Meltdown – The Dying Throws of a Failing Digital Empire

Australians have never really expected much from politicians. In truth, most people would rather not hear from them at all. Up until now, it was accepted that society could live with unpleasant things inside the walls – just as long as the infestation kept itself out of sight. This is how it has been for many decades of bad behaviour with politicians. We know they are hypocritical. We know they cannot be trusted. We know they misuse our money. We know that parliament is nothing more than a giant power trip. We know connections mean more than merit. We ‘know’ because there are chewed wires and piles of droppings all over the country.

The fallout from Covid-19 is creating upset worldwide and this will be felt for many months to come. This pandemic is not doing politicians any favours. In Australia, Premiers (State Leaders) have stepped out of the shadows to take on an active role in the lives of ordinary people, forcing themselves into homes, shops, and offices. Big Brother signage defaces every surface, reminding people of the government’s existence. Within a toxic cocktail of rising stress, market volatility, disruptive innovations, and spiralling bureaucracy, ordinary citizens are finding themselves in a state of hyper-politicisation. As with any strong emotion, it either inspires worship or sparks rebellion. If Australian premiers imagine this is anything even remotely close to a sustainable future, they are in for ‘The Tower’ of all surprises.

“This work was strictly voluntary, but any animal who absented himself from it

would have his rations reduced by half.”


― George Orwell

Taxpayer Funded Cowards

What can only be described as a bureaucratic circus has embraced the spotlight, using a touch of apocalypse to make themselves celebrities. They seem to want to emulate the American political system where politicians occupy the social ground somewhere between royalty and Hollywood. Fame is only useful if you have something with which to entertain the crowd. Good looks, epic dance moves, and charisma are not a surplus commodity in Australian politics. The entire farce is disintegrating before the public’s eyes as people begin to ask questions, like: Why were Kmart and JB Hi-Fi classified as ‘essential’ during lockdown only to exclude unvaccinated customers today? Either they weren’t essential before, or the government doesn’t see unvaccinated citizens as deserving of basic services. Corruption or depravity – which one is it?

Why did the government punish the unvaccinated for Covid outbreaks in fully vaccinated gyms? The NSW premier’s decision to let rumours circulate regarding the December opening date was cruel. A real leader would have confirmed the information immediately, understanding that ordinary people were being forced into binding financial decisions based on the outcome. The premier preferred to play politics, using uncertainty to calculate what he could get away with, not what was right. It is clear they no longer serve us; they only serve themselves. It is telling that on a day when up to 100,000 residents flooded Sydney’s CBD to protest losing their jobs due to mandatory vaccination policies, the only Tweet put out by sock-puppet, NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet was about an airport project to ‘create jobs’.

“You only have power over people as long as you don’t take everything away from them. But when you’ve robbed a man of everything, he’s no longer in your power – he’s free again.”

― Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Scannable Humans

The reason we have identical worldwide protests daily is that we have an unelected world government controlling domestic policy – not through force, but through the desperate need of weak leaders to pander to the international spotlight. It is a gender-inclusive dick-swinging contest where each prime minister, president, and lord-in-waiting shows the United Nations how much power they have over their citizens. While the elites storyboard a future in which they warn of the production of counterfeit humans (think androids in Philip K. Dick’s 1968 novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? – which was set in 2021!), thereby requiring humans (which may someday be post-humans), to biologically embed QR codes for verification and traceability of their birth and human-ness, current humans may simply fall in line with embedded QR codes as a matter of convenience in order to gain access to public venues, and to use as digital payments.

Will we someday be encoded with QR codes on our foreheads (as depicted here in this very low-budget 7-minute dystopian sci-fi short film)? If you chalk this up to sci-fi babble and conjecture, please take the time to peruse this January 2015 study involving QR coding of embryos (initially tested on mice, and then applied to humans) in the field of assisted reproductive technology. The digital tagging and tracing of human embryos (called the IVF-guardian security system) is purported to address the “mixing-up” of embryos, such that it affords prospective parents increased confidence that the embryos they receive are indeed their offspring…. riiiiight.

“Cyborgification is simply the process of compensating technologically

for the inherent limitations of natural man.”


― James Scott

Multiple Divide and Conquer Tactics

Are unvaccinated humans quickly becoming the new untouchables – the unclean, the unwashed, the untracked, the un-updated, the unverified? Will those who are not scannable in a biometric-obsessed biosecurity state-run caste system be considered biohazards? See hereherehere, and here for examples of a global two-tiered caste system already being implemented. The sleepy masses are beginning to awaken. Take a look around the world: Dissent. Separatism. Furious and desperate citizens storming the streets to fight for their basic human rights.

Here’s the thing: no matter how power-crazed and delusional, no regime can withstand a defiant population. We have the numbers! The governments of the world have been put on notice. Society does NOT accept your ‘new normal’. We won’t be subscribing to the globalist fantasy of digital surveillance, green fascism, a parallel carbon economy, or socialism by stealth. Our government will no longer be run by decree from a Swiss ski resort. Your clown days are over. So what can we do? Without new visions we don’t know what to build, only what to knock down. We not only end up confused, rudderless, and cynical, but we forget that making a revolution is not a series of clever manoeuvres and tactics but a process that can and must transform us.

“Of all the problems which will have to be faced in the future, in my opinion, the most difficult will be those concerning the treatment of the inferior races of mankind.”

