Ghost in the Shell – Staring Down the Singularity

While you were distracted by the choreographed stunt that Will Smith and Chris Rock performed collaboratively, during the 94th Academy Awards ceremony, all your favourite globalist villains met at the World Government Summit. Discussions were had around shaping the direction of the next decade and beyond. Anyone who still has a functioning brain knows that whenever there is an obvious distraction, it’s time to ignore the tabloids and instead pay attention to what they might be distracting you from.

Darth Schwab gave a talk entitled, Our World Today – Why Government Must Act Now He began with “Thank you, to his excellency for enabling this initiative to define a longer-term narrative to make the world more resilient more inclusive, and more sustainable,” (Red Flag). The use of the term ‘narrative’ is important because, in January 2021, Darth Schwab and the World Economic Forum announced the next phase of the Great Reset – The Great Narrative. (not particularly creative, this lot). Like a salivating dog, he spouted on about his supposed Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is essentially a digital panopticon for the future of humanity. While they destroy the physical world so they can keep you locked in a room eating bugs and pretending to be a spaceman, in the gamification of life, digital surveillance is planned to be omnipresent. The goal is a track and trace society where all transactions are logged, every person has a digital ID that can be tracked, and social malcontents are locked out of society via social credit scores.

Because Darth Schwab controls the premier globalist ideological hub (WEF) which exerts tremendous influence over global politics, especially through donors and corporate culture through boards of directors, his “great narrative” is of grave concern. It signals a strategic moral framework, meant to manipulate leaders and their citizens, wherein the willingness to submit is good and the refusal to comply is evil. Data extraction from unsuspecting populations is fueling the creation of militarised digital worlds that may eventually catalyse Generalised Artificial Intelligence – the Singularity. Natural life is being intentionally remade through cybernetic-friendly policies and technologies (see bio-digital convergence) not only to extract profit and exert social control but to feed off our energy as a digital parasite. Our children and the natural world need us. Conscious leaders everywhere must stand up and transmute this abomination with courage and love.

“The greatest danger of Big data and Artificial Intelligence is robots and bots will track you and manipulate you in every step.”
― Amit Ray

Aladdin to Run the Cybernetic Game

While, in theory, some technology can be used “for good,” the current and most pressing plan is for Blackrock’s Aladdin to run the planet as a cybernetic game. This all-consuming problem AI must be addressed before we even begin to entertain thoughts of good and useful tools. Powerful interests seek to misdirect people who want to do the right thing. If we go down the wrong path, irreversible harm will be inflicted in the name of “carbon trading,” “green” growth, “financial inclusion,” and “resilient cities.” We must do everything in our power to stop the attempted digital takeover of humanity and Nature and we do not have long.

Elon Musk is making headlines once again, amid his recent Twitter acquisition. Woke brigades are claiming he is ‘extremely dangerous to democracy‘ because he supports free speech (red flag – another distraction). Musk remains focused on a plethora of business ventures, from autonomous electric vehicles to 5G beaming surveillance satellites – a clear indication he is NOT the ‘good guy’ people desperately in need of a saviour might wish him to be. While most of society is intentionally diverted with ever-evolving social media news coverage, something far more important continues to insidiously progress. An unprecedented cerebral fusion of organic biology and artificial intelligence is transpiring behind closed doors. Neuralink Corporation is developing ultra-high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect human beings and computers. In spite of all the drivel about supposed superhuman powers, the road to cybernetic mass production is paved in blood, not gold.

“I didn’t want a world in which I had to choose between blind human babies and tortured monkey ones. To be frank, that’s the sort of choice I expect science to protect me from, not give me.”
― Karen Joy Fowler

Mutilated Monkeys

Recently, researchers drilled into the skulls of cognisant monkeys to insert electrodes directly into their brains. Freedom of Information Act documents obtained by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, provide disturbing insights into these gruesome experiments. These sentient mammals endured highly invasive and clearly agonising procedures. Protocol directed the scientists to restrain uncooperative monkeys with steel rods screwed through the cranium. They suffered from rashes, seizures, facial trauma, severe infections, oesophageal ulcers, and brain haemorrhages. Internal records indicated the distraught test subjects sustained numerous self-inflicted injuries. Log entries describe lab technicians discovering blood and bodily tissues at the bottom of isolation cages. Some were covered in painful skin lesions while others ripped out clumps of hair. Staff members noted that one primate lost appendages on its right foot and both hands. Veterinarians observed microchipped monkeys picking at their implant site as if attempting to dig out the buried device. Surrounding skin ultimately eroded from the scalp. In total, 15 of the 23 monkeys died during the experiment – a staggering 65% mortality rate. Nevertheless, tech-nutter Musk announced human trials will begin later this year!

