Uncharted Waters – Warning About the Internet of Underwater Things

The UN is a proxy for the global elite as represented by organisations like the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Bilderberg Group. Anyone who says that the goal of Sustainable Development (Technocracy) isn’t the complete takeover of the planet’s resources is simply not paying attention. The greed of these parasites knows no bounds. They want all resources on land and water to fall under global a commons designation, and once they sink their claws into a particular resource, we, humanity, will never lay our hands on it again.

When unhinged tech-loons have billions of dollars at their disposal, they come up with ludicrous and dangerous projects with the potential to impact all of life on Earth. As if surreptitiously injecting millions of people with self-replicating nanobots to carry out gene editing instructions wasn’t heinous enough, their latest monster is called ‘Smart Oceans’ – the Internet of Underwater Things. The objective of the initiative is to fully invade and disrupt the oceans in the name of lucrative “sustainable development,” and untold military gains. This is part of the overall agenda to financialise nature. Powerful interests seek to misdirect people who want to do the right thing. If we go down the wrong path, irreversible harm will be inflicted in the name of “carbon trading,” “green” growth, “financial-inclusion,”“resilient cities,”and “smart oceans.”

There are three domains on life’s evolutionary tree, Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukaryotes. We come from the latter. In the sea, plants first evolved in the photic zone, using nothing but light and water to create energy. They were simple life forms. Plants from the sea slowly adapted to land and still were able to use photosynthesis in air and out of water. In fact, most modern plants have morphed and mutated to become “vegetables”. Animals reversed the photosynthetic process and created their “sea within” using sunlight as the stimulus. The key to this innovation was incorporating DHA into all cell membranes, with the exception of the inner mitochondrial membrane, and using oxygen as the only terminal electron acceptor in mitochondria. When the animal cell did this, it created a sea inside of every cell. With every breath we take, every drop we drink, we are connected to the ocean. Our planet depends on the vitality of the ocean to support and sustain it.

“Are you a man with a conscience, or just a shark who will die when you stop moving forward?”

― Roderick Vincent

Swimming with Sharks

Our oceans produce more than half of the world’s oxygen and they regulate our climate. When we’re near the ocean, the boost to our oxygen supplies tends to make us feel more energised. A visit to the ocean always leaves you feeling alive and cleansed – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The combination of sun, sea, and sand is the most natural and easily accessible form of therapy available to humanity. The ocean can not only heal cuts with salt, but it has the ability to trigger a psychological state of calm and contentment. It can literally wash away the pain. The deep waters of the sea are home to abundant wildlife and some of the largest creatures on earth. The ocean provides us with food, jobs, life, entertainment, and sailing! The cruelty and undeniable stupidity of this ridiculous project is a direct assault on marine life on an unprecedented scale.

The Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT) requires the introduction of a wide range of invasive technologies into the ocean on a massive scale. IoUT includes a system of unmanned robots that scour the marine waters. They communicate with the installed underwater sensors and transmit the data to networks on the land or the water-air boundaries. Here’s the thing: communication is much more difficult to accomplish underwater than through the air. Because of this, scientists are choosing to use the same communication method used by marine creatures, such as acoustic waves, radio waves, lasers, LED light, and magnetic induction to flood the oceans with data. The Internet of Underwater Things will consist of underwater sensors that communicate with one another and with relay stations on the surface of the water. These stations will in turn communicate with satellites and/or ground-based 4G/5G (and even 6G) infrastructure on land.

“That war only made billionaires out of millionaires. Today’s war is making trillionaires out of billionaires. Now I call that progress.”

― Kurt Vonnegut Jr

Sleeping With the Fishes

This vast ocean-based network is geared to be integrated into Systems Warfare — 21st century warfare that weaves together the different branches of the military into one coordinated AI web of destruction. Specifically, the “smart ocean” will include autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV), robots, submarines, underwater drones, torpedoes, bombs and anti-torpedo defense systems. The IoUT will also play an integral role in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) “arms race” we are currently watching play out in the US, Russia, China, and other nations. In what is known as Dual Use Technology, the IoUT will also be used by the private sector for its purposes: mining for minerals on the ocean floor, seismic drilling, monitoring oil and gas pipelines, global trade, surveying shipwrecks, and scientific research. Data-mining is the next frontier of predatory resource extraction. Just as experts began to postulate capitalism cannot expand further, it jumps the shark into the digital realm, seeding itself in virtual worlds, claiming private property on Blockchain, colonising the cloud. In the cold, calculating world of impact investing, sensors will monitor our behaviors and nudge us to make the “right choices,” so investors can achieve the success metrics that will allow them to siphon profit from the public trough.

