Biometric Bindings For The AI Beast Feast

There is a dark wind influencing humanity, something that is not us but is in a parasitic relationship with us. As the veil thins, the agenda is becoming ever more apparent for those who have eyes to see. In the coming years, the predator class plans to transition our children to live in a world where the digital blends seamlessly with the physical. At first, they will make it fun so that kids and families don’t realise the entertainment spoof they are living in is a militarised video game run by state intelligence. Greedy FinTech is rapidly advancing new forms of digital bondage where public services become further privatised, and the debt associated with them is securitised, traded, and even shorted as pay-for-success deals and social impact bonds.

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  • Digital Child Labour: a growing form of self-expression and discovery for pre-teens
  • Revisiting the Concepts of “agency,” “self-sovereignty,” and “consensual” (and of course redefining, if necessary) Following on from the last session where we upgraded  ‘voluntary’ to now mean ‘mandatory’.
  • Universal Crypto/Blockchain Technology – CBDC & UBI – If you don’t want us to know, should you really be buying it anyway?
  • Decentralised, Secure, Interoperable Full-Spectrum Surveillance (via drones and implants where necessary) Did you eat your veges last night and get your 10,000 steps in?
  • Advancing the ONE WORLD Agenda (whatever the WEF/UN currently advocates today) while publicly pretending to oppose them of course.
  • Fun Inclusive Growth – Militarised gaming to Program Your Future (and passing it off as “in the best interest of kids and their families”)
  • Tweenie Startups – How to support your favela family on $1/day via 12-hour shifts of “first-person shooter gaming” (with 1 bathroom/meal break included)
  • BioTech Futures – How to artificially generate demand for increased use of toxic, unproven, self-assembling, gene-altering nanobots to “treat” non-existent viruses.
  • Carrot and Stick Nudging – Getting around the ethics of withholding/enforcing compulsory “diagnostic” QR, blockchain-based daily testing.

We welcome you, and all of the other marvellous members of our impressive community to “Liberation Land,” where the dream endures, ad infinitum, now in our 5th Year of bringing you the most outstanding liberation-related content. Are we liberated yet? There is only one way to find out. We hope you will join us. In truth, solidarity, equality, love and (sustainable) light. Liberation Land Co-Hosts (and our sponsors, the WEF/UN Stooges) 

“Now it seems that the nasty people are those who question the direction of our society, our loss of liberty, our submission to technology and domination of the security, industrial, military and pharmaceutical society (SIMP). We are living in the SIMP society and we are the Simpsons.”

― James Tunney

The Usual Cult-Owned Clowns

While the above is our attempt at a little humour, this freakshow could be closer than we think. On 21st September 2022, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced a $1.27 billion donation to accelerate progress towards the Agenda 2030 United Nations 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals. A portion of the funds will be used to launch a Global Digital ID. (Yes, you read that correctly) Initially, $200 million will be spent on “expanding the global digital public infrastructure,” their website says. The funds are to be used to help countries with “public health threats”, “pandemic response,” and of course “climate change” among other things. What exactly is this “global digital public infrastructure?” you may ask.

“These funds will help build out infrastructure that low and middle-income countries can use to better manage crises such as food shortages, health threats, and climate change, and to help rebuild after pandemics (because they are a ‘thing’ now) and economic problems. This infrastructure includes tools such as interoperable payment systems, digital identity credentials, data exchange systems, and civil registry databases.” Hey, Billy-Boy isn’t public enemy number one for nothing. He comes right out front and tells you he’s preying on the poor for economic gain. And he’s not the only fake philanthropist tech scumbag doing it, although we have to admit he does seem to be one of the loudest cult-owned dweebs. Here’s the thing: billionaires have mountains of capital to burn. They hire creative debt finance professors working with their MBA alumni at hedge funds and central banks to spin markets out of thin air. The billionaire class are long-livers, so they plan decades in advance. They also have the money to buy all sides – governments, academics, think tanks, labour, activists, journalists, even artists – and because of that, they can sit back and wait until all the pieces fall into place – which is when they flip the switch (cue evil laugh).

“Transhumanism is terrorism, for it is the very antithesis of life. Wasting precious resources on a pompous, narcissistic, and megalomaniacal dream of extending life through cold, mechanical means, instead of helping to improve the genuine human condition.”

