Bite the Bullet – Divide and Distract Strategies for the Misinformed

When a military alliance that is headed by the world’s most powerful country (USA) publicly announces that it is aiming to control both of the other two most powerful countries (Russia and China), then what it is actually saying is that it exists in order to ultimately conquer ALL countries, replacing the United Nations for complete control and total world domination (cue evil laugh). Overall dominance will be in the hands of one international central banking system, sitting atop the pyramid of power. After all, control the money and you control the entire world.

Cult-owned NATO chief, Stoltenberg, said Finland and Sweden can join in ‘a quick way’ because he doesn’t really want a resolution to the war in Ukraine. The leaders of Turkey, Sweden, and Finland signed a trilateral agreement on 29 June, 2022 that will clear the way for the two Nordic states to do just that. NATO is looking to replace the UN and its authorised agencies, with a “rules-based international order,” whose “rules” come directly from the Deep State Military-Industrial Complex, the billionaires who control the armaments and global extraction, health, food, and media industries. So it was no surprise then that as the G7 meetings began on Sunday 26 June, EU chief Ursula von der Leyen pledged “indefinite military and financial support to Ukraine”.

What we see playing out on the world stage is a war against all people by their own governments instead of a hot war using deadly weaponry against some manufactured enemy state. Therefore, every new claimed threat should be first disbelieved, for two reasons: #1 Fear is the enemy. It lowers your vibration and clouds your thinking. #2 Getting wound up in any state narrative could cause a bias against the actual truth in favour of a preordained outcome set in motion by those attempting to propagandise the masses. The US – Ukraine collusion called the War on Ukraine by Russia, is a perfect example of this strategy. Because everything is connected, we cannot view events as singular or a unique situation or threat. The movie playing out in front of us is all part of the same agenda-driven plan. Everything is tied together in the same war against we, humanity, by collaborating nation-states. Although each nation is warring against its own citizens, this is a global effort that is not individually structured but is reacting independently by design, with the top tier of the most powerful controlling the strings of the political class puppets worldwide.

“I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any treat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within.”
― Douglas MacArthur

Military-Industrial Complex

If you decide you’d like to be exposed to news, information or perspectives that contravene the prevailing NATO view on the war in Ukraine, a rigorous and lengthy search is required. And there is no guarantee that such a search will succeed. That is because the state/corporate censorship regime currently imposed in the West with regard to this “war” is stunningly aggressive, rapid and comprehensive. While your average “useless eater” is concerned about surging inflation, supply chain issues and power cuts, one thing the mainstream media is saturated with is mind-boggling headlines that Britain is sending an additional $1.3 billion pounds in military aid to Ukraine. Biden has pledged $1.3 billion in military and economic support. Norway announces that it will send long-range rocket artillery to Ukraine. Australia is sending another $330 million including 40 Bushmaster trucks. And Canada is sending another $25 million (these headlines just from a quick scan today). The goal is to wash money out of the tax bases of the world through Ukraine and back into the hands of a transnational security elite. Therefore, the goal is an endless war.

Though the media claimed for months that it was a “conspiracy theory,” the New York Times confirmed on Friday 24 June, that CIA have boots on the ground in Ukraine. Here’s the thing: If you’re funding, arming, and advising the military and you have “boots on the ground,” at what point do you admit you’re involved in a proxy war? In a speech on Tuesday 28 June, General Sir Patrick Sanders, the Head of the UK Army, said “Russia can just keep fighting and still prevail,” which was odd, given it was supposed to be an inspirational speech from a leader to motivate the troops. However, most alarming was when he said “…it requires forces across defence that are modernised relevant and harness the potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” So now the UK Army are fighting for the WEF transhumanist cult beliefs? (that escalated quickly!) He went on to say “…we must therefore meet strength with strength from the outset and be unequivocally prepared to fight for NATO territory.”

“When your opponent is making a mistake, do nothing to interfere.”
― Napoleon Bonaparte

Fiendish Frivolities

In a week where Ukrainian authorities banned the country’s main opposition party and seized all its assets, Zelensky is now demanding $5 billion *monthly* from the rest of the world for his troubles. We guess someone has to foot the bill for the revolving door of celebrities and their photo ops – the latest today being Dick Branson (yeah we know – he was the billionaire you liked! It seems Epstein Island is not his only little dark secret). Here’s the thing: Ukraine is the honey pot for political elite corruption, money laundering, sex trafficking, organ harvesting, and bioweapons labs. The untold billions going to Ukraine is not going to their military, it’s extortion money! On 18 June, cult-owned Zelensky appeared as 3D hologram to speak with several tech leaders gathered across Europe. He told them that Ukraine will lead the ‘Global Digital Revolution’ if they fund the reconstruction. What a monumental fraud this man is!