― Leonard Darwin

Out of the Ashes

This metamorphic moment is hallmarked by a shift in logic:  Linear to Systemic. We are shifting from the linear mentality of organisation-as-machine to be controlled through hierarchies of bureaucracy and carrot-and-stick push-pull levers. This mechanistic-mindset is born out of a militarised mind that has created a worldview of separateness, hyper-competition, scarcity, fear and control. This method of management no longer serves the complexities, interdependencies and volatilities of the day. As the old hierarchy breaks down, a new light breaks through.

Out of the ashes of a world that once was rises a new paradigm, core to the big-picture shift needed in leadership and organisational development for us to be the change humanity needs right now. A new mindset that thrives on complexity and learns from living-systems dynamics to enable agile, anti-fragile, responsive and responsible business is here. We are entering the Age of Regenerative Business, where we see the organisation-as-living-system that thrives amid uncertainty by adapting to change. In essence, the ‘way’ in which we engage with our own selves, with each other and with the wider systems we interweave with, is the heart of it all.  Phoenix leaders say this ‘right-relation’ with self-other-system is the soil, the ground, from which future-fit 21st-century Conscious Regenerative Business will flourish.

A core theme threading the rich tapestry of this new leadership paradigm is the importance of being aware of – and then cultivating – differing degrees of being and knowing. This is made explicit in Scharmer’s Theory U leadership approach. The way in which we ‘be’ and ‘know’ influences how we relate with deeper aspects of ourselves, with others, and the world around us. Through our being-and-knowing, we either engage ‘regeneratively’ or ‘degeneratively’.


A way of relating with self, others, and wider systems that enhances life. A way of relating that creates conditions for a richer evolutionary unfolding of life.


A way of relating with self, others, and wider systems that undermines the potential of what could spawn, unfold and flourish (basically what we have now!). The evolutionary dynamic of life is undermined, as is our innate creativity and empathy of self, others, and system.

“Myth 2: Leadership is about individuals. In fact, leadership is a distributed or collective capacity in a system, not just something that individuals do. Leadership is about the capacity of the whole system to sense and actualise the future that wants to emerge.”

Otto Scharmer

The Cold Hard Truth

We are experiencing the lead-up to the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) lock-step planned transhumanist future. Covid has paved the way for a reset that is meant to usher in their Fourth Industrial Revolution. This is a revolution in which artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, 5G, robotics, and synthetic biology threaten to consume humanity and all life on Earth. We are on the brink of normalising biocapitalism – humans and nature as batteries for financial markets. Where you choose to stand right now will go down in history.

Sophisticated propaganda campaigns and strategic cooptation of grassroots movements have groomed the public to embrace this model with open arms. The trap has been set. Submit now and EVERY aspect of life, which through bioengineering can now be tweaked at the cellular level, will be controlled to profit the global elite. This is not just about surveillance and policing, it is about the wholesale domination of mind, body, and spirit through smart technologies. Biometric health passports will bring these systems to scale through ID2020. Central banks will soon bring latent human capital bond markets online.

“This is the moment when what we need most is enough people with the skill, heart, and wisdom to help us pull ourselves back from the edge of break down and onto a different path.”

Otto Scharmer

It's time to Transform

This planned agenda is NOT preordained. A totalitarian transhuman future is absolutely NOT a foregone conclusion if you take a stand. Where you stand matters much more than you might think. Now is your time to shine. Choose to change your perception of reality through active non-cooperation. Manifest in your heart, mind, and actions the world you wish to see. Where they engineer disconnection, we will RECONNECT with intention; not only with one another but with ALL our relationships and Nature as well. Together, we must synchronise to change the vibrational reality. That power, and so much more, exists within each of us as human beings.

This shift in mind-set requires a transformative journey for each of us as leaders of our own lives. The good news is, this transformative journey has an evolutionary imperative that seeks harmony with life while tapping into the essence of our humanity. The Logic of Life (rather than the logic of the machine) creates conditions that allow everyone to flourish, to bring their whole selves to life, to school, to work. In this way, we become self-responsible adults, while contributing to organisational missions and value propositions that enhance life. Our relationship to the sun, sky, and universe is the cosmic web that must be rewoven. Those of us who have awakened now have a responsibility to use the intelligence within to face the violence of the tech-no-logic machine. It is up to those of us who see to do this with clarity and coherence. By becoming “free-thinkers” we reclaim our stability and step outside the control system that manipulates those who passively “believe.” Step out of the coffee shop crowd, who would rather wallow in MSM fueled paranoia of the newest variant than grapple with the implications of the worldview set out in this article. The future of humanity depends on your ability to comprehend reality and then act on it.

“Experience is not the best teacher. The consequence from experience is the best teacher.

No consequence no lesson.”


― Ford Taylor

Ignite the Flame

Let us embrace one another as “free-thinking” human beings, cosmic web weavers who dare write a different story. We do not have to carry it all. Each of us has hands to help and gifts for the bundle. Know your gifts and how to share them. Stay grounded in the soil. Open your heart to receive true teachings. Find the others; they will cross your path. Slow down and look to the horizon, so you have eyes to see them. We are not alone. We are not isolated. Together we can nurture one another not as digital brands and avatars but as precious fellow travellers on a journey from darkness to light. Together we must Ignite the Flame!

“Whether we remain the ash or become the Phoenix is up to us.”

– Ming-Dao Deng


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