Tokenised – Life in a Mixed Reality Video Game

As the Digital Transformation of the natural world is coded all around us and we cross the threshold into the Web 3.0 era, humanity is faced with some extraordinary choices that will have serious and wide-ranging implications. Technology, from the first use of fire to the future of facial recognition, appears to be neutral. However, this appearance obscures its potential to magnify both the best and worst of human desires. Like the legend of Prometheus who stole fire from the gods to give to humanity, we must remember that this gift can quickly become an irreversible curse that burns our entire world to the ground.

Our ever-expanding 21st-century technologies contain the power to end all life on Earth. It is precisely for this reason that we as a species must carefully consider their implementation because the choices we make today will fundamentally impact the lives of billions tomorrow. What we do now will set the stage for decades, and perhaps centuries, to come. Our choices will not only determine the territorial lines of the web and the world, but also our very definition of the words humanity, civilisation, and even reality itself. We must choose wisely.

The emergence of smart cities and factories, autonomous cars and homes, smart appliances and virtual reality worlds, automated shopping, and digitised personal medicine are transforming the way we live faster than we can keep up. Clear boundaries between real and virtual are dissolving. All across the planet, our technologies are breaking out from behind the screen and into the physical world around us. Simultaneously, the people, places, and things in our world are being digitised and brought into the virtual world, becoming part of the digital domain. We are digitising the physical and “physicalising” the digital into what is called the spacial web – a cyber-physical coded universe where objects and people are “augmented” with layers of data harvested through wearable and implantable sensor technologies. 

“Reality is broken. Game designers can fix it.”
― Jane McGonigal

Breaking Out of the Enchantment

Our short-term future has all of the indicators that the technologies we have seen in our science fiction stories will now be realised. In August of 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke at the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. He said “Your whole structure must be changed. A nation that will keep people in slavery for 244 years will “thingify” them and make them things. And therefore, they will exploit them and poor people generally and economically. And a nation that will exploit economically will have to have foreign investments and everything else, and it will have to use its military might to protect them. All of these problems are tied together.”

We live in a world built on stolen bodies and stolen land. Scores of social scientists, entertainers, and thought leaders are generously paid to convince us that we are walking a “green path” of freedom, democracy and opportunity. However, many are waking up to the harsh reality in spite of being brain-washed to imagine otherwise. Society has groomed us to embrace mindless debt-fueled consumption in order to steal our souls and commercialise our cultures. In this way, we have been blindly walking slowly towards that “thingification” Dr. King so eloquently spoke about. The moment the masses no longer have the wherewithal to consume, the Davos crowd plans to flip the script. The tables will turn and we will be the ones who are consumed – as pay for success debt products – by global financiers. Our lives are set to be transformed into animated characters trapped in a game of digital surveillance and coded nudges. The field of play will be the spatial web. New and improved with robot police and QR codes! It’s time to break the enchantments that keep us separated as “things.” Energetically unified we’re far more powerful than the lunatics who think they hold all the cards.

“Tech helped to create this economy, and tech is what keeps it stable by giving us the greatest bread and circuses of all time.”
― Helen Andrews

Peoplenaires - Fortunes of Human Capital

We are experiencing the emergence of a new asset class that runs on our personal data, and FinTech giants are cashing in. Microsoft spent billions of dollars to acquire both Minecraft AND Linkedin. In Minecraft, characters are “built” using various “blocks,” not unlike stackable credentials. Now, think about the introduction of LinkedIn skills badges. The plan is to turn most people into bundles of securitised debt to be tracked back to a blockchain ID. The carrot dangled is the dream to become a peoplenaire: the fortune size depends on the quality of the human capital. FinTech is gamifying the process so coming generations will be compelled to code their own digital prison. Minecraft Education is simply a way to get them ready. Indoctrinated from the get-go to earn digital scrip to be spent in virtual worlds. All of life lived in the company store, and building the company store! Existing on a leaderboard, only ever interacting with non-beings.

