Quantified – Cognitive Warfare in the Wellness Economy

To change the world, we must be willing to look deeply within ourselves. We must unpack the ways in which compulsory education, religion, politics, and consumer culture seek to contain us within a larger control system. Thus confined, the predator energy can easily feed off the manufactured discord that is continuously inflamed to profit the Davos elite. If we can secure a new lens and commit ourselves to restoring right relationships, we can begin to chart a new course. No longer indoctrinated by the control matrix feeding off our pain and strife, we are free to create a culture of gratitude, ceremony, community, and reciprocity – all of it grounded in a connection to the Earth and the cosmos.

With clarity and courage we can bring forth a New Earth where all of humanity thrives. We either commit to this now and heal or submit to the luna-tech matrix and lose our souls to the AI beast. Expanding awareness is sweeping the globe with astounding momentum, stimulating humanity on a cellular level to wake up and discover our true power. In fact, our world is just beginning to discover the multitude of capabilities inherent within the human form. For thousands of years, many clever diversions have kept humanity from understanding the true nature of its power and natural talent for creating the world. For many millennia, limiting beliefs about our lack of personal power have been accepted as facts throughout the world, and this was made manifest through focusing our power of attention on these beliefs. Such beliefs are agreements about reality, and they set the stage for what we encounter.

Our relationship to the sun, sky, and universe is the cosmic web that must be rewoven. Awakened humans have a responsibility to use our innate intelligence to face the violence of the vampiric FinTech machine. It is up to those of us with eyes to see to do this with clarity and coherence. By becoming “thinkers” we reclaim our stability and step outside the control system that continues to manipulate those who passively “believe.” Totalitarian transhumanism is absolutely not a foregone conclusion. Conscious leaders everywhere are changing our perception of reality through active non-cooperation. We are manifesting in our hearts, minds, and actions the world we desire. Where they engineer disconnect, we choose to RECONNECT with intention; not only with one another, but with the animals and the land as well as the beings that exist beyond our senses. We are recognising and calling out the inverted doublespeak the parasites use to trick us. And we are synchronising to change the vibrational reality to one of pure love.

“Separate yourself from those who hinder your vision. Make a choice to walk away from the trap set to ensnare you. Realise when someone is pulling you backwards every time you take a step forward. Separate from them and the result of your action will be a life of success.”

― Amaka Imani Nkosazana

The Wellness Economy

Sophisticated propaganda campaigns and strategic cooptation of grassroots movements have groomed the public to embrace ideas like the Wellbeing Economy with open arms, without really understanding the implications. Here’s the thing: wellbeing metrics will quantify ALL our relationships, social and environmental. By assigning everything a numerical value, our lives are then made visible to the machine. This information will be used to inform the actions of autonomous intelligent systems in mixed reality. Everything will be compelled to interact with these systems on the basis of the data that comprises unique digital identities, digital twins. 

Blockchain transactions connected to cyber-physical systems will enclose our lives in mechanical energies. This is the new rule of law – smart contract law. Global financial interests, guided by artificial intelligence prediction markets, will place bets on your ability to attain indicators of specified “success”. Submission to the machine is being framed as good for society and the planet. This feel-good flavoured narrative appeals to progressives, while being economically efficient, appealing to free-market libertarians. This is how they want the Earth to be remade as a planetary computer. This is the reality of the “wellness” economy.

“Philanthropy combines genuine pity with the display of power and that the latter element explains why the powerful are more inclined to be generous than to grant social justice.”

― Reinhold Niebuhr

Predatory Venture Philanthropy

In 2016, the US health system set aside $100 million in seed funding for a new initiative, called ”The Wellbeing Trust,” which is affiliated with “The Wellbeing Economy Alliance.” This alliance is a global enterprise with over 300 members promoting an “equitable” and “sustainable” future of circular economies and net-zero procurement. Translation: social-impact-financed NGO green-washing to obscure the true horror of bio-digital convergence and full spectrum domination of natural life. The primary funder of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance is Partners for a New Economy whose catalytic capital is provided by the Rockefeller Foundation and Omidyar Network with ambassadors from various universities, the United Nations and Club of Rome.

