Radical Acceptance – The Path to Healing, Sovereignty and Global Freedom

As humanity witnesses the corporate takeover of global governance, many are beginning to realise what this will actually mean for them and their families. The stark reality of the masses being forced to navigate a gamified militaristic panopticon as human capital impact commodities is the ultimate nightmare. This shift is being triggered by the global immiseration resulting from the international response to COVID. We are now living through Darth Schwab’s “Great Reset.” The Davos billionaires want us to submit to become playable characters ruled by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Tiny nodes in a real-time horror show they call the “Internet of Bodies.”

The WEF’s reset into the Fourth Industrial Revolution is essentially advancing automation, the internet of things, quantum computing, and the melding of human and computers as transhumanism, nanotechnology, and synthetic biology – a fundamental change in how living systems operate on this planet. Understandably, profound disruption is anticipated at a global level. While your backyard may currently be up in flames, please remember this is a global program. If they can virtualise society by pushing us into gamified worlds; if we have to sit in our houses and access the world through online platforms, the predator class is in a much better position to keep everything under control. In this way, they can engineer us by predicting our future behaviours and reshaping what we’re thinking and how we’re operating in the world.

Augmented reality is grounded in something called the internet of things which is a vast array of sensor networks. A sensor can be anything from a basic sensor in your mobile phone to tiny sensors embedded in paint. Their idea is to liquefy the real world into a ubiquitous computing system. Once you understand that all of this technology is grounded in military and state surveillance, that augmented reality becomes a whole lot darker. Now you might be thinking “Wow, capitalism is falling apart! Great, that’s what we’ve all been waiting for and now we get our chance to have the vision of the world that we want to see in terms of a balance of resources and a better world for all.” Here’s the thing: the people who are running this scenario are long-livers. Their plans span generations. They have all of the groundwork laid for how they plan for things to develop when everything falls apart because that, too, was part of the plan.

“The best things in life can not be experienced virtually.”

― Michael ONeill

Virtual Economies in Digital Worlds

We live on a planet with finite resources. While the oligarch class are not very intelligent, they do know on which side the bread is buttered. We are reaching a point at which material consumption cannot hold, yet capitalism must continue to grow. In this way, it’s not that capitalism is going to stop; capitalism is transmogrifying itself into the virtual world so that in the future, under the guise of sustainability, our consumption of media and capitalist items will happen in virtual spaces. Far less resources and energy are exploited if you have a closet full of virtual clothes rather than a closet full of real clothes. When you become an avatar, you get to consume virtual items and you collect these items in virtual spaces. This is how capitalist growth will continue. It’s brilliant if you are a greedy evil overlord because, in a virtual world, there is potential for unlimited, unfettered growth. You are no longer bound by pesky limited resources such as land or rare minerals.

In a virtual world, you can have a virtually infinite acquisition of land. If you monetise this new economy on the blockchain, then whoever is the provider of these resources can potentially become stupendously rich. All they have to do is provide the accessibility to these new digital resources and, as long as you have access through an avatar that is authenticated, you can buy these unique assets which are also registered uniquely on blockchain. This immediately creates an economy that is lucrative for whoever is in it, especially whoever is running the platform. Approved behaviour becomes currency, tokenised on blockchain and monitored by sensors and AI. 

They are training us for a future where we compete with one another to see who is the best behaved, the most docile. Surviving will mean conforming to the strict terms of psychopathic financial agreements. To obtain the data needed to verify claims embedded in twisted “pay for success” deals, our planet must be remade as a geo-fenced digital prison using 5G and satellite constellations. All of your data will be added to your “permanent record” to evaluate your value as human capital for investor portfolios. The billionaires envision a future where freedom is a privilege limited unto themselves, their functionaries, and the robots they control. Be assured AI is already keeping tabs, and social credit scoring is well underway.

“Every brand you see in the real world will be in the metaverse to give you the experience of buying virtual goods in the virtual world.”

― Anuj Jasani

8 Dystopian WEF Announcements

We have hit you right up front with what is essentially the billionaire class seven-year plan to 2030. If you do not follow our work it may sound fantastically impossible. However, over the years, people at the WEF have said many highly disturbing things, none of which garnered the appropriate media attention. In fact, when we piece together the topics championed by the WEF, an overarching theme emerges: Total enslavement of humanity using media, science, and technology while reshaping the world to form a one-world government. The WEF attempts to legitimise and normalise its influence on the world’s democratic nations by including a panel of world leaders attending and speaking at the event. Let’s look at some of the recent WEF meetings and what has been discussed by the vermin attending.  