Powerful forces are hell-bent on turning us into programmable avatars. Digital twins that are disconnected from nature, isolated, and ready to be mined as data commodities. We are becoming ensnared by these dark forces, cunningly disguised as “playfulness.” Make no mistake: the “game” we have been drawn into is a military one, and we do not understand the rules. If adults don’t understand the game, imagine what it must be like to be a child in today’s mixed (up) reality. How are children supposed to understand reality, when “reality” has become whatever powerful interests digitally program it to be?

“Computers had their origin in military cryptography—in a sense, every computer game represents the commandeering of a military code-breaking apparatus for purposes of human expression.”
― Austin Grossman

Want to Play a Game? Game Mechanics

We are being pushed into a mixed-reality game. The game mechanics are militerised and set up to profit finance and technology interests. Public health is being used as a cover to push medicalised therapeutics on healthy people, set on a trajectory toward a cybernetic existence where non-modified life is inexorably erased from our world. Artificial intelligence is the final coloniser. All human beings are targeted for profit extraction and eventual elimination. Those in positions of power are reimagining us as captive consumers of digital items, “players” on a hexagonally tiled board of GPS coordinates, governed by behavioural economics and coded nudges. They are counting on us to not realise we have been pulled into the game or to know, but to tacitly agree to play by their rules. Caught in the crosshairs of those plotting out the internet of bio-nano-things, natural life will only remain viable if we collectively step out of the game and forge a path towards Conscious Leadership to heal ourselves and the Earth.

In the first quarter of 2019, a historically unprecedented but hardly-noticed event took place. The screens of over one billion new smartphones became windows into the physical world because both Apple and Android added AR software to their operating systems. This gave smartphones the capability to display 3D contextual information and 3D interactive objects in space. Apple, Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Facebook, Magic Leap, Baidu, Tencent, and others have also invested billions of dollars into a new generation of smart glasses and headsets for Augmented and Virtual Reality designed to initially supplement and ultimately replace our smartphones. In addition, billions of cameras and 3D depth sensors soon to be added to our existing smartphones and to the billions of drones, robots, cars, and street corners, will make them all spatially aware, capable of mapping their environments in 3D and acting as windows to the Spatial Web. These digital devices will enable us to make a complete copy or Digital Twin of the world we live in. Over the next decade, as we complete this transition, spatial technologies are set to become the leading interface, not only for our various digital activities but for our physical ones as well.

“I think it’s fair to say most video games let players experience only eight emotions: anger, panic, dread, surprise, wonder, satisfaction, joy, and disappointment. And some games only disappoint.”
― Scott Rogers

Where Are We Playing? The Spatial Web

Moving forward, the plan is to use sensor networks and wearable and implantable technologies to apply layers of information to the physical world (including people). These cyber-physical “smart” environments are augmented with data. Here’s the thing: not everyone will have permission to interact with all the data. Much of it will be “permissioned.” In this game, each player’s interactions will be mediated through digital smart contracts. Depending on a player’s status and digital profile, they may experience the reality of a given geography very differently from others, even another player standing only a few metres away. Everyone will have a custom “game of life” board that reflects the particular quest of “self-improvement” they have been assigned by social impact investors. Each pathway – education, training, wellness, mental fitness, rehabilitation – aligns the players towards good “global citizenship” as determined by the game designers who work for the billionaire class.

The power of the Spatial Web initially comes from its ability to describe the world in the same language the world speaks to us in – geometry. The Spatial Web enables us to use a digitally-mediated universal language in which all information can become spatial. In this way, the current information on the web can be placed spatially and contextually on objects and at locations. We can then interact with information in the most natural and intuitive ways, by merely looking, speaking, gesturing, or even thinking. However, it also enables the digital to be more physical as sensors and robotics become embedded into our environments. Making our world “smarter” by adding intelligence and context to any place, object, or person that we encounter. 

