Thriving Under Intensity

We are living in the most interesting and momentous times. As we experience extreme weather events, relationship breakdowns, political changes, and soaring cost of living pressures, it is becoming harder and harder to keep your heart open. Having genuinely good people in your life right now is a true blessing. The plandemic, the future of work and the biosecurity state currently being imposed on us aim to keep us distracted and separated. Conditioning us to be isolated, sick and fearful so we grow even further dependent on technology and mechanistic materialism. 

The detachment from each other, the polarisation of the political parties, and the increase in technology have led us to a tuning fork in the road. The tuning fork is two sides resonating negative energy. The energetic output flows into a torus of conflict and strife and feeds this dark agenda. Most people are too busy trying to survive to be aware of the massive changes underway with the disruption of job markets, the impact of public surveillance tech, globotics, and quantum computing. The sad reality is that the ability to shape the future is currently in the hands of the people at the top who hold considerable wealth and power. People who rely on mechanistic solutions without any regard for emotional consequences.

It’s difficult to come up with truly effective solutions when people don’t even understand the landscape that they are operating in. Think of blockchain as a Superorganism. It can store everything from our financial transactions to our most intimate and personal details collected by institutions we are told to trust. The more we feed the beast, the more it turns on us. The brain is also a torus yet, when we are embryos, it is the heart that develops first. Nature is telling us to start with the heart. These are indeed times of tremendous stress and tumultuous transformation. With many lives turned inside out, numerous families and individuals face the very uncomfortable feeling of being backed into a corner. The pressure to be more flexible, to step up and become the Conscious Leader of your own life by demonstrating your changing beliefs is escalating at an astounding pace. Now, at this stage of the game, everyone is beginning to wonder why the world is in such turmoil. This is an excellent sign because it represents a most necessary reflection and reevaluation of life that each person must face and make.

“The world we live in is still mostly governed by a ponzi scheme of power, wealth and celebrity. Those at the top of the ponzi scheme are standing on nothing but the world’s acceptance of their right to be there.”

― Heather Marsh

Unmasked and Unhinged

Wherever you look in the world today, governance is failing and governments are falling. And even where governments hold on, premiers, prime ministers, presidents, and parliamentarians tumble around them; disgraced and exposed for one seedy scandal after another. Be it money, sex, fraud, despotism, embezzlement, or quite simply a pandemic of lies. Over and over again the insatiable lust for power takes precedence over the responsibility to earn the trust of a nation. So widespread has this ‘failure to govern’ become that we, humanity, are justified in asking whether the electoral system – supposedly underpinning ‘democracy’ – has any merit left in it at all? At first glance, you might say “It’s not the system it’s the quality of the candidates that are the problem.” Clearly, that is a big problem – as evidenced by the pandemic of failure to deliver. Amid the stresses and strains of leading amid radically shifting timelines, we can overlook the forest for the trees, missing the unifying theme keeping Conscious Leaders everywhere grounded in multidimensional reality. The concurrent breakdown of our old outdated governmental, organisational, and relationship structures are all part of the same evolutionary up-stretch in leadership and organisational development consciousness, from ego-centricity to human-centricity to life-centricity.

This evolution rides on the back of a wider system-worldview evolution. How we see the world, and our sense of place and purpose within it, is shape-shifting. We are undergoing a metamorphosis as our society experiences a massive initiation. The veil is thin and masks are falling away. Many are now seeing through the fake philanthropic NGO complex as a theatre of busywork to misdirect well-meaning people while Web3 sensor networks and extended reality are installed all around us. It is happening right before our eyes, but we cannot see it for what it is. Even if we could, we’re far too distracted by design. We are in the midst of a struggle for consciousness and agency, navigating a digital landscape whose treachery we cannot yet fully comprehend. What will “community” mean if the majority opts to construct a world where turning children and the most vulnerable into securitised debt products is normal? Where everything we love is quantified, rated and bet on in real-time by emerging technologies? If we truly understood the role that social innovation is meant to play in tokenising natural life on our planet – to create profit for powerful investors and to generate the data required to advance the Singularity – we would not have a bar of it and we would immediately hang the transhumanists and their minions for crimes against humanity (coming this year to a screen near you).

