Next-Stage Leadership – The Future of Work and the State of Play

While many seem mesmerised by the glamour around crypto currency, the true power of blockchain is the underlying ledger designed to track digital assets. Those assets include YOU, a character within the confines of the billionaires’ game. In their version of the future, it will be not so much about “currency,” but rather earning digital rights and privileges. Complete a task in the game and earn tokens that endow you with special powers. And all of this will be tracked in the ledger – cha-ching!

In the mixed reality game world, a character and how they experience “reality” will be determined by the tokens in their possession at any given time. This is nothing new. However, the technology has now become more advanced and with it, the panopticon more sophisticated. The control it exerts within the confines of the game can be so subtle that some players may forget they’re playing (or being played). Blockchain is much more than the structure underpinning crypto-currencies like Bitcoin. In its simplest terms, it’s a ledger that keeps track of transactions, all kinds of transactions that may or may not have a financial component. Unlike a dusty old accounting ledger or even its modern equivalent, something like Xero or Quick Books, data stored on Blockchain is distributed. This means multiple exact copies of the same encrypted data live on peer-to-peer networked computers, which supposedly makes it more secure. If one node goes down the information is not lost. It is portrayed as the ultimate “permanent record.”

Why are we opening this article with blockchain? The reason it’s important to talk about this now is because countries and states are setting up task forces on blockchain government. Once we agree to have our lives linked to blockchain, we are agreeing to live in a behaviourist panopticon. In exchange for convenience and limited privileges, we give up our free will. Coincidently, the Australian government launched its National Blockchain Roadmap in February 2020 right before most of the country went into their first lockdown. We need for people to understand blockchain transcripts are one part of a much larger agenda tied to a global economic reboot. A goal of the World Economic Forum is to create a literal Internet of Bodies using 5G (soon 6G) and “smart city” Internet of Things sensors.

“In biocapitalism the improvement or prolongation of one person’s life is often linked to the deterioration of the health and the systematic corporeal exploitation of someone else’s”

— Thomas Lemke

Gateway to Biocapitalism

Whether people are linked to blockchain via biometric health passports or education transcripts, the result will be the same. We are crossing the threshold not just into surveillance capitalism, but into full-on biocapitalism. Our bodies mined for data that will run massive futures markets in human capital. They need blockchain identity, and they need it brought to scale. However until that happens, there is still time to change course and fight for a humane economic system that respects all children of the earth and future generations. We are called to act or face a future of digital chattel slavery, our freedoms stolen by automation, artificial intelligence, ubiquitous surveillance, and synthetic biology. Track and trace apps will be replaced with injectable nano-robotic biosensors. Look to Profusa’s collaboration with DARPA and Moderna’s “software of life.”

Blockchain will not empower the people, it will turn them into digital commodities. Secured on ledgers, the plan is for us to be scored, sifted, and sorted in a brutish program of fierce competition and precariousness. Make no mistake, the oligarchs value the reliability of robots over the cunning of humans. Universal Basic Income, and digital vouchers for education, housing and healthcare are poison apples, not “solutions” meant to help the masses. Blockchain is a deception. If we take the bait, we’ll end up “playable” characters in an augmented reality “game of life” cooked up by the CIA and defence contractors to benefit hedge funds. Don’t fall for it.

“I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that”

-Hal (2001: A Space Odyssey)

15 Concepts to Consider When Creating A New Earth Economy

The “impact” economy envisioned by the Davos crowd anticipates that only a small percentage of the world’s population will have access stable, fulfilling, living-wage work in the coming decades. Most families will be dependent on some form of assistance to survive: food, shelter, education, and health and mental health treatment. Those benefits will most likely be issued electronically and linked to digital identity systems. The system will demand to be able to compare resources expended against a person’s economic output. Software to query on encrypted data has already been developed by MIT. It’s called Engima.