Another tech-crazed lunatic, Ray Kurzweil, believes Singularity will occur in 2029, and that human immortality will be close behind. However, the state and quality of science today is far from what it was a century ago. Today’s science is rushed, untested and dangerous, and the long-term effects are seldom studied. Kurzweil does not have a God to honour; he has a machine, and he wants us all to shift to this digital version of the divine. The singularity stands for ‘the fusion of the real with the synthetic’. Kurzweil sees this as a supreme act that will end the need for pesky human evolution by transferring the meaning and purpose of life into a ‘real-time’ electro-digital encyclopedia composed of trillions of soulless electrical circuits. Here’s the thing: even if you don’t subscribe to the belief in ‘the singularity’, you most likely worship the same digital totem. It is probably gradually taking over your life – megabyte-by-megabyte and gigabyte-by-gigabyte. When you see people constantly looking down toward the ground, you begin to realise they are metamorphosing into something less than human. Aspiration – the desire to grow, learn and be more than you are – is an upward momentum. The impulse of aspiration to a state of higher consciousness is an upwardly rising trajectory. Just as a tree or flower reaches for the light, so do we humans. Together we rise.

“The attempt to escape from pain, is what creates more pain.”
― Gabor Maté

Monkey on Your Back

Those seduced by their cell phones always look down. Down into a place where the only light is the blue LED-powered glow from the face of their device. Slowly, by design, the masses are being transformed into that which they are addicted to. They are losing their ability to see and respond to the actual Light – their innate connection to universal consciousness. Wack-job, Kurzweil, and those who blindly adopt his fascination with a virtual existence are placing a great burden on the rest of life – dead weight imposed upon living matter. They are the receivers and transmitters of distorted energy fields, and those fields pollute the natural vibratory fields responsible for the health and wellbeing of all living systems. People who only look down ‘shed’ their negative vibrations on everyone around them. Everything is energy and energy is vibration. When coupled with the EMF radiation emanating from that to which we have become addicted, the circadian rhythms of the biosphere are drowned out by an insidious pervasive electrosmog.

Earth’s heartbeat, the Schumann Resonance (7.86 Hertz) maintains the health and balance of the natural environment, including humans, animals, and all plant life. Schumann is now being pushed into the background, while the synthetic radiation frequencies from 3, 4 and 5G towers and transmitters, become the predominant energy field. The price we are paying for ever more technology is far higher than most care to believe. It can no longer simply be dismissed as something ‘one cannot do without’. We are not machines. We have sensitive physical bodies, astoundingly brilliant minds and exquisite powers of perception and intuition. The role of the machine is to support this condition, not to override it.

“Western governments are behaving like there is no upper limit

to wireless radiation exposure of the masses.”

― Steven Magee

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

Today’s nefarious tech toys have literally been weaponised. They were born out of military research and development. They were conceived and designed intentionally as weapons and surveillance tools. They come with no health warning, aside from some precautionary small print, even less obvious than that associated with plastic toys. Children are being urged to enter into long-term relationships with these toxic electromagnetic play things and, to a child’s mind, the ever-increasing colourful virtual worlds draw them in like moths to a flame. Cell phones are military accessories, sweetened and domesticated into tools of ‘friendly’ torture. Silent weapons seductively distorting the divine human condition – by design.

We are beginning to see the results of having adopted such a blind degree of faith in the fake one-eyed god of ‘progress’, and its promise to take us ever closer to the promised land of technological perfection. The transmutation of warm, spontaneous, creative human beings into sterile, soulless cyborgs. We are living in a moment when the wetiko mind virus has cast a profoundly toxic spell. Humanity is at a choice point. Everyone must make the choice for themselves. To choose not to do anything is also a choice. Those who move into a new paradigm know our leadership models must shift from top-down to ground-up (Earth guidance) and from power over to power from within (heart-based). This powerful transformation into Conscious Regenerative Leadership is inclusive and community-centered, enabling all to thrive.