The Well Being Trust is affiliated with the California Children’s Trust and the Northern California Grantmakers’ Association. It will set up an infrastructure for data-driven social prescribing. Tyler Norris, Executive Director and Board Chair of Naropa University, served on a foresight planning process in 2020 led by RAND (yikes!) for the Rippel Foundation, “Rethink Health: Amplifying Stewardship Characteristics and Trends Stewards Consider When Expanding Equitable Well Being.”  Other advisors on the effort, which was coordinated with the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation, included Beth Rabbit, the Learning Accelerator (hybrid online learning); Mateus Baptista, Panasonic (Internet of Bodies); Amit Bouri, Global Impact Investment Network (social impact investing); as well as staff from the Project for Public Spaces (creative place-making), parks, and regional planning commissions.

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”

― Henry David Thoreau

Blockchained Human Capital

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation backed MyPass, the Austin program to blockchain unhoused people to create biometric health records. We, humanity, have serious concerns that the long-range plan is to combine digital identity with geo-fencing as a way to selectively restrict the mobility of targeted individuals and groups. It is highly likely that health risk will become the rationale for such a system, especially given the supposed nature of the Covid19 virus where, due to the fake PCR tests, people may be asymptomatic carriers. Now that that precedent has been set, anyone could theoretically be detained for weeks at a time and there is no readily available way to prove you are not a carrier. The foundation is linked to smart cities, impact investing, and data interoperability through Stewards of Change. The branding makes it all appear so pleasant. Yet, we have to wonder if these experts really don’t understand that militarised mixed-reality tech embedded in community “improvements” is the worst idea ever.

The looming potential for blockchained human assets to be used as “stake” in “regenerative finance” deal structures is a massive red flag. As an asset class, human capital will need to be assessed in real time, calibrating individual and collective compliance to established protocols of “wellness,” among other behavioural standards that can be tracked across cyber-physical environments. In this way, even the most impoverished can be remade through the alchemy of tokenisation into profit centres for social entrepreneurs, affiliated toxic philanthropies, and sponsored NGOs. We, humanity, are NOT available for that kind of future.

“The measure of who you are will always exceed measurement.”

― Craig D. Lounsbrough

Pricing the Priceless

This report (since removed from the council on Foreign Relations website) asserts that social wellbeing should be prioritised as we enter the era of bio-capitalism and investments in prescribed social behaviours. It was written in the aftermath of the 2008 GFC.

“Another key message, and unifying theme of the report, is that the time is ripe for our measurement system to shift emphasis from measuring economic production to measuring people’s well-being. And measures of well-being should be put in a context of sustainability. Despite deficiencies in our measures of production, we know much more about them than about well-being. Changing emphasis does not mean dismissing GDP and production measures. They emerged from concerns about market production and employment; they continue to provide answers to many important questions such as monitoring economic activity. But emphasising well-being is important because there appears to be an increasing gap between the information contained in aggregate GDP data and what counts for common people’s well-being. This means working towards the development of a statistical system that complements measures of market activity by measures centered on people’s well-being and by measures that capture sustainability. Such a system must, of necessity, be plural – because no single measure can summarise something as complex as the well-being of the members of society, our system of measurement must encompass a range of different measures. The issue of aggregation across dimensions (that is to say, how we add up, for example, a measure of health with a measure of consumption of conventional goods), while important, is subordinate to the establishment of a broad statistical system that captures as many of the relevant dimensions as possible. Such a system should not just measure average levels of well-being within a given community, and how they change over time, but also document the diversity of peoples’ experiences and the linkages across various dimensions of people’s life. There are several dimensions to well-being but a good place to start is the measurement of material well-being or living standards.”

The language around establishing consistent standards of data to capture the diversity of experiences across dimensions of people’s lives is very much in keeping with the premise of developing social simulations that can be used for systems engineering of large populations. The dimensions the commission recommends tracking include:

  1. material living standards (income, consumption and wealth)
  2. health
  3. education
  4. personal activities including work
  5. political voice and governance
  6. social connections and relationships
  7. environment (present and future conditions)
  8. insecurity of an economic as well as a physical nature.


These are all metrics that will be used to assign and manage improvement pathways towards “equity.” Remember that the next time you are nudged to complete an online survey.

“Maybe the truth was, it shouldn’t be so easy to be amazing. Then everything would be. It’s the things you fight for and struggle with before earning that have the greatest worth. When something’s difficult to come by, you’ll do that much more to make sure it’s even harder – if not impossible – to lose.”

