Ambushed – Social Transformation in The Fourth Industrial Revolution Era

The masses have been fractured by several years of intense psychological warfare and identity politics to take the pressure off a global predator class intent on running our world on war, debt, toxins, and extraction. A centuries-long program of colonisation and eugenics, taken to the cellular level with gene-altering bioweapons, is reaching its conclusion. Sophisticated targeting techniques are gradually conditioning people, especially children, to accept being transformed into sites of data extraction, ending natural life as we know it. The information needed to make informed individual and collective choices is being suppressed, and in many cases scrubbed entirely from the Internet. The parasitic elite aim to remake the earth as a planetary computer under their complete and total control.

Medical passports, digital systems of enclosure, and dispossession are reframing natural life as a security threat. Spatial reality (life experienced through deepening layers of data) is poised to radically magnify historically oppressive systems. Strategic investments have hijacked civic, academic, and faith-based institutions. These entities are busy repackaging surveillance capitalism as data-driven stakeholder capitalism. We are supposed to be good digital-citizen subjects of e-government solutionism run through public-private partnerships (aka fascism). However, caught up in their hubris, they have made a fatal error. Of all the things the deep-state dark cult hates humanity for, our unpredictability and incredible creativity are right at the top. The predator class view life, nature, and consciousness mechanistically – electrical engineering challenges to be leveraged to generate profit for themselves. As chaos heightens and they scramble over each other like rats in a cage, sick revelation after sick revelation is hitting the mainstream at a pace that cannot be stopped. Here, we enter the unknown, in terms of how people will respond to the hidden layers of truths that are surfacing. Your power increases with each passing moment. Will you let it slip by, or will you use it and contribute your personal victory to the annals of time?  

There are so many probable directions to choose from at this time, and only to the degree you unfold your awareness, coupled with the values you choose to pursue, will the outcome be determined. This confounds and infuriates those who only think in straight lines. From a larger perspective, it is as if the whole world must transform itself and pass through the eye of a needle. Whether you are aware of it or not, you chose to be here at this time to take part in this experience. Life in the cloud emerged from military research and is an imperial project. Satellites and sensor networks will track and predict the actions of populations made disposable by Globalisation 4.0: platform labour and programmable money. Will you refuse to play the billionaires’ militarised human capital hedge fund game? Only by taking responsibility can we begin to heal. Restoring right relationships between one another and the planet is the imperative. Uniting with our magnificent fellow human beings we will continue to write our own symphony, an ode to the creator, to mystical, natural life. This is the work.

“We laugh at sheep because sheep just follow the one in front. We humans have out-sheeped the sheep, because at least the sheep need a sheep dog to keep them in line. Humans keep each other in line. And they do it by ridiculing or condemning anyone who commits the crime, and that’s what it’s become, of being different.”

― David Icke


Government officials lie and steal so we can’t trust them. Solution? eGovernment! Remaking political systems for electronic government is the imperative; not only to ease the collection of data to prove “progress” towards the seventeen UN sustainable goals, but also to build the global data economy which, in turn, feeds machine learning for artificial intelligence. When Nicholas Berggruen reestablished himself in Los Angeles in 2010 with an intention to train in philosophy, he sought out two mentors, both UCLA professors. One was Brian Esparza Walker, a researcher in comparative political theory and civic responsibility who has been working on a new book on cybernetics and Confucianism. The other was Brian Copenhaver an expert in the belief in magic in early Modern Europe and the Hermetica. 

Copenhaver’s 2015 book, “Magic in Western Culture: From Antiquity to the Enlightenment,” looks quite interesting, but comes with a hefty price tag. In lieu of payment, the two professors asked billionaire Berggruen to become a donor to UCLA. He ended up underwriting research at the Luskin School of Public Affairs on a good governance index and partnering with the humanities division on a lecture series aptly titled “Possible Worlds.” When you read between the lines, it is easy to see how this governance index is the infrastructure for outcomes-based contracts aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“It is an old, old adage that if you want someone to do something, get them to believe it is their idea. Humanity is mind controlled and only slightly more conscious than your average zombie. Far fetched? No, no. I define mind control as the manipulation of someone’s mind so that they think, and therefore act, the way you want them to.”

― David Icke

Psychopathic Mega-Donors Mandating Solutions

UN SDG 16 is “strong institutions.” The Governance Index is overseen by Helmut Ankeier, a German sociologist specialising in social innovation who splits his time between UCLA and the Hertie School in Berlin, one of Europe’s first graduate schools devoted to public policy. The Hertie School promotes e-government digitalisation as a means by which to nudge behaviours towards “sustainability” through circular economic practice. A network emerged from the proceedings of Berggruen’s Think Long California committee, whose scope of work quickly expanded beyond the Eureka state to include international bridge building. In its first few years the Berggruen Institute established relationships with leaders in the EU and sent delegations to work with Chinese officials and industry leaders. A year after “The Blueprint to Renew California” went public, Nicholas headed to Berlin for a European town hall co-hosted with French economist Jean Pisani-Ferry and Jakob Kellenberger, a Swiss diplomat working in the international humanitarian aid space. Both are members of the Berggruen Network.

