Society 5.0 – Avatar Life In The Synthetic Slave System

So you have woken up in a madhouse where narcissistic parasites have somehow installed themselves into the highest positions of power. Deranged, they are coming up with one bad idea after another and barking outrageous orders at us. They are clearly psychotic and in charge of institutions, schools, newspapers and armies. Maniacally running around with their high-tech poisons and little sadistic CRISPR scissors, they are killing us slowly, and sometimes not so slowly. Welcome to Society 5.0 where toxicity is health and unhinged is the new normal. The predator class is insane and they have been from the very beginning. In 2020, they simply stopped pretending.

The deep state, dark cult con is falling apart and all over the world, normies are connecting the dots. If you still need a booster after being fully vaxxed and you still need to get tested after being fully vaxxed and you still need to wear a mask after being fully vaxxed and you still get hospitalised after being fully vaxxed, it’s probably time to admit that you have been fully hoodwinked. The question is, will enough people wake up in time to get off their knees to demand bodily autonomy and personal sovereignty? If there is still any doubt in your mind that they hate you, take 2mins to watch this video pitching your new smart city prison. Believe the parasitic elite when they tell you there will be disruptions, shortages, and soaring inflation, and prepare accordingly.

The cult has been moving the proverbial pieces around the global chess board for decades to bring about the scenario we currently find ourselves in. Published in expensive reports, they boast about marching the masses, lock step, into destruction through the collapse of supply chains, food production, infrastructure and economies. By bringing all the old systems down, they will declare them obsolete, so they can then introduce their new slave systems. Here’s the thing: they know people will never accept these slave systems unless they are absolutely destitute and desperate. Problem – Reaction – Solution. In this way, people will have no choice but to comply! (cue evil laugh)

“But what can I do, I’m just one person?”

– 7 billion people.

The New Global Order

As the days and months blur into a grey smear, it is imperative we, humanity, hold onto an understanding of where we were when the first Covid lockdowns began compared to where we are now. While society was marching through its manufactured hysteria, people like James Bullard, CEO of the St. Louis Federal Reserve, was telling CBS “Face the Nation” viewers that the economy will be there for them after it’s all over, but we should anticipate a world where universal daily testing is the norm. He did not say “in-home” tests, but that was clearly the plan. Now we have dozens of app and QR-enabled home “testing” kits. We know that based on the centrality of the Internet of Bodies to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, this will evolve into biosensors data-mining our bodily fluids from swabs, finger pricks, and eventually smart toilets. Indeed, the Toilet Board Coalition, launched in 2015 paints alarming pictures of the “sanitation economy” and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

In 1973, at the genesis of modern globalisation, the Trilateral Commission posited that the “interdependence” of nations was inevitable, and it then proceeded to push this narrative everywhere. Now, the same cult-owned cabal says that nation-states are unable to cope with interconnected global problems on their own. Hence, nobody except the United Nations can now head global governance. The goal of this con game is to twist the resources of the world out of the hands of nation-states and into the grubby fingers of parasitic elitists. This is Technocracy. They have adeptly used societal destroyers like Communism, Socialism, Antifa, BLM, etc., to obscure the real agenda of worldwide resource heist. Still, the “purge and grab” operation is unmistakable. We are living through a colonising economic event, NOT a public health event. We are crossing a threshold into a human+ era of smartphone-wielding zombified cyborgs. Sure, there is some money to be made on the test kits and lab work. The government will subsidise costs, especially for the economically disadvantaged, because the end game is to bankrupt the state and make way for totalitarian public-private partnership impact investing opportunities. The BIG money is not in the sale of the tests themselves, but rather in the prescriptive behaviour management and nudges that will be enacted upon our bodies, our minds, our homes, and our cities through complete and total automatic surveillance.

“Once you get kicked out from a centralised metaverse, it’s all gone. That would just be Web2 on steroids.”

