Friday Fodder – Unpredictable

Once upon a time…

“We are so close,” Celeron stated, with eyes bulging out of their sockets and shimmering with ambition. “When the project is finally completed, we will have untold power – the likes of which have never been seen in the galaxy. Ha! So, what are we waiting for? Is there a setback, Kiara?”

A voice came from behind a wall of illuminated screens. Thousands of lines of equations, formulas, and commands were being processed by the onboard computer while everyone in the control room awaited the outputs. “The program is compiling all the relevant information collected from the DNA, such as how the species behaves, their strengths and weaknesses, their values and motivations. We know what has happened in the past and can predict possible outcomes to set scenarios. Once completed, it will grant us the ability to see into the future.”

“Precisely,” Celeron continued, “The program operates on things that are predictable. The only is that the obstacle now standing in our way is anything but predictable – humans.”

“Yes, they have the frustrating habit of throwing all logic and reason out the window if something is important enough to them. We haven’t yet found a formula to accurately predict their behaviour –  even when only given the smallest of choices.”

“How will we fix this program, Kiara? If humans do not operate like other species in the galaxy, they will ruin everything because we won’t be able to control them,” Celeron complained, tired of putting effort into a project that seemed to be going nowhere.

Kiara brought up a file to share on the main screen.

“What is so special about this human?” Celeron inquired. To him, she looked just like the rest of the specimens, with their monotonous appearances and narrow minds. At face value, nothing about her looked worthy of his precious attention.

“After her city was hit by an earthquake, her son was buried under tonnes of rubble. She lifted an amount of rock and brick equivalent to a 30-story building in a time span of less than one week.” She stated, eyes skimming through reports of major events occurring on Earth that week.

“But that is impossible.” Celeron scoffed, assuming Kiara misspoke, “The human body simply isn’t capable of such exertion.” He was quite proud to be able to confidently state that he knew everything there was to know on the subject of the human body.

“Exactly,” Kiara nodded. “What is impossible does not seem to matter to them, not one bit. They don’t confine themselves to any one set of rules. To them, anything is achievable. They do not all march in time to the beat of one drum; they each live life to the tune of a different song.”

At these words, Kiara glanced at a particular graph on the screen. Her finger dropped toward a point on the graph – a point completely separate from the rest. While every other dot sat huddled in a clump, this dot stood on the outside.

“Which species is that?” Celeron asked.

“Humans; the outlier. They are not something made to be controlled. We will gain much more power by observing them and learning more about their way of life. There truly isn’t anything else like them in the galaxy.”

Celeron considered the suggestion for a moment, the gears visibly turning inside his mind. His lips then straightened and his jaw hardened. “Well, Kiara, the project can only be completed once we better understand them. From now on, I am appointing you Head of Human Studies.”

Staring at the screen, mind weary from trying to solve the puzzle called humans, Kiara decided to format a list, practical and straight to the point. 


1- They are as unpredictable as the wind on their planet.

2- They do not know things are impossible so they do them.

3- Determination to continue under pressure and the ability to love deeply is what gives them strength.

4- Their unpredictability makes them uncontrollable.

5- They are extra ordinary, and at the same time, extraordinary.

“A small event as tiny as a drop of a pin can change the direction of your entire life”

― Bangambiki Habyarimana

Moral of the Story:

Meaning comes from the unknown, from the unpredictable that suddenly knocks at your door: a flower that suddenly blooms where you never expected it; an old friend you bump into; a love that blooms suddenly and you were not even aware it was going to happen, you had not even imagined, nor even dreamed. Then life has meaning. Then life has a dance. Then every step is happy because it is not a step filled with duty, it is a step moving into the unknown like a river moving towards the sea. Adventures are not predictable. They are not fun or even moderately exciting with predetermined outcomes. Adventures are things going wrong: situations you don’t expect, friends who betray you, equipment that fails when you most need it, enemies who are stronger and even smarter than you, and the possibility – no, the certainty, at times – that you might get hurt or even die. Real adventures are the ones where your knowledge, your skills, and your strength of character are absolutely necessary to complete your mission.

Nothing is more powerful than an unpredictable mind. When you are predictable, life becomes monotonous and dull. Your ability to be creative decreases because you are playing it ‘safe’ by never trying anything new. The strategic mind is unpredictable. When people become familiar, complacent, and overly comfortable with you, they can see the moves you will make in advance rendering your strategies ineffective. When you are unpredictable, you leave everyone else on edge in anticipation waiting on your next move. This works in business, in love and in war. Do something different. Be unpredictable… you might just foil an alien invasion!

“In a world of the ordinary and predictable, be a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.”

― Michael Bassey Johnson

Affirmation: I am psyched for my next new adventure.

Change is the opportunity to become even more exquisite. I finish what matters and let go of what does not. My life has meaning. What I do has meaning and my actions are impactful and inspiring. I am grateful for new challenges that help me grow and become stronger. I immediately walk away when a person or a situation isn’t healthy for me because I know my worth. I embrace the changes in my life with curiosity and gratitude. I flow gracefully through the changes in my life. I consciously choose to break old patterns of thinking and doing so I can easily adapt to changing circumstances. I appreciate the positive changes that occur when I focus on my own happiness. I am freeing myself from all destructive doubt and fear. I am constantly growing and evolving into a better person. I am excited by the unknown possibilities and I am open to positive transformation in this time of great change. Each life change is an opportunity for self-reflection and positive action.

“I believed my love would be reciprocated because it was pure. But it wasn’t. Reaction to every action? It doesn’t work that way with a human heart. The human mind resembles the quantum world. Always uncertain. Beyond any explanation.”

― Abhaidev


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