At that event, speeches were given by former Prime Minister of Greece George Papandreou; and cult-owned clown, former UK Prime Minister and big-data social entrepreneur Tony Blair. Then uber-parasite, George Soros (often described as Satan incarnate) took the opportunity to chastise the greedy creditors that precipitated the Eurozone crisis, condemn the refugee situation in Greece, and propose a new era in which “solidarity” community centres would be established to manage the masses of people flowing into the debt-crushed country (red flag!). In 2013 his deeply compromised foundation launched the Open Society Initiative for Europe to promote “democracy” and “human rights,” with a special focus on refugees. Three years later he pledged $500 million for social impact initiatives targeting displaced people.

“Our goal is to harness the private sector for public good,” Soros managed to say with a straight face. “We will invest in startups, established companies, social impact initiatives, and businesses started by migrants and refugees themselves. These investments are intended to be successful. But our primary focus is to create products and services that truly benefit migrants and host communities. I hope my commitment will inspire other investors to pursue the same mission.” Source

“It goes on and on and on until one cannot eat enough to vomit enough.”

― Christopher Hitchens

Solidarity - The New Red Flag

In the image below, taken from the Berggruen Institute’s website, Nicholas is seated next to the most despised woman in Europe  Ursula von der Leyen. At the time von der Leyen was a CDU (Christian Democratic Union, Centre-Right) member of the Bundestag, representing Hanover and Minister of Labour and Social Affairs. A year after the Town Hall, Merkel appointed her Minister of Defence. She became President of the European Commission in 2019. Her husband, Heiko, founded the Hannover Clinical Trial Centre GmbH. (Yep, he actually specialises in cardiovascular gene ‘therapy’ and has held leadership positions at several bio-tech firms). Now it’s all starting to add up as to why von der Leyen bought 4.5 billion doses of the unproven, untested COVID-19 inoculation for 450 million EU residents – that’s ten shots for everyone, including newborns.

The issue of solidarity seems to be one of growing scholarly interest, which tells us that social integration of migrants may be set up as a social impact investing opportunity – not unlike anti-racism and racial equity metrics in the US. Academics are debating the differences between offering needy people “charity” and “solidarity,” examining how that distinction plays into the dynamics of EU politics. This is a massive red flag to us that the narrative is being spun to position “solidarity” as the preferred method of immigrant support, where asylum seekers can be “empowered” to work off their reskilling and social care costs with impact investments tracked against future economic output. That’s the setup for the Career Impact Bonds former Goldman Sachs executive Phil Murphy has been pitching with Social Finance.

“There is no such thing as philanthropy because the money that the billionaires pretend to donate belongs to the people anyways.”

― Abhijit Naskar

While You Were Locked Down

The OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) with funding provided by the EU launched the “Global Action: Promoting Social and Solidarity Economy Ecosystems” initiative in 2020 to begin to address income inequality exacerbated by Covid lockdowns. Or, to put it another way, the time had come to create the data architecture needed to channel global ESG capital flows through human misery. The effort was chaired by Secretary General Mathias Cormann, a Belgian-born politician who was previously affiliated with the German and French-Speaking Christian Social Parties in Europe before he relocated to Western Australia and rose to become Finance Minister with the Liberal Party of Australia. Prior to that, he had been working in the health insurance industry. Cormann met with Secretary of State Antony Blinken last June to discuss the post-Covid recovery; climate change; international tax reform; and management of the risks associated with the digital transformation of the economies of market-based democracies.

The intent is to transform all the so-called solidarity economies, and substantial “education” will be needed. Those targeted for the first round hard sell are: Canada, Brazil, South Korea, Mexico, India, the United States and the EU. Canada, Mexico, and Korea comprise three of the ten Digital Nations. Peer learning programs and conferences are meant to instill a desire in local leaders to develop the legal frameworks and impact metrics required to scale these planned “social economies.”

“Just because something isn’t a lie does not mean that it isn’t deceptive. A liar knows that he is a liar, but one who speaks mere portions of truth in order to deceive is a craftsman of destruction.”

― Criss Jami

Getting Buy-In From Employees

In 2021, the OECD developed a working paper, “Social Impact Measurement for the Social and Solidarity Economy,” with input from Catherine Clark of the CASE Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Duke University; Lisa Hehenberger, management professor at ESADE; and Jeremy Nicholls a leader in the establishment of social impact metric values in the UK. The document emphasised the need to shift to outcomes-based reporting tied to procurement and enforcement regulations; addressing the lack of common measurement standards and issues of credibility; opportunities for government and foundations to finance rigorous data collection; and getting buy-in from employees. All of this data will be used to keep capital flowing even as its collection normalises ubiquitous digital surveillance for surreal simulations run through optimisation protocols to stave off climate catastrophe and mass social unrest. At least, that’s the story they’ll tell us to justify our dehumanisation and the imprisonment of nature through blockchain financialisation.

