Friday Fodder – Constancy

Once upon a time…

Ashton bought some seeds for a rare breed of sunflower. Eager and bright-eyed, he enthusiastically gave some to his neighbour Rex. Ashton was so excited about his seeds, he prepared a garden and watered them in. Every day he would tend to his garden making sure the seeds had everything they needed to sprout and grow. Many months went by and… nothing. Still, Ashton lovingly nurtured his garden every single day.

Rex thought Ashton was a few sandwiches short of a picnic. Each day he passed by the fence, he would laugh at Ashton, “You’ve officially lost it. Rare seeds – yeah right! Seeds are stupid hahaha” “Rare magic breed oooooh hahaha” “What a waste of time!.”

One day Rex woke at his usual 6AM, and wandered wearily to his desk to log onto the internet. Everywhere he looked, on every platform #rareseeds #amazingraresunflower was trending! ‘OMG’ he thought ‘I remember Ashton gave me some of those seeds.’

He rummaged around, overturning most of the room when he finally found the seeds stuffed in a junk drawer. “YES! SEEDS!”

Rex raced downstairs and burst out the door into his yard where he saw Ashton’s entire property full of rare sunflowers grown from the seeds that he had laughed at. His mouth dropped. He eyed his parched lawn. Now Rex wanted to plant his seeds and it suddenly dawned on him that he had to start right back at the beginning.

“Do not let the world tell you not to bloom just because they aren’t ready for you. Just because a few days after they bloomed, they died on barren land, in the rain. You may face the same fate, but deep down you know it’s better to die blooming than choosing to never grow…”

― Sanhita Baruah

Moral of the Story:

You may have been dreaming for a long time and wishing for a long time and hoping for a long time before dreaming was trendy – when it was laughable. People may have told you over and over that it’s never going to work. Don’t give up! It’s all part of the process. People who lack the clarity, courage, or determination to follow their own dreams will often find ways to discourage yours. Live your truth and don’t EVER stop!

Your dream may seem a little crazy to others, a little bit different, a little unconventional… that’s how you KNOW you’re on to something! Constancy is the quality of being unchanging or unwavering, as in purpose, love, or loyalty; firmness of mind; faithfulness no matter what is thrown at you. Without struggle, success has no value. The universal law of cause and effect states that when you put in the time, effort, and energy you WILL see results. Eventually, you will be propelled forward into your own bed of rare sunflowers. From the outside, it may even look like an overnight success. Everything you do from that point forward will be fruitful because you’ve already taken the time to sow your seeds.

“The future belongs to the dreamers, not to the critics. The future belongs to the people who follow their heart no matter what the critics say because they truly believe in their vision.”

― Donald Trump

Affirmation: With constancy of purpose, I turn my dreams into reality.

I am committed to moving forward. I follow through on my own choices in spite of what others say. Every day I am attracting everything I desire in life. I stay in my own lane as I reach my highest potential. In my heart, I know what’s right and I choose to follow my heart with unshakeable constancy. My focus is sharp and disciplined. With constancy, I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I am determined to achieve great things in my life and won’t stop until I make it happen. I release all negative programming of self-doubts and fears that keep me from moving forward. I know that hard work pays off and I am fully committed. I am a magnet for success.

“In the pursuit of dreams, your unshakable commitment is the only force more powerful than your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Commitment will pull you towards the fulfilment of your idea even when you doubt yourself.”
― Dragos Bratasanu


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