Pure Academy

Using Your Mind to Lead With Your Heart


Path to Personal Power

Path to Personal Power is for anyone wanting to take back control of their life. Get into the drivers seat and accelerate yourself to a destination of financial success, personal …

Phoenix Leadership

Phoenix Leadership

The skills and techniques you will learn from this program are the difference between an ad hoc, panic-driven, superficial change (providing you a limited measure of success) and a considered, …


HD Leaders

Global leadership research points to an increasing incapacity amongst senior leaders to deal with the rise of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA) in our changing world.


Slaying The Scapegoat Dragon

Are you the family scapegoat? Did one or more members of your family, especially a parent, routinely criticise, blame or shame you as if you could do nothing right? Do …


Ignite the Flame

There is no such thing as the Great Resignation. Let's get real and call it what it really is: The Great Realisation. What these times call for is real leadership …

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