“You can still get away with the speech, but the face reveals as much as it conceals.”

― Mwanandeke Kindembo

All Aboard the Cosmic Train!

Politics reeks of insider dark deals, as war drums drone on and on. Nuclear attacks currently rank as the number one threat in the controlled mainstream media, while the increase of sexual violence and acts of perversion grow ever more blatant. The debt-to-credit ratio is now completely unsustainable, and theft, fraud, cheating, and lying are commonly cited qualities of a deeply corrupt and heavily compromised leadership worldwide. It appears that our so-called leaders have failed spectacularly in their assigned duty to uphold liberty and champion freedom as civic responsibilities. The old system is certainly going down kicking and screaming as those with eyes to see recognise we are living amid a once-in-a-civilisation metamorphic moment. The time has come to awaken from mechanistic slumber and remember the sacred sentience of life in each and every day. This is not some wishful ‘Love & Light’ utopia. Movements around the world are already mobilising toward this deeper connection, and nothing less than the future of humanity is at stake. To those who are not willing to face the personal and collective shadows that are now rising to the surface, know that the cosmic train to the next level of our collective evolution is not stopping… The world we live in is built to evolve and growth is often confronting and typically uncomfortable.

Today’s worldview of Mechanistic Materialism prides itself on ‘what gets measured gets done’ – we quantise everything we can measure. In this way, anything intangible and immeasurable is then overlooked, becoming invisible. Yet the invisible realm of nature is a very real and potent presence in our lives. It is the foundation that informs the essence of each living-system – including ourselves, our society and our living organisations. It is time for humanity to become individually aware enough to take back control of our destinies; while recognising that together we can run our lives according to another formula. We are all faced with this choice today. Either get sucked into the metaverse of slavery which awaits all those who do nothing or choose to become the Conscious Leader of your own life and form aware, decentralised, autonomous groups with the determination to act as a responsible governing body at the neighbourhood and community level. The highest standard of integrity is now imperative. New Earth has no tolerance for lies. We, humanity, recognise the endemic levels of falsity and deception in the dying society – particularly in the political sphere. We choose to stop mindlessly obeying the authoritarian voices of destruction and instead, we are taking action to establish a better and more just way of life. It is time to face the music. There are no more bona fide ‘governments’ in existence in this world. Just a facade of fake interest directed toward those who put the elected members on their pedestals. While this garbage act will no doubt continue to be played out on the world stage for a while longer, it is simply a facade for our distraction.

“The aristocrats, if such they could be called, generally hated the whole concept of the train on the basis that it would encourage the lower classes to move about and not always be available.”

― Terry Pratchett

As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without.

Everything counts and everything matters during this time of great distraction. Powerful forces pull us toward a transhumanist anthropocentric degenerative future and, for now, they have the money. Trillions are being invested in alternate realities, algorithmic digitised transactions, and smart devices connected to geofenced global infrastructure. The exponential rise of satellites rocket-fuelled into orbit each month, and micro-sensors erected at every street corner to track-and-trace our every move for ‘surveillance capitalism’ is staggering. This is not some dystopian rhetoric, it is the reality right now on this planet and it is pulling us further toward fragmentation and separation if we do nothing. Here’s the thing: the darkest hour always brings the dawn. The bringers of the dawn are Conscious Leaders choosing to demonstrate our rising awareness about the real depth of this reality we call life, where we make it a priority to work with the wisdom of nature rather than against it.

This dawn consists of a simultaneous inner-outer awakening. Conscious Leaders are shifting our own inner self-awareness and our outer systemic-awareness of how living systems really work beyond the confines of Mechanistic Materialism. This inner-outer awakening is not simply an intellectual comprehension of living-systems thinking, it’s a psychological and embodied undertaking; a metamorphosis that endures for generations as our consciousness deepens in becoming more in tune with life. In order to understand and heal the insanity, instability, and seeming uncertainty of these troubled times, you must first learn to manage yourself. Learning to manage energy in the material world is one of the reasons you are here at this time. Your body is your first and foremost responsibility, and essentially, it follows your commands. Your emotional intensity is the charge of power behind the frequency of your thoughts. How you feel about yourself and the world at large directly affects the functions and operating systems of your physical form. Feelings are fuel for beliefs – especially feelings of excitement – and when you follow your feelings, you will always find your beliefs. 

