5 Tips for Setting Powerful Intentions During Endtimes Madness

It’s the year 2023 and villains at the World Economic Forum have captured our media and supply chains, holding our countries to ransom. The parasites behind globalism, closing farms, 15-minute cities, and digital track and trace met in Davos last week to plot more attacks on nature, humanity, and basic freedoms. They look down on everyday people as peasants in a world they claim to control. We have thoroughly documented the Transhumanist endgame to take over all genetic material on Earth. This article is indicative. Although mRNA is the current vector for changing biological functions, direct DNA manipulation is incoming. The maniacal gene scientists and their heavily compromised funders see no problem with hijacking life itself, so they must be forcefully rejected in every word and deed.

This morning, just as #BillGatesBioTerrorist was trending, Elon Musk tweeted: “My reason for declining the Davos invitation was not because I thought they were engaged in diabolical scheming, but because it sounded boring AF lol” We would argue that is precisely the point! Most people have kids to wrangle, bosses to appease, and bills to pay. The last thing they are interested in is a bunch of ugly old billionaires swanning about a Swiss ski resort plotting the next steps in world domination. This year’s theme, “Cooperation in a Fragmented World,” focuses on the manufactured “cost of living crisis.” News that Darth Schwab had pulled out flooded social media, but alas – there he was for the opening ceremony (or perhaps it was a well-executed hologram) before his wife took over the introductions. Schwab barely finished his opening remarks at WEF 23 when a Swiss MP was already promoting the 15-minute city concept where people will no longer ‘need’ cars. He encouraged punishing businesses that don’t adhere to climate agreements. It only began 3-years ago with a mask and now we are faced with smart carless cities, 100% surveillance, no meat or dairy, and the prospect of eating nothing but state-imposed bug burgers because we won’t need much to be “poor but happy”. This projected future will be dark and it will not have anything to do with climate change.

Simultaneously in lock-step, the cult-coordinated Scottish government announced plans to impose 30% cuts in road travel, to discourage use and eventually end travel in private vehicles. No one voted for this. The rights of free people to decide their own destiny is once again being trampled underfoot to meet randomly imposed UN targets. The globalist parasites have penetrated governments down to the local level. Laws will not be imposed at a state or federal level, but rather through your local council. For example: on 29th November 2022 Oxfordshire County Council approved plans to lock residents into one of six zones to ‘save the planet’ from global warming. The latest step in the ’15-minute city’ agenda places electronic gates on key roads in and out of the city, confining residents to their own neighbourhoods. The people are not happy. Under the new scheme if residents want to leave their zone they need permission from the Council which gets to decide who is worthy of freedom and who is not. Residents are allowed to leave their zone for a maximum of 100 days per year. In order to gain this “freedom” every resident must register their car details with the council which will then track their movements via smart cameras around the city.

“Not all con-artists are billionaires, but every billionaire is a con-artist.”

― Abhijit Naskar

Creepy Annual Crystal Awards

A gathering of global parasites wouldn’t be complete without all the garish pomp of a lavish awards ceremony. One of this year’s recipients of a Crystal Award was Maya Lin – Sustainable Architect for the regreening agenda. In her speech to a group of billionaires, who paid upwards of $79k to attend a week of fine wine and extravagant food, having arrived on private jets (flown by unjabbed pilots), she stood at the podium with a straight face and sanctimoniously stated that you could fit the entire population of the world into something the size of Poland, or the state of New Mexico. By shoving people into tiny house stack-and-pack systems, the entire population could just be forced into a tiny area of the world so that we can “re-green the planet”. In the ultimate act of psychological projection, she described human beings as “devouring the planet” through their misdeeds. She went on to say that the people of Earth are having a “non-stop party” spending trillions on alcohol and tobacco that needs to immediately stop. Instead, the world’s population should spend their money on saving the planet from the fragility of nature. By reforming forestry practices, reforming agricultural and ranching practices, and restoring forests, grasslands, and wetlands, nature-based solutions could potentially offset and sequester significant amounts of the world’s carbon emissions (50–90%).

