Kleptocracy – Seizing Everything Right Down to The Nano

At no other time in the history of forever, have human beings experienced anything quite like this – when the future of life itself hangs in the balance. The process of stepping into our true power and reclaiming our sovereignty brings with it the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. It is natural to feel your energy levels fluctuate as your physical body and intellectual mind try to make sense of what is happening in our world, in our communities, and within our hearts at this point. While it can be incredibly challenging to navigate, the real truth is that you are learning to fly, even as you are being brought to your knees.

Just as a tick-infested puppy can never be wholly healthy, we must remove the parasites from their positions of power before we can truly be free to co-create a New Earth. Know that you are living through the final few chapters of this horrific story… but it’s a long and disturbing book and the thing about monsters is that they don’t go down without a fight – typically to the death. Whose death is up to us. Now more than ever before, it is critical to understand the nature of our global economic system and the kleptocrats who thrive on it. It’s up to you to take responsibility by giving serious thought to survival options in a world increasingly controlled by and run for the benefit of thieves. Greedy, self-serving dictators and oligarchs, presidents and prime ministers, bankers and corporate CEOs, intellectuals and technocrats, along with assorted enablers and sycophants are stealing their nations’ wealth, and laughing all the way to their off-shore tax havens.

Kleptocrats have transformed politics and people into trade. They are traders who use their power, access, and privileged information to generate wealth. At the same time, well-connected financiers and corporate leaders have made a business of politics and people. They come together to form a dark and twisted caste. As with most gangs, many are heavily compromised and blackmailed to ensure they stay in line. As the race for world domination heightens, it is ever more clear the entire global financial system is now essentially a technocommunist black ops money laundering crime scene. Central banks, their wall street co-conspirators, and major corporations are all colluding to usher in their hyper-centralised CBDC dystopia. This central bank “currency” will of course be inextricably tethered to the AI social credit score system which will algorithmically surveil and control the genetically modified debt-slave tax mules.

“Well organised criminal group we call mafia, the best organised mafia we call the state.”

― Andrzej Majewski

Lawless Criminal Control Syndicate

The never-ending emergency “pandemic” scheme has emboldened the banksters such that they are now showing their hand, goading the public with their cashless power grab. In some nations the UBI bribe will be a necessary step to achieving adoption. However, is it now clear there are currently enough WEF “penetrated” governments who will willingly subject their citizenry to draconian currency laws. We are meant to envision a future where mechanised industrial-era technologies are replaced by engineered biological systems. Under the cover of covid, climate crisis, economic crash, and military conflict, a new digital empire is being constructed all around us. Even the concept and design of money itself is being replaced. In this new empire, abundance and freedom will mostly only exist in digital space. What privileges you are granted, digitally or physically, will be determined by your ability to compete and your willingness to comply with AI enforced rules and mandates.

We, humanity, are up against some big players, for instance, the US Department of Energy is an active partner in the Japan Science and Technology Agency’s Moonshot Project where Goal #1 is Cyborg Avatar Life – Society 5.0 by 2050, and that’s just goal number one! Let’s take a much closer look at what mad science has been up to while we were all distracted by manufactured events closer to home. A 2021 paper in Nature Nanotechnology, “Bioelectrical Control Of A Microbial Community Using Surface-assembled Electrogenetic Cells to Route Signals,” discusses the development of BioLAN where bioelectronics interface with living cells, plugged into external electronics systems that regulate biological function in real-time. This research was carried out with the support of the US Army and Naval Research Laboratories and uses free-floating, widely abundant planktonic bacteria to interpret the signaling.

“If the existence of Nuclear weapons has taught us anything it would simply be that just because we possess powerful technologies, it does not necessarily mean that we should use them. Unfortunately, we are currently on course to learn similarly grave lessons from other devastating technologies such Genetically Modified Foods, Chemtrails and HAARP.”

― Gary Hopkins

Food and Crop Contamination

Pivot Bio developed a “biological fertiliser,” PROVEN, that uses genetically modified KV137 bacteria which can have their genetic content selectively “turned on” to enhance the nitrogen-fixing capacity in the cultivation of cereal and corn crops. We cannot emphasise enough how dangerous this is. Because of recent supply chain issues, as well as the expense and energy involved in manufacturing traditional fertilisers, it is easy to imagine these bio-electric synthetic biology “solutions” being used as social impact cost offsets for UN Sustainable Development Goal 2, Hunger. Trials of this technology expanded from 250,000 acres of corn in 2020 to millions of acres in 2021 (and you were locked in your home, bombarded with propaganda, going through litres of hand sanitiser) Make no mistake: these developments will be positioned as “organic,” natural, and probiotic. This is narrative warfare, the battle is on for our minds. They need us to accept that BioLANs – created by military interests – are the new form that life will take. Please understand: we do not have to agree with that story.

