Beyond the Script: Alchemical Mastery for Creating a New Earth

We are living in a catalysing time filled with chaos and the unknown – a wild uncharted human experience. The fabric of our reality is tearing, as it is stretched beyond its limits, and people everywhere are now realising that the reality they have been holding onto is NOT the truth; rather it is an inversion. This false, materialistic, illusionary reality cannot hold because it does not support life; it is out of alignment with Nature. As we stand today in the liminal space between what is and what will be, this epochal hour demands an evolutionary shift in leadership consciousness. 

The future of life on our planet depends on this necessary [r]evolution in consciousness. The future fitness of our organisations and communities also depend on it. So too does the mental health and wellbeing of our colleagues, friends and families. We are at a threshold, a crossroads, in which we have the power to choose our future. Will you choose to become the Conscious Leader of your own life? All choice is with you. The old story of our modern Westernised society, along with the systems and structures that it was built upon is crumbling. The old world is breaking down before our very eyes and most of us are so completely done with this old story. We are ready to write a new story. We are ready to raise up a vibrant and healthy new world from the ashes of the old. As we stand on the threshold of heralding the start of a new era, a New Earth, we recognise that prophets from many different cultures and times have spoken of this place metaphorically and literally for thousands of years.

The details of what is to come have been spoken about with words that are vague, scary sounding and often ominous. However, the prophecies also offer hope and speak to visions of lasting peace – a time of returning to the garden, the golden age of Heaven on Earth. We have a choice to accept a time of suffering and destruction or to take the reins of creation into our own hands and become the stewards of a new era for humanity. Either way, we play a powerful role in co-creating the world we participate in. The real question is which destiny will you choose?

“Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.”

― Carl Sagan

The Default Program

We are already running a default program of destruction. We are always creating and, at this point in time, outer appearances would lead us to believe that we may be on our way to creating our own destruction. Our conditioning through our human experiences at this time on the planet has created a belief that suffering is a part of being human, life is hard and we are here to navigate our way through trials and tribulations so that we can redeem our heavenly rewards when we die. This deep conditioning creates a matrix for fulfillment into form. If we choose to continue to apply these thought forms, then collectively we will most likely choose an Earth that is fraught with sparse resources, suffering and fighting. Simply look at your daily newsfeed. 

Here’s the thing: during this exciting time, ancient understandings of the human power to create a different world, if we so choose, have resurfaced. This power is encoded in your DNA. You are being invited to participate in a new reality that requires you to activate the Divinity within you and to serve as co-creator of a powerful New Earth. Quantum physics shows us that Light, of which we are all made of, travels in pulses and waves and that, for brief periods of time, two particles of Light can occupy the same space at the same time before diverging onto different paths, creating different destinies. Conscious Leaders are aware of these choice points.

“When you connect to the silence within you, that is when you can make sense

of the disturbance going on around you.”


― Stephen Richards

Points of Evolution

These points of contact are Points of Evolution – a brief moment when choices and vibrations determine destinies. These Points of Evolution are initiated by chaos, periods of reorganisation filled with all kinds of experiences for us to gain clarity from. These seemingly chaotic points of pulsing energy, much like the pulses of a womb contracting to birth new life, are actually change points – energised places of choice. Chaos is perceived because in those moments there are an infinite number of paths converging simultaneously. For realities to change, to get off one path and onto a different one, there will be points where the two roads meet. We are at such a crucial junction at this time. The greater the perceived chaos, the bigger the jump between the two roads and the greater capacity there is for growth. This is the most exciting time to be here on this planet. We have been preparing for this time for eons!

In order for us to make the leap in a direction that is joyful and rooted in our highest consciousness, it will take a lot of practice and discipline. We are being called upon to release the last threads of belief systems that have kept us separated from our Divinity for lifetimes. These belief systems are so deep and strong that they are rooted into our DNA before we are even born. The science of epigenetics shows us that most of our belief systems are patterned within our nervous systems in our bodies by the time we are six years old.

“Try to find pleasure in the speed that you’re not used to. Changing the way you do routine things allows a new person to grow inside of you. But when all is said and done, you’re the one who must decide how you handle it.”