― Abhijit Naskar

Parasite Playbook 1:01

Parasite 1:01 goes something like this: Establish equations that line up children to have their knowledge and skill attainment engineered, their worldview engineered, their mental health engineered, their physical activity engineered, and their nutrition engineered (cha-ching!). Now you’re talking BIG money! And the vile wickedness of this scheme is that it has already been sanctioned at the highest levels by the (supposed) best and brightest. Trusted ivy-league universities, prestigious think-tank figureheads, and Nobel Prize-winning economists like James Heckman at the University of Chicago whose human capital investment equation dangles a 13% return on investment in early childhood programs. (Do you hear the parasites salivating?) Those numbers are simply irresistible to portfolio managers.

Chasing the data to document the impact, and meet the performance measures of privatised social services, underpins what is about to transpire. Heckman’s equation as well as Clive Belfield’s equation for Social Emotional Learning were developed at Teachers College Columbia University – headquarters of Technocracy during the Great Depression – now new and improved with blockchain! The “solutions journalists” have ensured that to even question this agenda, and imply that “evidence-based” solutions may actually be a poison apple, must be some kind of conspiracy theory (of course!). The perfect crime!

“There is no fire like passion, there is no shark like hatred,
there is no snare like folly, there is no torrent like greed.”
― Siddharta Gautama

Smarter Play

Within a five to ten-year window, something as innocuous as recreation centres could become soul abattoirs, where children’s spirits are weighed, measured, and virtualised through ICT and wearable technologies to fuel ongoing hedge fund predation. The horrifying truth is that by the time all the pieces fall into place, children and their families may not even recognise how wrong it all is. This is why Conscious Leaders are stepping up now to talk about it. Below is a video about “Smarter Play,” tracking children as speculative data commodities on a seemingly innocent recreation centre playground. Kensington, in Philadelphia, is at the centre of the opioid crisis. This town is the equivalent of Rio’s favelas in terms of poor living conditions for children.

Education settings, both in and outside schools, will be managed as factories where physical, emotional, and cognitive profiles of children, and their compliance as good digital citizens, are harvested to feed insatiable markets. Children will be predictively profiled and merged into investment portfolios – positioned to be sliced and diced. Global capital must circulate, and it will be made to flow through financialised human bodies and minds and through financialised nature. This hijacking of natural life will be deemed “green,” “sustainable,” and “equitable.” Children will be made to think the real world can never be made right, so they are much better off living in the Metaverse where “social justice” can be coded into the system. The narrative framework that is being set up is that those advocating that the MATERIAL world to be made right are boorish, entitled superusers with “reality privilege,” at least according to Marc Andreessen (whose wife Laura Arrillaga helped set the stage for social impact investing in partnership with Stanford University and the Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund in the late 1990s).

“Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.”

― Pablo Picasso

Fundamental Digital ID

While the mainstream media keeps everyday people at each other’s throats through the strategic use of spectacle and partisan rhetoric, the truth is the installation of the digital panopticon is happening all around us right now with full bipartisan support. (You only need to look to your nearest government department website to see how your officials are selling your future down the road). There are many parallels between what is being set up for the children in Rio and what has happened to the children of Philadelphia and other poor communities over the past decade. Despite geographic distances, the playbook and many of the parasitic players remain the same.

What Silicon Valley needs next is digital ID, programmable money, and real-time geo-fencing to begin to enforce their planned cybernetic rebuilding of society. This will be systems engineering at scale, from individual neurons tweaked with targeted dopamine hits and nanotechnology, to entire populations groomed through ubiquitous computing embedded in smart-city mixed reality to offer up their data, interoperable on blockchain, to the hivemind. There will be gaming – lots of it – all framed in terms of saving the planet and solving poverty, of course. They have already set up the framework so that any attempt to resist such a noble cause appears unintelligent, selfish, and even racist. The plandemic was the practice run.

“There are people in the world so hungry that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

[Brazil] In the Kill Box

Brazil initiated outreach around a digital government strategy in 2016. A national strategy for Internet of Things deployment, prepared by McKinsey, was made public in 2019. As with all nation states pursuing e-government initiatives, Covid lockdowns hastened implementation. In 2020 the United Nations E-Government Development Index gave Brazil a very high rating (one of the top in the Americas) lauding adoption of distance learning, track and trace technologies, telemedicine, and remote work options (red flag!).