  8. Penetrating Governments

Darth Schwab is not a fan of democracy. In fact, he clearly sees it as an obstacle to world domination. In the 2010 WEF report titled “Global Redesign”, Schwab postulates that a globalised world is best managed by a “self-selected coalition of multinational corporations, governments (including through the UN system), and select civil society organisations.” (Silly old coot – this is the exact opposite of a democracy). In grossly gargantuan hubris, he argued that governments are no longer “the overwhelmingly dominant actors on the world stage” and that “the time has come for a new stakeholder paradigm of international governance”. For this reason, the Transnational Institute (TNI) described the WEF as “a silent global coup d’état” to capture governance. 

In 2017, at Harvard’s JFK School of Government, Schwab blatantly admitted what is continually dismissed as a “conspiracy theory” by the mainstream media: The WEF is “penetrating” governments around the world. In this astounding talk, Schwab blatantly stated that Angela Merkel of Germany, Vladimir Putin of Russia, Justin Trudeau of Canada, and Emmanuel Macron of France were “groomed” by the WEF. He even boasts that at least half of Canada’s cabinet consists of representatives sold on the WEF’s agenda. This is not a conspiracy theory. This comes directly from the creep himself – on camera in front of an audience. 

  7. Mind Control Using Sound 

2018 was a massive year for the WEF. One of the topics of discussion was “Mind Control Using Sound Waves”. This is the actual title of an article published on the WEF’s official website. Like many of their articles, it was deleted for obscure reasons. However, it is still viewable in web archives. In the article, the technology is promoted as a possible treatment for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. However, the article also states that “it can cure you, it can get you addicted, and it can kill you”. It can also be used to completely control a person’s mind, remotely. (so does that explain the odd behaviour from our politicians?)

  6. Microchipped Pills

Also from the 2018 meeting, Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, spoke about pills that contain microchips. Bourla said, “The FDA approved the first ‘electronic pill’, if I can call it like that. It is basically a biological chip that is in the tablet and, once you take the tablet, and it dissolves into your stomach. It sends a signal that you took the tablet, so imagine the applications of that, the compliance. The insurance companies would know that the medicines that patients should take, they do take them. It is fascinating what happens in this field.” He pitched it again this year.

  5. Creepy Videos of the Future

You only need to scan the comments on YouTube and social media to see that people everywhere abhor the videos created by the WEF. Unfortunately, that does not stop them from coming because they don’t care what you think. They just want to plant their seed of insanity into your mind. In a video titled “How our lives could soon look” the WEF invites viewers to “take a peek at the future”. And it is bleak! It is all about making COVID life permanent. The video is filled with masked people, sanitiser dispensers, and QR codes. This is the future they want. Then, the video proudly says: “NASA has invented a system that can ID you from your heartbeat using a laser.” 

  4. “Recalibrating” Freedom of Speech

An easy way to identify world leaders who are groomed by the WEF is by their incessant railing against free speech. They loathe it and they’re constantly calling for the internet to be censored and highly regulated. At the 2022 Davos meeting, Australian “eSafety commissioner” Julie Inman Grant stated that we need a “recalibration of free speech”. She even believes that freedom of speech as a human right should be “recalibrated” using “online violence” as an excuse. Here’s the thing: there is no such thing as “online violence”. They love to equate speech with violence. It is an extremely manipulative way of justifying China-style censorship. Free speech is, in fact, binary. Either it exists or it does not. And they clearly do not want it to exist.

  3. Tracking Your Clothes

The WEF wants to control your clothing and they’ve made a video about it. Using the environment as an excuse, the WEF announced the coming era of clothing laced with “digital passports” that can be traced at all times. Backed by Microsoft (of course), these garments will apparently flood the market by 2025. According to the WEF, microchips will allow fashion brands to resell their clothes. We are still unsure as to how that would work. The video makes sure NOT to mention that this technology would be a great way of tracking those who have ditched their smartphones. However, ditching your smartphone might soon be … impossible.

  2. Smartphones Inside Your Body by 2030

At the 2022 Davos meeting, Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark stated that by 2030, “smartphones will be implanted directly into the body.” This will coincide with the coming of 6G technology, expected to be launched by the end of the decade. They are looking to accelerate this transition by making things people cannot live without (such as smartphones) available in transhumanist form.