Simone Puorto

Gamification of Life

Blockchain identity and digital currency has been positioned to interface with social impact investing to create an augmented reality prison-planet structure to profit the parasitic elite. Their transhumanist “game” intends to harvest natural life forces as data in a misguided quest to trigger the singularity and turn us into mind-controlled, behaviourally-nudged cyborgs. The inability of people active in the blockchain space to engage on the topic of the spatial web and the environmental and psychic costs associated with the rollout of the Internet of Bodies and the 5/6G infrastructure that will fuel it continues to be humanity’s greatest disadvantage to understanding (and therefore beating the parasites at) their game.

In the the gamification of life, data extraction is fueling the creation of militarised digital worlds that may catalyse Generalised Artificial Intelligence – the Singularity. Natural life is being intentionally remade through cybernetic-friendly policies and technologies not only to extract profit and exert social control, but to parasitise our spirits. Wearable tech is meant to track us through the social impact panopticon as rats in a maze. We are seeing a ramping up of oppressive automated censorship and growing suppression of information. Now combine that with incentivised group-think and Big Brother. Here’s the thing: Life does not sit at the intersection of money and technology. Machines and code are not “peers” to carbon-based living beings. All of this is simply smoke and mirrors – a poisonous enchantment. Conscious Leaders everywhere know that we are here to break this dark spell.

“Any AI smart enough to pass a Turing test is smart enough to know to fail it.”

― Ian McDonald

Social Impact Digital Economy

The parasites plan to bring people into the social impact digital economy in the name of humanitarian aid, and then lead them to financial applications where all their digital data, linked to their blockchain identity, is used to build credit profiles. Credit profiles and digital twins are synonymous. We tend to think of digital twins as avatars, but at their core, they depend on digital identifiers attached to data in a standardised format. Imagine living in a world governed by tokenised transactions. What would it mean for children to grow up in a binary yes/no world? Conscious Leaders will not stand by and allow a corrupt system of disempowerment and control. The authorities know they will not be able to steer communities to the targets set by the seventeen goals if they permit free discussion and consensus. They know that community empowerment would undermine impact markets, so their answer is to force us to accept radiation, sensors, and digital ledgers. We are supposed keep our heads down, shut up and not talk about it.

In order to bring human capital investing to scale, technology must be put in place so that people can be monitored in real-time, like the emissions from an industrial smokestack. That is why they need self-sovereign digital identity, which is embedded in the United Nations Goal Number 16, target 16.9. Prototypes are being set up now – to be able to aggregate data on a person’s health, education, training, economic productivity, behaviour, housing access, and much more. The World Bank, which has its own Human Capital Project and is experimenting with social impact and Blockchain bonds, is pursuing ID4D. The UN has partnered with Microsoft and Accenture to develop ID2020, a digital identity system linking refugee benefit access to biometrics.

This nefarious plan is multiplying the immorality of coercive government by an order of magnitude. The soulless psychopaths have taken over all power centres of society, right in front of our eyes. Unfortunately, this impending reality seems inevitable, because it is the mentally ill, trapped in aggressive scarcity and greed, who seek power most, while those who have healed and connected with a deeper love of humanity will not compete for power and will not participate in coercion. The much-touted ideas of “benevolent rulers” are currently fictitious; an oxymoron. There is no political solution in the coercive system because every candidate will only be a (heavily compromised) petty tyrant of one type or another. This system cannot reform or reign itself in. We are witnessing a runaway train of fake beingness, an uninhibited indulgence of fear-based, manipulating, power-grabbing narcissists. While the tyrants are working on locking every exit, Conscious Leaders must elevate out of the system while we still can and begin to create a new one. This moment is a split in human evolution, and everyone everywhere will have to make the choice. All choice is with you.

“The Technocratic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled and directed society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite whose claim to political power would rest on allegedly superior scientific know-how.” 

― Patrick M Wood

Same Ugly Parasites. Same Boring Story.