― Paulo Coelho

Alchemical Ascension

The acts of discipline required of us to reprogram our neurobiology have been outlined for us for thousands of centuries. Ancient ones called this discipline Alchemy. Alchemy is not about turning lead to gold literally. This conversion is simply a metaphor about intentional participation in our journey to co-creating a New Earth in a golden age – Heaven on Earth. Taking the dark, unformed blackness of lead and turning it into beautiful, deliberately sculpted pieces of art. You are the artist of your life. It is time to listen to our teachers and practice the lessons of Alchemy. We are creating the templates for our future right now.

As in all of nature, when we rebirth a new way, we experience birthing pains as we restructure, reorganise and reconfigure all of the elements. New systems of finance and governance are emerging, but in order to do that the old must fall away. It can feel overwhelming as we are confronted by the stats about our global decline every time we open our newsfeed. The stress hormone, Cortisol, is constantly being dispensed into our bloodstream as we receive digital notifications and headlines that flood our sympathetic nervous system, further hindering us from clear cognitive function and right action. The truth is that nothing has prepared us for what we are now facing on a grand scale… chaos destruction and death. Unlike other times in history, or those reared in indigenous cultures, most of us have not been initiated when we came of age to confront these fears. In this way, we are ill-prepared to face the darker side of life so many respond by cowering in fear, seeking someone else to blame or disassociating, rather than facing it directly.

Here’s the thing: an immature collective is easier to enslave and control. We are kept in a perpetual cycle – disempowered, ignorant and over-regulated. Our stunted psychological and emotional awareness makes us prisoners who are complicit in our own enslavement. This was true even before the last two years of debacle. It is time to acknowledge the underlying cause for all our seemingly unrelated issues as a matter of priority. As long as we expend all our energy reacting to the symptoms and neglecting the cause, the unravelling of the fabric of life will continue at an ever-increasing pace. If you could comprehend the power of your thoughts, you would never indulge in a negative thought again. The power of collective thought can instantly change the world, as demonstrated by the Maharishi Effect on violent crime. We must break the trance state that has been imposed on us. So how do we become lucid and mentally agile amidst all the noise spewed out by the Machine?

“By far the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people

conclude too early that they understand it.”


― Eliezer Yudkowsky

Who (or What) is Writing This Script?

The real battle happening at this time is over human consciousness, the human mind, human thoughts and mental focus. There is a war raging, and it is intended to lock you down in the lower frequencies, lower consciousness levels and keep you stuck, constantly preoccupied with having to fix stuff. Our rulers use symbolic, subliminal clues placed in open sight through public rituals, which unconsciously mirror the digitised infrastructure being built inside and around us by humans, yet not for humans. This revelation of the method ultimately serves a technological non-human master (the “AI beast”). Accordingly, we do not beneficially reap what we sow, as we increasingly become digitised, remotely-programmable serfs indentured to the Singularity.

The latest iteration doing the rounds is called Omicron. You may have thought it was only the name of a deviant (cough cough, we mean, variant), or an anagram of moronic or oncomir. However, this author is well-versed in elite double-speak and, with a little digging, discovered another unconscious underpinning: blockchain. Omicron’s motto is “bringing blockchain into everyday life.” Omicron’s white paper (April 2021) explains that it is a “multi-algorithm enabled proof-of-work based cryptocurrency” that “operates on a publicly facing blockchain.” 

“Don’t be scared of racist people.
Be frightened of ‘racist’ algorithms
because they have no conscience and
are much more effective.”

― Murat Durmus

Virtual Varients

On November 28, 2021 Forbes reported that another cryptocurrency called Omicron DAO saw the price of its coins “suddenly soaring” immediately following the announcement of a “variant” by its same name. Incidentally, the tiny cryptocurrency is built on an Ethereum scaling technology. Coincidently it was launched only weeks prior to the debut of the Omicron variant. Imagine having the power of the collective mind focussed on your business name at launch! There is also an AI developer named Omicron Solutions, which typically refers to itself simply as Omicron. Based in London, Omicron specialises in blockchain and smart contract development – servicing the healthcare industry, among other industries. Ethereum is one of several frameworks used by Omicron to build out their blockchain network.

Rust language has a key role in building blockchain infrastructure, with one such blockchain being called Substrate (See here and here). Ether (Ethereum currency) transactions can be accomplished using Rust coding. One unique aspect of Rust is its self-proclaimed, tight-knit (yet global) community of “Rustaceans.” These Rustaceans are inching humanity closer and closer to the technological Singularity through self-organising collective intelligences (SOCI) that feed the AI beast until it becomes fully self-sustainable. The growing Cryptosphere teaches the emerging AI god with each and every digitised transaction, thereby weaving an integrated (yet seemingly decentralised) collective digital fabric. 