When you feel good about yourself, your outer world will mirror this state of mind, and when you feel down-and-out and frustrated, the outer world also conforms. Limitations, frustrations, and blockages can be examined from a meaningful perspective. Accepting your part in creating your life situations (without blaming yourself or anyone else) and approaching your life with the attitude that everything you encounter has a significant purpose, will unblock the victim programming that has been prevalent in humanity for so long. Transmuting victimhood is a major step on the path of the Conscious Leader to self-empowerment. By the same token, those choosing to experience reality devoid of such emotional intelligence and personal integrity will increasingly find themselves in a world where the significance of life is lost. Those who choose love and dare to feel to the depths of being – accepting responsibility for their actions, and seeking meaningful purpose – will find that the world of significant living will unfold its cleverly concealed presence.

“Staying silent is like a slow-growing cancer to the soul and a trait of a true coward. There is nothing intelligent about not standing up for yourself. You may not win every battle. However, everyone will at least know what you stood for – YOU.”

― Shannon L. Alder

The Future Belongs to the Curious

Step back from the part of the elephant you have been focused on and consider that there may be a lot more going on in the background than you may know. We live our lives generally only aware of the slivers of reality we are offered until something happens that leads us toward uncharted waters. Maintaining siloed information is a useful tactic for those who seek to hide treachery in plain sight. Curiosity is the antidote. Make no mistake: the human heart is far more powerful than any emerging technology. That is why we must say no to a future of a tokenised life inside the mixed reality game. There are two ways to go about growth: we can kick and scream our way there, or we can begin to face our fears, take responsibility for our wrong actions and meet what has been arising in our own lives (and on the world stage) with dignity and grace. Simply put, we can let go or be dragged.

Curiosity is a powerful tool that Conscious Leaders choose to employ, simply because they can not go back to an ignorant ‘blue-pilled’ state of not-knowing. Humanity has a long history of falling into slavery when faced with the choice of abiding by the rules set by an oppressor or entering into a struggle to break free from that oppressor. Today ‘the oppressor’ is barely visible because it comes in the guise of a deceptive form of indoctrination and convenience, when at one time, it came with a sword or a gun. The key form of oppression of the 21st century is shaping up to come in the form of a technology that does our thinking for us, thereby rendering us dependent and to an increasing degree, under the control of a non-human entity. When your soul completes its review of this lifetime, where will you go down in history? On the side that commoditises kids in the misery money machine, or on the side of life and love and freedom? All choice is with you.

“Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined,

irreverent and original manner possible.”


― Richard Feynmann

Lighting Up the Collective Shadow

During inevitable change, old structures must break down so new reforms are possible. While it’s part of the process, it is certainly not comfortable. In fact, it’s downright disconcerting to feel all of our foundations cracking beneath us, and even more distressing to witness society collapsing into warring factions. Our stress is compounded when we see our concerns being leveraged by those most afraid of change, who seek to dominate using the age-old tactic of divide and conquer. This is not the time to sit on the fence or cower in fear and do nothing. Your duty as a citizen of Terra (New Earth) is to evolve with her and demonstrate your evolution by protecting all that is sacred. While there are many opportunities contained within a crisis, one of the gifts in the current state of play is that it reveals to us your own ‘state of the union’ – how integrated your own psyche is when placed under increasing pressure.

Hidden in the shadows of ourselves is the existence of a state which is capable of distorting our natural emotions into something cold, indifferent, and devoid of love. By touching this realm, we can start to understand something about a state of existence that plays a key role in this time, yet appears to defy our comprehension. In other words we can ‘reverse engineer’ the psychology of the demon which gives the psychopaths their dark powers of destruction and the ability to capture and retain control over a very large percentage of the world population. Their ability to do this is governed by an unwillingness to explore the darker side of ourselves and/or of life itself. The political psychopath survives because too few ‘normal’ humans seek to enter their territory and start to shine a light on where the dark seems most impenetrable. Here’s the thing: once that dark place is penetrated, the sense of being impregnable is deflated. The arrogance is broken. The power to do evil is irrevocably punctured and the psychopaths debilitated.