Technocracy is a system that subverts local control and self-determination. It’s also a movement with considerable staying power. Zbigniew Brzezinski, who collaborated with David Rockefeller in creating the Trilateral Commission, resurrected the tenets of technocracy in the 1970s. The Rockefeller family has maintained close ties with the United Nations since its inception, even donating the land upon which the New York headquarters was built. The Trilateral Commission was started in 1973 and remains active today, a powerful invitation-only group of around 350 people from Europe, North America, and Japan that advances a globalist agenda. Its members are drawn from the highest levels of government, industry, academia, and the media.

Among the current North American members are filthy little worm Henry Kissinger, Michael Bloomberg, and, not surprisingly, Rajiv Shah, president of the Rockefeller Foundation. The Rockefeller Foundation structured social impact investment markets in the decade following the manufactured housing crash. The Foundation coined the term ‘impact investing’ back in 2008. It also provided seed funding for the Global Impact Investment Network and the Global Impact Investing Network Rating System. These were investments to set rules for a new and sinister game. Ten years after they originated the concept, impact investing grew to become a $250 billion market. In 2019, the Rockefeller and MacArthur Foundations teamed up to form the Catalytic Capital Consortium. Each member committed $30 million in investments to advance the Sustainable Development Goals.

“Stay away from lazy parasites, who perch on you just to satisfy their needs, they do not come to alleviate your burdens, hence, their mission is to distract, detract and extract, and make you live in abject poverty.”

― Michael Bassey Johnson

The Game is Militarised

About five years after the Trilateral Commission was founded, former McKinsey consultant Bill Drayton advanced the idea of emissions trading, carbon credits. He was working for Jimmy Carter’s Environmental Protection Agency at the time. President Carter, himself, was a founding member of the Trilateral Commission, many of those appointed to his administration were also members. Those were the years after Nixon jettisoned the gold standard, money began to be printed on a whim and debt-finance took hold of the economy. By normalising the measurement and pricing of desired outcomes (in this case carbon emission reductions) Drayton pioneered a form of finance that would play a key role in the global economy for years to come. The public was led to believe that once there was an agreed-upon cost that could be applied to externalities, greenhouse gas; markets would resolve the pollution problem (cue hysterical laughter). Impact investing has now been extended to social issues under the pretense there could be “profit with purpose” IF governments just allow Ivy League MBAs to structure the deals (wink-wink nudge-nudge).

It is the sustainability goals that will open the door to smart city infrastructure with facial recognition, cashless economies, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence used to implement broad threat assessments; the threat of natural disasters as well as threats posed by individual dissidents and groups. With advances in militarised predictive policing those contesting the status quo, or seeking to intervene on behalf of the people into the operations of global markets, can now be met with swift and possibly deadly countermeasures. What started out as a cost offset scheme for carbon trading has grown into a globalised cybernetic system through which artificial intelligence, operating at the behest of debt finance, could eventually farm millions of people as domestic livestock data commodities. The psychopathic capitalist class envisions a future where they can control vast swaths of the planet using 5G and Internet of Things sensors. Meanwhile, the Mad Scientist Division of TRADOC is figuring out how to best restructure neighbourhoods for a future of mega-city urban warfare; and the American Army Research Lab is two years into a ten-year project with six universities to create the Internet of Battlefield Things

“Are those conspirators that you spy through your window or is it a mirror reflecting the chattering parasites in your mind?”

― Stewart Stafford

It's All About IMPACT

Moving forward everything will be assessed in terms of IMPACT, kind of like the technocrats tracking the energy credits. Thanks to DARPA’s Mark Zuckerberg clone (and others) the Trilateral Commission now has the Pavlovian tools to tweak and nudge the masses in real-time. And it is right at the point of “impact” that authoritarianism tightens its grip. The origins of human capital management come mostly from the work of Marc Tucker and the National Centre on Education and the Economy in Rochester. Carnegie Corporation funded Tucker’s efforts starting in the late 1980s. Tucker retired in 2019 and was replaced by Anthony MacKay, an OECD/UNESCO-affiliated advisor who chaired the Australian Council for Education Research and was Deputy Chancellor of the University of Swinburne.

