Mind Monopoly – The Business of Thought Control

We live in an era where data is gold. Poor people who need services (or education) are seen as potential goldmines by predatory financiers, assuming their poverty can be “profitably managed.” Humanity is sliding into a dark economic paradigm, one where people are valued as consumers of social services and producers of “impact data.” If we don’t take a stand, as conscious leaders of our own lives, eventually large segments of the population will be tracked through screen and wearable technologies, as they generate evermore data linked to public benefits, whose value is contained and regulated through digital platforms.

When you recognise that capital operates on growth, you quickly realise that you cannot have capitalism without growth. This is simply how it is. As more people are understanding the “Great Reset” touted by Darth Schwab and his band of deranged tech loons, we begin to see that consumer consumption and debt are reaching a tipping point. We are now at a place where it is no longer sustainable to continue along our present trajectory, in terms of the consumption of material goods. The reset is being framed as stakeholder capitalism, you know – the newer and kinder version of capitalism. Whereas, upon closer inspection, we clearly see it is conditioning most people to “live” within smaller physical footprints and virtualised spaces in digital environments. 

The technocratic goal is to capture society through the Internet of Things and humans through the Internet of Bodies. Together, this is called the Internet of Everything and it means installing censors in every conceivable place you can imagine. Whoever controls the data will control you! The infrastructure has already been set up to create Augmented Reality physical world spaces (the global prison planet of the spatial web) as well as a parallel world that is linked to the exterior world (a virtualised world of gaming). The idea is that we will live in these games. You will have an avatar similar to those coming out of Epic Games in the Research Triangle Park and their Unreal Engine. They’ve just launched Meta Humans which is software that allows people to rapidly create accurate representations of humans in a digital space, something that used to take a long time. 

“It was not curiosity that killed the goose who laid the golden egg,

but an insatiable greed that devoured common sense.”


― E.A. Bucchianeri

Why Mine Gold When You Can Sell Shovels?

Right now, people are fixated on bitcoin and cryptocurrency because there is a perception of easy money. There is a virtual gold rush in expansive crypto spaces where people, who are not steeped in the background of bitcoin, are not necessarily following parallel developments in the central banking digital currency system. Ultimately, what is coming are markets in human capital. Markets in controlling people as characters in the online video game because, with automation, not many actual people will be needed to do the “work.” That work will be outsourced to AI and robotics. 

Here’s the thing: a new profit centre is needed for the remaining human beings. These excess leftovers are essentially disposable, dispossessed by the next round of enclosures. In this “game” – the game is in a smart environment where you are tracked within a smart environment. We are currently being normalised to accept contract tracing and a gamified environment. There are whole systems of finance called “social impact investing” that are being framed as benevolent. They are being touted as solving poverty and fixing the environment, predicated on the idea of “impact data” which essentially enables widespread data surveillance of populations in ecosystems and the total financialisation of it all.

“Power attracts the corruptible. Suspect any who seek it.”

― Frank Herbert

The UN - Hopelessly Corrupt Clown Operation

This new economic system is to be fed through the UN Sustainable Development Goals which are an extension of the World Economic Forum. This is the corporate capture of ostensible authentic needs around poverty and environmental devastation. However, the tracking system to run global capital and fix the problem as data analytics, requires the implementation of massive sensor networks that will essentially destroy our planet. Mining the rare minerals for energy to run the data centres, the water to cool the data centres and the “e-waste” will be astronomical.

To pull this plan off, they need to capture the progressive mind through the idea of green and clean sustainability and equity. Only in this way will they be successful in an artificial intelligence coup of the entire planet and all of life. Make no mistake – this is happening right now. Smart sensors are going in and satellites are going up. People have been conditioned to unquestionably think if it says sustainable, it’s good. The fear-based insidiousness from the pandemic has thrown open the door to the wolves. People are willing to do whatever they are told, in terms of an incredible level of surveillance and restrictions on civil liberties in the name of safety – by design. 

“Human beings, viewed as behaving systems, are quite simple. The apparent complexity of our behavior over time is largely a reflection of the complexity of the environment in which we find ourselves.”

― Herbert A. Simon

Roaming Tentacles of The Borg

As the plan unfolds, we see the intention is the complete automation of planet Earth. This means, that all humans fall under the category of ‘disposable’. We must do everything in our power to stop this agenda as we are pushed into a virtualised, militarised video game of behavioural compliance and improvement in accordance with the UNSDGs. We must stand for the children of the Earth and demonstrate natural reciprocity in right relationship with nature. This is counter to everything coming out of this technocratic industrially engineered simulated world those in power would lock us away in for all eternity. 