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable and therefore not popular.”

― C.G. Jung

Slaying Dark Demonic Forces

Our task is to recognise that – when activated – our innate powers are far more compelling than that distorted field of energy directed to deceive humanity into taking the lie to be the truth. For the Conscious Leaders who are destined to take the helm of New Earth, the task of illuminating and disempowering demons is our particular lot. There is no escaping it. It’s why we came here at this time. All who still fail to discern the nature of evil and the ‘art of the lie’ must become self-psychologists and discover where this ability to twist the truth into its opposite comes from. Only then can the sickness be put right and the world led out of darkness and into light. The demonic forces represent the unenlightened side of ourselves. The refusal of consciousness. A state of death over a state of life. In this state all are demons. The political psychopath counts on you to remain that way. Accomplices in the suppression of enlightenment. As soon as we break that spell their power over us is lost – and we are free!

You may have recently found yourself questioning the structures in your life and considering what practical changes you can make to alleviate a situation that once offered support, but now feels oppressive. Growth is inevitable, so this is an assessment we all need to make on a cyclic basis if we are to honour the process of life. The key is to reclaim our inner authority. To go within and identify what feels supportive and what doesn’t. For example, you may feel you need the security a job or a living situation offers, even when it is eroding your nervous system with daily stress. Perhaps you choose to stay in a marriage, friendship, or career which, for all the best of intentions, is unable to honour your full potential.

“The choices you make now, the people you surround yourself with, they all have the potential to affect your life, even who you are, forever.”

― Sarah Dessen

How Is That Working for You?

Have you outgrown that person, place, or thing? Only you can answer this question. Your feelings are the true barometer of whether a situation is truly sustainable on all levels – emotionally, mentally, energetically and physically. Restructuring your life can feel frightening at first because it means finding the confidence in yourself to start over and build something new, from the ground up. This requires trust in your ability to create firm foundations based on love and truth – only then will the foundation be strong enough to provide for your needs and protect you. Ironically, the longer you stay in a situation that doesn’t reflect your true needs, the more it erodes your self-confidence to take right action, to the point of paralysis.

If you are one or two-dimensional, with many aspects of your psyche unexplored, your behaviour will be largely unconscious and you will tend to polarise – see things in black and white. This mindset creates conflict with those who embody aspects and wider perspectives that are foreign to your understanding and experience. You are in charge of the vital energy that sustains and connects you with the larger cosmic reality. When you abdicate and ignore your abilities to create your reality, essentially, you turn your power over to be maneuvered by others. The tendency to think that someone other than yourself is going to save you has been programmed and conditioned into humans. No one is going to save you: in order to flourish and thrive, you must be willing to take charge of your life.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”

― Albert Einstein

Co-Creating a New Earth

Conscious Leaders everywhere are rewriting the rules on what is possible. We are creating new ways to live and thrive and we need you to be consciously creative! It’s time to dig into your ambition. Dare to think BIG so you make preparations to scale a mountain instead of a molehill. True motivation stems from who you truly are: Pure Love – feeling a sense of ultimate connection to all – there is no greater high. This state of oneness will never be felt through attaining recognition, wealth, power, fame, or status because these things heighten our sense of separation. It will be felt through making a difference to as many people as possible, which expands each of us into being a bigger person. This in turn creates a life that is larger than what we dreamed possible. This is how we change the world – one co-creation at a time.

Clarity in thought, word, and deed is of utmost importance for creating the version of life that you want. In ancient times the power of words was known to be the art of old magic. Language is a powerful tool for directing and manifesting energy into form (spells). Conscious Leaders purposely choose their words with care and certainty. They know what they want, and establish clear positive intentions as to their purpose. The pursuit of worthy goals and ideals is essential for feeling empowered. Every thought and word influences the great repository of memories in the subconscious mind— thoughts and words of your own, or those that stem from the outside world.

“The biggest wall you have to climb is the one you build in your mind: Never let your mind talk you out of your dreams, trick you into giving up. Never let your mind become the greatest obstacle to success. To get your mind on the right track, the rest will follow.”