“Electromagnetic radiation is an alien technology to humans living in harmony with nature.”
― Steven Magee

3 Phases of Transformation

We are always evolving, growing, and changing. Cycles of growth are often initiated by experiences that can feel like your life is either blowing up or crumbling down. Being disrupted can be destabilising, but if you can gain enough distance and perspective from the immediate experience of being initiated into a cycle of growth, you can consciously take control of your growth experience. Cycles of growth and transformation have 3 phases:

  1. Disruption

To make a change, we must first start by experiencing a disruption of the known. We do this by identifying and breaking a negative, repetitive pattern. Disruption causes us to need to redefine who we think we are. This (ego death) terrifies us because it spits us out into a state of not knowing what to do next. As our old patterns are broken, we emerge into the next phase called the Void or the Dark Night of the Soul. 

  2. Dark Night of the Soul (The Void)

When you’re in the Void, you don’t know who you are anymore. You don’t know what to expect or what is coming next. If you are more “logically” inclined, you might experience more worry or anxiety in this space. You don’t know what the new “pattern” is going to be so you may struggle with knowing how to prepare to navigate the unknown. There is a tremendous blessing in the Void if we know how to use the power of this phase in the growth cycle. 

We are vulnerable in the Void. If you don’t have a “map” for where you’re headed, it’s safe and easy to want to go back. Here’s the thing: you can’t really ever go back. Once the story of who you used to be is disrupted, you can’t “un-know” what you now know. You can’t close Pandora’s Box and pretend you didn’t see inside. In the Void you are being invited to explore what new patterns do you want to create. What is point “B” on your map? What do you want? What would bring you happiness? How do you want your life to change? As you go deeper into the Void, old patterns continue to shatter, so think about how you want to redefine who you are, what you want, and what you want to be creating? These are powerful and important questions. 

The Void can also be scary because it doesn’t come with an instruction manual. You are trying to steer yourself around in the dark without a detailed map. However, not having a map can be a beautiful thing. It means you are unshackled and free from old expectations and norms. This means you have the ability to consciously and deliberately define for yourself where you want to go. You don’t know the “how” of the next step of your journey so you have no choice but to surrender and let the next step reveal itself. Or to let the power of you imagination give you new dreams. There is no amount of thinking or figuring out that can get you through the Void. You must simply surrender. It’s vital when we go through the Void that we recognise the difference between surrendering and quitting. Quitting means you fail to explore the question of what’s next – you fail to set intentions and envision where you’re headed. You simply allow yourself to bob along on the sea of change that is coming at you without taking agency over your direction.

  3. Expansion (Resolution)

Surrendering means that you begin setting your direction – even if your direction is simply an intention to get clear about where you’re headed. In this way, you take control over your personal story. You dig deep and find out why you were stuck in patterns that don’t work anymore and what you need to do to use this time for rest, healing and recalibrating your life. It’s important to also remember that cycles of growth and disruption are not symptoms of you “screwing up”. Growth cycles and disruption are a natural part of your Soul calling you forward into an expanded, more wise expression of who you are. The single most important thing you need when you are in a cycle of growth – and by the way the ENTIRE planet is in a major disrupted cycle right now – is a deep understanding of the skillset necessary to navigate change in an empowered and deliberate way.

“Analysis does not transform consciousness.”
― Jiddu Krishnamurti

Together We Rise!

The good news is, this transformative journey has an evolutionary imperative that seeks harmony with life while tapping into the essence of our humanity. The Logic of Life (rather than the logic of the machine) creates conditions that allow everyone to flourish, to bring their whole selves to life, to school, to work. In this way, we become self-responsible adults, while contributing to organisational missions and value propositions that enhance life. Our relationship to the sun, sky, and universe is the cosmic web that must be rewoven. Those of us who have awakened now have a responsibility to use the intelligence within to face the violence of the tech-no-logic machine. It is up to those of us who see to do this with clarity and coherence. By becoming “free-thinkers” we reclaim our stability and step outside the control system that manipulates those who passively “believe.” The future of humanity depends on your ability to comprehend reality and then act on it.

“Dark yesterday can be transformed into bright tomorrow.”
― Martin Luther King, Jr.


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