Graphene Dreams – Eliminating Chaos Everyware

Most people in business subscribe to an out-dated worldview. This perception of reality is inadequate for dealing with the volatile and globally interconnected business world. What is required for the health and vitality of our businesses and economies is a radical shift in our perceptions, our thinking and our business behaviour. The biggest inhibitor to our transformation is our disconnection with life/nature. Nature is transformation for real.  Everything naturally transforms through the cycles of life – so too with human nature. 

We only prevent our natural, emergent transformation by disconnecting ourselves from nature – her ways, her rhythms, and her wisdom. We often strategise, envision, innovate and explore new ways of operating in the hope that they help us transform towards a more sustainable future for society, the economy, and the environment. These well-meaning intentions, tend to originate from a disconnected perception of life. Hence, we innovate our way to incomplete solutions based on incomplete understandings of life and its inherently transformational way. Rather than tuning into our soul and the soul of nature around us, we react logically to the challenges around us, often leading to more knock-on problems as side-effects from our incomplete solutions.

“By definition, posthumanism (I call it ‘cyberhumanism’) is to replace transhumanism at the center stage circa 2035. By then, mind uploading could become a reality with gradual neuronal replacement, rapid advancements in Strong AI, massively parallel computing, and nanotechnology allowing us to directly connect our brains to the Cloud-based infrastructure of the Global Brain.”

— Alex M. Vikoulov

The "Thingification" of Life

While much of humanity was discovering this naturally, the techno-crazed billionaires of this world, hell-bent on manipulation and control, had other ideas. Upon discovering the bio-nano realm with their atomic force microscopes, a pandora’s box of profit (in the field of bio-nanomedicine) and total control was forever opened. The nano space (similar to secret societies) has been highly occulted because unsuspecting everyday human beings are not equipped with atomic force microscopes with which to peer into each other’s bodies, or the bodies of neighbouring plants and animals. There are entire worlds inside all of us that are much smaller than the micro-level. When heading way down to the bottom of life’s existence, life has a quantum meaning and function that literally disobeys the laws of gravity.

In his book Hacking Matter: Levitating Chairs, Quantum Mirages, and the Infinite Weirdness of Programmable Atoms. AI prophet, Wil McCarthy, who holds a patent in the sector of quantum dot technology, asserted, “At the nanoscale, where we find very tiny, very simple objects… the behaviour of particles is governed by quantum mechanics. Your ‘gut feel’ about how a particle should behave is virtually useless for predicting what it will actually do. This is because on the nanoscale, what we call ‘particles’ are really ‘probability waves.’ Probability waves can do ‘impossible’ things like leaping across an impenetrable barrier or existing in many places at the same time, or apparently predicting the future, or being influenced by distant events much faster than the speed of light should allow. Objects much smaller than a micron in size start to behave in some very non-Newtonian ways.” At the nanoscale, quantum effects begin to dominate the behaviour of matter. Let’s just say it basically gets very spooky.  

“Then, oh shit, nanotech tentacles.”
― Elizabeth Bear

Programmable Matter - Remote Control Humans

Programmable matter is coming, and when it does, it’s going to get very weird. Imagine being able to program matter itself – to change it, with the click of a cursor, from hard to soft, from paper to stone, from fluorescent to super-reflective to invisible. Supported by companies ranging from Levi Strauss to IBM and the US Department of Defence, solid-state physicists in laboratories at MIT, Harvard, Sun Microsystems, and elsewhere are currently creating arrays of microscopic devices called “quantum dots” that are capable of acting like programmable atoms. They can be configured electronically to replicate the properties of any known atom and then can be changed, as fast as an electrical signal can travel, to have the properties of a different atom. Soon it will be possible to engineer into solid matter such unnatural properties as variable magnetism, programmable flavours, or centuple bonds far stronger than diamond, and also to change these properties at will… now, just who do you think will be at the control panel? (hint: it’s not you).

Not simply content to ‘play god’ and hack into the natural world, deranged techno-junkie Adam Greenfield says, “Of all the new frontiers opening up for computation, perhaps the most startling is that of the human body. As both a rich source of information in itself and the vehicle by which we experience the world, it was probably inevitable that sooner or later somebody would think to reconsider it as just another kind of networked resource… The motivations for wanting to do so are many; to leverage the body as a platform for mobile services; to register its position in space and time; to garner information that can be used to tailor the provision of other local services, like environmental controls; and to gain accurate and timely knowledge of the living body, in all the occult complexity of its inner workings.” This clown wants to turn us into machines for his profit and amusement!

“Ignorance and apathy will eventually lead to the annihilation of humanity if left unchecked.”
― Newton Lee

Graphene Oxide - Superconductive; Highly Integrative

“In every moment of our lives, the rhythm of the heartbeat, the chemistry of the blood, even the electrical conductivity of the skin are changing in response to [the] evolving physical, situational, and emotional environment. If you were somehow able to capture and interpret these signals, though, all manner of good could come from it… Doctors could easily verify their patients’ compliance with a prescribed regimen of pharmaceutical treatment or prophylaxis; a wide variety of otherwise dangerous conditions, caught early enough, might yield to timely intervention . . . The information is there; all that remains is to collect it. Ideally, this means getting a data-gathering device that does not call undue attention to itself into intimate proximity with the body, over reasonably long stretches of time.” (p. 48-49) Everyware: The Dawning Age of Ubiquitous Computing Here’s the thing: in order to plunder the sacredness of Nature, these lunatics need a substance called Graphene Oxide. Up until mid-2020, this author thought nothing much of it. However, upon closer inspection of the Top Graphene Producers, it appears that was incredibly naïve.