“I’ve discovered a new video game called owning my home.”
― Dan Harmon

What Are The Rules? Smart Contracts

While so many seem mesmerised by all things cryptocurrency, the true power of blockchain is the underlying ledger designed to track digital assets. Those assets include you, a character within the confines of the billionaires’ game. In the future, it will be less about “currency,” and more about earning digital rights and privileges. Complete a task in the game and earn tokens that endow you with special powers! All of this will be tracked on the ledger. In the mixed reality game world, a character and how they experience “reality” will be determined by the tokens in their possession at any given time. This is nothing new, of course. The technology has simply become more advanced and the panopticon more sophisticated. The control it exerts within the confines of the game can be so subtle that some players may even forget they are playing (or being played).

In the game, the future of work is carried out on screens as avatars or through remote haptic robotics. Artificial intelligence assesses the pool of applicants by their blockchain skill and reputation. Work assignments will supplement a modest Universal Basic Income. Players may also increase their income by selling access to their personal data, a next-gen plasma bank. In the following phase, Globalisation 4.0, players in the game will work in black boxes wearing haptic suits. It’s the creepy robots that actually get to live in the real world. 

“In video games you sometimes run into what they call a side quest, and if you don’t manage to figure it out you can usually just go back into the normal world of the game and continue on toward your objective. I felt like I couldn’t find my way back to the world now: like I was somebody locked in a meaningless side quest, in a stuck screen.”
― John Darnielle

Moving Within The Game? Geofencing

Geofencing uses GPS coordinates linked to sensor networks to create virtual borders in real-time. Changing borders will determine each player’s ability to move around “the game board” as they complete assigned “social impact” activities to generate success points on the UN Sustainable Development Goals leaderboards: poverty, diet, health, education, etc. The mobility landscape will be transitioned by restricting private transportation; advancing “shared” mobility options (all monitored through apps and the Internet of Things); privatising public transit systems through social impact investment deals; and then handing over the whole thing over to ride-sharing companies like Uber. What if your avatar is out of compliance (health status, reputation score, etc.)? Well, they may find their token or QR code deactivated. This means they must remain in place until they fulfill the requirements dictated before continuing the gameplay. 

“When my dad was young he shot marbles. When I was young I played Marble Madness on my Nintendo Entertainment System.”
― Kevin James Breaux

Betting On The Game? Securitised Debt

Income sharing agreements (ISAs) are central to the elite’s plans to finance (and profit from) the reskilling of lockdown-displaced workers into Fourth Industrial Revolution gig economy. The future of work will no longer require degrees for most people. That legacy system is in the process of being replaced by a perpetual race to attain the next micro-credential. Upgraded credentials (and more debt) will be required to stay qualified to compete as a Task Rabbit on the globalists’ micro-work clearinghouse platform. Players in the game will be expected to self-finance not only their training, but their social services, too. At the beginning of the game, players seek arrangements with an investor or group of investors who contract with them to receive payment based on future garnished wages. This contracting arrangement is logged on blockchain and monitored as the game progresses. Once logged, that debt can be securitised, packaged, and made available for trading on global markets. And that is where the real money is to be made! You know it, I know it and the hedge funds also know it. After all, they’re the ones who backed the creation of the whole gaming enterprise. 

“Modern culture anesthetises the mind while mainlining the soul with emotional experiences that keep the worldling believing he is really living.”
― Jim Berg

Bring Your A-Game

We must step off the pathways being laid down for us by the global elite. They lead to an anti-life future of automation lacking connection, love, vibrancy, and serendipity. Conscious Leaders everywhere  are choosing to cut the Gordian knot of racism, wealth, power, dehumanisation, war, and greed. It is our destiny to reassert the imperative of right relationships and reciprocity. We choose to replace this lean, efficient, brutal machine with a world of sacred mutualism. Let us work together to keep the social impact investors and defense contractors at bay as we protect our children and nature and figure out the next steps.

