Balance – The Game of Existence on the Checkerboard of Light and Dark

The proliferation of chaos and confusion in world society is stimulating humanity to awaken to a higher order of values. You are much stronger than you think, and with this in mind, you must allow the cosmos to gift you with something greater than you can ever imagine. The vernal and autumn equinoxes are recognised for providing an ancient code of balance for Earth and all her creatures. Twice each year, the Sun appears directly overhead in the equatorial zones, creating an equal distribution of daylight and darkness in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. This apparent balance between the hours of daylight and darkness is like a cosmic reset button that realigns and updates both the systems of nature and that of humanity.

In spite of all the fear mongering over the years, your body thrives on sunlight. In fact, the entire system of nature functions on pulsed light vibration. Information is distributed on light frequencies so, as the daylight hours diminish or increase, your consciousness is deeply affected. With less light in autumn and winter, you naturally journey inward to reflect upon and reassess your place in the game of existence – which is about managing energy in every aspect of the cosmos. When the light increases, you are naturally more attracted to your external environment as the place to play, create, and initiate action.

For much of the globe, the Equinox is occurring as we write this today, bringing with it the astronomical shift of seasons and a great shift in humanity’s spiritual perspective. Each year, springtime brings the fulfillment of nature’s promise of renewal. As the land awakens from winter’s slumber, you awaken as well. The cells of your body sense the quickening of light and respond by prompting your consciousness to stretch and reach outward into reality, to take action on the ideas you have been reflecting upon during the quieter winter moons. Your cells know that an increase in light is an opportunity for growth and expanded awareness. Each spring your body is stimulated to become entrained with the new light frequencies, to meet and match the strongest ones and to integrate them into your personal cellular storehouse of knowledge. Your consciousness expands along with the light because the light frequencies, which penetrate your body to a subatomic level, are encoded with symbols conveying new information.

“There are people looking for exactly what you have to offer, and you are being brought together on the checkerboard of life.”

— Louise Hay

Lighting up the Darkness

The multiverse maintains contact with all dimensions and versions of reality through an elegant web of interconnected electromagnetic frequencies. As the hours of daylight lengthen, your senses grow anew – and just like plants – you learn to adjust to the atmospheric changes that include new levels of sensitivity to the high-spectrum radiation carried by the light. Radiation is energy that is emitted in either particles or waves moving away from their source. In the cosmos, energy emitted by one body is transmitted in wavelengths along the electromagnetic spectrum through the medium of space, to be absorbed by another body. From an earthly perspective, frequencies are measured in hertz, signifying how many cycles per second energy moves along a wavelength. The higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength. Waveforms with higher frequencies bring about entrainment, causing weaker frequencies to basically join in and resonate along with them – a little like vines joining together to climb a tree in order to reach more light.

People everywhere are becoming much more sensitive to the effects of the increase in energy from the cosmic radiation. At this time during The Great Awakening, living on Earth involves learning how to manage energy from the perspective of the physical body. Accepting the ever-growing mass realisation that thought creates reality is the foundation for the transformation of consciousness and the spiritual awakening of humanity. As the Conscious Leader of your own life, you must rise above the ever-pervasive tyranny of fear by applying the power of your conscious mind to create your reality.

“Needle in a haystack’s easy – just bring a magnet.”

Keith R.A. DeCandido

Machine MindMeld

The human mind deftly sorts, curates, and weaves streams of information into stories that serve as operating instructions for everything from the chemistry of your metabolism to the ebb and flow of your emotions. Stories frame your views, giving you places to stand as you position your Archimedes’ levers, project your intentions, and strive to leave an impression upon the world. The archetypes we inhabit as we navigate realms material and immaterial are narrative artifacts of accumulated information we integrate over the course of a life well-lived. These constructs are held in our hearts and often fiercely defended, unless you happen to be a special anomaly who has been pulled into a reinvention phase. Most of us seek stability, harmony, and coherence rather than disruption. Upsetting the apple cart is not usually the norm.