Almost all carbon nanomaterials are based on variations of graphene, a single atom thick honeycomb-like arrangement of carbon atoms. Graphene can be stacked, wrapped or rolled, to form graphite, football-like ‘buckyballs’ or carbon nanotubes (CNTs), respectively. These materials have unique properties which may make them useful in industrial processes and consumer technologies, such as flexible display screens, carbon-based microchips and medical applications. In fact, graphene-based bioelectronics can be used to selectively modulate the vagus nerve. Think about that for a moment: a group of tech-psychopaths have advanced technology that can be weaponised against humanity – even potentially used for experimentation on specific populations. It may sound far-fetched to the average ‘Joe’ but the technological prowess is clearly available, as revealed by Merck and Innervia Bioelectronics.

“If we don’t truly know what something is programmed to do, chances are it is programming us. Once that happens, we may as well be machines ourselves.”
― Douglas Rushkoff

NanoBioTech - It's What You Don't See

When engineered carbon nanotechnology (2D material, such as graphene) is introduced into living biology, it can function as a catalyst (when coupled with frequencies) to split molecules into their various elements – namely splitting water into its constituents of hydrogen and oxygen. If graphene is introduced into the human body, is it possible that the water which sustains us could literally be dried up? Could 2D carbonaceous nanomaterials break our links to the chain of Life? Given that any physical material can be “thinned” down  (until it has a thickness of only a few atoms) to create a 2D material. Imagine how the cells, tissues, organs, and fluids (or perhaps RNA) comprising our bodies could potentially be harvested to produce carbon-based nanomaterials.

If living beings are broken into single elements – rather than inherent molecules intended to keep our living cells, organs, tissues, and skeleton intact – our bodily frames may not only wilt (due to lack of water), but could potentially degrade into a flat existence. Hence, beings (and possibly all of nature) who inhabit this planet – when imbued with engineered and digitised 2D nanoparticles (all being done purportedly for good and passed off as “nanomedicine”) – could ultimately take up little to no space. Eventually, the only pollution we would emit would exist as “digital exhaust” (a term aptly referenced here by Alison McDowell). It certainly seems this may be what the controllers desire, as they disastrously roll out Trojan horse 4IR technologies (including blockchain) ostensibly to save the planet from human destruction, yet possibly reducing all “life” to exist digitally on a ledger. The emerging bio-digital panopticon (advancing at warp speed) informed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals may not only be a betrayal of our human lives, it is an assault on all of natural life on Earth. 

“The four greatest threats to humanity are fundamentalism, nationalism, transhumanism & democracy.”
― Abhijit Naskar

Wetware Nightmare

Unhinged nutcase, Greenfield and his demented Everyware dream, reflects the concept of ubiquitous and “invisible” computing – computing that does not live on a personal device, but is literally everywhere. In 1998, Nicholas Negroponte, founder and chairman Emeritus of MIT’s Media Lab predicted that “like air and drinking water, being digital will be noticed only by its absence, not its presence.” The techno-deranged are implementing pervasive data aggregation and exploitation strategies in the name of health, defence, equity, sustainability, and resilience. In this context, according to Everyware’s author, wacko Adam Greenfield, laptops and desktop computers will be phased out, and omnipresent computation will flourish, “becoming intimately intertwined with the stuff of everyday life.” 

As imagined by the bioengineers, wearable computing and body-implanted computing will be ever-present, such that it will not only be mobile (and invisible), but will connect all people, places, and things. Hence, the emerging phenomenon of everyware which will be everywhere.  …That is, until conscious leaders step forward and simply say “No.” As guardians of Earth and humanity, we are not going to allow these clowns to take over the world and reduce the beauty and wonder of Nature to a bunch of bits and bytes.

“Whenever you enjoy the bounties of nature like the sunrise or a blooming flower you are connecting yourself with the pure potentiality.”
― Stephen Richards

From Illusion to Clarity and Reconnection

Transformation requires a reconnection; a reconnection with our true human nature and with Nature. It is that simple and yet we often grasp at ‘activity’ before undertaking this re-connection (at doing before being). Perhaps this is because the reconnection goes against much of what we have been taught, and what has become so ingrained in our mental make-up. Reconnecting challenges our sense of self-importance, our individuality (our ego) which we believe is so important for our ‘success’ in the world. 

The more we see through the illusion of the world as a collection of things and, instead, see it as an inter-play of relationships and interconnecting networks, the easier it becomes for us to loosen the grip of our reductionist sense of scarcity and separated-ness to reconnect with the beautiful enchantment of the natural world around us. In this way, we let go of fear and step into love. Without us living in fear, the AI clowns have zero power. Choose to reconnect to tap into the abundant source of energy that permeates through all of life: Nature and human nature, not separate but interconnected. Then, and only then, will ‘success’ be sustainable and authentic. In this way we will create personal (and collective) wealth far beyond the ego’s wildest dreams.