“COVID–19 is an acronym that stands for Certificate Of Vaccination Identification (C.O.V.I.D.)

Artificial Intelligence (1 represents the first letter in the alphabet = A

and 9 represents the ninth letter in the alphabet = I).”


― Robert O. Young, CPT, MS, D.SC., Ph.D.

Claws of the Blockchain Cult

The blockchain technology platform, Ethereum 2.0, is slated to come online in February 2022. This long-awaited upgrade aims to “make Ethereum more scalable, more secure, and more sustainable.” It claims to be faster and more robust than its current version. Relatedly, COVID-19 vaccine passports are built on the backbone of Ethereum, and “represent the first large-scale deployment of the [blockchain] technology in an app that is used by millions, potentially billions of people around the world.” Do vaccine passports imply the “way forward” and planned entrance into Society 5.0 – presumably the “imaginative” bedrock of the new digitalised normal?

So it seems that ‘Omicron’ appears to be a hypnotic keyword intended to activate specific behaviours in the large numbers of people who have been subjected to standardised hypnotic programming scripts. This script (not only entailing Omicron, but many other current events) is littered with hypnotic-inducing language, and it is activating the Metaverse (AKA SWS, Spatial Web, Web 3.0, Industry 4.0, Society 5.0) for full-spectrum dominance of all real life, down to the nanoscale. This emerging blockchain – which may be on its way to becoming an increasingly living and self-organising organism (albeit counterfeit) – is well past its pupal stage and evolving toward omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence, and immortality. Humanity (and all of life) is being processed, digitised, and blockchained. Frontier materials (i.e. graphene, fullerenes, and quantum dots) and frontier networks (i.e. blockchain and programmable smart contracts) are being activated by digital masons building their digital cathedrals – with little to no regulation – as the public is still largely asleep at the wheel.

“Any Physical or Digital Commodity that is traded is subject to bubble and crash.”

― Gun Gun Febrianza

Your Power to Co-Create

We have a chance, right now, to create a new collective cosmology. One that we powerfully CHOOSE to embody, which reflects the sacredness and the eternal nature of who we truly are. It is time to step up and become part of the tidal wave of conscious leaders who are powerfully choosing a new path, a new perspective, a new way of living on our beautiful sacred planet. A new way that honours and respects life. The plants and animals, the Earth, sun, moon, stars and planets, the mountains and rivers, the elements and elementals, and the life force that flows through all of creation. We are here to write the new mythology, the new cosmology, that will lead us into the future. We are here to bring our light, our leadership, and our gifts forward at this time.

“Looking at beauty in the world, is the first step of purifying the mind.”

― Amit Ray

11 Key Disciplines for Building a New Reality

Creation is a logical process. Science continues to deepen our understanding of the mechanics of our creative capacities. Our thoughts trigger the manifestation of specific neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters create an emotional response. Our emotions influence a powerful electro-magnetic field in our heart which in turn draws into our lives experiences that match the frequencies of our heart. Once you learn to harness this process consciously, it becomes a predictable formula that you can follow again and again and again.

This is a simple process, but not always easy. The rewards for your determination and perseverance will have a lasting effect on you and leave a legacy for all of humanity. In order to stay aligned with your innate creative power, there are 11 Key Disciplines that you must attend to with great consciousness and deliberation. These disciplines take practice, focus and intention. You will have days when it feels harder than other days. There will be times when you question yourself. This is part of the process and as you go through the lessons, you will learn how to navigate your way through the daily fluctuations of energy. You are always doing it right. You are always growing and changing and it is truly all good.

#11. Release What No Longer Serves You

When your hands are full, you can’t open them up to receive something more unless you let something go. We are conditioned to make do with “less than” and to compromise. Everything you see, hear, smell, touch and taste in your outer world is simply a metaphorical representation of where you are at with your Alchemy and consciousness. Your outer world is always talking to you. If we consciously settle for “less than”, then “less than” will show up everywhere in our lives including our bank accounts, our businesses and our relationships.

Now is the time to let go of old habits, patterns, thoughts, actions, relationships, jobs and situations that are no longer in alignment with what you intend to create.

