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In our rapidly transforming world, authenticity is the gold standard of Conscious Leadership. The greatest act of courage is to be and to own all of you – without apologies, without excuses, and without masks to cover the truth of who you truly are. High above the noise and fear-mongering of critics and cynics, softly speaks your true self. Are you trading your authenticity for approval?

The current standard of business is crumbling because it was not sustainable. It failed in its critical role of supporting and nurturing the Earth and everything on it – something it could quite easily do if its course was being directed by leaders who care. As we rise out of the ashes of the shameful atrocities committed in the name of “science”, heads of state can no longer safely walk the streets. Having barely escaped the greedy Transhumanist clutches in their failed attempt to capture all natural life, we now find ourselves in the rubble of the imploding fiat money system. As more truth comes to light, the winds of change blow through our lives like a tornado, fueling the complete demise of legacy business models that focus exclusively on profit. To truly shift our consciousness a death/rebirth process must be endured, where psychic fragmentation and reintegration deepens our communion with the natural world and our humanity. Conscious Leaders everywhere are stepping up and assuming the shared responsibility for making a better world with the resources we have, as well as generating more resources in order to expand our legacy of good work. New ways, new solutions, and new leadership models are now being illuminated to guide the way.

This process of psychological death, destruction, reconstitution and rebirth is central to all the initiatory myths throughout the ages. It is this process of death and rebirth that society is undergoing now, with all the uncertainty, frustration, anxiety, fragmentation, polarisation, and fear it can invoke. And it is for this very reason that we chose the Phoenix to represent Conscious, Regenerative Leaders of the future. The more conscious we become of this process, the more we can work with our innate archetypal forces, and the more regenerative we become. To regenerate is to die and be reborn while finding deeper accord with nature. This is the task of our time. Today, Conscious Leaders recognise that following all the rules may leave a completed checklist, but following your heart achieves a completed you. When we are fearful, all of our intentions are focused on survival and not on living life to the fullest. Because energy flows where attention goes, fear-based thinking means you cannot be focused on benevolence, on being your best, on becoming a better version of yourself, or on loving yourself and others. When you open your mind, you open new doors to new possibilities for yourself and new opportunities to help others, it is here that you will discover that your greatest path of influence is, and always has been, love.

“If you don’t know who you truly are, you’ll never know what you really want.”

― Roy T. Bennett

Shifting Perceptions

The times have already changed, rendering most models developed from the mechanistic mindset obsolete. Conquering the competition is now much less important than keeping up with the exponential pace of change. If you’re a leader, and you’re not alarmed by how fast things are changing, you are not paying attention. Change is the primary challenge of leadership. Conscious Leaders are in the business of change. Instead of worrying about what we cannot control, we shift our energy to what we can create. This paradigm shift means that Conscious Leaders are not worried about having the right answers because it’s our job to ask the right questions. We are unconcerned about our level of importance because our attention is on our level of contribution. 

In this way, life is no longer considered a battle because Conscious Leaders are regenerative; we live in a world of Win/Win or No Deal. We choose to give energy to what we are for and pour energy into what we love rather than wasting time, energy, and resources on what we are against. This simple change in perception brings great release, power, peace, and wisdom. The most influential and enduring brands are built from the heart. They are real and sustainable. Their foundations are stronger because they are built with the strength of love, not just an ad campaign. Look around; organisations that endure through these times will only be those that are authentic.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

― Leo Tolstoy

Fundamental Change

The mechanistic attempt to separate humanity from nature is at the heart of our problems today. Whether we like it or not, the reality is that humans are immersed in nature both physiologically and psychologically. Over 90% of the cells in your body are not even human. Without the help of these non-human cells, you would altogether fail at life. Without Nature (the air we breathe, food we eat, and ingredients we use for clothing, housing, medicine, and transportation) humans would be nothing. By the same token, over 90% of human history was experienced by humans as deeply spiritually connected to nature and each other. Mounting scientific evidence shows how our psychological sense of separateness from nature is undermining our capacity to become more authentic, aware, and fully human. Evidence shows that humans enhance their creativity, compassion, concentration, and collaborative capacity, as well as more readily tap into a deeper sense of meaning, purpose, and wisdom when they reestablish a deeper sense of connection with nature. Our (inner) psyche and (outer) activity attunes more readily in this way and we overcome egotism, hyper-competition, fear, and anxiety.