Ocean protection advocates have long been campaigning against noise pollution in the oceans, but they are only just now beginning to be aware of this assault on our oceans, which has the potential to dwarf all previous noise assaults in its scope and magnitude. Due to the unique ability of sound to travel underwater, through millennia marine animals have evolved to rely on sound to navigate, communicate, find mates, forage, avoid predators, and defend territories. In much the same way that extremely bright beams of light shined directly into our eyes would hamper our ability to function optimally, or at all, so too sonar waves and anthropogenic noise interfere with whales and other marine mammals’ ability to function. High-intensity sonar (240 decibels) used by the US navy, can cause deafness, bleeding in the brain, stranding, and death in whales. Their experience of high intensity sonar at 240 decibels would be much like our experience of a rocket at takeoff… for extended periods of time.

“Victory or defeat will be determined by the skill and ingenuity of our scientists. If we put them to work making poison gas and more and more fiendish mechanical and explosive instruments of destruction, they will have no time for the constructive job of creating greater prosperity for all peoples.”

― Smedley D. Butler

Deadly Racket

Disoriented from the unrelenting sound, in a desperate effort to escape the sound, whales fling themselves onto the shore and die. Lower intensity sonar, though somewhat less harmful, can temporarily and cumulatively impact whales’ ability to communicate, forage, navigate, find mates, and avoid predators. Most fish and invertebrates use sound for vital life functions. Noise impacts development, including body malformations, higher egg or immature mortality, developmental delays, delays in metamorphosing and settling, and slower growth rates. Zooplankton suffered high mortality in the presence of noise. Anatomical impacts from noise involve massive internal injuries, cellular damage to statocysts and neurons, causing disorientation and even hearing loss and death.

Stress impacts in fish from noise are not uncommon, including higher levels of stress hormones, greater metabolic rate, oxygen uptake, cardiac output, parasites, irritation, distress, and mortality rate, sometimes due to disease and cannibalism; and worse body condition, lower growth, weight, food consumption, immune response, and reproductive rates. DNA integrity was also compromised, as was overall physiology. Whales play a key role in the exquisitely designed eco system that supports all life on Earth. Recently, scientists discovered that excrement from whales, known as “fecal plumes”, create the ideal nutrients and conditions for phytoplankton. These microscopic creatures produce 50-85% of the oxygen on Earth – literally the “lungs” of our planet.

“The military base is being replaced by what has been called a ‘high speed, kill web.’ It uses information as a primary weapon of war. It will enable Empire to rain down terror on any spot of the earth: a swarm of drones, hypersonic missiles, submarine torpedoes, bombers; and all with the ease of calling an Uber.”

— Koohan Paik-Mander

Shot Across the Bow

With the speed at which technology is evolving, new weapons and systems are manufactured and tested each year. These military exercises, or wargames, involve practicing bombing ships, firing missiles through the ocean, and testing new offense and defense weapon systems. We already essentially have nonstop war now taking place in our oceans, and we have for a decade, even with no particular war officially being waged. Here’s the thing: war is being waged. This is a war on all the living beings that populate the undersea community and enable our oceans to support life on Earth: the whales, dolphins, sharks, turtles, crabs, sea horses, jellyfish, algae seaweed, eels, plankton, manta rays, and the coral.

“The submarine threat is growing in the seas of the world, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, from the Indian Ocean to the South Pacific. Renewed activity by the Chinese, Russian or American navies, increasing naval defence budgets, construction of submarines of all sizes (mini-submarines, coastal, conventional or nuclear-powered submarines) to create or expand existing fleets: the result is hundreds of submarines traversing the world’s seas at all times, keeping States on the alert to preserve their sovereignty and interests. And underwater weapons are a key element of their naval strategies.”

