Pure People

Alchemical Agents of Ascension

Welcome to the forefront of the epoch –  The Great Awakening – where Conscious Leaders everywhere are transforming our world into a more just, inclusive, and regenerative future. As a collective, we have power in numbers. It is time to come to terms with the truth of our history and integrate the darkness so that we may ALL become free. Let us awaken from the distorted dream imposed by a criminal elite and begin to walk the difficult but necessary path toward healing joy. and abundance for all.

Remember the science fiction movie ‘The 5th Element’ from the 90s? (spoiler alert!) The upshot is that, after Earth, Water, Air and Fire, the fifth element is LOVE. So, Pure Element 5 is a play on words meaning Pure Love – one of my core values.

Our mission is to deliver high-quality, results-oriented distilled wisdom so authentically that it dissolves the fear that holds you back from showing up powerfully in the world. Our purpose is to awaken your deepest awareness of ways in which you can heal yourself and, at the same time heal your organisations and our planet. Human beings have limitless potential. We are capable of far more than we have been taught or conditioned to believe, and it is our intention to unleash that potential into a creative love rebellion. The time is now for new ways of living and being to burst forth and mold the foundation of a thriving New Earth for future generations. 

We are at a threshold, a crossroads, in which we have the power to choose our future. The old story of our modern Westernised society, along with the systems and structures that it was built upon is crumbling. We are here to raise up a vibrant and healthy new world from the ashes of the old. WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for and the time is NOW to move beyond all perceived obstacles and limitations to create a New Earth where we all thrive.

The real battle happening at this time is over human consciousness, the human mind, human thoughts and mental focus. There is a war raging, and it is intended to lock you down in the lower frequencies, lower consciousness levels and keep you stuck, constantly preoccupied with having to fix stuff. Global shapers use symbolic, subliminal clues placed in open sight through public rituals, which unconsciously mirror the digitised infrastructure being built inside and around us by humans, yet not for humans. This revelation of the method ultimately serves a technological non-human masterthe AI beast. 


We have a chance, right now, to create a new collective cosmology. One that we powerfully CHOOSE to embody, which reflects the sacredness and the eternal nature of who we truly are. It is time to step up and become part of the tidal wave of conscious leaders who are powerfully choosing a new path, a new perspective, a new way of living on our beautiful sacred planet. A new way that honours and respects life. The plants and animals, the Earth, sun, moon, stars and planets, the mountains and rivers, the elements and elementals, and the life force that flows through all of creation. We are here to write the new cosmology that will lead us into the future. We are here to bring our light, our leadership, and our gifts forward at this time.

Up until now, much of what we have been taught about who we truly are is simply false. Pure Element 5 was created to support people in the process of un-learning the rules and assumptions of modern mainstream society that no longer serve our highest good. It is time to step into our true power and co-create life on a scope that we can only yet begin to imagine. When we activate healing at the deepest level, we reconnect with nature, with joy, with each other, and with the essence of who we truly are: Pure Love.

Our would-be controllers have no power over a healed humanity. We must clear our own trauma, pain and conditioning so we can choose to respond rather than react. Only in this way will we deliberately create. We have to take back our own power from the events of the past that seek to mesmerise us into thinking we have no control – that we are victims of a darkness we have no power to change. It only takes one candle to light up a room. Be that candle. Ignite the flame!

Suzanne Cunningham

HBIC – Conduit – Creative Director – Pure Element 5