Rochester is a pilot city in the LRNG “city as classroom” initiative advanced by Collective Shift (MacArthur Foundation) where young people engage with project-based playlists of curated content, developed by corporate and academic partners, to earn badges. Featured Rochester organisations include the University of Rochester’s Mental Health System and the Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County. Today the National Centre on Education and the Economy operates out of Washington, DC. In addition to members of the Business Roundtable, the organisation is supported by the Gates, Casey, and Stupski Foundations – organisations that have shaped the Internet of Bodies evolution, verifiable credential social impact investing in human capital. Current program areas include benchmarking, policy solutions, and leadership training, which all sound great on the surface. However, the reality is systems engineering of children’s lives – and eventually all of humanity – under the pretext of “lifelong learning.” Maximising value extraction for impact investors through the invention of ever more creative and treacherous debt finance products of which “pay for success” outcomes are only the beginning.

Liar Liar Pants on Fire: Mark Tucker

“We spend the first year of a child’s life teaching it to walk and talk and the rest of its life to shut up and sit down. There’s something wrong there.”

― Neil deGrasse Tyson

Data-Mined Existence

Marc Tucker was widely known for the letter he wrote to the witch, Hilary Clinton in 1992 about the intention of the US Chamber of Commerce to shift public education in the United States towards a workforce-oriented model governed by regional economies tied to embedded human capital data analytics. With the full picture becoming clearer each day, it seems human capital management for cybernetic steering into planned, precarious economies via skills badging is only phase one. Behind that effort lies the digital twin agenda, creating cognitive models refined through ongoing structured engagement with educational technologies – the outcomes of which are kept in learning record stores, skill badges with tagged meta-data. This builds on the premise that people will have a digital tutor to monitor and guide them throughout their life. The Technocrats don’t want you to have contact with a real person. This is what “personalised” learning ultimately is – artificial intelligence using cybernetics to shape your cognitive and social activities to fit a predetermined outcome. Outliers will either be assimilated or eliminated.

The hosts of the 2008 conference at USC noted the parallels to Neal Stephenson’s “The Diamond Age,” where the young heroine is mentored from across the Pacific by a “maternal-figure” hired actress through a “primer,” a digital tablet. The novel was written in 1995. Apple’s first iPad was sold in the spring of 2010. In this 2012 clip, Jose Ferreira of Knewton speaks about the use of educational technology for data aggregation. Massive numbers of data points legitimise algorithmic predictions made about the person engaging with the technology. Nudges, suggestions, and recommendations can then be made for desired behavioural outcomes and continued learner engagement. That is essentially what a SIM (substrate independent mind) is, and when combined with health data from wearables and biosensors stored in your blockchain electronic health record, you magically have a robust avatar, a mind/body map.

“The future of higher education will be micro-degrees becoming the norm with people choosing a focused micro-degree rather than a full 4-year degree. 4-Year degrees will focus on a hybrid model, with core requirements being on-line and only one’s major will be in-class.”

― Tom Golway

EdTech Hype

Knewton was sold to John Wiley and Sons in 2019. Staffer, Brian Fitzgerald, spun off Tinkergarden, a tech-impact backed pop-up pre-k enterprise. Now just imagine for one moment, a future where Sep Kamvar’s IoT surveillance Wildflower Montessori model melds with Tinkergarden uber-esque forest schools. Education as a mixed-reality LARPing event (Live Action Role Play) with wearable surveillance to make your emotional state visible to the machine. They’re building it now! While many in the education industry gloated over Knewton’s demise, saying the company was pretty much all hype, we suspect the resulting research in data capture and psychometrics has not gone away. Rather, it has been embedded and expanded into the larger IMS global ecosystem of badge / xAPI infrastructure, the foundation for “anytime, anywhere” (in the digital panopticon) learning ecosystems, the mind mirroring mechanism of the twinning process. 

