Virtual Capitalism – Manipulating The Collective Shadow

Under the cover of COVID-19, the climate crisis, economic crash, and military conflict, a new digital empire is being constructed all around us. Even the concept and design of money itself is being replaced. In this new empire, abundance and freedom will mostly only exist in digital space. The privileges you are granted, digitally or physically, will be determined by your ability to compete and your willingness to comply with AI enforced rules and mandates. Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The world’s new global order is being radically transitioned as every aspect of society is ripped apart and rebuilt.

Darth Schwab of the World Economic Forum along with Gates and Bloomberg would disconnect humans from Mother Earth and plug us into an Internet of Bodies under their control. They would render us digitally, feed us into markets, trade us as data commodities, and harness our spirits to hasten the Singularity. Once our jobs are given to robots and algorithms we will be expected to embrace transhumanism to fuel their anti-life Matrix. These deranged lunatics want to merge our children with machines and they are not even trying to hide it anymore. They are glossing over it with “we will be saving you from yourself” because humans are the problem you see.

What we are looking at here is an unelected board of individuals making decisions for the world that they have no right to make. What sort of mind believes it has the right to decide what you put in your body? Or how your children’s future should look? That very mindset is psychopathic in the extreme. The World Economic Forum, alongside the World Health Organisation are nudging humanity towards a very dark agenda. This ideology of an “elite” controlling race baring down on the rest of humanity goes back hundreds and possibly thousands of years. Will you allow yourself and your loved ones to be controlled by microchipped technology placed inside the body?

“The Great Lie is that this is civilisation. It’s not civilised. It has literally been the most blood-thirsty brutalising system ever imposed on this planet. This is not civilisation, this is the Great Lie. Or if it does represent civilisation, and that is truly what civilisation is, then the Great Lie is that civilisation is good for us.”

— John Tudell

The Great Lie

Humanity has been stunned into compliance during the “pandemic” but we need to shake off the confusion and wake up fast, because the psychopaths have crawled out from the shadows and are rushing out every facet of their totalitarian regime before our very eyes. This sorry little clique of rogue, “supremacist” lunatics pretend to rule over the fine people of this otherwise magnificent planet using mass deception as their chosen strategy to uphold their ill-gained privileges. Their antics have become painfully transparent in recent times and there can hardly be any thoughtful person (worthy of such a description) today who hasn’t started seeing through their self-serving propaganda. On behalf of humanity and all life everywhere, we denounce these insane plans. We will not fit our magnificent life force or that of our children into the technocrats’ puny vision of a heartless industrially engineered “sustainable” world. 

“The real peak of the spinner’s craft is managing to suggest something wholly untrue by saying only things that are true– Building a house of nonsense from honest bricks”

― Tom Phillips

The Cybernetic Program

It’s very hard to fathom evil when you are not built that way, which is why these globalist creeps have managed to get so far along in their agenda. Deceptively, they claim to be remaking the global economic system to function in a world of finite resources. However, rather than pursuing de-growth, reciprocity, and right relationships they have chosen to build a militarised simulation. In this illusion, humans as avatars can continue to consume unlimited virtual items and generate vast quantities of data until we kill the planet. To the wealth hoarders, the masses exist as nodes in the Internet of Bodies, nodes that must be separated from the cosmic dance through unjust laws, militarised force, hydro-gel biosensors, and blockchain. If data is the new gold, will you own your ledger or will your ledger own you? We are staring down a future where the masses will forfeit their innate human freedoms in exchange for the behavioural currency needed to survive within the ever-constricting panopticon.

Capitalism is shifting to the virtual realm, a move that allows the ruling class to further concentrate their wealth and power. Through gamification and augmented reality, stakeholder capitalists aim to reengineer life so it can continue to serve the interests of consumer culture and debt finance. Digital twinning will emerge in a few more years once 6G replaces 5G. NYU Tandon is working on that right now. Social impact investing, pay for success finance, and development impact bonds are aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Here’s the thing: fourteen of the seventeen SDGs relate to “vaccination”, a central feature of the cybernetic program. Biometric passports will set up digital identities to aggregate the data that will justify returns in human capital bond markets. “Smart” environments with sensors as small as dust will transmit information about our activities from the cellular level to our social relationships – all in real time.

“God does not play dice, bankers do.”

― Greg Curtis

Wanna Bet?

In the decade leading up to the Covid reset, financiers designed markets in measurable behaviour change and Silicon Valley refined the technology to predict and track it. Universities then provided equations to underpin this twisted gambling program. The United Way set up a campaign called ALICE Assets Limited Income Constrained, Employed. These human capital futures markets have been designed to be fueled by misery, poverty, and trauma – all of which are in abundant supply with lockdowns and the pandemic fallout. It is the “impact metrics” that enable the world’s richest to profit off humanity’s misery. The general idea is that social problems are assigned a cost, which then creates an offset that is used to fund “evidence-based” “solutions.” Philanthropists, acting on behalf of finance and technology interests, fund academics at elite institutions to formulate “human capital” equations that justify this predatory enterprise.

