the old ways go and create space for the breakdown to reveal breakthrough.

“Greed, envy, sloth, pride and gluttony: these are not vices anymore. No, these are marketing tools. Lust is our way of life. Envy is just a nudge towards another sale. Even in our relationships we consume each other, each of us looking for what we can get out of the other. Our appetites are often satisfied at the expense of those around us. In a dog-eat-dog world we lose part of our humanity.”

— Jon Foreman

The New Leadership Logic

It is time for a new approach that values life. A new leadership logic where organisations flourish, ecosystems thrive, and people feel passionately alive. Today’s leaders and leadership teams are facing an unprecedented level and pace of change, with many of the business challenges we face being quite different in their systemic nature from those that came before. Increasing volatility, complexity and uncertainty is the new norm and this new norm demands a new way of operating and organising in business, as well as the wider community. Yesterday’s logic is a hierarchical, KPI-obsessed, siloed, control-based mindset that reduces down the ability of our organisations to adapt and evolve amid volatility. The new business logic now emerging is the logic of living-systems – where we enliven our organisations to become agile, adaptive and alive; work cultures that unlock our creative brilliance and stimulate our collective intelligence. The organisation-as-a-machine mentality is giving way to organisation-as-a-living-system.

“Once you cross the threshold, you will never be the same. That is a fact.”

― Kamal Ravikan

Crossing the Threshold

All around the world, leaders like you are building community, creating with compassion and intention, unifying others around innovative ideas, exploring new ways of sharing, creating and being together. We are creating the critical mass of change necessary to move the world forward – to help humanity grow into the fulfillment of its potential. This is one of the most powerful times in the history of Earth to do this vital work and craft the future of your life, your leadership, and the world. The root word of ‘leadership’ is ‘leith’ which means to cross the threshold, to let go of old behaviours, mindsets and logic in order to embrace the new. Conscious leaders are demonstrating this new way of attending to ourselves, each other, and the world. We recognise the vitality of co-creating new ways of operating beyond the confines of predefined outcomes, essentially demanding a metamorphosis from fear to courage:

Fear-Based Leading

Courage-Based Leading


Leader-follower relationship

Motivated by power

Blame culture




Command and control


Co-creative relation

Motivated by love

Compassionate culture






“A man with outward courage dares to die; a man with inner courage dares to live.”

― Lao Tzu

3 Practices for Leadership Courage

Leadership is, first and foremost, an attitude to life. Life asks each of us to lead in a myriad of ways; to reach beyond self-interest for the benefit of something greater. By allowing space and time within our hectic busi-ness we allow ourselves to open up to the inner and outer depths of ourselves. Here are three tips to fortify your leadership courage:


In slowing down, we allow the ego chatter in our minds to quieten, permitting awareness to deepen. When we honour this stillness on a regular basis – through structured meditation, a morning walk, or time alone during a work break – we foster a deeper consciousness to flow beyond the superficial stream of chatter. This deeper ground of our being is Nature – the Source Field – an all-pervasive receptive presence that underpins every evolving moment.


As we consciously bring stillness into the movement of our lives, we become more aware of synchronistic events – subtly lit pathways, meaningful coincidences, and intuitive guidance. From repetitive numbers to animal synchronicities, learning to listen to the wisdom of Nature is found through the well-springs of the heart. It is here we improve our responsiveness to life’s dance.


Each and every moment offers us the chance to embrace life with loving attention, through our hearts freed from any preconceived notions, fears, or judgements. In opening our hearts to each interrelation we learn to lead with courage (the Latin root ‘cor’ meaning heart). Here we truly listen to ourselves and others; we provide a space of reciprocity for sharing authentically within an atmosphere of trust. We can then co-create solutions uncluttered by the same old outdated thinking that created the problems in the first place.

These three movements – receptivity, responsiveness, reciprocity – allow us to courageously embrace the journey of a lifetime. We break out beyond the shell of our tiny egos into the inter-relational matrix of Nature. Heart-based living has the hallmark of appearing foolish to the head. The ‘letting-go’ of security in times of uncertainty allows for the ‘letting-come’ of new steps of change. Each day challenges us to be courageous in small yet self-defining ways. 

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

― E.E. Cummings

The Coming Decade

Collectively, we have been preparing for the energy of the next decade for more than a century. We have learned about how our perspectives and thoughts create our life experiences. We are learning how to master ourselves and to work consciously and in unison with the quantum field to create a world that is the reflection of the truth of who we are – both individually and collectively. Quantum Science and quantum consciousness brought us the idea that our thoughts “create” our reality. We saw a surge in this understanding in the early 1900’s with the New Thought Movement and the contributions of thought leaders such as Madame Blavatsky, Rudolph Steiner, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, Ernest Holmes, Napoleon Hill and many others. However, to really “master” this new consciousness you must understand the steps that you go through as part of your “training” in becoming a skilled Master Manifestor.

“If your mind carries a heavy burden of past, you will experience more of the same. The past perpetuates itself through a lack of presence. The quality of your consciousness at this moment is what shapes the future.”

― Eckhart Tolle

6 Phase Consciousness Training

There are six phases of “training” that we experience when we learn to influence our reality and, ultimately, use our mastery to not only create a better life for ourselves but to build a better world for all of humanity. The Phases represent how we see the world as we continue to hone our creative abilities.

Phase One: I am a victim of reality and I have no control over what’s happening to me.

