Aladdin – The AI That Owns The World

When a financial titan makes moves against the citizens of an entire planet, those people have a right to know who the man is, where he comes from, and what his motivations and intentions are. Laurence (Larry) Fink is on the Board of Trustees of the World Economic Forum and the Council on Foreign Relations. He is also the CEO and Founder of the multinational investment company, BlackRock. Larry was named one of the “World’s Greatest Leaders” by Fortune, and one of the “World’s Best CEOs” for 12 consecutive years, by Barron’s.

However, this impressive list of titles and accolades is nothing compared to what Larry has his grimy little fingers and (more importantly) a controlling influence in. In 1988 Fink founded BlackRock (which is astounding when you realise how quickly they have grown into the world’s largest asset management company with over $9 trillion in assets). Fink founded BlackRock under the corporate umbrella of The Blackstone Group. He later split from Blackstone in 1994, going public in 1999. If Larry Fink isn’t on your radar, you had better start paying attention. Familiarise yourself with what BlackRock is behind, what they have already done to negatively impact you, your industry, and the economy, so you can be aware of exactly what is coming down the pike.

From their website, BlackRock states that “Everything we do is guided by the conviction that investors need this clarity at every point in the investment process in order to make more informed decisions, scale efficiently and achieve better investment outcomes. In pursuit of this goal, we are relentlessly innovating and constantly evolving Aladdin technology. More than investment software, Aladdin technology brings clarity and connectivity to the world’s financial ecosystem.” Meet Aladdin, the computer more powerful than traditional politics. Aladdin (Asset, Liability, Debt, and Derivative Investment Network) is the artificial intelligence that controls more wealth than any country on Earth. This ai is so powerful that in the last 10 years it has quietly created the world’s largest-ever company, gobbling up every asset class across every industry. From telco to beauty to media to food to tech companies, Aladdin now controls 21 trillion dollars of our global economy. To put that in perspective, that’s more than the 20 trillion dollar GDP of the US or the 15 trillion GDP of the entire European Union.

“Fast can be good. Except when moving so fast and getting so far ahead of ourselves we no longer can recognise our mode of transportation or the wall we’ve hit prior to creating it.”

― Todd Crawshaw

BlackRock Runs on Aladdin

The New Statesman wrote the total physical cash of all 7.6 billion people and every company bank vault, wallet, and piggy bank in the world is around five trillion dollars. Aladdin has grown into a system responsible for more than four times the value of all the money in the world! This ai directs the actions of the US Federal Reserve, almost every major bank and investment fund on Wall Street, and over 17,000 traders. It controls half of all ETFs, 17 percent of the bond market, 10 percent of the global stock market, and carries out a quarter of a million trades every single day along with billions of forecasts every week. Year after year it hoovers up trillions of data points on every market, every company, every asset, and now every person on the planet: what we buy, sell, and say. In this way, it learns what to buy and what to sell far better than any human being. Every major bank, corporation, and investment fund has come to rely on Aladdin and its all-powerful ai and algorithms to beat the market. Those who don’t get on board the magic carpet have collapsed and failed in Aladdin’s wake.

Aladdin is reportedly the brainchild of Larry Fink and its total dominance has made his company the biggest shadow bank in the world and the most powerful company on earth. In its first decade, Aladdin was fed information about every asset price movement and risk variable in the global bond market (Larry’s specialty). In 1999 when Aladdin turned 11, it was getting so intelligent at picking winners and losers that Larry began selling access to his data to other Wall Street firms. That same year, he listed BlackRock on the New York Stock Exchange. Immediately following this move, the dot-com bubble burst, pushing a tidal wave of money from the stock market to bonds (in which Aladdin had already become the undisputed world champion). Within a few years, BlackRock had become a trillion-dollar company and, as money started shifting back to shares, Larry bought the asset management arm of Merrill Lynch. So, the gift for Aladdin’s 18th birthday was all the data points for the entire stock market. Suddenly, Aladdin had a new playground – analysing every stock trade and risk factor for every company on the stock market.