#10. Let Go of Your Past

The past is over. If you allow the stories and excuses from your past to keep you from courageously creating what you want, you are no different than an elephant that is conditioned by the feeling of having a chain around its leg but is actually free to roam.

Do not define yourself by what you have survived. Surviving is so much less than thriving. Intend to thrive regardless of what has come before. Where you put your focus right now is the template for what is to come.

#9. Stay Out of Doubt

Evolution is happening whether we believe it or not. Think about this for one moment. What would people have said in the year 1900 about the internet? It only seems like magic when we don’t understand the science. We don’t even bat an eyelid that we are using crystalline and satellite technology to communicate all over the world instantly. Change is happening. More and more people are waking up and remembering their Divine magnificence and the power of alchemy.

You can doubt change and evolution. The truth is that it’s going to happen with or without your consciousness. It is Universal Law. We create by thinking and feeling. Do you choose to be a conscious part of the process or do you choose to create by default?

#8. Use Fear as Leverage

Fear can create paralysis and feelings of being “stuck”. Physiologically we see that the experience of fear can shut down thinking and create a survival reaction. We mistakenly believe that we are experiencing fear in response to change and respond with conditioned paralysis. However, most of us are not really experiencing fear. Rather, we are instead experiencing resistance. Real fear protects us. Real fear is your intuition telling you not to do something because it might be life-threatening.

When you are choosing to not make a change because you are “afraid”, you are not really experiencing fear. You are experiencing resistance or a split in your energy. This kind of “fear” is simply your inner, directional compass letting you know that something in the application of your alchemical process is out of alignment. If you are feeling resistance it is crucial that you ask yourself these two very important questions:

  • Am I really intending what I truly want? Or am I intending what I think I should want, what others want me to want, or what I think is possible for me?
  • Do I have beliefs that are keeping me from allowing myself to know that I can have exactly what I intend? For example, do I believe that I have to work hard to make money or that for me to get what I want, I might hurt the people I love?


When you courageously go for what you want – with total honesty and authenticity, no holds barred, no limits – and you believe without a doubt that you can have it, then your resistance magically melts away and you move forward with enthusiasm and great speed.

#7. Raise Your Vibration

At this point in our evolution, the matrix of time is bending and shifting. Things are speeding up. The time between a thought and its manifestation into form is getting shorter and shorter. We cannot afford to be lazy in our intentions and thinking. Yes, our neurobiology and our habits make it easy to fall back on old programming. To make change requires consistent application and discipline. The more you practice, the easier it gets. And the easier it gets, the easier it gets.

Your mind is an abundant garden. A garden needs good light, soil and water to reach its full potential. Tend to the garden of your mind. Give yourself Light and nourishment to help you maximise the potentials of your dreams. Educate yourself. Surround yourself with people who support your creative process. Celebrate your successes. Nurture yourself and allow yourself to receive. Delight in your magnificence. Align yourself with your Divinity. You are unlimited potential.

#6. Remember Who You Are and Why You’re Here

You are here for a reason. You intended to be here at this time to co-create the future of this world. You are an extremely powerful, unlimited, fully supported Light Being. You have an important role to play in the evolution of this planet. In this incarnation, you chose a specific energetic blueprint to help you fulfill your life’s mission and purpose.

It is crucial that you understand yourself and who you are so that you can continue to create in alignment with the magnificence of who you intended yourself to be.

#5. Ask For What You Really Want

You WILL get what you ask for but only if it is what you really want. If you are not courageously asking for exactly what you want, your vibration and intentions won’t line up behind it and it won’t happen. Right now, so many of us are walking around frustrated because this “manifesting” thing doesn’t seem to be working. If what you are intending isn’t really what you are wanting, if your seeming desire is a compromise, an obligation or even if it isn’t big enough, you will struggle to get enough energy rolling to create the momentum for creation.

Part of the experience here on the planet at this time is not so much about creating the things we desire as much as it is about creating a vibration of joy and delight and gaining the experience of mastering the power of Alchemy. We must master Alchemy, as we will be called on to co-create on a global level to change the collective matrix. If we are to collectively choose a destiny for this planet, we have to be experienced conscious creators.

#4. Gratitude Every Day

This shift on the planet requires discipline. We cannot afford to spend energy focusing on the things we do not like about our world, as we know it, or we will create that which we are seeking to eliminate from our experience.