It was unsettling, though not surprising, to discover years ago that the Gates Foundation developed implantable remote-control birth control with scientists at MIT. This is next-level intervention. What is difficult to fathom is how the scientists developing these “solutions” are not aware of their potential to be weaponised against every living being on this planet, from microbes to elephants. The people featured in these BioEpic ground-breaking photos provide some insight into the scope of the work now underway.

Source: Groundbreaking for BioEpic with Susan Hubbard, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Trent Northern, DOE Joint Genome Institute; Peter Nico, Berkeley Lab geologic science; Margaret Torn, climate and ecosystem sciences Berkeley Lab; Paul Adams, bioimaging, crystallography, and macromolecular structure design; and  Adam Arkin, Arkin Labs Bioengineering / ENIGMA Program assessing microbial communities in Oak Ridge Lab’s radiologically damaged watershed.

“The FDA and the EPA are supposed to be protecting us, not the people who make the poison.”

― Kenneth Eade

Mad Science Exploiting Life

Adam Arkin’s interests range from biomedicine to bioremediation to bioenergy to space. His faculty profile says the purpose of the Arkin Lab at Berkeley is to:

 “…uncover the evolutionary design principles of cellular networks and populations and exploit them for applications. To do so they are developing a framework to effectively combine comparative functional genomics, quantitative measurement of cellular dynamics, biophysical modelling of cellular networks, and cellular circuit design to ultimately facilitate applications in health, the environment, and bioenergy.”

Note the choice of the word “exploit.” This pattern of domination is shown clearly in a January 2021 paper, “Sensing the Future of Bioinformational Engineering,” published in Nature Communications journal by three scientists from Macquarie University in New South Wales. The head space in which these mad scientists are operating is highly concerning. The three Australian co-authors aspire to a future dominated by cyber-physical systems where the distinction between living beings and machines is no longer relevant. How is this even considered sane? The boundaries of our thoughts and physiology are meant to become totally permeable, able to be joined and disconnected with other information substrates depending on circumstance.

“Every mad scientist secretly dreams of playing God.”

― Mira Grant

It's A Tangled Web

The idea is that in the not-too-distant future the biochemical information storage systems of living beings will be remade to communicate with electrically engineered systems through redox, ionic currents, and electromagnetic radiation, including various forms of communication through light. Welcome to the Internet of Bio-Nano Things! To realise this nightmare, there is a need for standardisation in modular biosensor architecture to better manage input and output communications. Biosensors translate biological data into a digital format to enable bi-directional communication. Light is an area of intense investigation for facilitating this communication through photo-regulated protein-coding and CRISPR. Did you ever wonder why LED lights were suddenly made mandatory a few years ago? Now you know. We must give careful consideration to possible intersections of remote monitoring of healthy people through wearables and in vivo deployment of nano-sensors, bio-photonic communications, edge computing, and alternative energy generation, storage, along with accounting on blockchain.

In order for this new quantum internet of everything to function as imagined, the transmission rates of data need to be far beyond our current technologies. It is the need for speed and the immense scope of ubiquitous computing, the takeover of natural bioelectrical systems, that is driving the shift from the age of electrons to the age of photons. Voight Lab claims to be a leader in the synthetic biology programming needed to adapt biology so that it can interface with electrical engineering. Voight Lab is an initiative of the MIT-Broad Foundryfunded by LA-based housing and insurance billionaire Eli Broad who is also active in predatory philanthropy targeting education privatisation and EdTech and served on Berggruen’s California Blueprint committee in 2011.

“​More than GM Foods I am afraid of GMM People. Genetically and Mentally Mutated People. The Entire Ecosystem Mutates.”

― Vineet Raj Kapoor

Point of No Return

Once you cross the line from using bioengineering to address serious health issues and begin to use it for in vivo industrial processes, you are simply dealing with eugenics masquerading as some sort of Soylent Green future that is anything but sustainable. It’s not just human lives at risk, it’s the molecular make-up of everything on the planet. The whole spectacle is a sale pitch for the unbelievable, and this quote from that same Macquarie University paper shows the degree to which the full spectrum dominance of synthetic biology agenda depends on public acceptance.

“Anti-vaccination sentiment could be a forerunner for oppositional sentiment to multiscale bio-informational monitoring via environmental surveillance systems and the IoBT. It will be critical from the outset that governments communicate the value of these programs in ways that bring all publics along. The impact on biofoundaries and next-generation biomanufacturing platforms arising from poorly executed science and public health communication is likely to be acute.”

“We are at war, and the enemy knows that the subconscious absorbs everything.”

― Wayne Gerard Trotman

Like Lemmings - Nudged off a Cliff

Battalions of public health enforcers and behavioural psychologists have been summoned to create a narrative framework that will attempt to pin us down and force us to give in to their post-human nightmare. Six weeks after the “pandemic” was announced, forty-two academics had already signed on as co-authors of this paper published in Nature Human Behaviour, “Using Social and Behavioural Science to Support COVID-19 Pandemic Response.”