Battelle for Kids arrived on the scene after Ken Kay, a long-time tech lobbyist, stepped down from his role leading the Partnership for 21st Century Learning, an effort that conveniently positioned the in-school Carnegie-unit education model for a transformation into decentralised skills-badge competency-based education. Outside the larger context of digitally twinned life, this wouldn’t seem to make a lot of sense. Why would a private research lab running defence and nuclear contracts play a leading role in reimagining education and creating “portraits” of graduates?

“A gap in skills and abilities reveal a golden opportunity!”

― Abhishek Ratna

Skills, Skills, and More Skills!

The city of Rochester is often called the “World’s Image Centre.” Optics and photonics are economic anchors in the city. Significant research has been carried out over the past decade in the field of integrated photonics for biomedical and photonic computing. Framed as a new Manhattan Project where electrical engineering is replaced by engineered light, the age of electrons now seems to be giving way to the photons. The US Air Force set up a cooperative agreement with the Research Foundation of the State University of New York in 2014 to create the American Institute for Manufacturing Integrated Photonics as a public-private partnership. In 2021 the program was renewed for another seven years to the tune of an additional $320 million: artificial intelligence, biological sensing, light detection and ranging, quantum computing, and “custom DoD applications.” Remember when they phased out incandescent lightbulbs so now you can only install LEDs? When you understand that light carries information, you understand the implications.

For the past few years, the media has been beating the drum around the “skills gap.” Industries need more “skilled” workers they cry. Harness education to industry and reskill as needed to facilitate “pay-for-success” payouts. Earn a badge, and investors take their cut. This is the program Bill Gates and the tech sector have been laying the foundation for since at least the early 1990s.

Leverage research coming out of the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative.

Turn education into training.

Put it online.

Track people, especially the poor, using screens, phones, and wearable tech.

Internet of Things “life” shifts to “anywhere” surveillance.

Collect data, lots of it.

Profile people through their digital competency badges.

Predict their futures.

Gamble on their life outcomes.

“Perfect replication is the enemy of any robust system… Lacking a central nervous system—much less a brain—the parasite is a simple system designed to compromise a very specific target host. The more uniform the host, the more effective the infestation.”

― Daniel Suarez

Impact Finance in Action

This is an era of extreme wealth inequality, austerity, concentrated power, social unrest, militarisation, and environmental degradation. Not only have market-based solutions NOT delivered on their promise to fix the environment and eliminate poverty, the financiers’ “solutions” have made the problems worse! But the rich have a way of turning disasters into gold, like when the World Economic Forum unleashed a manifesto in support of “stakeholder capitalism.” Benefit corporations to the rescue! Financiers are going to claim they’re doing positive things with their portfolios by configuring asset allocations to align with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), and that’s where the UN Sustainable Development Goals come in. 

Tech and Defence interests have had the creation of a global augmented reality overlay in the works for decades. Once that coding hits a tipping point, “green” capitalists can impose rules using digital geo-fencing to advantage their financial positions. In such a world everything will revolve around documenting “impact.” Everything will have a valuation and be subject to predictive analytics and risk profiling. That is what is needed for technocracy to run smoothly. Things that should never be tallied, things like happiness, companionship, and the wonders of nature, will be factored into a giant balance sheet for greedy Fintech to bet on. Meanwhile, Archons feed on the loosh from the trauma generated by the misery money machine.

“Loosh is a hyperdimensional energy given off by the human soul when traumatized. The Archons parasitically feed on it. Think of it as their simulacrum of kundalini.”