The transhumanist psychopaths would have you believe in Mechanistic Materialism, which assumes that human beings have minds that are totally separate from nature. However, Quantum Complexity research into consciousness clearly shows that the collective mind pervades nature. Our individual minds have the capacity to create a sense of separateness through the ego – which enables us to function as autonomous individuals. This self-reflexive capacity of the ego is a tool we have as human beings that enables us to gain perspective, focus in or pull ourselves out of the flow of life. If we get too caught up in our own egos – egotism – then we forget who we truly are, and we start to believe that we really are separate from nature (and each other). This creates a devastating delusion that cripples our humanity and starves our souls. It is this sense of separateness that causes us to act in ways that are out-of-whack with life on Earth. A vital step on the journey toward becoming a Conscious Leader is in being able to recognise that we are not separate psyches bouncing around in a compartmentalised world of separateness, but rather we have egos to aid our self-agency and self-reflexivity so we can learn and evolve to work with the deeper rhythms innate within the human soul and Collective Soul (aka Mind of Nature).

“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone

that you begin to change, grow, and transform.”


― Roy T. Bennett

4 Symptoms of Defective Business Mindset

Any real and lasting shift in our business and wider socio-economic system is predicated upon a shift in mindset. As the award-winning former Chairman and CEO of Interface, Ray Anderson explained,

‘We have been, and still are, in the grips of a flawed view of reality – a flawed paradigm, a flawed worldview – and it pervades our culture putting us on a biological collision course with collapse.’

Our worldview affects how we perceive life and our sense of place and purpose within it.  Without a new understanding of reality, and the shift in consciousness this demands, we continue on a collision course with collapse. The time has come to get radical and deal with the root problem, a flawed view of reality. Conferences, think-tanks, research papers, workshops, forums, and expert roundtables across the globe are exploring the implications these shifts have on how we operate and organise. Yet, through our well-intended desire to find solutions to our pressing problems, we all too often find ourselves caught up in the very mindset that contributed to them in the first place! We cannot address our sea of challenges at face value, in siloed superficial ways, simply skimming over the deeper inter-relational corruptions these problems are symptomatic of.

1. CSR & Sustainability

On the surface, this seems to be about being more efficient, effective, responsible, and future-fit in a volatile world of finite resources. And so we embrace ‘new ways of doing’ such as industrial ecology, circular economics, biomimicry, green chemistry and so on, all within the frame and focus of CSR. Unfortunately, in today’s world, it’s just not that easy, and ticking the box that says ‘responsible business program’ can mean throwing the doors open to predatory FinTech. It’s a one-way ticket to digital ID, programmable money, and real-time geo-fencing to enforce their planned cybernetic remaking of society. This is systems engineering at scale from individual neurons tweaked with targeted dopamine hits and nanotechnology to entire populations groomed through ubiquitous computing embedded in smart-city mixed reality to offer up their data, interoperable on blockchain, to the hivemind. It’s all framed in terms of saving the planet and solving poverty, of course. It is vital that more people start to understand how social entrepreneurs and impact investors intend to corral post-pandemic populations into mixed reality; take away their economic independence; condition them to a surveillance panopticon; farm them for compliance data; and package their futures as commodities to be traded as asset-backed securities rated based on how they utilise privatised welfare or blockchain Universal Basic Income.

At a deeper level, this symptom is challenging our prevalent mechanistic and anthropocentric logic. It is revealing the need for a shift from ‘take-make-waste’ linearity to ‘regenerative’ holistic approaches. Are you willing to take responsibility to ask deeper questions like: In what context are we creating and delivering value? Can we move beyond merely reducing negative impact into becoming regenerative? To whom or what are we in service? Why are we here? Are we really willing to sell our children’s future to greedy data predators because it’s all too hard? With these questions a deeper philosophical (yet no less practical) inquiry into our sense of place and purpose within the fabric of Life can then be explored.