― Roy T. Bennett

Rising Phoenix Leaders

Given that you are highly telepathic, you can also be influenced by the thoughts and activities of others, especially if you have poor boundaries and are confused about who you are. External suggestions and images, such as those from television, program your subconscious and unconscious minds. Many scientists have done studies with people connected to an EEG brain-scanning device while watching TV; they registered activity in the delta wave frequencies, essentially occupying a highly programmable sleep state while viewing TV. If you are unaware of your thoughts, or have abdicated your choice to direct your thinking, then electronic methods can easily influence and control your mind.

The times in which we live call for the best of your capabilities to emerge, and embracing a personal belief in your inherent self-worth is key. Happiness and peace of mind are the hallmarks of real empowerment, and they are present when you are in balance with your values and intuition. As the energy continues to accelerate, issues will only grow in complexity in whatever arenas of life you have avoided your responsibilities. To prepare yourself for experiencing higher states of consciousness and greater perceptual awareness, you must visualise the type of world you want, and trust that you will meet it. Your imagination is the most powerful tool for creating, and when you focus your attention with clear conscious intent, you set an internal program into motion, one that will determine your experience of the outer world. 

“Nothing is possible without love, for love puts one in a mood to risk everything.”

– Carl Jung

The 4 Es of Conscious Regenerative Leadership

No worldview shift can be truly regenerative without deepening our transparency with the true nature of reality within and around us. This is at once a profoundly personal embodied experience and a relational-communal affair. The more present you can be, the more powerful you become. Through the inward connection to the essence of nature within and all around us (Nature’s Wisdom) engages us with quality beyond quantity. This is the force without form that informs all form. Realisation and recognition of ‘The Force’ is first-and-foremost an embodied experience, not a head-based formulation. The good news is that there are four sign-posts into the metaphysical dimension of organisations as living systems. 


Accessing The Force by tuning in to the essential nature within self and system.


Becoming conscious of and sensitive to the life-force patterns and rhythms infusing and radiating through self and system. This provides us the cues to enliven, heal and renew the regenerative capacities of the living organisation.


Life unfolds through emergence – a ‘process of becoming’ more fully in tune and in-flow by working with emergence tools and practices.


Contrary to popular belief, evolution is not a chain reaction but rather a flow-on response with spiralling phase-change sense-and-respond dynamics influencing the developmental capacity of self and system. We can learn to work with these evolutionary dynamics in order to better realise the potential and purpose of our living organisations toward more thriving, life-affirming futures.

“Never underestimate the power you have to take your life in a new direction.”

― Germany Kent

Out of the Ashes - A New Leadership Paradigm

Events are multidimensional pieces of living art; the form, size, shape, and purpose change as you learn to walk around an event and release your fixation on a single, emotionally driven framework of time. Events grow in meaning as you grow in consciousness; when you consciously alter your interpretations of the world and embrace a confident, inspiring outlook, your experience of the world changes. Even though the conditions may remain the same, like the half-full, half-empty glass analogy, how you choose to perceive what you see sets the stage for all you encounter, as well as affecting the entire paradigm of mass beliefs. Your beliefs make you who you are, and the areas of life where you excel in your achievements are generally those where you feel excitement and have fun with what you are doing.

As strange as it seems, accepting more responsibility for being the creator of your experience frees you to explore the shadow side of life; without shadows, you would see very little of life. Art is a dance between shades of colour and tones of sound and light. When you examine your beliefs about the darker side of existence with another lens, it can free you to reexamine your life’s creations from a different perspective. Perspective is everything. The essence of human experience is to participate in the full range of emotional expression; to learn how to navigate these unpredictable realms and to survive with your consciousness in alignment are some of the profound spiritual tests of these times. A deep inner knowing based on innocent trust is required to proceed on the path to Conscious Leadership. To swim and to dive deep into the immense pools of emotions, you must make the link between thoughts, feelings, and beliefs; otherwise, emotional energy can be a journey into madness where nothing makes any sense. When you consciously intend to investigate your feelings by being responsible for creating all of your experiences for a significant purpose, the resulting release of pent-up emotional energy can feel amazing! It is here that you step into a new life. An integrated life. A healed life. A true transformation. Transformation is the means through which heroes are made. Together we rise!

“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.”

― Tim Fargo


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