In order to stay aligned on the cutting-edge of consciousness, it is crucial that you set a daily intention to vibrate in alignment with the high vibrations of gratitude, delight and love. See yourself manifesting the exact experiences and support you need to help you clarify your intentions and maintain your vibrational alignment with that which you desire.

#3. Practice. Practice. Practice.

There is no moment in your day or night that is not a spiritual moment. All moments, intentions, and actions are spiritual. You are an infinite Light Being experiencing a human perception. This is a small perception of the total aspect of who you really are. It takes practice to live a human life and blend it with the larger aspect of your Divinity.

We are so used to living in a way that is unconscious and haphazard. Implementing deliberate, intention-based living takes practice. Alchemy is a new skill and you will have to practice repeatedly. It takes time and practice to make a good musician, just as it takes time and practice to make a good alchemist.

#2. Create Community

While making changes in your vibration and mindset is ultimately a personal journey, your outer reality can profoundly influence your inner reality too. Frequencies modulate. The more you attract and align with others of similar intent and vibration, the faster you will progress. This is a time of deep community. We will be called upon to unite in consciousness to shift our collective beliefs and the collective projection of the planetary matrix. We are not here on this journey to be alone. We are here to create a new world together. We must align ourselves energetically to project the highest vibration to create Heaven here on Earth.

Now is the time to practice co-creating unified goals and intentions together. When we come together in groups of two or more with the intention to create a deliberate experience we amplify our energies and our opportunities for growth.

#1. Be Authentic and Honest

As a creator, you cannot create from a dishonest intention. Your underlying belief and motive for your dishonesty will somehow manifest, usually as chaos. This is Universal Law. You are either going to get caught in your dishonesty because you are afraid of being caught and you focus on it, or you will get caught because your underlying desire is to be authentic. If your actions and words are not authentic, the truth will prevail. If you are not fully intending what you are saying, there will be no manifestation.

Your ultimate responsibility is to live true to yourself and your desires, with the understanding that when you live true to yourself, you live in alignment with the entire universe and your motivations will be to harm no others. You cannot be responsible for other people’s reactions to your truth. You cannot deny who you are or your purpose because of your fear that you may hurt others. You will ultimately hurt them more with your dishonesty. You cannot control the feelings or reactions of others, although you can control your experience of others.

You are perfectly created to assume a conscious leadership role in the evolution of the planet. When you step away from the authentic calling of your heart, you walk away from your potential points of contact that will allow you to create destinies with integrity. The truth is sometimes when we are not acting authentically, we miss opportunities to evolve and we keep others from growing as well. We are not here to be heroes or martyrs. Nor are we here to suffer. The reason for existence is delight, not misery.

“Maturity is when you stop complaining and making excuses, and start making changes.”

― Roy T. Bennett

All Choice is With You

For lifetimes we have been conditioned to be prepared, just in case. In the evolving times to come, the cataclysmic nature of potential events may be so unexpected that there will be no preparing. This is why mastering Alchemy is so vital. When you master Alchemy, you can always use intention and your vibrational alignment to know how to navigate through unpredictable situations. Alchemy prepares the way for constant and everyday miracles. When you understand the Laws and the physics of the Universe, you know that you can never fall or fail, you are always fully supported and the full blueprint for creation is within you. Faith and trust are like muscles. They need to be strengthened with exercise and practice. Conscious Leaders practice Alchemy until they master Alchemy. Let go and trust that when you are in alignment with your Life Purpose and your Divine blueprint, you will be fully supported.

There is not a single moment when you do not have control over your experience. You may not be able to change actual events. There are some events that have been scripted into your journey since before you were born. However, you do have control over how you will experience all circumstances. If you choose to focus on what you do like and what is good about a situation, as difficult as it may be, you will ultimately have a deeply different experience than if you are resisting and pushing against situations. When the heat is on and your experience seems too challenging and difficult, stop and redirect your focus on what you want to be experiencing, what you desire to feel in the situation, and hold your attention and emotions in that place to the best of your ability. That which you focus on grows. If you want to change your experience, you have to change your focus. Look at the good in your situation and keep your focus on your desired outcome.

Together we rise!

“Start a huge, foolish project, like Noah.

It makes absolutely no difference what people think of you.”


– Rumi


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