Once the new paradigm is complete: those who control money, energy, and food, will control the world. This is the desired end game and every piece of the puzzle being fitted into place today supports the takeover agenda. Nothing is separate or accidental; all is a cog in the wheel of the planners and resetters. It is crucial to understand that this is a war against all of us, and that this war is consumed by lies, deceit, propaganda, psychological manipulation, and trickery. Every new perceived threat is only another illusion meant to divide and distract as many people as possible so that the state’s agendas can go forward without much resistance. A weak, ignorant, and brainwashed society is simply candy to the ‘elite’ class of rulers, governments, the banking establishment, giant corporations, and the medical and technological powers. In the midst of all this terror-driven madness lies the key to global dominance – Digital IDs and the control of digital money from a centralised banking source.

“We are the unwilling, led by the unqualified, doing the unnecessary, for the ungrateful.”
― Matthew Quick

Bait and Switch

The so-called war in Ukraine and the massive monetary sanctions on Russia, its allies, and other parts of the world, are being used to facilitate pandemonium in global monetary and financial markets. Alternate settlement options are being sought by several countries as financial chaos continues. Make no mistake: this chaos was planned and therefore intentional because it upsets monetary markets worldwide. This chaos will allow for globalist agendas to be fulfilled and the conversion to a central bank-controlled money system is well in the works. Every new ‘emergency’ helps to usher in totalitarian policies meant to restructure the individual current nation-state systems into a global, top-down controlled digital fiat infrastructure that can function as a one-world centralised power, mostly hidden from the view of the masses.

We know the subject matter is big. While reading this article, it’s hard not to laugh out loud – not at humanity’s predicament but because the pantomime is so contrived. The antics of the predator class were obvious back in the 90s and now it’s a complete trainwreck! Please ensure that you do take the time to laugh because it really is all so diabolical and completely ludicrous, plus it will raise your vibration! When you raise your vibration, you uplift those around you. While it’s important to know your enemy, it’s also important to realise how powerful you truly are. For all their frequencies, poisons, and mind control, the awakening of conscious awareness is unstoppable.

“The time? It’s about twelve o’pocalypse.”
― John Alejandro King

Consciousness Awakening

No matter where you find yourself right now, choose to value the life you are living. You are highly adaptable and well prepared on many levels of reality to deal with your chosen probabilities. As the Conscious Leader of your own life, you must gather the courage to believe in your own inner strength. Pay attention. When you focus that attention, your mind, body, and the subatomic levels of your being will start to gather new intelligence. The sounds, sights, and scents of nature create a hemispheric balance between the right and left sides of the brain, allowing you to tune in to what is occurring with greater precision and clarity. When you balance your body, you can integrate the new fields of energy that carry codes of consciousness for navigating this huge transformation – always with humour.

You are consciousness having an experience and by taking responsibility, you take your power back. The manipulators know that if they can bring you into certain states of being, certain waves of stress, and certain levels of fear that you are going to generate the vibrational frequency of those emotional states. In this way, you draw other sinking energies and stressful fearful emotional states towards you. They are influencing your reality by manipulating your state of being and they have known how this works for eons. Conscious leaders are responsible for what they are creating. They ask “what is it about me that’s pulling this in?” When you do this, you are saying that you have the power to control your reality. With the simple realisation of what is happening and why, the vibrational frequency you are broadcasting changes. This means you stop pulling negative kinds of things into your reality.

“For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction.”
― Cynthia Occelli

Phoenix Leaders Rising

You are here to restore dignity and full operability to the code-reading device that is your human body. With everything speeding up, remember that it is all a dance of energy, a swirling sea of subatomic particles that can be differentiated to become symbols of energy used to qualify the field for creative expression. At whatever level you are playing this game, it is about learning how to swim in symbols used to explain, explore and differentiate the field of existence in cooperation with other versions and interpretations of reality. Our species’ development involves direct learning through our experience of nature. Ultimately, you are responsible for what you create.

When people pay more attention to nature and care for the Earth rather than obsessing on war and financial portfolios, we will know the transition to greater awareness has truly taken hold. The land must be loved into vitality, and nature must be recognised and cherished as an intelligently designed interactive system of information that connects you to layers upon layers of multidimensional realities. Plants and creatures are very cooperative once you learn to focus your attention and communicate with them. Spend more of your time in nature; turn off the air-conditioning and open the windows, notice how the creatures keep the energy moving with their bustling activities. Immerse yourself in the sounds, sights, scents, and tastes that nature offers. In spite of what it looks like on lamestrem media, humanity is preparing to redefine the invisible world beyond the arguments and limitations of science and religion. Together we rise!

“The closer you come to knowing that you alone create the world of your experience, the more vital it becomes for you to discover just who is doing the creating.”
― Eric Micha’el Leventhal


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