We know it’s not easy to keep moving forward when things feel chaotic or out of control. However, order always comes from chaos. The best way to survive the ups and downs of life on this planet is to employ what we call “baby consciousness.” Have you ever watched a baby learning to walk? Even though they are unsteady on their feet, they giggle and smile proudly as they go. When they fall down, they simply get right back up and keep walking. They don’t give up. They don’t sit on the floor wondering what is wrong with them. They don’t doubt themselves. They just get up and keep going. The elite know that our lives are really just a movie projection of our consciousness. What we think, believe, and feel about our lives will be projected out into our experience. While we still have control of our minds, we are actors in a story that we co-create with other souls around us. The purpose of our life story is to learn, experience and to ultimately, grow.

“New days should be greeted like new lovers and babies toddling along a table looking back to make sure we’re watching.”
― Darnell Lamont Walker

Baby Consciousness

It’s easy to get trapped in a scene and start to think that a single horrific scene is the whole story! Not only do we get trapped in the scene, we begin to define ourselves by one piece of the story. Then, as a result of our constant attention and projection, the scene keeps repeating itself on a loop. Instead of sitting in the theater, watching a great movie with a bunch of your soul-friends and “high-fiving” each other for doing such a good job playing your respective parts, you get stuck in a scary hallucination that keeps looping around and around. Instead of acting like resilient babies, we cringe and hide like scared grown-ups. For the sake of reclaiming your baby-like resilient qualities, let’s look at three key components of “baby consciousness” and learning strategies:

  • Like chubby little sponges, babies are immersed in a world of learning. When a baby is focused on mastering a specific skill, their every moment, awake and asleep, is focused on achieving that mastery. If you want to create an abundant life, you must immerse yourself in an abundant world. Surround yourself with people and circumstances that reflect your intended creation and mindset. Read inspiring information daily and develop a daily practice of visualisation. Visualise, not for the sake of creating a specific circumstance, but as a way of keeping your energy and enthusiasm high. Your job is to make your happiness an “inside” job by focusing on the things in your life that ARE good, that ARE working, that ARE beautiful, and allow the other stuff to simply fall away by attrition.
  • A baby’s mastery is accelerated by constant feedback from family and friends. Positive correction and persistent reinforcement nurture and foster the growth of their ability. Recognise that you are receiving constant feedback about your mindset from the world around you. You can never pretend to not know what is going on. Your world is always demonstrating to you where you stand in your mindset and your consciousness. It’s your movie. If you don’t like it, instead of focusing on what you don’t like, find whatever you DO like (even if it is as simple as the colour of your t-shirt) and put your attention in that direction. Make sure that you surround yourself with people and information that support your creative process. Build a community of people who acknowledge your successes and wins. Reach out and ask for support if you need it. This is a time of interdependency. We are not here to suffer alone anymore.
  • Babies learn through play, so play, play, and play some more. When faced with challenges, indecisiveness, confusion or frustration, do something light-hearted and fun. Change the energy. Go for a walk, dance, take a bubble bath, plant some flowers, make love…do something different. Break the pattern. And don’t take it all too seriously. While there are tragic moments in life, your life is not a tragedy. You put the “disasters” in your life to help yourself learn. There are no mistakes in life, only new things to master, new perspectives to gain, faith to be deepened, and love to be experienced.

“There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe.”
― Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

End Game

We’ve all had a rough couple of years, and it seems the technocrats are not going to give up easily. Let’s keep getting back up, taking baby steps, laughing, and moving forward. We are evolving! While it’s tough waking up to discover heinous agendas around blockchain, artificial intelligence, predatory finance, and human capital futures, Conscious Leaders are just that – conscious. If we don’t stand up and say no to living life on the blockchain ledger as a cyborg avatar, who will? We are nearing the end of a centuries-long game of domination to erase our consciousness and natural systems. We never would have guessed that the final struggle was going to end up within the confines of a video game created by militarised hedge funds. Understanding that this is a global take over, and attempted global coup, is imperative if we are to change it. Once we understand that we are in a game; an imperial and military project, there is a profound potential for a larger reckoning and awakening. We did not come this far to lose. Together we rise!

“What drains your spirit drains your body. What fuels your spirit fuels your body.”
― Carolyn Myss


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