Phase Two: I can survive the experience of my reality (“survivor” consciousness)

Phase Three: I influence my reality (with work and attitude)

Phase Four: I create my own reality (with my thoughts and feelings)

Phase Five: We are all co-creating our collective reality

Phase Six: Reality (The In-Formed Cosmos) creates reality through me (I am aligned, trust, serve and connected to Source)

We invite you to explore which Phase you are in and how you can deepen your connection to Source. These energies set the tone for the coming months. Your connection to yourself and to Source is the anchor that will bind you deeply to your own resilience as things change. Your connection to Source and your Authentic Self becomes the touchstone that allows you to stand in the nexus of chaos and bring peace and the fulfillment of potential in the midst of rapid and unpredictable change. 

“If you trade your authenticity for safety, you may experience the following: anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addiction, rage, blame, resentment, and inexplicable grief.”

― Brené Brown

If It's Not Real: No Deal

We cannot stress strongly enough the importance of you being deeply connected to your Authentic Self and learning to become the Master of your personal narrative. There is a direct correlation between how much pain someone is experiencing in their life and the degree to which they are living authentically. If your personal narrative isn’t telling the TRUE story of who you are, take this time and write a better story about yourself. Authentic leadership is courageous leadership rooted in the heart. It is less about the theory of an idealised leadership model and more about the practical ability to navigate a journey of authenticity, inspiration, and love. In this way, conscious leaders energise and equip themselves and others to make the right choices for the situation at hand. Each and every one of us plays our part by helping others to co-create through love. 

The economy is changing, business is changing, politics are changing, people are changing, and yet, in the middle of becoming a more conscious leader, you are also grappling with your own ancestral patterns, doubt, and uncertainty about exactly how to fulfill your role as that leader in this new world we are birthing. The very first and most important step in being a good leader is to be in alignment with your Authentic Self. Only in this way will you be able to use your willpower in service to your Higher Purpose, and to do so without hidden agendas rooted in the fear of lack or in an attempt to prove your value. You are more than enough. You have nothing to prove.

“Applying logic to potentially illogical behaviour is to construct a house on shifting foundations. The structure will inevitably collapse.”

― Stewart Stafford

Building Firm Foundations

When you are in alignment with your Authentic Self, you create with coherence. When you are in a state of coherence, you automatically hold a high vibrational frequency. Being in alignment with this high frequency means you are able to influence the energy in the room – without even having to do anything. Your future reality is being created today. Be heightened and aware of this. Tap into and express the love, truth and beauty that exists within. Love being responsible for the direction that you’re now creating so you can get to the foundation of healing and clarity. Take those vital steps and lay a foundation for the future – a foundation that is big enough and strong enough to hold all of humanity during this transformative time. All around the world, leaders like you are already building community, creating with compassion and intention, unifying others around innovative ideas, exploring new ways of sharing, creating, and being together.  

What kind of a world do people who don’t feel loved, who question their value, who are afraid to do the right thing, who don’t know how to make good decisions, who react emotionally, and don’t know how to connect to their inner guidance, who burn out their bodies and spirits and feel powerless create?

How much “bounce back” do they have?

What kind of resiliency would YOU have?

We are capable of so much more than that. And we DESERVE so much more than that.

“Love is the only emotion that expands intelligence.”

— Humberto

Are YOU Up For the Challenge?

Phoenix Leaders are at the forefront of Conscious Leadership, creating the critical mass of change necessary to move the world forward. The next decade promises to redefine our Human Story and Phoenix Leaders are rising to move us foward into a world of equitable, regenerative resources and peace. The challenges facing humanity have the greatest potential to be resolved in the next few years. So, what will you be doing? Will you add your unique contribution? It is time to put the pedal to the metal and consciously evolve! These times demand that we create the conditions conducive for ourselves and our organisations to become more attuned, more aligned, more human, as we open ourselves up to and reconnect with the magnificence of the natural world.

“If consciousness can abandon its mad, quixotic quest to control reality, a radical lessening of anxiety follows…our domestication becomes rebalanced with our wildness. This is an enormous and life-changing relief.”

— Nick Totton

Out of Control – The Dance Beyond Boundaries

Through the embodiment of our inner and outer worlds, humanity is beginning to realise that life does not need to be controlled. When it boils down to it, it’s really all about relationships – how we relate with ourselves (ego-Self) with each other (self-other) and with our wider community (human-nature). In business and nature, everything works through flows of relationships. Trust is the soil from which healthy vibrant relationships take root. Control is the opposite of trust and relationships struggle to survive without trust. Trust requires mutual respect and understanding, reaching out beyond oneself that allows for a flow of sharing through relationship; a reciprocation. Trust is what allows a relationship to unfold unbounded by the narrow constraints of what we think things ought to be for some predefined outcome.

To be spontaneous while co-creating with others is to have innate trust in our relationships while letting go of control. In this way, trust allows an opening up to the present moment – a ‘presencing’ whereupon we encourage an aliveness to flow through all we are co-creating. Authenticity and spontaneity are dancing partners in transformation. The wonderful dynamism of our participatory co-creative engagement – our cosmic dance – with life is magic in itself. Its flow is laced with its own balancing and self-righting abilities if only we can learn to let go and let love. Only then we will gain confidence and trust in how things really are – beyond the tidy yet artificial confines of control. From here, within this moment of authentic presence, we live beyond contradiction, beyond separation, beyond scarcity. We transform. 

Just as it seems inconceivable for the caterpillar to contemplate dancing in the wind, it also seems inconceivable in today’s short-term output-focused, quantity-obsessed organisations to lead without control. The transformation to a new paradigm, first-and-foremost, asks us to let go of our preconceived notions, our cultural conditions, our rigid mental maps, and tidy definitions in order to cross the threshold. An easy way to experience life beyond contradiction is by dancing with another. When both dancing partners relax into the dance, when the ‘leader’ has let go of control and is attuned with the ‘follower’, then true co-creative tango flows. A beautiful ease of movement, far beyond the realms of control or rationality. 

‘I’ll see you all at the Dance said she’.

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.”

― Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche


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