This dystopian vision is a future where “labour”, for those at the bottom of the economic pyramid, will consist of navigating increasingly intrusive “evidence-based” training, social service, and health care “solutions.” These systems will codify behavior in ways that advantage those in power. All of this hinges on digital identity, tech-based surveillance, and outcomes-based contracting. If we want to avoid this future, we must educate one another about the infrastructure that is being put into place and attempt to block its imposition.

#15 Power and wealth are becoming ever more concentrated.

#14 The masses have been fractured by identity politics to take the pressure off a global billionaire class intent on continuing to run our world on war, debt, toxins, and extraction.

#13 Information needed to make informed individual and collective choices is being suppressed.

#12 Technological advancements have outstripped our ethical frameworks.

#11 Strategic investments have hijacked civic, academic, and faith-based institutions. These entities are busy repackaging surveillance capitalism as data-driven stakeholder capitalism where good digital-citizen subjects of e-government solutionism are run through public-private partnerships.

#10 The elite aim to remake the earth as a planetary computer under their total control.

#9 Virtualisation will be coded into existence with coerced, unfree labour: children, prisoners, refugees, people with disabilities, and the global poor.

#8 Satellites and sensor networks are to track and predict the actions of populations made disposable by Globalisation 4.0

#7 The future of “work” for many (in the planned Fourth Industrial Revolution being rolled out now) will be assigned pathways of “self-improvement.” Your level of compliance will inform hedge fund bets made on portfolios of human capital. This is ‘pay for success’ finance tied to outcomes-based contracts in privatised education, healthcare, housing, and food assistance. Universal Basic Income is the cheese for this panopticon mousetrap. Don’t take the bait.

#6 The global shapers view life, spirit, and consciousness mechanistically – electrical engineering challenges that can be leveraged to generate profit for themselves.

#5 Medical passports – digital systems of enclosure and dispossession – are reframing natural life as a security threat.

#4 Spatial reality and life experienced through deepening layers of data are poised to radically magnify historically oppressive systems.

#3 Life in the cloud emerged from military research. It is an imperial project.

#2 A centuries-long program of colonisation and eugenics, taken to the cellular level with bioengineered gene therapies, is reaching its conclusion. Sophisticated targeting techniques are gradually conditioning people, especially children, to accept being transformed into sites of data extraction, ending natural life as we know it.

#1 It is our whole-hearted belief that we can grow a global conscious leadership movement to counter the planned Artificial Intelligence coup. We can refuse to play the billionaires’ militarised human capital hedge fund game, and in taking responsibility we can begin to heal. Restoring right relationships between each other and the planet is imperative. Raising our frequency is the work.

“You’re going to be extinct soon, too, by your hands. And you know it. That’s why most of you spend every second you can wired up to the OASIS. You’ve already given up, and now you’re all just waiting around to die.”
― Ernest Cline, Ready Player Two

Virtual Overlay on Reality

Blockchain token economies like and Ocean Protocol will eventually allow AI systems to pursue their own development through value creation and exchange – beyond the reach of humans. Whoever (or whatever) achieves general artificial intelligence first will be in a position to control the world; that is if they’re ALSO able to control emergent AI behaviour which we highly doubt. These dellusional engineers must not comprehend that the actions they are taking could have devastating consequences for those of us who seek to live in community and harmony with free will in the REAL world.

Our global shapers have long-range plans with aligned communications strategies geared to incrementally move us towards acceptance of their “innovative” practices. If they move at a gradual yet steady pace, it is likely people won’t catch on. It is planned the sleepy masses will accept this future as if there were no alternative. Adoption of virtual field trips as a mode of educational training is one example of how tele-presence is being normalised, despite serious health concerns over VR use in children. If the 15-year goal is to make it acceptable for poor people to carry out manufacturing activities through virtual reality simulators for affluent factory operators in distant, secured locations, they have to get people conditioned to operating in virtual worlds now. However, it must seem like fun, not work. It has to be presented as an innovative, futuristic, special opportunity… not drudgery.