Programmers of artificial intelligence know this and have developed mathematical models that replicate this homeostatic imperative to train neural networks to become more “human.” The concept is called explanatory coherence and addresses under what circumstances and how people recalibrate fundamentally held beliefs. Our natural tendency is to seek out and uplift information that bolsters and enhances the part of the story arc we occupy. We need a solid place to put our levers after all, before we can get to work; the work we’re meant to do; the work that gives our lives meaning and fills out its contours. Those fortunate to have a measure of shelter from the storms of social unrest are not inclined to start hacking away at the foundation of their belief system. That’s simple logic. Information that doesn’t conform to familiar patterns is scuttled around back where the threat of cognitive dissonance can be confined to the distant chambers of our collective mental dust bin – out of sight and out of mind. The social engineers make use of that, not just to train lurching mechanical brains, but to orchestrate digital media campaigns fed by real-time data flows that influence population-level behaviour as if we are foisted into a global socially engineered, augmented reality crisis simulation.

“Ignorance and apathy will eventually lead to the annihilation of humanity if left unchecked.”

― Newton Lee

Manipulating the Hive

Page 254 of “Swarm Intelligence” describes the use of cultural algorithms in adaptive problem-solving environments where the goal is a “fitter population” and belief systems that constrain individual behaviours to fit desired norms.

“In cultural algorithms, individuals interact with one another in population space and are influenced by group-level generalised beliefs in the belief space. In each step of the algorithm, individuals are evaluated using a performance function, and their fitness is determined. An acceptance function determines if the individual should influence the population’s direction, that is, whether the individual will contribute to the belief space. If an individual is accepted, its state is adjusted with those of other individuals to form group beliefs, as information in the belief space is used to guide evolution to the next step.” It is for this very reason that we will never really be truly popular on social media as it stands right now. We are heavily shadowbanned on every platform because we cut right to the core of every issue, but we’re not doing this for the ‘likes’. We trust that those who need to see will be drawn to our work when the time is right.

“I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.”

― Brené Brown

Mind Control vs. Authentic Connection

Communication can be both effortless and supremely challenging. When it functions correctly, we don’t give it a second thought, but hyperspace presents stumbling blocks. The upheaval of the past couple of years has catalysed connections across widely dispersed geography, linking people who appear to share a common cause. However, as months pass – then years – strains of information warfare are taking a toll. The blockchain crowd peddles tokenised trust, pretending these mechanisms are for human-to-human exchanges, although the unspoken reality is that most of the transacting moving forward will be between machines with humans largely out of the loop. Authentic, relational trust is hard to earn with people you have never met – especially in a weaponised space designed to make us question our most basic understandings of reality. And that presumes we’re still sharing a single “reality” rather than infinite fractals playing out in segmented simulations.

Your ancestors in both the distant and recent past were capable of navigating reality with ways and means that are foreign to most people in the modern world. Nearly all of written history has been purged of the fascinating aspects of life involving experiences with paranormal versions of reality. Over the ages, human beings have been led to believe that they are less than who they really are by maniacal parasites intent on playing god. In other times people were more capable of navigating and playing with reality simply for the fun of it. They knew the joys of exploring non-local existence and were able to activate DNA codes etched with the circuitry to bring them back to their home station. They knew their place in time, yet they were not confined to it. They did not need the technology that we require today to travel, nor did they need weather forecasters to predict pending storms. People could travel the cosmos and explore their greater reality. The Mayans knew of the black hole at the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy, yet from a modern astronomical perspective, this is only a recent discovery.

“They will do whatever it costs to keep you here instead of letting you cross to a Higher Frequency. They will push your fears and anger toward them so that they can feed off you. ”

― Gino DiCaprio

Gameboard Hidden in Plain Sight

Long ago, when people utilised the sun as a way of locating their place in existence, they maneuvered stone markers into specific placements on the Earth’s surface to discover the pattern that the movement of the sun’s rays displayed. People observed the positions of all heavenly bodies – the moon, planets, comets, and stars – to understand the keys to the celestial symbols and patterns that defined and emblazoned the scenery of existence. As a marker and locator point, the cross also became the symbol for denoting the four directions: North, East, South, and West. For those who understood and respected the power of goddess energies, the crossroads were always considered among her sacred places. With its utter simplicity as a symbol, the cross came to signify a number of important themes: the significance of the sun and stars, where spirit meets matter, a notation for sacred places, the mark for the four directions, the four cross-quarter points, the four seasons, and the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water. In those times, it was well known that activities carried out at the exact centre point of the two crossed lines had great power to affect many versions of reality because the two lines meet to form a point of power, where the ether – the fifth element (Pure Element 5) or vital force of existence, is always signified.