2. Mindfulness & Wellbeing-at-Work

On the surface, this is about stress reduction and morale improvement, being healthier mentally and emotionally, more creative, resourceful, and resilient so that we become future-fit at the individual, team and organisational dimensions. And so we embrace ‘new ways of being’ such as meditation, deep listening, non-violent communication, somatic awareness, communication and self-awareness training, contemplative practices and so on all within the frame and focus of mindfulness-in-the-workplace programs. However, signing up for another wellbeing program or adding another yoga class to your week is not nearly enough anymore.

At a deeper level, this symptom is challenging our acculturated perspective of self-agency rooted in yesterday’s logic of separateness, control and competition. It is revealing the need for a shift from an overly extractive and domineering yang ‘ego-awareness’ to a more balanced and inclusive yin-yang ‘eco-awareness’. This shift prompts us to ask the deeper questions like: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my heart’s desire, my purpose? With this comes a deeper philosophical shift away from an essentially competition-orientated, individualistic worldview towards a quest for understanding and harmonising with the deeper somatic, social and spiritual rhythms of Life.

3. Digital Transformation & The Millenial Age

On the surface, this is about applying social media, creativity and open-source approaches to be more social, co-creative, passionate, and collaborative in our workplaces. While most people are caught up in the high-tech bells and whistles, a dark agenda is emerging. Defence, finance, and bio-nano technology sectors anxiously await Globalisation 4.0. Free markets in digital services, globotics, and synthetic biology are poised to take centre stage. First, however, the masses must be tagged. Decentralised “trust” must be established. The peasants have to be conditioned for social impact processing and transformation into human 2.0. Medical passports, electronic-government IDs, and education transcripts on blockchain will turn bodies and minds into securitised assets for futures trading. Markets in predictive profiling and digital twin optimisation have been in development for decades. Central bankers have humanity on the verge of mass indenture. In the bio-surveillance panopticon, you’re either going to be a bondholder or bonded.

At a deeper level, this points to personal and collective emancipation from economic enslavement towards meaningful work, authenticity, and freedom. It is revealing a shift from a control-based hierarchical logic to a more partnership-based one (not the public-private kind – true cooperation). This shift prompts us to ask deeper questions like: What are my gifts and what do I most deeply love? How can I bring the best of myself – playful passions, quirks and all – into the workplace? Can my work time actually be a joyful artful inquiry, a playtime that enhances my own growth and development while serving all of life? With this comes a deeper philosophical shift away from the economics of ‘work-life balance’ to immersing ourselves into a community of shared passion and purpose. Together we rise.

4. Purposeful & Heart-based Business

At a superficial level, this is about fostering and communicating internally across the organisation and also externally through public relations, a shared sense of value, and ethics in the workplace beyond short-term profit maximisation. It’s about engaging in projects that light you up so you have the energy and creativity to do what has never been done before.

At a deeper level, this trend points to an underlying need in each and every one of us to take part in something that touches our heart and soul with meaning beyond the mere materiality of life. It is revealing the need for a shift from an overly materialistic logic to a more soulful sense of contributing to something greater than ourselves. This shift prompts us to ask the deeper questions of: How do I wish to live my life? What values and behaviours do I wish to embody? How does the organisation I am working for enhance humanity and my deeper sense of purpose? With this comes a deeper philosophical shift away from ‘work to live’ to heartfelt, artful and purposeful work that enhances humanity and leaves a legacy of empowerment and healing change.

“The courage to be vulnerable is not about winning or losing, it’s about the courage to show up when you can’t predict or control the outcome.”

― Brené Brown

Solar Flares and Schumann Spikes

The Schumann Resonance is the measurement of peaks in the ELF (extremely low frequency) spectrum of Earth’s electromagnetic field. Just like our bodies, Earth’s toroidal field (heartbeat) can be measured. It has a base frequency of 7.83 Hz, the same as our alpha brainwave state. We are deeply connected to the Earth. When the Schumann Resonance amplifies, we can become agitated, inspired, activated, headachy, tired, or restless as we are upshifted in consciousness. It’s like turning up the volume on a speaker. Jumps in amplification can shock us awake and they are happening more regularly as we reach solar maximum (2025).