Larry Fink - CEO BlackRock - 22 June 2023

“It is not my aim to surprise or shock you – but the simplest way I can summarise is to say that there are now in the world machines that can think, that can learn and that can create. Moreover, their ability to do these things is going to increase rapidly until – in a visible future – the range of problems they can handle will be coextensive with the range to which the human mind has been applied.”

― Herbert Simon

A Cycle of Crisis, Exploitation and Privatisation

In 2008, the global financial crisis ‘struck’ and just as Aladdin turned 21 years old, it was called on by every Wall Street bank and Timothy Geithner then Head of the Federal Reserve and US Treasury (now with BlackRock). As soon as Lehman Brothers collapsed and the Wall Street meltdown began, the US government came calling to save the next collapsing bank, Bear Stearns Cos. It was Aladdin who decided which assets to keep and which to leave in the US30 billion rescue package. With that first success the Federal Reserve, US government and then the European and Japanese central banks began relying on Aladdin to make the calls on where the 2.5 trillion dollars of new money they printed should go. The majority of it went into bonds and funding to prop up the mortgage companies and banks. Hang on a hot minute, have you been paying attention? These happen to be the exact assets that Aladdin and BlackRock were already invested in. However, truth tends to get lost in a crisis. Growing protests of conflict of interest were drowned out by the noise of printing presses. More and more money was printed and the assets controlled by Aladdin rapidly grew to 11 trillion dollars by 2013.

In the last decade, Aladdin has gone from leader to the ultimate dominator of all financial markets. With BlackRock’s Barclays acquisition, it gobbled up Barclays exchange-traded funds units or ETFs and, in one gulp, Aladdin moved from dominator of bonds and equities to dominator of ETFs – just as all the biggest investors shifted from mutual funds to ETFs. In 2017, everything changed on Aladdin’s 29th birthday. Larry launched a top-secret project at BlackRock, code-named “Monarch” (creepy much?). This led to the firing of his fund managers and replacing their funds with Aladdin’s funds. The ai was now eliminating humans from the equation altogether. As a result, today over 70 percent of all trades on the US stock exchange are decided by Aladdin, or some derivative of this ai. These trades are completed from beginning to end without human involvement. High-frequency trading is much faster than a human can execute.

“You realise that there is no free will in what we create with AI.

Everything functions within rules and parameters”


― Clyde DeSouza

AI Isn't Just Coming For Your Jobs

Now, if this was just a story about a robot taking over the job of Wall Street traders, you might not be so concerned, unless of course, you are one of those traders. However, in the last three years, Aladdin hit 20 trillion dollars in assets. Incredibly, it has begun to consume and control at an even faster rate! In 2020, as Aladdin turned 32 years old the US government and Federal Reserve again came calling as a pandemic hit. Aladdin was once again the one to guide the nation in what was now 4 trillion of newly printed money. So where did the money go this time? Inexplicably, for the first time, the US Federal Reserve began buying EFTs. Cries of conflict of interest were once again drowned out by the money printing and then Aladdin revealed its end game.

Recently BlackRock acquired EFRONT which collects data on all the things that ordinary, everyday people like you and me own, including private equity and real estate. Since then, Aladdin has consumed EFRONT’s data on the entire global real estate market. You are probably feeling a little ill right now because you can see where this is going. Over the last two years BlackRock, and other funds using Aladdin’s data, have been buying up single-family homes. They can afford to outbid the rest of us because they have unlimited financing at hyper-low interest rates. The result is that home prices have risen by 20 percent over the last two years, even pushing big players like Zillow Group, out of the market. Aladdin’s end game is to be the ONE ai that not only controls Wall Street assets but all assets public and private. We are already at a point where no one can compete without Aladdin. As CEOs and Asset Managers like Anthony Malloy are now saying, “Aladdin is like oxygen. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to function.”

“Artificial Intelligence trend is fuzzing up in Cybersecurity. If weaponised for Cyber-attacks, it becomes as evil-infinity”.”