Many of the institutions represented are leaders in the fields of impact investing and artificial intelligence/machine learning. Among the authors was Cass Sunstein who, along with University of Chicago’s Richard Thaler, practically created the field of nudging. The techniques described may count as “scientific,” but they are incredibly manipulative and demonstrate how professionals are used to advance the interests of the kleptocracy. The paper goes so far as to assert the efficacy of “pre-bunking,” where people are exposed to weakened versions of persuasive arguments, like inoculations for instance, in order to get their senses accustomed to the desired mindset. It’s incredible and shows that we are in a pitched battle for hearts and minds in this arena of the Internet of Bodies masquerading as public “health.”

“From the beginning, he’d understood what every three-year-old knows: that the vague threat is way scarier than knowing how much trouble, exactly, you’re facing.”

― Francine Prose

Conscious Leadership - The Way Forward

We are not meant to notice we have embarked on a bullet train hurtling towards full spectrum dominance of natural life, pretending to save the planet through bio-informational engineering. Richard Jefferson’s hologenomic theory of microbial interdependence is merging with industrialised synthetic biology fabrication, automated bioreactors, terminator genes, and social impact metrics. Social efficiency and militarised debt finance with children and the natural world caught in the crosshairs. Most adults are either professionals who have been coopted into the predominant narrative, struggling to make it from one day to the next, or are wandering around in some delusional storyline that has no real relevance to this unfolding imminent disaster. To the mad scientists, we are nothing more than molecular raw material, playthings without souls lacking the sacred touch of the Divine. Hyper-materialism has brought us to this degraded place. It is time for us to join together and find the string that will walk us back out of the Minotaur’s maze.

We are all faced with this choice, never more starkly than today.  Either get sucked into the black hole Metaverse which awaits all those who do nothing or form aware, decentralised, autonomous groups with the determination to act as a responsible governing body at the neighbourhood and community level. The key words are ‘aware’ and ‘responsible’. Without awareness no action can serve the cause of breaking free. Without accepting a level of responsibility, no action can become reality. Conscious leadership is a condition in which recognition of the endemic levels of falsity and deception in society – particularly in the political and scientific sphere – lead to the realisation that we must stop mindlessly obeying authoritarian, kleptocratic voices of destruction and take action to establish a better and more just way of life. This is the point where so many submit to the coward within. Instead of following their heart-led instincts to rebel, they submit to their ‘false intellect’ thinking, “that’s not possible because we can never be more powerful than ‘them’.”

“In the place of stillness, rises potential. From the place of potential, emerges possibility. Where there is possibility, there is choice, and where there is choice, there is freedom!”

– Gabrielle Goddard

4D Super Powers and The Great Awakening

Conscious leaders know that it’s no longer about the choices on offer from the slavers. It’s time to face the music, and this no lullaby. It is time for hand-to-hand grappling with those who seek to destroy us. In some cases, this may include those indoctrinated ones who live amongst us and blindly follow orders. Orders that emanate from devious old parasites like Darth Schwab and his fellow henchmen. Orders that are passed on and repeated by the brain-frozen bureaucrats and technocrats whose jobs depend upon being obedient robots. Under Darth Schwab’s Fourth Reich, we are all disposable. Since, in some circles, it has been known for years that depopulation and the reprogramming of those that remain is the true meaning of the two words ‘Great Reset’. And ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’ is nothing less than the techno-binary control mechanism for the digitalisation and robotisation of humankind.

Conscious leaders know the time for debate about the nature of what lies ahead has passed. Our way through is much more powerful: a four-dimensional energetic force, operating on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes. It encompasses a rising consciousness and capacity for universal vision and action. The enemy of life on Earth operates on just two and three-dimensional planes. It lacks any warmth or empathy. It is completely devoid of spirituality. It is coldly wedded to the material world and deeply fears the manifestation of consciousness and human courage. Why do you think they are going to so much trouble? Because in truth, you are that powerful! The parasites do not know the power of love but they do know ‘how to smile’. The technologists do not worship at the tree of life, but rather the tree of knowledge. They’re planning a world of Merkle trees, a synthetic nature with lots of magenta and very little green. Remember: a toxic environment is more likely to change you before you change it. Move! You now have nothing left to lose so it’s time to leave all fear behind. Let it go! Dig deep and find the courage you need to take decisive steps forward. The world needs you! It’s time to become the future version of yourself who will bring about tremendous positive change. You are here to truly embody joy, compassion, and peace – every single day. It is your charge to do so much good in the world that you begin to collect positive vibrational energy everywhere you go. This is how we win. Together we rise!

“Awakening is about liberating yourself from the prison that is the world of the mind and daring to be here as all that you are.”

– Leonard Jacobson


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