Virtual reality systems enable the capture of vast amounts of biometric data. Most people do not realise that when they put on a headset and hand pieces, they create as much data as they consume. In addition to eye tracking and body positions, systems can also capture heart and respiration rates, blood pressure, and emotional states. Many companies are also looking to position virtual and augmented reality simulators as impact investments, due to their capacity to change attitudes and opinions around social issues. Beware of VR empathy machines.

“Doing less is not being lazy.

Don’t give in to a culture that values personal sacrifice over personal productivity.”

― Tim Ferriss

The Pareto Principle

A small percentage of the people in the world is affecting a large portion of what we are experiencing and our consequent perception of reality. If we look at the world through a mathematical lens, 80% of the resources of the world are controlled by 20% of the people. Twenty percent of your efforts in life net 80% of the results. This is called the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 Rule. The Pareto principle states that for many outcomes, roughly 80% of consequences come from 20% of causes, often referred to as the “vital few”. Our experience of our outer reality is being influenced by 20% of the world. How much of what we see in the world – the news, social media, movies, TV – is influenced by a disproportionate perspective of a minority of people? What if the world and her inhabitants are actually, by far, wildly good, kind, generous, caring, desirous of change, future oriented, concerned about their children and the children of others too?

What if our actions ARE actually significant and powerful? What if we can change the world by simply making small, incremental changes in 20% of our actions to generate 80% more growth? What if we don’t have to transform our entire life, just 20% of it, to begin to experience the effects of these small changes? Think of it like this. Making conscious, deliberate, and targeted shifts in your thinking and actions can be easy and fun ON YOUR OWN TERMS. Don’t allow the AI to nudge you into behaving like Pavlov’s dog. Choose to use small changes like your own personal crowbar, capable of doing more work than you expect. The “vital few” of your aligned choices can make a powerful difference in your personal world. Which, in turn, can make a powerful difference in the entire world. We are so much more powerful than we have been led to believe!

“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it”
― Buddha

A Matter of Meaningful Purpose

We tell you this to give you a sense of purpose. People with a sense of purpose have learned to let life question them and have moved the focus of their attention and concern away from themselves to others. Purpose, then, is not a job or a role or a goal. It is the belief that our lives, and our part in the whole of things, truly matters. Having a profound sense of who we are, where we came from, and where we’re going, we choose to believe that mattering matters. It is a mindset; a choice. It is first and foremost the choice to choose “life” despite the circumstances we find ourselves in. It is the choice to bring who we are – our gifts and energies – to whatever we are doing. Purpose is a cradle-to-grave, 24/7, moment-to-moment choice in our daily lives.

Our current paradigm is antiquated and misleading. People hellbent on holding on to it are focused on acquiring material goods and fostering their own wealth, power, and influence. They adopt a wasteful and often ostentatious lifestyle. They think that individuals have little or no influence on the way the world is going, and so there is no real need for individuals to feel responsible for the way the world is actually going. To them, life is a struggle for survival where only the fittest and wealthiest survive. Popular “wisdom” such as ‘the world out there is a jungle, so take care of your own interests, because nobody else will’ is a fairly typical example. The values and behaviours inspired by this outdated mindset have led to critical conditions in our social, economic, and ecological systems. They have fractured the integrity of the human community, dividing it into we and others, drawing the line in reference to common interests, or competing and perhaps opposing interests. This creates competition and conflict, and gives rise to violence. It leads to an unsustainable world. If we do not change and evolve, we endanger not just our own well-being, but the survival of our entire species.

“Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.”
― Steve Maraboli

6 Shifts to an Up-to-Date Mindset

It is time to change that mindset. How do you relate to people, society, and nature around you? Are you part of them, or are you outside and perhaps above them? The honest answer you give, testifies to the nature of your mindset. IONS (the Institute of Noetic Sciences) summed up the most important of these changes under the heading of six “shifts.”

#6 The shift from competition to reconciliation and partnership

From relationships, organisational models, and societal strategies based on competition to relationships and models based on principles of healing, reciprocity, forgiveness, and partnership.

#5 The shift from greed and scarcity to sufficiency and caring

From values, perspectives, and approaches that are traditional self-centred and greedy toward a sense of the sufficient and the interpersonal concern of caring.

