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The Time is NOW to Embrace Global Purpose

Pure Element 5 is dedicated to assisting the emergence of a world where purpose, people, planet, and profit collectively thrive. We are transforming the current crumbling, outdated paradigm to enable consciousness to evolve and creativity to flourish. We understand that all life is interconnected. We are co-creating a world where organisations, leadership, design, communities, and cities are inspired by the intelligence and wisdom of nature…because we are nature.

Around the world, new alliances are forming and like-minded people are connecting, collaborating, and beginning to truly evolve the way business is done in every arena. The mavericks of change who pave the way, are disruptors to the conventional approach of getting things done. We are overturning legacy business models that focus exclusively on profit, replacing them with a Conscious Business model that fulfills future needs while also working to solve the problems the current approach to business has created.

The current standard of business is crumbling because it was not sustainable. It failed in its critical role of supporting and nurturing the Earth and everything on it — something it could quite easily do if its course was being directed by leaders who care.

Consciousness is the very act of reconnecting with our own inner nature, while understanding how life works and applying the insights from life to enable our organisations to be life-affirming. It is simply the act of becoming true to ourselves and true to reality – nothing more, nothing less. This level of authenticity is well within our grasp and it is why we are here. It’s inherent in our evolutionary dynamic. If we fail to become more conscious, we fail in our humanity, and we fail life itself. Conscious leadership development means to first meet ourselves where we are – to know where we are coming from – in order to know how best to shift our consciousness moving forward.

The context in which we find ourselves today is a predominantly mechanistic leadership paradigm. It’s a quality of consciousness that creates a sense of fear and separateness in our sense of self, in our relationships with others, and in our view of reality. When we view the organisation-as-a-machine, we seek to manage and control change. This perspective is entrenched in a worldview of separateness. We need to go beyond sustainability and aim to have a positive – regenerative – impact on the systems we participate in. 

Life is interconnected, relational and ever-changing. The more we understand the dynamics within life around us (nature), the more we can learn to flow with life. At the heart of this shift in consciousness from separateness (mechanistic) to interconnectedness (regenerative) is the embodied recognition of reality as it really is. There is a deep stillness (a spaciousness, or Source Field) pervading all life, including our organisations and business ecosystems. An embodied attentiveness to this underlying Source Field of interconnectedness was an inherent part of all shamanic and ancient wisdom tradition practices for millennia.

For 95% of human history, we lived with a deep sense of this interconnectedness. We viewed life as a sacred experience. However, over the last handful of centuries, more and more focus was applied to the reductive and rational-analytic way of attending to reality. This left-brained worldview cuts up the fluid connective reality into neat-and-tidy bits-and-bytes so we can seek management and control of them. This has led to an unbalanced utilitarian view of life where life is to be exploited. Life is no longer sacred, it is superficial, unthinking and automatic – even mechanical.

We have overly-prioritised form-matter-doing (yang) and deprioritised formless-energy-being (yin). Increasingly, over the last century, we have impoverished our sense of the interconnectedness (love) of all life. This has brought with it disharmony, rising stress, social and ecological degradation, and a civilisation that is currently breaking down.

This disharmony finds its root cause in the separateness (fear) we inflict on how we attend to reality. This way of attending has created a sense of disconnection from nature – our natural habitat. A deep, painful wound has manifested as a psychic trauma within our species. This collective trauma and imbalance is the underlying cause of increasing anxiety, egotism, individualism, and consumerism. When we don’t feel complete or whole on the inside, we start searching ‘out there’ for something to fix the deep wound – which is, in fact, ‘in here’. No matter how sophisticated and well-thought-through our sustainability metrics are, unless we address the wound of disconnection we are but lost, rudderless in a storm of increasing headwinds and rising tides.


This is a call to action. A call to authenticity. A call to dig yourself out from below the bushel of shame and self-doubt that has plagued humanity. A call to get off the mouse wheel and do the real work. By taking responsibility for your own awakening and transformation of self, you are directly impacting humanity’s awakening. Everything is connected.

Your personal evolution is needed for the world to change. 


What are you here to learn? What are you here to overcome? What are you here to express? What does your authentic face look like? Who are you, above and beyond all the noise and haste? This is not about money, or delusions of abundance that only gratify the ego. This life is not a dress rehearsal – it’s the real deal, and it’s time to uncover the vulnerable and courageous truth about who you are and why you are here. Every single person on the planet right now is here for a reason. We each hold a special key to solving a problem that is currently creating suffering on the Earth. It’s time to call yourself out on your distraction patterns and excavate your life purpose.

We are limited only by what we perceive. We have been taught certain things by our culture, society, government, and childhood. These beliefs can be un-learned. We can break free from them and create an entirely new way of living. When we do this, our potential becomes limitless. When we connect with our life purpose — the absolute highest form of contribution we can give, as well as the most meaningful work we can possibly do – we reach a state in which we simultaneously live a life without limits, and dynamically co-create the brighter world that we know is possible.

Re-patterning the future regeneratively requires transformation of the whole entire playing field: the redesign of our organisations; our economic system and monetary system; our education system; health system; and ultimately, the collective redesign of the human presence and impact on Earth. The path towards achieving this is through many of locally attuned projects, carefully adapted to the bio-cultural uniqueness of the places and bioregions we inhabit. This requires global collaboration and solidarity. One people. One planet. As a natural pattern, regeneration is glocal (not a typo) in its very essence. It is fundamentally scale linking — healing the world one heart, one team, one organisation, one bioregion at a time.

Our challenge and our latent potential is to free ourselves from the mindset of scarcity and competition and step into co-creating a future of shared collaborative abundance for all of humanity and the community of life. Are YOU up for the challenge? 

Conscious leadership is the process of aligning your own way of being, your actions, and ways of communicating with the wider pattern of life’s evolutionary journey. This journey is towards increasing complexity and coherence within the nested wholeness of community, ecosystems, biosphere, solar system, and the universe we participate in. In doing so we add health and value to the continuously transforming and regenerating whole that brought us forth and that we have co-creative agency in!

As both co-creative participants in, and emergent properties of this continuously transforming wholeness, we can consciously choose to manifest the potential limited only by our imaginations. In this way we can truly live, expressing our unique essence for the greater good on life’s evolutionary journey.

Conscious leaders of today understand that we’re all part of an interconnected intelligence rooted in nature’s regenerative living-systems. Learning to harness the creativity, innovation, vibrancy, and renewal of this is key to re-designing a world that thrives. This is the beating heart of life-affirming conscious organisations, systems and models. This is the future.


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