As the intensified waves of cosmic energy flooding our planet build momentum, you are being called upon to use your physical form with wisdom, health, and ease. To accommodate and learn from these dynamic energies, you must slow down and recognise when you create too much stress. You may even be addicted to stress and needlessly fill the hours of the day with methodical busyness because you are ill at ease with empty moments. Unfortunately, silence has lost its value during these times. The mind requires rest for clarity and integration, and when silence is maintained for regular interludes, the benefits help to sharpen your mind and balance your life. Conscious Leaders seek out and plan for peaceful moments, rather than offering every excuse in the world (often with great indignation) as to why they are too busy.

“Consciousness is only possible through change; change is only possible through movement.”

― Aldous Huxley

Expanding Conscious Awareness

As more psychic doors are flung wide open to augment your intelligence, you must choose to live in peace with your physical body in order to feel good and benefit from this process. What closets must you clean to achieve that state? Do you practice self-hypnosis with some of your favourite limiting beliefs?  “I have no control over the situation. I will always be poor. Money is hard to come by. Life is a struggle. Money is the root of all evil. There is nothing I can do. That’s just the way it is. I’ve always done it this way. There is no way that I can get out of this. We’ll never know. I don’t know. I could never. I forget. I didn’t see.”

How often do you put yourself in such a trance in order to stay right where you are? How often do you use sarcasm? The comfort of the old, familiar mental rut anchors you to the same old scenarios. We raise all of these questions to shake you awake and to assist you in noticing and understanding how you structure your thinking. The link between mind and matter is an essential lesson for Conscious Leaders to master. You must change your core beliefs in order to see change in the outside world. You can change these limiting commands by replacing them with encouraging, self-empowered thoughts. Limitations come from inside your mind, and making the decision to let go of restricting beliefs is like taking off a pair of tight shoes or slipping out of a corset: you are filled with a new sense of freedom and relief.

“The language of light can only be decoded by the heart.”

― Suzy Kassem

Taking Off The Mask

Most of us want to be authentic. Yet, we are not who we think we are. We are made up of a rich array of facets and possibilities, many of which we ignore because we label them as “bad”. So we create a mask to show others. The discord between who we are and the image we have to live up to slowly kills our aliveness. When we suppress parts of ourselves, it lowers our mojo, sense of fulfillment, leadership effectiveness and impact in the workplace. One of the key desires for many awakened (and awakening) people in this new era is to become more of who we truly are. Ironically, this actually means letting go of all that we are not. When we limit ourselves by being the person we “should” be, we limit our aliveness. We may achieve success but not fulfillment because we are not living out all the important truths about ourselves, truths we need to slow down to excavate. We are not here to fit in, follow blind traditions, or move around gingerly without creating any waves. We are here to be eccentric, different, unique, even strange, perhaps merely to add our thread to the great tapestry of life.

Whether you are aware of it or not, what you do now, the choices you make, will determine a course of experience more complex and astounding than you can currently imagine. The dawning of a new revolution in consciousness is at hand. You cannot escape the necessity to manage this power: now or ever. Understanding the power of beliefs and the power of the mind, both individually and collectively, is the most pressing and crucial issue for humanity to grasp. Phoenix Leadership is at the forefront of human consciousness, guiding the elevation to a new worldview of unlimited possibilities and highly creative solutions. Beliefs are essentially agreements about reality, and both personal and collective beliefs form the structure and the parameters of your life experience in any era. 

Beliefs, thoughts, and feelings leave a distinct formative imprint on the field of vital energy that envelops our world. You are creating all of the time and humanity is rapidly awakening to this astounding realisation. The times in which we live are characterised by immense changes. Great flexibility and clear intent are required of you for dealing with this inestimable process of human transformation. Developing the ability to become aware of what you think, feel, and speak, and structuring your life with pristine clarity through thought, word, and deed is of essential importance for living an empowered life. Accepting responsibility for the power you embody is the essential and most important lesson of this transformation.

