Inversion – Prime Directive of the Deep State Dark Cult

Rapid, sudden, and surprising shifts are our now new normal, as we learn to surf each incoming wave. Even if you were not paying close attention, you may have noticed the pace of events has sped up significantly over the past few weeks and months. The race is on for the ultimate capture and control of human consciousness. Life on Earth is being reimagined by techno-sorcerers as commodified 1s and 0s to enable a gamified, militarised mixed reality.

As the world continues to wake up to a new ugly truth, daily, it’s important not to fall into despair. If you do trip up, do your best not to stay there. Many more shocking truths are surfacing and we are about to find out that most, if not all, of our cultural history has been completely fabricated. Much of what is about to come to light will disturb and disgust you. Some of it will tear at your very soul and leave you sobbing in a heap. The controllers play by the rules of inversion, which creates a collective amnesia for the masses over time. However, the floodgates are beginning to open, and nothing can stop what is coming. You are here to take part in The Great Awakening. As you begin to comprehend more of the truth, you will start to understand that the real battle has never been about socialism versus capitalism, black versus white, or men versus women. Those are merely distractions to keep us divided and controlled. The real conflict has always been about Life (live) versus anti-life (the inversion of live, which is evil).

“May we all stand tall together in the face of those forces, here and elsewhere, that seek to enslave us.”
― Sol Luckman

Deep State Dark Cult

We appear to live in one world when we actually live in two. There’s the world of population that gets its information through what we bravely call the education system, and also through religion and the mainstream media. That information is strictly limited. The masses are not supposed to know how the world is controlled and to what end. We are not supposed to be aware of the methods of psychological manipulation employed to reach that end and, crucially, we are denied the understanding of who we truly are and the true nature of our reality. Then, there is the world of the global cult – a worldwide spiders web of interconnected organisations, secret societies, and semi-secret groups. Members of these groups are appointed positions in governments, government agencies, banking systems, corporations, and so on. The cult world hoards knowledge and information and hides it from the population. It only passes on this knowledge via the upper levels of the secret society network through its levels of initiation and degree.

The difference between the two worlds is knowledge and, fundamental to that knowledge is the knowledge of reality itself. The cult uses techniques from the understanding of what reality is and how we interact with it while keeping it from the population. That knowledge advantage is the whole foundation of human control. When we talk about The Great Awakening, this means waking up (en masse) from the trance and the ignorance that this cult has enslaved us in from cradle to grave, because that’s what it’s for. That’s why the education system is not about education; it’s about indoctrination and the suppression of education. That’s why the media is also about the suppression of knowledge when the opposite should be the case. For the population to be maintained in ignorance, it has to be kept from the knowledge that the cult has. This is why virtually everything in the human world is inverted. Here’s the thing: if people want the truth about anything, there’s a very simple way of getting close to it – whatever authority tells you, invert it.

“The Bohemian Grove has held secret meetings for the global elite since 1873 in a redwood forest of northern California. In addition to Republican presidents Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, and George H. W. Bush, members have included James Baker, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, David Rockefeller, William Casey, and Henry Kissinger. Each year, the members don red, black, and silver robes and conduct a ritual in which they worship a giant stone owl.”
― Craig Unger

Transformations of the Human

With its fusion of our physical, biological, and digital identities, the fourth industrial revolution under the great reset is poised to program people like central bank digital currencies. Once we give up our humanity, the game is over – forever. While there still may be hierarchically-ordered human overlords, as in presumed oligarchic families, this new hyper-connected society (currently in R&D and initial deployment) will be decentralised. It is also crucial to grasp that the perpetuating notion of central authority (AKA the head of the snake) will still be conjured by this evolving system to serve as a veil, while the decentralised infrastructure is being built behind the curtain.

Once the infrastructure is sound and self-sufficient (as per the techno-wizards propelled by techno-foresight, the curtain will open for the next act of the “Brave New World.” If you are still finding the technical leap hard to fathom, the Berggruen Institute’s “Transformations of the Human” project is here to help. The effort is led by Tobias Rees, a human science researcher pursuing fieldwork in the microbiome, neuroscience, global health, labour, and governance. The four-minute clip below lays out his thesis: “It is as if the logic that is implicit in the vocabulary we have to think about ourselves as human, to experience ourselves as human, to make sense of ourselves as human doesn’t work anymore.” (according to whom?)

Institutions connected with Transformations of the Human and h.Earth (an initiative to embed artists and humanities scholars in science labs to facilitate the creation of new narrative framing for public acceptance of the Internet of Bio-Nano Things) include the US Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (LBL), affiliated with UC Berkeley, and Stanford’s bioengineering and human-centered AI programs. Other Transformations of the Human clients include Google, Google Quantum AI, X The Moonshot Factory, Facebook AI, Element AI, and Commonsense Machines.

“Algorithm without humanity is digital barbarism.”
― Abhijit Naskar

Visionary Futurists and Crypto Pioneers

Eric “Astro” Teller, the grandson of Edward “father of the hydrogen bomb” Teller, is another individual who spoke (remotely) at the Japan Science and Technology Agency’s Moonshot Project launch in December of 2019. He did so in his capacity as “Captain of Moonshots” at Google X, one of Transformations of the Human’s clients. Tobias Rees’s position as a Parsons’ humanities professor was sponsored by tech entrepreneur Reid Hoffman who co-founded LinkedIn and now pursues angel investing through Greylock Partners. Hoffman is also the primary funder of Transformations of the Human. If you have a plan to “transform” humans, it’s to be expected that you will also need to create a “transformed” world for them to inhabit because it’s all about fictitious value creation from data!