Vaccine passports are meant to hold more than just health data. Eventually all that other information will be layered in, catalysing commodities futures trading in life outcomes. 2,000 of the world’s largest asset holders, members of the Impact Management Project, are waiting with bated breath to run their capital through our bodies. Davos desperately needs widespread adoption of vaccine mandates. Without them, Darth Schwab’s vision for stakeholder capitalism and a “green” totalitarian world cannot proceed. They need real-time data, and they need for it to be interoperable. The health passports make that possible. Human capital bonded. Each life calculated according to its perceived burden on the coming robot society, at least in the eyes of hedge fund traders as they place their bets.

“Instead of politicians, let the monkeys govern the countries;

at least they will steal only the bananas!”


― Mehmet Murat ildan

Your Government is Selling You Out

Shhhhh, don’t worry there’s safety on the “continuity of care” pathway. Just make sure you do as you’re told to keep your social credit score where it needs to be. On a day when Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison publicly announced a partnership with Moderna (the company that invented covid so they could sell us the ‘vaccine’) and the Victorian State Government to manufacture 100 million mRNA doses each year in Victoria, for the next decade, one has to ask if the people are still buying into this charade. What we’re experiencing is a brutal social engineering program masquerading as a public health crisis. And we play along with that premise at our peril. 

We are in an ongoing war for control of our bodies. In a post-lockdown society, this means vaccine and wellness programs that incorporate the Internet of Things and wearable technologies, electronic health records, and blockchain behaviour tokens. It will run through Medicare and food assistance programs all linked to “evidence-based” solutions and “value-based payments,” the medical equivalent of pay for success. This entire program rests on the manufactured poverty created by the Covid crisis, that is sucking the masses into integrated government benefit systems and denying them economic independence.

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable and therefore not popular.”

― Carl G. Jung

Master of Darkness

When any band-aid solution gets ripped off, we are given the opportunity to really address the underlying issues. This may present as a situation that is shocking but ultimately necessary if true healing is to occur. Conscious leaders choose to embrace both the dark and the light to integrate into the whole. Carl Jung, the godfather of modern psychology, described the shadow as the unwanted parts of ourselves we have banished from consciousness because they were not valued by ourselves, our family, or our culture. We love this definition! Your shadow often contains your gold – your genius – which you may have suppressed in its embryonic form if your gifts were not understood by those who conditioned you while you were growing up. Conscious leaders do not fear the shadow. We enter and embrace the shadow by taking note of what people reflect back to us, especially if it’s confronting and our initial reaction is to deny it.

The time for being conventional is over. The time for following other people’s rules, or denying what is in our hearts because we’re following the “logical” or “sensible” path, is done. It’s time to take charge and truly live from our hearts. The globalist dystopian agenda is not a foregone conclusion if we have the courage to take a stand. We can lead the way by becoming messengers for each other; consciously helping to see the parts of ourselves we have disowned because of shame which typically leads us to harshly judge those traits in others. When we deny our own shadow in an effort to see ourselves as all ‘light and love’, we scapegoat our shadow on to others. When we understand this split in the psyche, we stop looking for scapegoats and start taking responsibility for ourselves.

“We don’t heal in isolation, but in community.”

― S. Kelley Harrell

Collective Shadow Work

The Collective Shadow is humanity’s dark side. It is the sum total of past and present atrocities, cruelties, tragedies, and horrors perpetrated by humankind and stored at a deep, unconscious, cellular level. Shadow work is a layered process. It starts with you, but it doesn’t end with you. Most crucially, it is also familial, societal, cultural, and global. To truly dive deep, we must keep going and peel back the layers of junk we have unconsciously absorbed. Only then can we, humanity, take our power back. The globalist psychopaths understand universal law which cannot be broken. This is why they find ways to make the population complicit in their nefarious acts. From the beginning, these forces have used our traumas to manipulate us. The worst of our society and most broken were groomed to take leadership and kingship roles over us. 

We have been complicit as a planetary society. We have allowed the ruthless to control the planet while we have had the power to make the changes all along. There have always been groups who were more awakened. However, as a whole, our civilization prefers to hide its eyes from its traumas, responsibilities and purposefully remain ignorant of what its leaders are doing. The time for cowardice is over. It is time to face our collective shadow. Once we begin holding our leaders accountable and no longer allow them to represent us on a local, national, and planetary level, humanity will rise like a phoenix in true freedom and liberation to create life-affirming systems in a world we all want to thrive in. Now is the time for humanity to get off its knees, and conscious leaders everywhere are lighting the way forward out of the darkness. 

“Their greatest fear is you may step forward without fear.
Because your courage may become contagious.”

― Tom Althouse

Ignite the Flame

We are here to help people awaken to their gifts, their healing powers, their innate wisdom, their full capacity to create. We are here to protect the animals, the plants, the Earth, our air, and our waters that bring us life. We are here to revolutionise our political, educational, and financial systems and replace them with structures that truly work. We are here to be seen and heard and appreciated for the unique gifts we bring. And we are taking decisive action to make it happen. Now is the time to take action in a way you never have before. Choose to become a conscious leader and help us take our planet back and build a bright tomorrow for our children. Choose today to Ignite the Flame! Together, we rise.

“They only seem tall because we’re on our knees.”

― Étienne de La Boétie


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