“Bravery is the choice to show up and listen to another person, be it a loved one or perceived foe, even when it is uncomfortable, painful, or the last thing you want to do.”

― Alaric Hutchinson

Is It Really All About You?

Command-and-Control leaders think that leadership is all about them. It’s their job to be the hero, to be in control, to get things done and to make everything work out. “How good am I?” “Do I know enough?” “Am I making enough money?” “How can I come up with the right strategy?” “Am I making the right decisions?” “Do people respect me?” “Do I have enough power?” 

Let’s say you’re the smartest mind in the room and everyone is incredibly impressed with how smart you are. You are really, very smart, but are you effective? You can only really be effective if you can learn how to listen to what other people have to say. When you treat leadership as something you ‘do to’ people rather than ‘do with’ them, you are equating leadership with “being the hero” – always having the right answers, being the smartest person, putting in the most hours (yawn). That mindset is painfully outdated. By contrast, Conscious Leaders focus on meaningful purpose and the people they serve. This isn’t to say that they’re martyrs or never think of themselves. Rather, they build strong connections – relationships that work for everyone – connections based on Win-Win, equal reciprocity or No Deal.

This change in mindset requires enormous courage and self-discipline. In a time of brutal competition and blistering change, Win-Lose thinking is almost automatic. “It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there.” Fear porn is broadcasted on all forms of media. “We need to beat our competitors and take their market share.” Who wouldn’t buy into the myth that life is a battle for survival and self-importance, with stress being the automatic price of success?  We’ve been taught to have the courage to conquer (which starts with determination), but not the courage to change (which starts with acceptance). Acceptance is the foundation of lasting change.

There are moments in each of our lives when something greater steps in to help us realign with our truest lives and most authentic selves. We are currently witnessing this on a global scale. Perceived crisis or trauma (and there is more to come) either shakes our world to its core or tears everything apart so that we are launched once again in the direction of our best lives – the most authentic expression of who we are here to be. While the rest of the world clings to the crumbling paradigm, we dare you to rise like a Phoenix Leader, break out and delight them with the unique gift of you. The world needs you. The real you.

“If you trade your authenticity for safety, you may experience the following: anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addiction, rage, blame, resentment, and inexplicable grief.”
― Brené Brown

Head & Heart Will Set You Apart

The pressure to truthfully deal with your life and the world at large has never been greater, and for some people, the intensity required for this task seems overwhelming. During these times of change, opening your mind to consider points of view and vistas of life that extend outside of the box of accepted thinking is both sensible and admirable. The tremendous challenges caused by the accelerated energies of these times actually serve to stimulate you to perceive reality in a new way. You have chosen to be here at this time in order to contribute your own unique point of view to the cast of conscious beings who are producing “the great spiritual awakening” on planet Earth. Awareness is a state of mind, and it is also the “name of the game” in these changing times. Like a colossal storm, expanding awareness is sweeping the globe with astounding momentum, stimulating humanity on a cellular level to wake up and discover its power.

The stakes in this “game of awareness” are steadily being raised, and you are challenged more than ever to identify your innermost feelings and acknowledge them as a primary source for creating your reality. Conscious Leaders are aware of a distinct difference between our head and our heart. When your head takes direction from the heart – authenticity flows. You follow your intuition and literally feel when you are in or out of alignment with the flow of universal energy. This is the real YOU – the integrated head and heart you. All thinking and feeling is experienced in one harmonious flow. During humanity’s great evolutionary process (accelerated over the past few years) many people are now coming online with their head and heart desiring to operate as one. This can initially produce a feeling that you’re existing ‘between worlds’ and that your old physical life is no longer the priority. It can help to focus on what lights you up – what makes your heart sing. Follow your heart – it knows the way. Together we rise!

“Keep your heart clear and transparent and you will never be bound.
A single disturbed thought creates ten thousand distractions.”

― Ryokan


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