― Sarah Dessen

Machine Learning Through Happiness Centres

Richard Layard of the London School of Economics Centre for Economic Performance first developed metrics around the “science of happiness” that were used to finance mental health services in the UK. By establishing that economic loss due to “mental health” amount to billions of dollars, the social impact sector has created an enormous cost-offset for pay-for-success social prescribing. The following excerpt is from a 2006 Guardian article, “Spread A Little Happiness,” about Layard’s pilot “happiness centres.”

“Imagine the situation. You have had a relationship breakdown. It has left you depressed, alone and turning to alcohol. Work is impossible. But, thankfully, your local NHS “happiness centre” is just around the corner. Part sanctuary, part psychology laboratory, happiness centres are a sort of Ikea for the mind, where the feelgood factor is flat-packed for you to take home. A branded chain of open-access outposts offering the latest talking therapies for some of the most common and distressing mental illnesses. No long waits. No need for a referral – simply turn up and get help.”

This is what ongoing mental health screenings are about; and also what ACEs scoring is about; as well as what emotion-sensing digital surveillance is about; and also what social-emotional training in schools is about. The power structure is gathering baselines and hoovering up masses of data for prediction markets in future behaviour management. Here’s the thing: that quote is sixteen years old. Today, your “Ikea of the Mind” drop-in centre could easily be a tele-therapy chatbot or a cognitive behavioural therapy game in a VR headset. Please understand, we are certainly not minimising the reality of mental stress in society today. It is a serious concern. However, these programs are dual use, and we are fast tracking into the phase where artificial intelligence really wants to learn what makes us tick as complex, emotional beings. There is a fiscal and pragmatic logic behind this shift to tele “wellness” management.” The plan is to use us to teach AI how to be more like us. That is human-centered design – that and cognitive warfare – the Sixth Domain.


“But what’s worth more than gold?”

“Practically everything. You, for example. Gold is heavy. Your weight in gold is not very much gold at all. Aren’t you worth more than that?”

― Terry Pratchett

The Point and Purpose for Being Here

The times in which we live are characterised by a noble and courageous effort on behalf of many stalwart minds to expose a myriad of dark, menacing conspiracies that reveal a pattern of control by a global elite intent upon world domination. From the bigger picture, everyone on Earth is playing a part in this great game of consciousness. You are here to create a great dynamic of change for waking up to new truths and learning to trust the unfolding revelations of the cosmic mind. When you stop contributing your personal fears of powerlessness and despair to the mass thought-form, and accept yourself as a creator of your own frequency, you can use the unlimited potentials of the field of formative energies however you choose. 

You have the inherent right and duty to design and create your life. And you can create a safe world for yourself by focusing your attention and sending your loving thoughts into the ether for a peaceful co-existence between all forms of consciousness. If this peaceful version of reality is what you are available for, then harmonious interactions, exciting new adventures, great synchronicities, and celebrated connections can be created. There is a point and a purpose to being here, and all of the avenues of experience that you choose to explore are essential and important for your self-fulfillment in this time. Everything counts; Everything matters.

“Your power to choose can never be taken from you. It can be neglected and it can be ignored. But if used, it can make all the difference.”

― Steve Goodier

All Choice is With You

When you really believe in yourself, you will know that the frequency you broadcast is growing more powerful than any of the signals that antennas and satellites exude. Machinery cannot surpass the power of your innate biology, which is why they want to control you. You will learn to realise this great truth by exploring the deep nuances of who you really are. The great irony is that events of a traumatic and tragic nature often bring forth the best of the human spirit. Trauma is a many-faceted tool, and given that the game of awakening occurs in many realities, many intentions set the stage. You agree to be part of what you experience. Individual and collective dream states explore the various dramas and probabilities and offer the opportunity to work out reality before it happens. You always have a choice. If you seek to understand the many spiritual opportunities resulting from the events happening now, your consciousness will grow in awareness as will your spirit grow in confidence. Then, together we can cocreate a New Earth and it will be far more exciting, loving, healing and supportive than you alone could ever had imagined. Together we rise!

“Make sure that, when opportunity presents itself, you are not standing on the wrong platform.”

― Nkahloleng Eric Mohlala


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