Which version of the future do you want to create?

The world needs compelling leaders to role model what the future can look like if we have the courage to change how we lead and operate in business and beyond. 

The world needs a new way, and people like YOU to show the way.

Self Mastery
Self Mastery is approaching life as a creative work through competency and consciousness. When you 'boss up' by stepping into the leadership role in your own life, you are rewarded the freedom to co-create the life of your choosing. This journey addresses your greatest challenges so you can elevate and uncover what lights you up.  When you realise what lights you up, you know exactly how and where to shine in the world in order to achieve absolute happiness, success and life fulfillment. The global shift from reductive to systemic ways of operating involves a shift in our consciousness, a shift in our ‘being’. The very practice of being-in-nature, for instance, is scientifically proven to help us become more systemic, empathic, integrated, and balanced. We teach various practices to more deeply attune with life, heal childhood trauma, build self-worth, communicate and connect with others. Basically, how to be the best human you can be!
Conscious Organisational Leadership
We believe in business that enriches all stakeholders including the wider community and environment. Business that is committed to becoming life-affirming in all its facets, both inner-and-outer: culture, operations, strategy and ecosystem. We educate leaders to shift organisational cultures from organisation-as–a-machine to organisation-as-a-living-system. This is the space of complex adaptive systems applied to organisational development, adult developmental psychology, conscious leadership, and systemic/ecosystemic coaching, self-managing team dynamics, purpose-driven business, adult-adult coaching culture, shifting power dynamics, and more.
Systems Transformation​
Transformational times call for transformational change. Humanity is experiencing a paradigm shift at all levels of business and beyond. All living systems continually regenerate themselves while preserving their web-like pattern of organisation. This coexistence of stability and change is a key characteristic of life. Through an understanding of networks, flows and relationships within systems; we enliven the organisational system toward life-affirming, thriving futures. When sensing how living systems work, we find certain life dynamics, patterns, and principles. We can apply these principles and patterns to how we design our products, teams, services, processes, places, and economic models. This is the exciting, and revolutionary space of biomimicry, industrial ecology, circular economics, regenerative design, cradle-to-cradle, biophilic design, bio-innovation and more.

Pure People

Pure Proposition

The highest aim of sustainable development is to satisfy fundamental human needs today, without compromising the possibility of future generations to satisfy theirs. As co-creators of this reality, we think that is setting the bar pretty low. We can do much better than that. Regenerative design develops restorative systems that are dynamic and emergent. Living systems that are beneficial for humans and other species.

Our business concepts, values, perceptions and practices are being disrupted and systemically challenged from every angle. This ‘perfect storm’ of crises brings individuals and organisations all over the globe to a choice point: Retrench (cling fearfully to outdated mindsets) or Transform (embrace new ways of operating).

For those able to adapt in these volatile times, the shift to a new business paradigm that seeks to enhance life on Earth rather than destroy it will be the experience of a lifetime!

All choice is with you. 

This regeneration process is participatory, iterative, and individual to the community and environment to which it is applied. This process intends to revitalise people, natural resources, and society as a whole. YOU are being called to step up into a completely new form of leadership. In the old paradigm, there was a hierarchy with one leader at the top. Leaders were only a very small percentage of the population.

We challenge YOU to consider a new paradigm of leadership where each and every individual is the leader, co-creating our experience.

We are each the leader. The holistic design of organisations recognises that each member of the system is unique and the system as a whole evolves dynamically, in balance with the environment, in response to ever-changing conditions. It is not controlled by any central authority or structure. It is decentralised, nodal, distributed, and it develops over time. These are the design principles that organisations, networks, communities, and government entities of the future will use to thrive.

It’s up to conscious leaders to catalyse the necessary regeneration, not just catch up, but to lead the world into the 21st century. It’s up to us to light the way home.

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