The checkerboard, or game board pattern, is a more complex version of the cross – an extension that naturally evolved from connecting a series of intersected crosses. The checkerboard is a grid pattern composed of sixty-four squares (eight squares per side alternating in a black-and-white design). This familiar set of symbols can be found the world over, as well as throughout many lines of time. Hiding in plain sight, this black-and-white pattern of squares is an ancient design that was created as a very simple, yet powerful, tool to remind humanity of the vast expanse of the field of existence and, most importantly, how to navigate it. This symbol was easily imprinted on the deeper layers of the human mind and passed on in the innate patterns of perception from one generation to another. The interlocking pattern was a multilayered teaching that conveyed the encoded complexities of the multiverse. Each cross point on the grid was a vortex and portal of energy where realities merged, and each square was a symbol for a specific quality of energy – black for negative and white for positive – just like the negative and positive charges of electricity.

“Day by day, what you choose, what you think, and what you do is who you become.”

— Heraclitus

Deep Ancestral Knowledge

Synthesising this crucial information into a two-dimensional form in third-dimensional reality, the intent was to portray the importance of polarity within the natural order of the multiverse by way of symbolic metaphor. The checkerboard is a symbol that has captured the ultimate complexity of the field of existence in a design that is layered with symbolic meaning, yet presents itself with the ultimate simplicity – an innocent presence in world culture appearing as nothing more than a board for playing games. People of old knew that, in the vast game of existence, they would live again and again. They also knew that how they perceived and interpreted reality determined the quality of their life experience here and beyond. They further knew that the game board was created as a symbol to imprint their memory banks so as to remember and be able to call forth what was learned from lifetime to lifetime.

Like the cross, the checkerboard, or game board, contained layers and layers of meaningful information. Because symbols can be used to affect and direct consciousness in many subtle ways, the lines and alternating colours spoke to the deep layers of the subconscious and unconscious minds, areas that readily respond to and recognise symbols that the conscious mind may barely even notice. People use their minds in different ways; the ancients grasped that the mind was affected by the forces of nature and that everything is part of a cosmic dance of energy. The game board became their treasured symbol for consciously playing the game of existence. The sixty-four squares (six plus four equals ten, revealing one and zero) form an eight-sided design on a two-dimensional surface in a third-dimensional reality. This is a metaphor for revealing the essence of cosmic law and the basic instructions for building energy in any reality. Black and white symbolised the female and male polarities, negative and positive forces, dark and light, night and day, blood and semen, zero and one, vagina and penis, chalice and blade; the oval, dome, and altar; and the obelisk, pillar, and steeple. Even the Eastern symbol of yin and yang, the black-and-white swirl traditionally representing the balance of energy, was inherent in this simple design.

“Pay attention to the intricate patterns of your existence that you take for granted.”

Doug Dillon

Ancient Codes All Around Us

The alternating pattern of black-and-white symbols triggered the mind to remember the higher cosmic and spiritual laws for working with energy. In Indonesia, on the island of Bali, the local culture has long used the checkerboard pattern as a reminder for dealing wisely with the necessary balance between the forces of dark and light. Around the world numerous ancient power sites contain calendars and computers made from stone are based on this same principle: a stone and a space, a pillar and a space, a one and zero, or white and black. And, right in line with very clever and knowledgeable use of energy, we all know that modern-day computers are, interestingly enough, based on the exact same system of primary symbols: one and zero, pillar and space, or male and female energy.

Ancient temples and churches were always located at the points, or crossroads, where the powerful Earth energy lines intersected because the intent was to tap into the energy of the great planetary grid and use it for amassing energy and power. In the old world, buildings were constructed according to the very ancient art of using the forces of polarity at these sites, with consideration for geological anomalies, to create and direct energy. Remnants of the game board can be found all over the world: on the floors of old structures, such as those in the ruins of Pompeii; and on the ceilings and walls of churches and mosques that were decorated in black and white. In the modern era, the design has been consistently used for the foyers of state and federal buildings, Masonic temples, and the meeting places of the New World Order clan.