“Living with love for all humankind and worshiping nature’s immense beauty cures heartache and restores bliss. Respecting the splendor of nature awakens us to the beauty inscribing our own humanity.”
― Kilroy J. Oldster

Chaos is Not Order; It’s The Highest Form of Order

All living systems (including our own human systems, as much as we may deceive ourselves to the contrary) emerge naturally, with chaos as the over-riding organising force. Many intelligent humans have built complex computer programs to model chaos within human systems (for example, the stock market). While we have become aware of operating principles, rules, patterns and order within nature, it is chaos that is the over-riding organising force in life, eluding predictability – ordered yet spontaneous, one of life’s beautiful paradoxes. Societies and economies are emergent, beyond control. Though predicting the future may initially sound appealing, it is through understanding and aligning ourselves with the basic rules of nature that we can navigate optimal pathways for future success. Self-organisation, complexity and chaos operate the ecosystems within which we live and work.

“The extravaganza of nature ignites the light that you have inside.”
― Amit Ray

Nature by Numbers

Nature has been dealing with dynamic change for over 3.8bn years. Nature is inspiring in so many ways.  If you are also inspired by numbers, you’ll enjoy this list of numbers inspired by nature – brought to us by Denise Deluca of BCI Biomomicry for Creative Innovation:

7,5000,000:  The estimated number of different life forms on Earth

1,200,000: The number of life forms that have been identified by science

99.9:  The percentage of all species that have ever lived on earth that are now extinct

1:  The number of species on earth that relies on fossil fuels

12,000:  The number of species of ants that are known to exist

1,500,000:  The number of ants on the planet for each human being

1 to 1:  The mass of all ants living on earth compared to that of all humans

1,000,000,000: The number of bacteria in a teaspoon of soil

5,000:  The number of different species of bacteria represented in that teaspoon of soil

4:  The number of elements it takes to account for 99% of all biomass on earth  (C,H, O, and N)

4:  The number of base pairs found in DNA, which contains the instructions needed to create all of the complexity, biodiversity, and functionality of life on earth

10 sextillion:  The number of atoms of air you take into your body with breath

1:  The number of years it takes for you to breathe in oxygen molecules exhaled by every person alive, as well as by everyone who ever lived

1:  The number of seconds since the industrial revolution started if measured on a scale where one year represents the amount of time life has been on earth. On this scale, humans have been around for 6 minutes.

<7:  The estimated number of days it would take to run out of food in the UK if petroleum supplies were cut off for some reason. 

>50:  The percentage of cells in your body that are not human cells – yes that’s more than half!

“Every world needs a sky. Every sky needs a star. Every star needs a galaxy.

Every galaxy needs a universe.”

― Matshona Dhliwayo

Awaken to Elevate

Time is not on our side, and the AI moves much faster than we ever could. However, we have an advantage: we are unpredictable. When we do unpredictable things, we send the algorithm into disarray. Make no mistake: Our individual and collective future depends on the steps we take for the remainder of 2021 through 2022. These are critical times. If you are reading this article and have made it this far then, congratulations: YOU are on the right side of the history that is about to be made. Because we are Nature and Nature is incredible, evolution happens. Advanced adult developmental psychology research points to a new level of consciousness emerging.  We need the right conditions to cultivate this consciousness in ourselves, and then as leaders in our organisations and communities.

Like the metamorphosis of the caterpillar to the butterfly, something radically new is emerging in our next-stage adult developmental psychology. Yet, just like the metamorphosis, a time of chrysalis, of deep reflection, introspection, reconfiguration, and rebirth is required; otherwise, the next stage does not properly emerge through us. This shift from constant ‘doing’ into a more infused being-doing way of leading requires a deeper quality of consciousness within us to be allowed to permeate through us more readily in our everyday conversations, relations, meetings, and decisions. This is a shift in consciousness no less, an expansion of our human capacity. In this way, we will elevate beyond the digital prison the creepy techno-crazed want to enslave us in – and into a renaissance of humanity better and more creative than anyone could ever imagine.

“Love is the opposite of fear and it lights the flames of a million hearts.”
― Amy Leigh Mercree

Ignite the Flame

We invite you to join the growing collective of Conscious Regenerative Leaders, drawing inspiration from pioneering thinking within biomimicry, wellbeing economy, biophilia, sociology, anthropology, complexity theory and next-stage phoenix leadership development. We connect the dots between these fields through a powerful DNA model that enables leadership to become conscious and regenerative: in harmony with life, building thriving, prosperous organisations amid transformational times. It is time to transform. Taste test the future of leadership today to see if it ignites your flame. The world needs you to pave the way for business becoming a force for good in the world. Let’s burn their totalitarian plans to the ground and rise out of the ashes to lead life-affirming businesses that serve our life-affirming communities.

“If you hate change, then you’re really going to hate extinction.”
― Jim Knight


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