― Sol Luckman

Game Over

In today’s tech-no-logic world, we have handed over our sacred guidance system to slick machines created by defence interests. This is a grave mistake because we risk forgetting who we are and what life means, becoming entranced by dead devices that have no soul, no imagination, and no artistry. True leadership does not lie in individual leaders, it is created by three elements, a clear purpose, articulated into a call to action by collective leadership, in a way that aligns and orchestrates individuals to take a collective and collaborative course of action. Without a shared purpose we are simply left with a popularity contest and nasty base-level politics resembling the Twittersphere or reality TV. So much needs to change. The old ways of doing things are no longer fit for the future. Whether it’s leadership in business, economics, institutions or politics, the systemic challenges humanity must overcome demand a whole new way of leading across the board. This new way of leading draws upon next-stage leadership consciousness. Our only way out is up – by elevating into Conscious Regenerative Leadership. Epic challenges demand leadership of the highest order. This task is not for the faint-hearted, as it requires monumental courage to widen your circle of compassion amid increasing tension, fear, and uncertainty. 

As long as you can still feel, there is hope. Where there is breakdown, there is the potential for breakthrough IF you can muster the courage. Just as flowers burst open in the Spring, Conscious Leaders everywhere are emerging in all sorts of places within business, community development, and social change. We are choosing to demonstrate a new way of leading that is not just nourishing, developmental and life-affirming for the leader, but for everyone the leader serves and the wider society and ecology of life on Earth. This way of leading puts purpose at the heart of what the organisation or political initiative is all about. It is the quality of purpose that creates the quality of the leader, and the quality of the leadership team, not the other way around. As the Conscious Leader of your own life, be out in nature. See interrelated living communities not as ecological niches to be measured, counted, and sampled for unique genetic re-mixing and investing potential, but as a gracious symphony, delicate and expansive. Be in awe of the Wisdom of Natire.

“When stumbling blocks can become stepping stones, then these stones that the builders reject can equally become chief corner stones!”

― Israelmore Ayivor

Conscious Leaders - Master Builders

Scientific discoveries at the micro-biological, ecological, psychological and sociological levels are shedding light on the participatory and relational nature of life. The human mind begins to be seen as reverberating within an interdependent connected world. Our inner psychological wellbeing influences and is influenced by the outer world. How we relate to the world through right thought and right action affects our ability to flourish at individual and collective levels. Conscious Leaders everywhere are rejecting the globalist agenda where people are to become the batteries for hedge fund games. We will not suck it up because we are told that life on the Blockchain is coming. We will not march in line to earn badges and be integrated into the Borg. We choose to reimagine an economic system of prosperity over debt because humanity needs an economy of care, not austerity. One that is just, cooperative, and works with nature. This opens up new vistas beyond the constraints of mechanistic logic. Such a worldview shift transforms underlying beliefs and informs the values we live and lead by. And so rises a new kind of leader – the Conscious Regenerative Leader who can sense the participatory and systemic nature of their people, their organisations and wider ecosystems.

It is fear that reduces our heart’s innate desire to reach across and connect with others, or to help amid chaos and strife. And the backdrop of fear across all societies is at an all-time high as stress in all systems piles on the pressure. But this fear cannot extinguish our innate love of life. Love is where real power resides. The Logic of Life always reveals this to us. To successfully navigate the immense challenges coming our way, the next generation needs a system of education that acknowledges past harms and pushes towards collective liberation. It will require free thought, creativity, human relationships, and opportunities to experiment freely and learn from mistakes. It will require culturally responsive practice with the time and space to relearn how to be together in community. It will also require a decisive redistribution of resources and power away from predatory consultants, think tanks, bean counters, and “vulture philanthropy” back into the hands of people at the local level. If we are to realise to a future that is less financialised, less data-driven, less debt-burdened, less racist, and less unbalanced, there will have to be a great reckoning and a rebirth. It won’t be easy, but nothing really ever worth doing is. We, humanity, refuse to become the mudflood victims of intentional technocratic destruction. We will reject their plans every step of the way. They are panicked and weak – powerless to our numbers and courage. Conscious leaders everywhere are now rolling up their sleeves to build parallel living systems outside of the beast’s control. Master builders of a New Earth. Together we rise!

“Leaders are builders. They build bridges to unite, not walls to divide.”

― Farshad Asl


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