Last month Reid Hoffman was featured as one of sixteen emerging technology investors, along with Joseph Lubin of Ethereum/Consensys, supporting the launch of Peter Vessenes’s LAMINA1, a base layer for an Open Metaverse. Vessenes’s collaborator on the project is futurist Neal Stephenson. Stephenson is a cyberpunk science fiction author who has been writing about mixed reality and nanotechnology since the early 1990s. In fact, it was Stephenson who coined the term Metaverse in his novel Snow Crash, and this is not Stephenson’s first venture into mixed reality. He was an advisor to Magic Leap VR as the company worked to come up with cost-effective, functional models of wearable computing.

“Virtual world exists and now after metaverse boom virtual world is developing very fast and time is not far away we all will start living in a virtual world”
― Anuj Jasani

Globalisation and Globotics

Magic Leap is the type of wearable that will be needed before mixed reality and spatial computing can truly scale. The consensus seems to be that Magic Leap is not so magic – it overpromises and under-delivers. Even so, there is an imperative to create an environment in which devices like this become as normal as cell phones are today. They must also be made available at a sufficiently reduced price point so that people can be boosted into the telepresence labour pool. Those in power may not have the technology up to speed just yet, but they are not about to stop trying. The new Globalisation 4.0 paradigm depends on wearable computers interfacing with blockchain, holograms, and remote robotics. These systems are meant to disconnect us from our material selves and unleash profoundly destabilising economic forces into the world. The new game is blockchchained skill badges (SBTs) that will enable AI to rank and sort applicants for global gigs for the lowest wages. While the tech-heads rush to embrace crypto as a technology of “liberation,” they don’t seem to comprehend how globotics can only undermine feeble attempts to protect living-wage jobs in their communities.

As cognisant human beings, we can wilfully refuse our consent to a “new world order,” but only if we understand what this new model truly entails. Hint: if you are still reading analyses decoding Davos, The Great Reset, and Agenda 2030, these are only scratching the surface. It is time to dig deeper and we don’t have much time. DARPA’s Smart Non-invasive Assays of Physiology (SNAP) program is developing a device that can quickly quantify, at point-of-person, the variety of molecular biomarkers necessary to predict task performance across a wide range of military roles. Those biomarkers, such as nucleic acids, proteins, hormones, and metabolites, will come from biofluids… do you really think they will just stop at the military? IARPA has authorised their SMART ePANTS program to weave hidden spy tech into clothing. And RAND warns “People should rethink privacy, anonymity, safety, wellbeing & fundamental freedoms’ ahead of 5G.”

“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery – air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, this is what it is to be happy.”
― Sylvia Plath

Calling All Guardians!

In the coming years, global financiers, will attempt to meld dynamic pricing and mobile payments with biometric digital identity, Internet of Body sensors, and blockchain smart contracts and then weave it all into an expansive spatial web meant to control our social and economic relations in both the material world and, through digital assets, rights and privileges, in the Metaverse as well. This is a time for clarity. Any resistance movement that is not prepared to protect our children, especially the vulnerable ones, from digital predation has lost its way. The dominators’ victory is not a foregone conclusion. Keepers of natural life will find a way.

Minds that only work three dimensionally cannot solve the problems of the world; they can only make them worse. Those who see themselves as being ‘in charge’ of world events are not able to understand the actual nature of the problems they are supposed to deal with, therefore, they cannot change them for the better. For example, those trained in banking tend to have a two dimensional thinking process. They can see only ledgers, numbers and material gain. Those heading massive corporations see only what their corporations can profit from and how to make them ever more profitable. Those who go into politics accept the three dimensional prison that politics is. Anyone thinking outside this box won’t last long in politics… and the list goes on.

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”
― Plutarch

Conscious Leadership - From Dark to Light

So long as this status quo prevails, no change for the better can happen on the global stage. That stage is the place where all attention is focussed, and so from which all actions emanate. Two and three-dimensional actions are bereft of insight, wisdom, truth or courage. Only those with the genuine breadth of vision, qualities of conscious leadership, and a deep devotion to the manifestation of truth, with love, can fulfill the necessary qualities to direct our planet in the way we all want and long for. At this point, joining together in refusing to cooperate with those who we know are capable of improving the health and welfare of humanity and the natural world, is the only strategy to end their destructive reign.

Our path to victory demands dedication. Dedication to listening to our hearts, not our minds. Only to our minds when they are first informed by our hearts and by a sound sense of life-affirming community. It is time to ditch all distractions from this path. Only that which supports our great awakening must be put at the top of our ‘must do’ list from now on. And the further items down that list must all be in support of this great affirmation, this passion for truth. There is no other task. If we fail to listen and act on the voice of our deepest hearts and intuitions, we can never be free. That message, determinedly put into practice in the outside world, will unlock the gates of all barricades erected to disempower us – and will set us free. Together we rise!

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”
― Coco Chanel


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