— Naval Group

A Fish Stinks From the Top Down

In 2009 the UN advanced a Global Green Deal. The policy brief was prepared in the aftermath of the GFC with the intention to direct stimulus money into “green” economic activities managed through the World Bank. 2009 was also the year the Global Impact Investment Network was founded, having been led by former University of Pennsylvania president Judith Rodin and the Rockefeller Foundation. It now has over 20,000 members. Today, the UN Development Program is working in cooperation with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development to set global standards for impact measurement that will drive investment into SDG projects. This effort, the Impact Management Project, has too many participants to list (2,000!). However, it noteably includes Ronald Cohen’s Social Finance, Bain spin-off Bridgespan, and Larry Fink’s Blackrock, the largest asset manager in the world.

Clearly there is an endless supply of money to throw at the environmental “crisis”, but only if profit can be readily captured by those who already have most of the resources. Capturing that profit means data, and in today’s world obtaining, storing, and processing that data comes with its own immense environmental consequences – something few are eager to discuss. The development of “smart oceans” is a part of the overall agenda of financialisation of nature. We are our data. We own it, but most of us, the poor, will have to sell it to survive. It is the new global currency. Seventeen goals were adopted by the 193 member states of the UN in 2015. The stated intention was to eliminate poverty and protect the planet. In reality, they have essentially set the rules for the global hedge fund game that will run on data extracted from Internet of Things (IoT), and now IoUT sensors. There are two parallel programs of financialisation: People as human capital; and Nature: carbon, energy, stormwater, oceans etc.

“The loss of public interest, however, did not mean the end of world order aspirations. Quite the opposite; the “big idea” of world organisation remained active within elite circles, largely operating beyond the knowledge or concern of the public. A corollary was this: As public memory fogged with the advance of time, the notion of world government – once openly identified and celebrated – faded into our cultural background, eventually slipping into the realm of “conspiracy theory.”

― Carl Teichrib

In Over Our Heads

Although many are the assaults on the oceans, and on the Earth, the single most urgent assault destroying the planet the fastest is wireless technology. It is the most destructive and it speeds up and coordinates all the other assaults. Driving all of wireless technology, including 5G/6G technology on land, in space, and in the oceans, is the cell phone. All of wireless technology, from 2G to 6G to the Internet of Things to the Internet of Underwater Things, requires everyone to be holding a cell phone in their hand. It is the director and it is the target. And without it, the present rate of destruction could not continue.

Now let’s see. Given the ambitious nature of the destructive IoUT initiative, is the World Economic Forum lurking in the background? Sure is! A little research turned up the C4IR (“Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution”) Ocean. According to them, they are “the first and only C4IR affiliate centre with a global ocean mandate (here we go again with mandates) and a joint initiative by the Aker Group and the World Economic Forum. “The Ocean Data Platform is the central tool in C4IR Ocean’s efforts to unlock the power of ocean data. It is designed as a global, open-source, integrated data digital ecosystem built to pilot and support new data-driven tools to enable ocean health and productivity.” Productivity! Productivity! Productivity! They view the beautiful ocean, the cradle of life, as an inanimate conveyor pumping out data and profit.

“Once you realise that trickle-down economics does not work, you will see the excessive tax cuts for the rich as what they are — a simple upward redistribution of income, rather than a way to make all of us richer, as we were told.”

― Ha-Joon Chang

The Ocean Economy

The Ocean Panel is “a unique initiative by 14 world leaders (including the Australian and Canadian Prime Ministers and the US President) who are working with government, business, financial institutions, the science community and civil society to catalyse and scale bold, pragmatic solutions across policy, governance, technology and finance to ultimately develop an action agenda for transitioning to a sustainable ocean economy.” They tout all the expected PR, such as enhancing humanity’s relationship with the ocean, bridging ocean health and wealth, working with diverse stakeholders and harnessing the latest knowledge to facilitate a better, more resilient future for people and the planet. However, of their five areas of focus, three are directly linked to money: ocean wealth, ocean finance and ocean equity. The repeated use of fuzzy language, accompanied by touching photos of indigenous people is completely obnoxious. It’s been shown time and again that “sustainable” projects like this tend to displace indigenous people and serve no other purpose than bringing new profits to the old profiteers. 

Earth can no longer sustain our violent, competitive, extractive way of life. Together, we must take our power back from the greedy few and open to a shift in leadership consciousness. We do not need or want an ocean of militarised technology. The seismic challenges facing us throughout society and the environment are now patently clear. This not easy work, putting together the pieces of a profane agenda and figuring out ways to share this information with people at all levels of knowing and stages of acceptance. As above, so below. As within, so without. A conscious leader’s greatest tool is the ability to reclaim and defend our boundaries – and our value! How much do you love? How much do you let go? When to say yes? When to say no?