Here’s the thing: The planet is not fragile. Nature is not fragile. Every primary school child knows that carbon dioxide sustains plant and animal life on earth through its role in photosynthesis. CO2 is hugely important in avoiding a decline into a global deep freeze. Global warming has stopped and now we are faced with global cooling, as those who were paying attention suspected. Those with eyes to see also realise that this narrative is nothing more than a UN-led scam to grab control of the $6 trillion world energy market, for the WEF globalists. NOAA released the graph below to show how temperatures have been falling since 2015, NOT rising. The re-greening 15-minute city narrative is straight out of the totalitarian Agenda 21. Urban reorganisation to limit dwellers to a 15-minute radius by bicycle or foot traffic paves the way for outright “climate lockdown” similar to pandemic lockdowns. In reality, the “15-minute city” is a step toward an urban gulag where people will be kept like ants in an ant farm.

“You couldn’t do this and you couldn’t do that, but life went on.”

― Anne Frank

Puppets and Stooges of the Arts

Another recipient of a Crystal Award was Renée Fleming for the “Neuro-Arts Blueprint“. She described brain scanning technology as the “path forward” in new research targetting “child development and disorders of ageing”. While music has its place in health and healing, Music on the Mind is nothing more than a thinly disguised agenda with the Johns Hopkins University (Covid Money) to use sound and high frequency wave technology to program the mind. Mind Control en masse! The transhumanist’s patterns of play are so obvious, they are laughable.

Still, it was with complete and utter disbelief, that we watched UN ambassadors, actor Idris and his wife, Sabrina Alba take the stage to claim that Davos is a platform for protesters. There is a 2.5 mile radius checkpoint around the Davos ski resort with 5000 heavily armed militarised police. That’s right: all unapproved media are kept out via armed forces, yet hundreds of sex-workers come and go as ordered. Idris then went on to tout the wonders of synthetic biotech bugs to feed the world – ugh! The new planetary diet is grown from megafarms of locusts, Miele worms, and all kinds of insects you would never even consider consuming. The bugs are being ground up and surreptitiously snuck into our food system, much like Senomyx’s cell line, HEK293 which is derived from the kidney cells of an aborted baby. And it doesn’t stop there. The pharmaceutical industry has been quietly at work for years now concocting excuses and methods to inject livestock (whose flesh will eventually end up in human digestive tracts) with mRNA frankenshots marketed as “vaccines.” In this way, they can inoculate whole populations. Transhumanism whether you want it or not!

The World Economic Forum is a fanatical political organisation that uses fear and manipulation (like Covid hysteria and the global warming hoax) to mind control the masses into somehow thinking they are our saviours. In reality, most people mindlessly help these power-crazed lunatics to accomplish their fiendish goals. The WEF is a global public-private fascist movement and fusion of Big Government, Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Money to create a technocratic ruling ‘elite’ which, conveniently, is them. Their ultimate goal is to “centralise power into the possession of hand-picked global elites” and they operate with zero public input or accountability. They are looking to create Feudalism 2.0 in which we are serfs and they are the lords ruling over us in a virtual reality game. The WEF must be immediately shut down and all globalist leaders removed from office and investigated for heinous crimes against humanity.

“No amount of charity in spending such fortunes can compensate in any way for the misconduct in acquiring them.”

― Theodore Roosevelt

Frankenjabs For Animals

A research project underway at Iowa State University titled NOVEL MRNA VACCINE TECHNOLOGY FOR PREVENTION OF BOVINE RESPIRATORY SYNCYTIAL VIRUS is developing mRNA frankenshots for domesticated cows:

“Bovine respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a significant viral pathogens [sic] of young cows that is a key component of the respiratory disease complex and often leads to secondary bacterial pneumonia… we will test a novel mRNA vaccine system we have developed that substantially lowers the price point for production animals and may lead to more thermal stable transcripts compatible with vaccinating on the farm… Our overall goal is to test a novel mRNA system for inducing immunological protection from bovine RSV infection.”

In Australia, the heavily compromised jab-happy government has “fast-tracked” mRNA vaccine development for cattle in partnership with a US biotech firm: Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional NSW Paul Toole marks an important milestone towards securing the frankenvax technology to supposedly protect Australia’s $28.7 billion livestock industry.

“The NSW Nationals in Government are taking the threat of FMD and Lumpy Skin Disease extremely seriously, and this milestone is another step forward in preparing for a potential outbreak,” Toole said… “COVID-19 demonstrated to us that all possible avenues in developing vaccines must be explored and we will leave no stone unturned.”