#4 The shift from outer to inner authority

From reliance on outer sources of “authority” to inner sources of “knowing.”

#3 The shift from separation to wholeness

Recognition of the wholeness and interconnectedness of all aspects of reality.

#2 The shift from mechanistic to living systems

From models of organisations based on mechanistic systems to perspectives and approaches rooted in the principles that inform the natural world of living systems.

#1 The shift from organisational fragmentation to coherent integration

From disintegrative, fragmented organisations with parts set against each other to goals and structures integrated, so they serve both those who participate in the organisations and also those around them.

“Every single cell in the human body replaces itself over a period of seven years. That means there’s not even the smallest part of you now that was part of you seven years ago.”
― Steven Hall

Remember – Life is Regenerative.

We predict the transhumanists will eventually fly too close to the sun and burn. It is up to you, as the conscious leader of your own life to do what you can with what you have at this moment. You can do this by realigning back into Life, and in the process, we become more alive, and our organisations thrive. Transformation unfolds, it is not forced. By creating the conditions conducive for life our people and cultures flourish. 

Life is mind-blowing. Our rational minds might like to define it into neat-and-tidy biologically-based facts and figures, but life defies much of what the mind’s logic can grasp.  For instance, a small leaf quivering the breeze high up in the tree has more sophisticated innovation packed into it than nano-computing or Big Data. A humble blade of grass trampled underfoot is far more complex than anything we humans have ever designed, and to boot, it’s organic, non-toxic, totally regenerative – beneficial to life. Our complex innovations are all too often highly toxic and exploitative of the natural and social systems we inhabit. This is what happens when we forget the underlying Way of Nature – we fall out of harmony with Life.  To fall back in line with Nature does not mean a back-to-nature regression or anti-technology movement, far from it, it is what will propel humankind into the next Revolution of Innovation and Development, a Regenerative Revolution. Technology is a powerful tool that can help humanity evolve, as long as we remember and embody the wisdom of real life. Otherwise, it can be a distraction, obscuring our evolution, perhaps unintentionally catalysing our extinction.

“Be still. Stillness reveals the secrets of eternity”
― Lao Tzu

Stillness in Movement

Life is an ever-changing unfolding flux. Change is the only constant. As the Pre-Socratic Heraclitus noted, we can’t step into the same river twice. Life is a river of emergent unfolding. Stasis (equilibrium) is largely absent from life. While life quests for equilibrium, everything is forever oscillating either side of equilibrium, like the water flowing down-stream, this way and that, up and down, side to side. No straight-lines, fixed points or perfect repetitions, only dynamism, rhythm and flow. It is not only life outside of us that is ever-changing. It is also life within us, within our own bodymind where thoughts, feelings, sensations and intuitions ever-change. Yet within all this becoming, we can find stillness, as we centre ourselves while allowing the ebbs and flows to unfold.

We can be in the eye of the storm – the centre of the wheel – while the world turns. Stillness in movement. Being within becoming. This is why this personal development stuff is so important importance right now. We need all-hands-on-deck to consciously lead our people towards connecting with Nature and away from being plugged into an Internet of Bodies. The Davos crowd is chomping at the bit to render us digitally, feed us into markets, trade us as data commodities, and harness our spirits to hasten the Singularity.

“Being still does not mean don’t move. It means move in peace.”
― E’yen A. Gardner

The Time is Now

What we really need is hands-on-deck that know how to sail these stormy seas with wisdom and grace. No more busyness, fraught with mechanistic thinking that merely patches up yesterday’s problems with yesterday’s logic, causing further problems. The waves of the ocean are daring us to do this; to open up and truly transform. This is what real leadership is all about. The root meaning of the word leadership is ‘to cross the threshold, to die and be reborn’ like the phoenix. The ultimate act of leadership is guiding ourselves, our teams, and social systems through real lasting, world-class transformation. Together we rise.

“Yes, you will rise from the ashes, but the burning comes first.
For this part, Darling, you must be brave.”
― Kalen Dion


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