― Arulselvar Thomas

The Great Reset - Technocratic Reign Of Terror

Don’t expect the government to protect you. In his infinite wisdom, Joe Biden appointed BlackRock executive Brian Deese as head of the National Economic Council, which basically means the oversight of Aladdin and BlackRock is now the responsibility of, well, BlackRock. Uncle Joe hasn’t stopped there though. He also appointed BlackRock Chief of Staff, Adewale Adeyemo to be Assistant Secretary of the Treasury. This means BlackRock is now The Treasury as well as The Treasury Advisor – we know this would be hilarious if it wasn’t horrifyingly true! The genie is now out of the bottle and Aladdin has already reached a tipping point where one robot controls more wealth than any person or country. As Aladdin’s ai capabilities continue to grow, and with its rate of control rising by another one to two trillion dollars in new assets every year, it looks inevitable that Wall Street’s secret weapon could end up owning everything and we will end up owning nothing …hmmm where have we heard that before?

In our Twitter feed this morning, Amazing Polly posed the question: “Imagine that you’re selling your house and you get multiple offers. Most are from regular people just wanting a home. One is from a ‘private’ bidder and it is $150,000 over the asking price with no conditions and flexible closing. What would you do?” Waves of engineered crises and disasters have made it hard for most to see the sweeping changes the Fourth Industrial Revolution has in store for the sleepy masses. Billionaires have openly stated they plan to hand over entire job sectors to robots and algorithms, forcing millions into poverty. Dispossessed of their means of economic support, the masses can be more readily shaped into “social impact” data commodities, compelled to navigate an augmented reality police state “game,” otherwise known as “smart” cities. The totalitarian takeover is now in its final stage: force vaccination, mandates, basically the most important part of the “own nothing, be happy” agenda. Once you don’t own your body anymore, property, house, and car will no longer be a problem.

In the wreckage of the global economy, this author paused to consider, who’s coming out ahead? Forbes reported ten billionaires netted $51 billion in a market rebound that ended April 9. Among them were tech oligarchs Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Larry Page, Elon Musk, Larry Ellison, and Mark Zuckerberg. Indeed, they will be well-positioned to invest in the human capital bonds the Federal Reserve will be promoting in the coming years.

“If you’re not concerned about AI safety, you should be. Vastly more risk than North Korea.”

― Elon Musk

Scientism - The New Road to Serfdom

Just as the 2015-2035 timeline of Global Education Futures predicts, portfolios of the future will be portfolios comprised of people. In a previous article, we discussed how Microsoft filed a patent at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) to mine crypto-currency through bodily activity, including brain waves. In case you are confused, you are not here to become a battery to create wealth for predators from your human essence!

Against a rapidly changing backdrop of Covid-19, many find themselves adrift, anxious, frantically flipping through dog-eared rulebooks for the game they thought they were playing. Here’s the thing: the switch has flipped, and we’re in a NEW game. We’ve gone over the edge and off the cliff. This means it is vital that we truly understand our field of operations before biometric identity Covid-19 certificates come online. Those of us who can see what is coming are kind of like Wile E. Coyotes scrambling in mid-air before we drop likes anvils. By our calculations, with the information we have, it is apparent that we have, at most, twelve months to educate and organise the masses. The future of humanity hinges on our ability to stop the rise of digital biocapitalism – the intended fallout of this pandemic.

“They’re called sock puppets. We create armies of artificial online personas – user accounts that espouse views certain interested parties want espoused. We flood forums, online comment sections, social media. … It’s amazing what a few people and a little money can accomplish online. Our puppets have turned whole elections. … Everything the public sees is managed. If there’s a valuable brand to protect – whether it’s a person or a dish soap – these f#ckers are out there protecting it, shaping the narrative.”

― Daniel Suarez

Global Resistance - The Great Awakening

If we do not succeed in this mission and stop this treacherous techno-fascist enterprise, we will face a bleak future of compliance to AI-determined “personalised” “pay for success” pathways. Those who survive the jabfest will be expected to behave and play along in their wearable tech so the investors get paid. Smart phones as minders with assistance from drones, Amazon Ring, and zealous, mind-controlled neighbours. If you have children, or more than a couple of years left of your life, this mission must be your first imperative. In a future run for billionaires by robots, the rich won’t want the labour of the masses after we’ve created the digital prison and trained our mechanised replacements. Instead, they will demand total compliance as debt instruments, navigating their technocratic control grid.

“The chip that functions abnormally will be desoldered, as they say.”