“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

― George Orwell

Scientism, Animism in Synthetic 'Reality'

Pharma biotech research is also hard at work on wildlife mRNA vaccines: Two-thirds of captive-bred black-footed ferrets have been vaccinated for the novel coronavirus, and not a single one of the endangered mustelids is known so far to have contracted the disease.

Researchers are concerned that black-footed ferrets (Mustela nigripes) may be able to contract SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 in humans, since close relatives like European mink (Mustela lutreola) and domestic ferrets (Mustela putorius furo) can be infected. After finding similar species can be infected, researchers quickly began to increase safety protocols at zoos and the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s National Black-footed Ferret Conservation Centre in Colorado, the main source of the captive-breeding and release program for the federally endangered species.

What will the consequences be of frankenvaxxing every captive and wild animal on Earth? Here’s the thing: No one knows, including the reckless transhumanist nuts conducting this mass-scale experiment. Make no mistake: the people directing these efforts are pure, raw evil. Whether they are literally possessed by some off-world spirit, just plain psychopaths, or whatever else, is up for debate. What is increasingly non-debatable is that, whatever the root cause of their hatred for life on Earth and nature itself (as a proxy for God), they won’t stop until they are either neutralised with deadly force or once they have irreversibly infected the entire animal, plant, bacteria, and fungi genome with their Frankenstein genetic material. In fact, Gabriel Coren, who co-directs h. Earth at Transformations of the Human (TofTH), aims to break down conceptual barriers between living and non-living materials through investigations into bio-geo-chemistry and novel forms of matter. He spins a story in this clip from a February 2021 lecture that positions synthetic biology as a preferred “natural” alternative to harmful petrochemical industries. Complete insanity!

“Every mad scientist secretly dreams of playing God.”

― Mira Grant

Digital IDs to Usher in CBDCs

So, what happens when the peasants can no longer afford bread, and the circuses aren’t all that entertaining? We can’t be that far off this point now. The WEF cult looks at the current global volatility and bleats on about “catastrophic outcomes.” Tortured children and human trafficking did not wake the masses. Mass violation of bodily autonomy did not wake the masses. Perhaps a blow to the bank account will? According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report – an annual poll of 1,200 government, business, and civil society professionals – the cost-of-living crisis is the number one problem. According to the poll, there will be little respite from “energy inflation, food, and security crises” in the coming years. This is the “angrier world” that the WEF warned about at its 2022 meeting.

More people are waking up to the true agenda of the WEF’s Great Reset and Fourth Industrial Revolution. They can now see that the global parasites intend to digitally enslave the world in a total surveillance state based on a global digital ID (likely disguised as vaccine passports) and a global digital currency to replace cash, ushered in with a meager UBI. It’s the digital identification of everything – money, health, energy, and travel that will be framed as “for your safety and convenience”, but in reality, it’s for their control, surveillance, power, and untold greed. You only need to peruse the agenda for WEF 23 which includes topics ranging from cryptocurrencies, racism, climate, artificial intelligence, and major “structural changes” to the internet, likely involving new ways to control and shut down content they don’t like. (Be sure to sign up to the tribe below in case we get de-platformed). Other key themes this year include “combating misinformation,” and promoting “public-private partnerships.” Leaders arrived in ‘droves of private jets’ to talk ‘Green’ politics, tossing around buzzwords such as “DEI,” “resiliency” “sustainability,” “health security,” and continued digitisation through the metaverse and “smart” technologies. They drone on with the same boring gameplay: WEF FOMO “You had better make robots, invest in bioengineering, submit to the cybernetic virtual reality game and create digital tracking devices otherwise you will be left behind.”

“If you want to know the outcome of a game before the game has even started, you need to control each side.”

― David Icke

Problem - Reaction - Solution

WEF Managing Director, Saadia Zahidi, told Bloomberg that the world may be entering a “vicious cycle,” stating: “Very few leaders in today’s generation have been through these kind of traditional risks around food and energy, while at the same time battling what’s coming up in terms of debt, what’s coming up in terms of climate. We’re going to need a sort of new type of leadership that is much more agile.” How quaint that the WEF scum take it upon themselves to decide what type of “leadership” we, humanity, need at any given moment in history. Far be it from us to believe we should be able to elect our own leaders or become the conscious leaders of our own lives. That kind of thinking threatens their claim to synthetic power and control.