  1. You’ll Own Nothing. And You’ll Be Happy.

This is probably the most dystopian moment in WEF history. In 2016, Ida Auken, a Member of Parliament in Denmark said: “Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better.” In this dystopian future, there are no products that you can own, only “services” that are rented and delivered using drones. This system would make all humans completely dependent on WEF-controlled corporations for every single basic need. There would be absolutely no autonomy, no freedom, and no privacy. And apparently, you’ll be happy. (or else!)

“You have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that. We think so often that we are helpless, but we’re not. We always have the power of our minds. Claim and consciously use your power.”

― Louise L. Hay

Taking Our Power Back

There are two obvious themes that stand out when reading this list. The first theme is “penetration”. The WEF wants to penetrate governments using “Global Leaders” (aka Manchurian candidates). It also wants to penetrate our bodies through pills, microchips, devices, and vaccines. And it wants to penetrate our minds using soundwaves, censorship, and propaganda. The other theme is “control”. They want to control what we think, where we go, what we say, what we eat, and what we wear.

So how can we vote them out if they were never even voted in? A first step would be to elect – at all levels of government – representatives who want nothing to do with the WEF. If our elected officials treated the WEF as the rogue, illegitimate, criminal mafia that it is, its influence would be greatly reduced. Second, we must boycott every company that is part of the WEF. We know this is easier said than done because many of these companies are virtual monopolies. However, if we stop giving them our money, they will have fewer resources to enslave us with. Then, they’ll own nothing. And we’ll all be happy.

“There is nothing more dangerous to the adventurous spirit than a secure future that can predict the same sun on every horizon because they only see the same view.”

― Shannon L. Alder

The Conditioned Life

When you are enslaved, you get used to being enslaved. If you are raised in slavery, you may not know that freedom is even a possibility. You assume your status as slave as “normal”. Many of us live our lives in metaphorical slavery. We grow up with ghost chains that limit our range of experience through outdated and erroneous beliefs. Over time, staying confined within a ‘safe’ range takes a serious toll on every aspect of your life. This is true with your physical body (research shows that when we get stuck in a “rut” with our lives, our brain actually starts to shrink), your relationships, your creative fulfillment, your connection to Source, and even your money. This chained way of being is called the Conditioned Life.

When you’re living a Conditioned Life you feel:

  • Powerless
  • Unlovable
  • Afraid
  • Confused
  • Reactive
  • Riddled with Doubt
  • Burned out
  • Disconnected From Self
  • Low Self-Esteem

“Freedom abused is one of the greatest forms of slavery imaginable.”

― Craig D. Lounsbrough

The Compromised Life

Even when growing up and assuming enslavement as “normal”, there are those occasional souls who are alive enough in their hearts to still hear the call of freedom. These brave people often see the opportunity and try to escape… but towards what? When you are a slave whose heart remembers freedom, you cannot bear to stay stuck, you must run even if what you’re running toward is an illusion. Here’s the thing: true freedom isn’t achieved by escape. Escaping is a reaction. You might survive, you might not get caught. You might have an “okay” life but you’ll always be looking over your shoulder….an Escaped Slave, not a free Human Being. This is living a Compromised Life. You’re kinda free, but you’re still always preparing for the other shoe to drop. When people ask you how you’re doing, you answer “I’m fine”. But there is this sense in your spirit that you are still not truly free. And you feel guilty for wanting more.

When you’re living a Compromised Life you find yourself saying things like:

  • “Should”
  • “I feel guilty for wanting more”
  • “I would but it’s too risky…”
  • “I don’t know how…”
  • “I’m fine”
  • “I should be grateful for what I have….”

“We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.”

― William Faulkner

The Conscious Life

Then there there are those unique awakened human beings who have a tendency to trip where others walk, mostly because they are running forward with such great enthusiasm. They are not so worried about how their journey will look to others. And they don’t let little things like bumps in the road impede their momentum. The experience of their charge is as rewarding as the end result. Once they reach their target, they are already aiming for something more, something higher, something delicious…something that feels more alive, exciting and juicy. These are the Conscious Leaders living the Conscious Life.

When you’re a Conscious Leader you are:

  • Always on the edge of your comfort zone
  • Forward focused
  • Challenged!
  • Deliberate
  • Willing to take a risk
  • Authentic
  • Courageous
  • Resilient in every way
  • Fully Alive!