Picture, if you will, linking up Sesame credit, nudges, surveillance of the public sphere, and dynamic pricing to digital housing vouchers or SNAP benefits through government-issued smartphones. The Gates Foundation, among others, is currently pushing a shift towards “government to citizen” digital payments through the Better than Cash Alliance (and you thought Gates was only pushing gene-altering ‘drugs’ and fake meat). They equate it to investing in public infrastructure, only with the added benefit of being able to impose defacto digital surveillance on entire populations that, when unified and motivated, could upend the status quo (or at least eject the likes of Amazon from their communities). Their goal? Manage people as individuals. In this way, they make it about ‘nudging’ the poor to make better choices. Keep the poor accountable rather than the systems designed by oligarchs to impose poverty and concentrate wealth.

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

Pure Purpose

It is nothing short of a horrendous situation. Sometimes it’s hard to get up in the morning knowing that this is coming, and yet it is undeniable that this machine is advancing at maximum speed… which is why we choose to face each day with courage, in service of life and all that is sacred. Those at the top mistakenly believe that with slick branding and enough money to offer “seats at the table” to anyone sounding the alarm “the emperor has no clothes!” they will actually get away with it. What they did not count on was that Pure Love always wins. We, humanity, are experiencing The Great Awakening. All over the globe, and Conscious Phoenix Leaders are rising up to take our planet back and lead us into a future that is life-affirming for everyone and everything.

Powerful interests did not anticipate an army of free thinkers. In their hubris, only the elite class is allowed to be the free thinkers, and the masses are supposed to toe the line and do as they are instructed. Conscious leaders everywhere clearly see the aim of these power-crazed, AI-infected psychopaths is to erase physical human bodies and find new ways to extract value out of our coming generation. The gig is up! They will NOT take our children. The plan was crafty, but the elite are weak and greedy. How greedy, you ask?

“Mind easily mesmerised when frightened.”

― Toba Beta

The Great Media Consolidation

If you examine the history of countless media mergers and acquisitions over the past several decades, you will come to an unsettling discovery: local, independent outlets are disappearing in droves. The vast majority of the news you digest each day is tailored to serve the interests of corporations and their leaders, rather than present the facts to the people. Today, six companies control 90% of what you read, watch, and hear everywhere. The media moulds the mind of society in a myriad of ways. It tells us which world events deserve our attention and it has the power to affect what we buy. In shaping our opinions on everything from immigration, healthcare, education, and the environment to political candidates in elections. Studies have shown that media coverage sometimes has a strong impact on criminal court decisions, particularly for violent crimes. By influencing consumers and investors, our current 24-hour real-time news cycle can also impact our economic climate, driving the market value of specific industries and companies (known as “the CNN effect”). Here’s the thing: We are presented with what feels like an endless array of options for where to get our news. However, the reality is that information trickles down from the same few conglomerates.

Year after year, economic power has become increasingly concentrated across numerous industries – tech, healthcare, banking, airlines, and pharmaceuticals. In fact, mergers reached a record high of $5.8 trillion in 2021. (while the masses were under house arrest). Monopolies are great for the providers and very bad for consumers. By eliminating competition, there is no incentive for corporations in control to improve, innovate, or otherwise meet our needs, desires, and expectations. In his book “The New Media Monopoly,” the late author Ben Bagdikian, asserts that today’s big six have amassed more communications power than was ever wielded by any dictatorship in the whole of history. Worse, he notes that close-knit hierarchies like these find ways to “cooperate” in order to continue expanding their power.

“They jointly invest in the same ventures, and they even go through motions that, in effect, lend each other money and swap properties when it is mutually advantageous.”

— Ben Bagdikian

Interlocks - Conflict of Interest

All media corporations have a board of directors, responsible for making decisions that support the interests of stakeholders. When someone sits on the board at multiple companies, this creates an “interlock.” Scroll through The New York Times board of directors, for example, and a certain member is also on the board for McDonald’s and Nike and is chairman of Ariel Investments. Up until last year, a Disney chairwoman also happened to be on the board for private equity giant The Carlyle Group.