Officials participated in the UN’s “Roadmap for Digital Cooperation” effort, following the Estonia model, which was devised by stakeholders in 2018-19. Fabrizio Hochschild of Chile chaired. Beyond the UN agencies and world governments, representatives of dozens of influential companies, universities, and NGOs took part. Among them were Future of Life Institute, Alibaba, Microsoft, Mastercard, Ethereum, Gates Foundation, World Economic Forum, ARM, Cisco, Facebook, m-Pesa, Mozilla, Google, Graduate Institute of Geneva, Mitre, Verizon, UPenn, New America, DeepMind, Oxford Internet Institute, Ford Foundation, ICANN, and Omidyar Network. Take note: these organisations are NOT your friend.

“If we don’t truly know what something is programmed to do, chances are it is programming us. Once that happens, we may as well be machines ourselves.”

― Douglas Rushkoff

AI Beast Feast

The report’s focus areas included: global connectivity, digital public goods, digital inclusion and data, digital help desks, digital human rights, artificial intelligence, global commitment on trust and security, and digital cooperation architecture. Brazil was assigned to Artificial Intelligence (Yep – you read that right). Currently 45 million residents of Brazil are considered “digitally excluded.” The goal? Get everyone “connected” by 2030 with no one “left behind.”

The very early stages of digital identity in Brazil began two decades ago with the formation of ICP Brasil – Public Key Infrastructure whereby “digital signatures” are encrypted to authenticate transactions and make them legally valid. The intent was to advance transition to e-commerce and e-government. eIDs were first used for tax filing purposes and later for legal filings. In 2010 it was integrated into Civil Identity Registry with RFID chips as well as chipped passports. Digital identity research into public key infrastructure, including development of Ethereum smart contract university transcripts, is being carried out at the LabSec Computer Security Laboratory at the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Florianopolis.

“Serving humanity intelligently is held up as the “gold standard” of AI based systems. But, with the emergence of new technologies and AI systems with biometric data storage, surveillance, tracking, and big data analysis, humanity and society is facing a threat today from evilly designed AI systems in the hands of monster governments and irresponsible people. Humanity is on the verge of digital slavery.”

― Amit Ray

Biometric Bindings

The shift to online education during Covid created markets for digital proctoring software. Mastercard and AmigoEdu, an organisation that manages entrance exams and scholarship applications, joined to promote Meu ID. KYC (Know Your Customer) biometric authentication company IDwall provided infrastructure to link scans of driver’s licenses, facial recognition photos, and background checks onto one smartphone app (how convenient!). Once a person has their authenticated app-based digital ID, the idea is they would be able to use that digital ID to hold non-education related credentials such as those for banking, travel, or age-limited purchases like alcohol. In 2020, Brazil’s Central Bank CIP (Camara Interbancaria De Pagamentos) began working with IBM and Hyperledger to create a standardised blockchain Device ID. The system links the Brazilian Payment System with accounts that are authenticated with phone and behavioural biometric data. Device ID has the backing of the national bankers’ association, and Bradesco, the country’s largest bank launched the service in the summer of 2019.

The Metaverse will run on blockchain, and it must be coded into reality. Those at the top intend to get low-income youth do much of that work – either through unwaged or low-wage labour. They will likely also coerce kids into self-financing the training to earn the right to do that work, creating new debt products like ISAs (income share agreements) and Career Impact Bonds to further enrich the puppet masters. In fact, the parasite-infested World Bank is a research partner on “Program Your Future,” a training initiative  for “opportunity youth” run out of a community sports centre, Vila Olimpica Clares Nunes. They are documenting the model to create a base of evidence to demonstrate “positive social outcomes,” so low-cost training can then be brought to scale.

“There are no such words like “over-dreaming” or dreaming without “biometric verification”. You can dream over and over again! You don’t need a certificate to dream big!”

― Israelmore Ayivor

But it’s Fun – Right?

What do you know? Similar types of programs cultivating this demographic are cropping up around the world, like a gamified phone-based employment app targeting vulnerable children in Arizona, as young as sixteen, with digital nudges. The app scheduled for roll out in 2022 is being created by students at Arizona State University’s Smart City Innovation Centre in collaboration with Amazon Web Services and client St. Joseph The Worker’s Mission in Phoenix. App-based gig employment will ultimately be melded with online “lifelong learning” modules, since ASU is deeply involved in blockchain credentials and is rapidly moving forward with the dream of Michael Crow, ASU president and founding board chair of In-Q-Tel (red flag!), to create a billion-person university.