“Life isn’t meant to be lived perfectly…but merely to be LIVED. Boldly, wildly, beautifully, uncertainly, imperfectly, magically LIVED.”

― Mandy Hale

Conscious Leadership is Truly Living!

The Conscious life is rooted in awareness and choice, deliberate action and a celebration of who you truly are. Conscious leaders are neither an escapee nor a freed slave. Rather, they are a real, infinite, lovable, powerful, courageous, decisive, emotionally wise, authentic, valuable individuated aspect of the Divine. As you read the descriptions of the Conditioned Life, the Compromised Life and the Conscious Life, you may relate to certain aspects of each one. It is rare that anyone is fully, 100% Conditioned, Compromised or Conscious. We tend to flow and ebb between various ways of being in various aspects of our lives. You might find that in certain relationships you feel fully Conscious while in others, you feel deeply Conditioned. You may even find that certain areas of your life are magnetic and super-electrical while in other areas of your life you feel stuck, trapped, or even paralysed.

Life is not about becoming Fully Alive and then checking it off your to-do list. Life is about being in a constant state of conscious and deliberate expansion and evolution. Some days you’re really going to nail it, and some days, shit happens. To stay in that constant conscious state you must be willing to do some things that will make you uncomfortable. You must find the courage to live authentically to yourself. You might have to learn to say “no” more or “yes” more. You might have to make some big, brave decisions, speak your truth and stop worrying about what other people think. You must fall in love with yourself and not feel guilty for seeming “selfish”. Most of all, you will need support and information to help you make the changes you want to make in a conscious, deliberate, and joyful way.

You are not designed to suffer. However, for your growth to be effective and conscious, and for you to break free from the bonds of old beliefs, habits and patterns that may be keeping you from creating that “can’t wait to leap out of bed” life, you must know who you are, what you want and how to access your unique power to create it. Even without the cartoonish oligarch class insulting us to our faces, most of us were raised with our consciousness enslaved. We were not told that it’s okay to be big, bright, unlimited or different. It was not okay to show we were challenged. We were told to walk sensibly, don’t skip or run. We were taught to compromise, to be “realistic” and do whatever we have to do to make the money and get along. Well, conscious leaders everywhere now say back to that “POPPYCOCK!” It’s time to break out of those shackles and truly live!

“You can’t do passion halfway. Living your passion means you’re all in. You trust your heart and trust your gut wherever that takes you.”

― Joe Plumeri

Radical Acceptance

In this time of uncertainty, it is both understandable and valid to feel anxious. When you discover our beautiful planet has been taken over by psychopaths, it can feel overwhelming – which is why so many dismiss the facts, without looking deeper. It’s much easier to keep playing your violin and pretending the Titanic is not going under. However, there is much more disturbing information about to come to light, and we need you here to transmute it. The first stepping stone along the path to freedom is acceptance. Real acceptance is not for wimps. It is not a wishy-washy passive way of making do with whatever is present. It is not a “whatever” attitude of resignation either. Conscious leaders practice radical acceptance – a conscious choice to drop all forms of resistance to whatever is presented at the moment. Then, we play the cards we’ve been dealt. 

Radical acceptance is not about liking or approving of something. It’s about letting life flow and unfold without getting in the way. It’s about being receptive rather than exerting resistance to whatever comes up. Instead of focusing on wanting things to be different than they are, conscious leaders open to what is true at the moment. This absence of “againstness” allows us to engage our reality in such a way that we can learn and strengthen our ability to function in this volatile world. Typically, our first impulse is to resist something we do not like when it comes our way. Radical acceptance requires overriding this impulse and choosing to breathe into and through the experience, trusting that it has value for us. Ultimately, radical acceptance is about trusting yourself to rise to whatever occasion presents itself. It is about being open to ALL of life, knowing that it all has value whether you can see it or like it or not. In this way, you can coexist peacefully with opposite attitudes with which you would otherwise battle: wanting answers but knowing they may never come; loving another but not always feeling loved; risking but wanting to be safe; having convictions but being open to a greater truth; seeking togetherness but needing space; surrendering but possessing some control. While resistance is exclusive and intolerant of uncertainty, radical acceptance is inclusive and tolerates uncertainty. Together we rise! 

“Get out of your house. Get off of your phone. Then go and participate in things that thrill you.”

― Nick Offerman


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