2021 study published in Mass Communication & Society (MCS) revealed that publicly traded American newspaper companies were interlocked by 1,276 connections to 530 organisations. Data showed that about 36% of these connections were to other media organisations, 20% to advertisers, 16% to financial institutions, 12% to tech firms, and 2% to government and political entities. More specifically, a 2012 list compiled by FAIR revealed the following interlocks:

  • CBS/Viacom: Amazon, Pfizer, CVS, Dell, Cardinal Health, and Verizon
  • Fox/News Corp: Rothschild Investment Corporation, Phillip Morris, British Airways, and New York Stock Exchange
  • ABC/Disney: Boeing, City National Bank, FedEx, and HCA Healthcare
  • NBC: Anheuser-Busch, Morgan Chase & Co., Coca-Cola, and Chase Manhattan
  • CNN/TimeWarner: Citigroup, American Express, Fannie Mae, Colgate-Palmolive, Hilton Hotels, PepsiCo, Sears, and Pfizer
  • The New York Times Co: Johnson & Johnson, Ford, Texaco, Alcoa, Avon, Campbell Soup, Metropolitan Life, and Starwood Hotels & Resorts

“We are at war, and the enemy knows that the subconscious absorbs everything.”

― Wayne Gerard Trotman

The Power of the Human Mind

Irrespective of your current circumstances, you have the power to create your own reality using the power of your mind – and the elite know this which is why the control and censor the media so heavily. Your mind is an authentic instruction manual to create absolute miracles in your body, your health, and in your life. Your mind can transform your experience and influence matter. By taking control of your thoughts and emotions you can reprogram your cells. You have the biological and neurological technology necessary to create beyond your wildest imagination.

To change your current reality, you need to shift your state of mind by thinking new thoughts to create new feelings and ways of being. For every thought you have, a surge of electrical currents from your brain release an unknown number of neurochemicals, responsible for the operation of your nervous system. Your body responds to each thought accordingly like a world-class conductor leading an orchestra in symphony with epic precision. What, where, how and the length of time you give attention to something, along with your repetitive thoughts forms your neurological wiring. In this way, concentrating on pain that exists within your body sends electrical currents to your mind that continues producing the pain. Repetitive thoughts create connections in the brain that quickly become ironclad. These thoughts move from conscious to unconscious ways of thinking and being. How many times did you hear the phrase “weapons of mass destruction” in 2001?  How many times did you hear the words “safe and effective” in 2021? The process of true change requires discovering new ways of being. 

“A spirit without an outlet for its passion is as good as dead.”

― Dr. Jacinta Mpalyenkana

Running Your Own Show

Our life-long negative repetitive thoughts are significant contributors to stress and disease within the body. Stress causes us to live in a ‘survival’ state which negatively changes our internal state and exhausts our body. In turn, generating adverse responses including: anger, depression, misery or confusion. When we are in this state, it can be likened to behaving like a bird trapped in a cage or a prisoner held captive, we fail to see the possibilities for our life. This is how people become ‘stuck’ and their consistent emotional state is highly addictive due to the production of neurochemicals. Because your brain is a receiver, it does not know the difference between a truth and a lie. If you hear something enough… you will start to believe it.

There is a partnership between acquiring knowledge and our life experiences. Our mind is supplied with knowledge via the brain, whilst our mind elicits our experiences through our body. Logic is the way of knowing that most of us are deeply conditioned by. It helps us predict the future based on our ability to see patterns and their potential outcomes. However, the potential for change and transformation comes from knowing and sensing. We are designed to experience “knowingness” – the ability to know what we know – not HOW we know. This gift can never be replicated by artificial intelligence and it is this gift the parasites fear so they are trying to destroy it.

“You are one thing only. You are a Divine Being. An all-powerful Creator. You are a deity in jeans and a t-shirt, and within you dwells the infinite wisdom of the ages and the sacred creative force of All that is, will be and ever was.”

― Anthon St. Maarten

Powerful Creator Beings

Our Divine connection to a bigger broader perspective (Source Field) informs us of what is coming without the patterns of logic. Through our knowingness, we simply know what we know and we will know what we need to know when we need to know it.⁠ Sensing is purely emotional in nature and it embodies our creative potential. It allows us to create a different experience of reality – one that defies probability and allows us to manifest the improbable – in other words, miracles.⁠

All three gifts are equally represented in the body. One is not more powerful or probable than the other, meaning we can either predict through Logic, know what’s next through Knowing or create what we want through Sensing.⁠ If we don’t like the predicted future, we absolutely have the power to change it. But to do so, we must untangle ourselves from the planetary contollers that keep us rooted in the limitations of creating purely from “logic”.⁠ If we’re going to untangle ourselves from the limitations of logic and fully step into our full creative potential, we must start with telling a new personal story about who we are, what we’re capable of, and what we really want to be creating on this planet.⁠ We must Ignite the Flame! Together we rise.

“Rulers are not anointed. They are created by the void of self-mastery.”

― T.F. Hodge


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