Ignoring the fact that most of the economic problems are caused by the very ‘elites’ who now propose to have the solutions, the report goes on to state that the gathering in Davos commences at a time when “inflation is at a four-decade-high across many advanced economies, with interest rates far more elevated than anyone was predicting 12 months ago.” The report calls for more global cooperation, and warns that if governments mishandle the current crisis they “risk creating societal distress at an unprecedented level, as investments in health, education, and economic development disappear, further eroding social cohesion.”

WEF MD Saadia Zahidi

“We live in a world where justice equals vengeance. Where private profit drives public policy.”

― Toni Morrison

Globalist Threats and DoubleSpeak

Zahidi concludes: “In this already toxic mix of known and rising global risks, a new shock event, from a new military conflict to a new virus, could become unmanageable. Climate and human development therefore must be at the core of concerns of global leaders to boost resilience against future shocks.” Human development? Please! These are the same deranged predators that brought us the Wuhan bioweapon, the fake vaccines used to spread it, and the rampant inflation and food shortages – even as they are confiscating farmland from Dutch farmers and banning much-needed nitrogen fertilisers. And we are supposed to believe they care about human life at all, let alone “human development?”

It does, however, sound as though the WEF cartel has already set in motion a chain of catastrophic events that are about to converge, leading them to question whether anyone is qualified to contain the damage. This disaster of their own making could spin out of control in 2023 and now they’re bemoaning the lack of proper “leadership” to deal with it. Could this be the perfect scenario for a strong global leader that the globalists potentially already have waiting in the wings? For those uninitiated into the agenda behind the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the parasites must give away their state of play in what is termed “Revelation of the Method.” When we, humanity, do not do anything about it, they accept our non-action as consent. This means it is likey we are to expect some sort of cyber-attack as demonstrated by Operation Cyber Polygon some time in 2023.

“The American elite decided that democracy wasn’t working for them… The one-word motto they came to live by was globalism – that is, the freedom to structure commercial relationships and social enterprises without reference to the well-being of the particular society in which they happened to make their livings and raise their children.”

― Lee Smith

It's NOW Or Never

Remember that nothing happens accidentally, organically, or by consequence; everything is planned in advance and perpetrated at the time of least resistance by the people. This time is no different, but this time may be the most deadly as multiple adverse events may take place simultaneously. These will include much harm, sickness, starvation, new lockdowns, and death due to many factors, not the least of which will be caused by the long-term effects of the very toxic, poisonous, and deadly bioweapon falsely called the ‘Covid vaccine.’ In addition to energy shutdowns blamed on cyber-attacks, it is best to anticipate other attacks that will affect supply lines worldwide concerning food distribution, fuel delivery, medical supply delivery, building supply shortages, and the resulting interruption of all transportation modes that are vital in delivering life-sustaining goods across the planet. 

Without mass resistance, the planned transition to a slave society will continue for years to come as our freedoms are whittled away. What is coming in the near-term will be the equivalent of a final push to break the back of society to such an extent as to leave most of the population helpless in the face of overwhelming attacks against us. Ongoing and unrelenting trauma is designed to program the public at large so that total dependency on the state will seem to be the only way out. This is NOT the way.

“Be brave to stand for what you believe in even if you stand alone.”

― Roy T. Bennett

2023 - The Year of the Conscious Leader

Conscious leaders are not fooled by this tactic. We know that this is all a lie based on the assumption that humanity will cower and succumb to state propaganda, only to be reduced into total submission. This is what your accepted masters expect, and they will never relent until this state of obedience is achieved. A revolution of awareness is absolutely necessary in order to stave off this war against the people by an evil predatory class. Rebel, disobey, and ignore this governing system, and take back the sovereignty that is your natural right. In the words of legendary David Icke, “The few cannot control the many if the many will not comply.”