“There’s nothing wrong with enjoying looking at the surface of the ocean itself, except that when you finally see what goes on underwater, you realise that you’ve been missing the whole point of the ocean. Staying on the surface all the time is like going to the circus and staring at the outside of the tent.”

― Dave Barry

Turning the Tide

Figuring out the maze of when to draw the line and when to erase it is one of a conscious leader’s greatest lessons. Guilt can be crippling. If you are sensitive to how others feel, your sensitivity can cause you to care – to a fault. If you in any way question your own value, you will tend to struggle with boundaries. Many of us learn early on that it’s not okay to say “no”. We don’t learn how to stand up for ourselves in a healthy way. We’re then fed into disfunctional systems, like the education system, that further negate our own agency and our ability to set boundaries for ourselves. We emerge into our adult lives utterly confused about how to choose what’s right for us, not knowing how to say “no” to the things that don’t feel aligned.

When we devalue ourselves we feel competitive, we compare ourselves to others and we buy into the lie of scarcity and lack. These behaviours can trigger guilt in sensitive people who struggle to set good boundaries because they’ve learned to be “nice” as a way of pleasing others and proving their worth. If we don’t have healthy self-worth or if we’re living out our social conditioning around being “nice” we don’t like boundaries. We don’t like it when we have to uphold them. We get angry and think people are “mean” if they set boundaries with us. As much as we wrestle with boundaries, they are essential to preserving our value.

  • Boundaries give us guidelines and limits that support self-care.


  • Boundaries protect things you’ve created and cherish.


  • Boundaries allow you to stay in integrity with yourself and others.


  • Boundaries support you in being better able to fulfill your purpose.

“Until you realise how easy it is for your mind to be manipulated, you remain the puppet of someone else’s game.”

― Evita Ochel

Boundaries - The Key to Taking our Planet Back

You don’t have to justify or rationalise your boundaries. If you feel resentful, used, angry or defensive, these emotions are important emotional signals that are letting you know that your boundaries have been violated – or you failed to set good boundaries on the front end. It’s okay – even vital – to say “no” when you want to. Here’s the deal: anytime you say “yes” when you want to say “no”, anytime you say “no” when you want to say “yes”, you run the risk of burning out. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to not set boundaries and to make inauthentic choices because of guilt or shame. Even though it might be easier to give in to social pressure in the moment, in the long run, not setting good boundaries takes it toll. Do not confuse peace and harmony with a failure to set good boundaries.

To be an effective and noble leader, there are times when you must take a stand and proclaim actions as wrong, hurtful or destructive. Sometimes we have to serve in the Army of Love as world-changing revolutionaries. Part of this service is taking good care of yourself. The age of Martyrdom is over. You’re not supposed to die for the cause. You’re designed to live fully – whole-heartedly – for the cause. When you start to embrace the idea that you are a once-in-a-lifetime cosmic event with a unique, vital and irreplaceable role to play in the Cosmic Plan, you begin to realise that your place in the world is worthy of being nurtured and protected. You stand up for yourself and others and you don’t let the bastards win!

  • You start to allow yourself to nurture yourself, because you deserve it.


  • You start to protect what you’ve created and cherish, because you deserve it.


  • You allow yourself to stay in integrity with yourself and others, because you deserve it.


  • You support yourself in being better able to fulfill your purpose, because you deserve it.

“The thing about a hero is even when it doesn’t look like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, he’s going to keep digging, he’s going to keep trying to do right and make up for what’s gone before, just because that’s who he is.”

― Joss Whedon

Your Mission Realised

This is what the world needs from you. This is what you came here to do. Where do you need to better remember who you are, proclaim and defend your value? You deserve to live in integrity with yourself. The bold move of setting good boundaries preserves your value and your energy. To stay strong and do the work we must be resilient. Our would-be controllers have no power over a healed humanity with boundaries intact. We must clear our own trauma, pain and conditioning so we can choose to respond rather than react. Only in this way will we deliberately create. We have to take back our own power from the events of the past that seek to mesmerise us into thinking we have no control – that we are victims of a darkness we have no power to change. It only takes one candle to light up a room. Be that candle. Choose to ignite the flame.

“If you are not the hero of your own story, then you’re missing the whole point of your humanity.”

― Steve Maraboli


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