Part of the plan to manage the transition to the Fourth Industrial Revolution era of automation will be to disrupt social structures across the globe through economic and military interventions; remove people to different locations where they have no support network; and then set up ad-hoc charter cities where they will be leveraged as human capital commodities and trained to build and defend mixed-reality Internet-of-Everything infrastructure. Millions of people are being pressured to be on the move, because it serves the interests of power to normalise biometrically-managed social instability as the disruptive potential of Web 3.0 materialises. Last year the Charter Cities Institute prepared a white paper proposing their solution as an improvement over the current horror of refugee camps where many families languish for years. In the introduction, author Sarah Doyel states that data from the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees indicates the number of displaced people has almost doubled over the past decade from 43 million to 80 million. Each and every one of those people is a potential impact opportunity for global investment portfolios. Markets in human capital “improvement” are created through trauma resulting from war and the breakdown of civil society (often instigated and funded by parasites like Soros who funds ANTIFA terrorists and others).

“For every action, there’s an infinity of outcomes. Countless trillions are possible, many milliards are likely, millions might be considered probable, several occur as possibilities to us as observers – and one comes true.”

― China Miéville

Surfing The Probs

The poor reception of Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs’s Toronto Quayside project gives us hope that there may still be some clear-thinking people in the world. While most of the criticism leveled at that smart neighborhood revolved around data privacy rights, we continue to hope that one day soon people will begin to understand that human capital finance is what is really driving the demand for big-data ubiquitous computing. As we survey humanity, the current state of global uncertainty reflects the inner energy projected from the mass psyche. On one hand, the most exciting, life-liberating opportunities are coming to build amazing future probabilities: astounding new healing techniques, an almost instantaneous changeover of energy resources, and incredible discoveries for providing clean water and air are just a few of the many suppressed technologies hovering on the horizon. Other probabilities hold the course open for those who are angry and afraid to be in charge of their lives – and this path is the one we warn about because it is less than desirable – certainly not much fun.

As you expand your consciousness and find other pastures to graze in, other mountains and mesas to climb from which to view reality, the most difficult aspect of the expansion will be watching those who choose not to change. You are here to witness, and a witness is one of the most difficult positions to occupy. A witness does not close their eyes; a witness sees and then reports about what transpires. It is tremendously challenging and often very difficult to experience the full range of emotional possibility – from the heights of exquisite joy and ultimate orgasmic ecstasy to the depths of fear, hatred, and hopeless despair. As your heart opens, you will soar with those who fly and find it challenging to watch and feel with others who choose the depths of disempowerment. Watching and feeling the courage of others, while they experience those momentous melodies of emotion, takes you to your greatness. And for some, it can lead to insanity. It is a fine line that our world walks in these days of global transformation. 

“I always adore to be on the verge of endless probabilities.”

― Shubham Sanap

This Too Shall Pass

The very nature of a pioneer is to walk alone into new territory, to go where no one else has travelled. As a pioneer, you must learn to be alone with your discoveries. During times of instability, all of your fears can rise to the surface. Your emotions can take you deeper and deeper into the realm of feeling, where courage and love are required to encounter the wounds you carry. When you choose to become the Conscious Leader of your own life, there are times when you must deal with life on a very profound level, and moments of despair can arise when you wish you simply did not know the bigger picture. Even the idea that ignorance is bliss can often appear somewhat appealing. This is a natural response because of the depth of emotional connections you are experiencing. Yet emotional states do not go on forever; the best and the most difficult are ephemeral and eventually slip away.

Emotions can play you, and emotional depth is a unique and captivating aspect of the human experience. When you choose the stance of a victim, someone or something else is always to blame for what happens to you. To really claim your mind and free your spirit, you must consider your personal attitude as well as the criteria you use to interpret your experience. Do you see life and all you encounter with the glass half-full or half-empty? Are you in charge of your mind, body, and spirit, or does someone else always have more authority? Can you detect the feelings that define and confine your experiences? A change of attitude stems from a change in how you see and interpret your role in life and in all of your experiences. New interpretations create new feelings, which in turn fertilise the field of energy for new experiences.

“Your emotions make you human. Even the unpleasant ones have a purpose. Don’t lock them away. If you ignore them, they just get louder and angrier.”

― Sabaa Tahir

Together We Rise!

As strange as it seems, accepting more responsibility for being the creator of your experience frees you to explore the shadow side of life; without shadows, life would be dull because you would see very little of it. Art is a dance between shades of colour and tones of sound and light. When you examine your beliefs about the darker side of existence with another lens, it can free you to reexamine your life’s creations from a different perspective. Perspective is everything. The essence of human experience is to participate in the full range of emotional expression; to learn how to navigate these unpredictable realms and to survive with your consciousness in alignment are some of the profound spiritual tests of the times. A deep inner knowing based on innocent trust is required to proceed on the path of empowerment to becoming a Conscious Leader. Now, more than ever, humanity needs clear conscious leaders to demonstrate the power of being at the forefront of personal growth. After all, life is a grand lesson in living. Together we rise!

“Rather than being your thoughts and emotions, be the awareness behind them.”

― Eckhart Tolle


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