We are living in a moment when the wetiko mind virus of Western scientism seems to have cast a profoundly toxic spell. With loving and truthful intentions Conscious Leaders everywhere are stepping up to break that enchantment and bring forth a reckoning, healing, and ultimately redemption as we face down artificial intelligence. The Singularity is the ultimate settler coloniser, and humanity is in its crosshairs. We will all soon know what it means to be Palestinian or Black in Apartheid South Africa, descendents of enslaved and genocided people. Big tech and the Vaccine Credential Initiative seek dominion over non-GMO life. We are meant to be fodder for WEF global shapers. The capitalist paradigm insists we must be sick or if well, still avail ourselves of their therapeutic “solutions.” That is the twisted logic of a time where right relationship must become the imperative, or else. It all starts with our intentions.

“Such a simple concept, yet so true: that which we manifest is before us; we are the creators of our own destiny. Be it through intention or ignorance, our successes and our failures have been brought on by none other than ourselves.”

― Garth Stein

5 Ways to Set Powerful Intentions At This Time

Most of us do not have trouble focusing; we have trouble deciding. The brain is highly capable of focusing once we get the distractions out of the way. Have you ever had a task that you absolutely had to get done? What happened? You got it done because the deadline made the decision for you. Even if you procrastinated beforehand, once things became urgent, you were forced to make a decision, and you took action. Intention is when you become clear about what you want to create and how you want to show up in the moment. Choosing an intention each morning helps you stay focused and centered, even when there is chaos all around you. This is a sign of self-awareness and evolved consciousness. When you set your intentions for the day, it aligns your heart and mind (coherence) and creates a meaningful purpose to fill your day.

Most people wake up each morning and the first thing they do is check social media, email, or messages. They brush their teeth with the same hand and they drive to work the same way. They are programmed to do the same things over and over. In this way, they have surrendered their free will to the program. Here’s the thing: you either program your space or you become a part of someone else’s program. You have a choice. Do you want to be like ‘most’ people or will you choose to demonstrate your self-awareness as the conscious leader of your own life? It’s what you DO that matters. All choice is with you.

   5. Make it Clear. Narrow it Down – What ONE Thing?

   Be clear on what you want so you don’t send out conflicting intentions. Start with one thing.

   4. Connect Emotionally

   Connect with how it feels to already “own” your desired intention.

   3. Surrender

   After you set an intention, let it go – simply stop thinking about it. Surrender the “how”. Trust  that what you asked for is being worked on.

   2. Gratitude Now

   Be in a state of gratitude when making the intention. Acknowledge your current blessings and acknowledge with thanks for what-is-to-come. 

   1. Work Through Your Resistances

   If you notice resistance, work with that first and then go back to set the intention so you don’t end up in self-sabotage.

“The best way to insure you achieve the greatest satisfaction out of life is to behave intentionally.”

― Deborah Day

Balancing Relationship Power Dynamics

As well as setting clear intentions, the changing of the seasons is a good time to acknowledge and discuss any power dynamics in your work or home life that are not healthy for anyone. As above, so below. As within, so without. Admit where you or those you interact with have a habit of avoiding self-reflection and self-responsibility. This might be someone not humbling themselves to say sorry when they’re at fault for fear of appearing weak and lowering their social status…or scapegoating others to deflect their own shortcomings. Such behaviour results in temporary external power over others, which creates a climate of fear and mistrust. Power is not appreciation, love, or genuine respect so if we seek power rather than love, we are no better than the megalomaniac globalist creeps. This dynamic erodes trust, loyalty, and intimacy, which undermines any type of relationship – with partners, co-workers, adult family members, and between parent and child. 

The most healthy and happy relationships at home and at work are transparent. Openness creates deeper levels of trust and connection. Dare to look into ‘what lies beneath’ – the hidden or unseen aspects which have the potential to destroy what you create, if left unchecked. There are no winners in an unconscious power dynamic, which can only exist to the degree to which we resist calling others to be accountable for their actions by speaking up. On a global scale, this is the very reason we find ourselves on the precipice of complete and total enslavement. By stating what we observe, we face our fears and take our power back. This act brings the light of awareness to behaviour which is covert or simply unaware – in the shadow. If we cannot speak up and unite, natural life may soon be erased from the planet. This is a call to explore the natural world, learn, make friends, speak up and do not give up. Listen to your gut and do your best to be humble, knowing your place as student of the natural world. If needed we will walk through the zombie apocalypse, knowing that the Valley of Love is just beyond. Live your life consciously so that you will be an ancestor worth claiming. In this time of profanity, choose to channel the sacred. Together we rise!


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