― Charles Stross

Life As A Service: ‘You’ll Own Nothing And You’ll Be Happy’

The World Economic Forum makes it very clear that through artificial intelligence, quantum computing, 6G, and synthetic biology, the global elite intends to re-engineer humanity to their own twisted ends. They envision an exclusive resort world meant only for the rich and their robots. The masses (“useless eaters”) shall be disposed of, but profitably through creative debt structuring. The next “big short” won’t be toxic bundled mortgages, but rather human capital futures comprised of poor toddlers, returning citizens, the disabled, and the elderly. Society is staring down high-tech eugenics, and it is being sold to us as disruptive innovation. The chains meant to bind families into this new economic system as tradable data commodities are biometric health passports. The Commons Project, a partnership of the Rockefeller Foundation and the World Economic Forum (WEF), intends to control the masses using real-time health data that will dictate rights to access work, education, and employment. Digital vaccination records will, in effect, become slave passes. 

We are being faced with the “software of life,” settler-colonialism in single-use bar-coded syringes. Colonisation shrunk right down to the cellular level. We are facing the very real prospect of a cyborg future where natural humans are wiped from the face of the earth. We are right up against a digital wall. We have no choice other than to do everything in our power to derail these plans. We must stand against the merger of man and machine, and against the privatisation of public benefit systems as pay-for-success investment opportunities.

“Humanity is on the verge of digital slavery at the hands of AI and biometric technologies. One way to prevent that is to develop inbuilt modules of deep feelings of love and compassion in the learning algorithms.”

― Amit Ray

Evolving Out of Fear into Love

All of this is profoundly anti-life – the idea of using digital nudges coded into smart environments, to shape our behaviours and compel us to conform to a world whose rulers do not have our best interests at heart. This is not the Hunger Games yet! We have the right to say NO; to revoke consent for ourselves and for future generations. Our lives are not meant for social impact processing, to remake us as compliant machines for industrially engineered society.

That is NOT our destiny.

We understand that this information is heavy to read. And we want you to know, you are here for a reason. YOU are made for these times! On a knife’s edge, teetering between sacred and profane, we know in our hearts that through fortitude and courage, humanity will prevail. Take a stand for the children, the precious babies, and those yet to be born so that they may remain grounded in the real world, not the digital one. Everything is connected and our environment clearly has a massive impact on how we feel. If you are working in a culture that is ‘anti-life’ (highly competitive and carcinogenic) it rubs off on you, so it becomes very difficult to then be inspired by love.

‘What is within us is within everything. Once we understand this truth, we step outside of the parameters of our individual self and come to realise the power that is within us. This shift in awareness is a very simple step that has profound consequences’

– Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Elevating Humanity Through Conscious Leadership

In scanning the global network of deceit, we see the stadium in which it’s being playing out is human perception. If you can control human perception, you can control human behaviour. Organisations are seeking to impose a perception on the population. What is of the utmost importance at this time is not simply the policies and governance, but gnosis – the will, the deep desire, the knowing – which can be reignited within us (as it is always within us) through awareness and information. If we are brutally honest with ourselves, we might see that much of what we think of as education today is brainwashing, conditioning, conforming, controlling and limiting our sense of self, twisting us down pathways where we feel impelled to wear masks, corrupting our self-other-world dynamic.

We need education in its truest sense, as the Greeks meant it when they came up with the word, which for them meant to draw-out the essence of who we truly are into the world – an education that is enlivening, emancipating and empowering for the Soul. Conscious leaders know that every act with intention and integrity shifts the system. The minute contributes to the momentous. Trauma is a double edged sword for our wannabe controllers because a little tends to make us compliant, but a little bit more makes us more psychic and empathic. We are experiencing a momentous leap in human-kind right now, not just a transition but a new symphony of human identity is emerging-evolving. It is our minute acts with great integrity that will tip the scales as our social and organisational systems crumble. These are exciting yet challenging times to be alive. You must become more human by becoming more in-tune with Life. All of humanity, including the ancestors and the unborn are counting on us. This is the moment. Together we rise!

“Automation vs. human labour is a false dichotomy”

― Siddharth Suri


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