The Koch Foundation has been pouring money into expanding the school’s “trusted learner” network with “customised” learner journeys and mastery transcripts. All of these fancy names are nothing but data-mining to feed machine learning systems. In this way, we pressure the coming generations to remake the natural world as a militarised, synthetic counterfeit. Life on the ledger does not even come close to the reason for existence. As the Conscious Leader of your own life, will you stand by and passively watch on the sidelines while the parasites feed on humanity’s life-force? The only way out of the darkness is to enter into it, move through it and exit by way of a well lit door that only appears when you have the courage to do that. Our work is a candle in the dark that leads to that door.

“The secrets of alchemy exist to transform mortals from a state of suffering and ignorance to a state of enlightenment and bliss.”

― Deepak Chopra

Alchemising Trauma to Elevate

Even though some of these truths may be hard truths, they are worthy of consideration. Everyone, at one time or other, must deal with buried emotions that are tied to unexamined beliefs, which block the flow of energy in the body. Those who can feel and know soul-wrenching pain also have the capability to transcend difficulty and experience pure states of joy and ecstasy. Those with no emotional accessibility and depth are numb, often completely compartmentalised, or their inner and outer experiences are separated in their minds because of some type of trauma. Their determinations, projections, and perceptions of reality are, therefore, quite rigid and fixed in focus. The controllers – those playing the part of the villain – often resort to using trauma to steer the masses along paths of fear and confusion, and they do this for many and varied reasons. However, they can only do so because they lack an emotional connection between inner and outer realities.

Throughout time, violence and bloodshed have attracted many beings who require the dark energies of pain and confusion to hold liege over those humans controlling the planet. In the game of life, the dark forces play their parts well and are too powerful to be destroyed; they must be met and transformed through compassionate understanding of their purpose. From a larger vista of understanding, it takes a highly evolved being to take on the role of evil so as not to become indefinitely entrapped in the character. The controllers are actually important players in the game of freedom; they rule by psychological and spiritual manipulation because humanity refuses to confront its collective fear of remembering the past. Even with their power over humanity, the controllers are lonely and lacking in truth and trust. And the risk of soul entrapment remains ever- present. Here’s the thing: Conscious Leaders have already won. What you are seeing play out right now on the world stage is nothing more than a well-scripted movie – designed to awaken those who are still sleeping. Everything is about to change.

“When you blame, you open up a world of excuses, because as long as you’re looking outside, you miss the opportunity to look inside, and you continue to suffer.”

― Donna Quesada

Conscious Awareness and Higher Purpose

Deception is an old tool that is only effective because you choose denial rather than facing the implications of what is obvious. Awareness is an all-empowering tool for recognising the failure to acknowledge ignorance. As the Conscious Leader of your own life, you must learn to trust your feelings, as well as your intuition, and then you will know when a truth or a falsehood is presented. Unfortunately, many people never fully realise the disinformation that steers them away from seeing the bigger picture of reality. How far must the lies and deceit proceed until humanity is willing to relinquish its denial? To understand Earth School, you must journey into the depths of your inner being, where you can reclaim your sensibilities from patterns tucked away in the ancient code of your DNA. Never underestimate your own personal power to change the world because as you emerge from denial, your probable choices dramatically increase. Remember to always ask yourself: Why did I create this? What are my lessons, the gifts of opportunity, and what can I learn from this?

Our intent is to convey layers of information that will trigger memories stored deep inside of you. Your cells are always exchanging information with the cosmos and with the Earth, throughout layers of time. Choose to open yourself to explore Earth’s mysteries. A substantial portion of the civilised world appears to be rapidly racing toward doom by investing in beliefs of immense falsehoods. Earth is always alert and ever aware, and works in great cooperation with the thought-forms— the ideas and feelings—that she receives. It is most important to have respect for yourself and respect for Earth and all of nature. Nature will not become obsolete by a scientific fanaticism bent on capturing the souls of people and transforming them into robotic, electronic beings. Even if you do not understand her many mysteries, spend time with her and she will reveal them to you. No matter what you think is occurring, many more layers of purpose are always involved. Your greatest gift to the human legacy is the achievement of an open, questing mind, which is at home with the rapid reconsideration of reality steadily redefining the course of human experience. Civilizations evolve and grow from the ideas that are fed into them, and you are a highly creative being free to build any version of the world you want. Together we rise!

“The deep down question is: Where do you put your attention? (which is the only resource we really have in the end). Where do you invest your attention? And does that make life better for you, for people you care about, for your community, or for communities that may be distant from you but that you care about a lot for whatever reason?”

― John Green


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