“True wisdom is acquired by the person who sees patterns, and comes to understand those patterns in their connection to other patterns – and from these interconnected patterns, learns the code of life – and from the learning of the code of life, becomes a co-creator with God.”

― Hendrith Vanlon Smith Jr

Parasitic Knowledge Hoarders

Secret societies have long used the board to affect their own consciousness, as well as that of the masses. Manipulating and managing reality from behind the scenes is an age-old practice. Even though many modern societies willingly participate in various displays of public rituals using ancient symbols, they have no real knowledge or awareness that these symbols are being used to open portals of energy, often for covert reasons. The power points and their uses have been a well-guarded secret. Symbols that represent layers and layers of hidden meanings are used profusely in the architecture of churches and public buildings; they are also on uniforms, military insignia, and regal attire; and they are found in religious ceremonies in both the ancient and modern worlds as well as in advertising on street corners today.

Within the board are layers and layers of codes signifying various divisions of time; numerically, the outer edge is composed of twenty-eight squares, corresponding to the approximate number of days within both lunar and menstrual cycles; the next layer in has twenty squares, noting the approximate number of years in an eclipse series, which is established by the moon’s north and south nodal patterns (known as the head and tail of the celestial dragon) that complete a rotational cycle. The moon’s nodes are a symbol for the energetic cross points of the orbital planes of the Earth and the moon, which are imaginary positions used to calculate distances and directions, both astronomically and astrologically. The next layer has twelve squares signifying the twelve signs of the zodiac and the twelve months of the calendar year; the innermost layer is made of four squares joining around the centre point of a cross, symbolising the four directions surrounding the ether power point. Each numerical symbol represents important information for the designing and building of reality, as well as for understanding the intricate patterns of the celestial cycles.

“How dreadful…to be caught up in a game and have no idea of the rules.”

― Caroline Stevermer

Shall We Play a Game?

Today, what is the game really about? What are the components? How is it influencing you? Perhaps you are wondering how you can learn to play on the game board, working your way up to multidimensional chess. The game is about managing energy in every aspect of the cosmos. It is a game of awareness, and the board represents the field of existence, which is the neutral playing field of energy that supports and expands consciousness; its presence announces and reminds you, on very deep levels of consciousness, that “you are playing the field.” As you are by now well aware, as the Conscious Leader of your own life, you are here to learn how to manage energy during a time of rapidly unfolding awareness. 

Remember, the point of awareness is to take note of what you are observing; to assess, evaluate, and apply the present information as a piece to a much larger puzzle in the tapestry of reality. Every day of your life, you are being triggered by symbols you are completely unaware of; these activations take place in the part of the self that is holding ancient memories. To become more fully aware of the significance of symbols in your reality and to achieve the healings you came here to receive, areas of your mind and body that store memory must link up and operate from a higher state of consciousness. Once you place your attention on these possibilities, your curiosity will elevate your understanding of reality to a new level.

“Tomorrow is at the mercy of today’s decisions.”

― Craig D. Lounsbrough

All Choice is With You

Cosmic law states that you have free will to do as you choose. However, what you do will always come back to you. It may just be a game of consciousness but you will face the consequences of your activities in 3D reality and beyond. The time lag may vary, and a hundred years can go down the pike before a swing back occurs. However, during a time of accelerated energy like this one, everything is drastically sped up. In an ever-expanding multiverse, this law is a generous gift to all forms of consciousness – a compassionate teaching that decrees: “Do as you will”. Our advice is to create no harm; this is, however, only advice, not the law. You have free will to choose how you want to experience existence. 

You get to create seeds, plant them in 3D reality, and also to reap the harvest of whatever you have sown. In this manner of generosity, you learn about the responsibilities of co-creating reality. As energy continues to increase in intensity, and solar flares and coronal mass ejections alter human consciousness, those operating from positions of corruption – lying, cheating, stealing, raping, torturing, and killing – will find themselves with very loose footing on a very slippery slope, tumbling head over heels on the fast track to self-destruction. Deception and violence only fuel a need for ever-greater violence and deception. As the light-encoded energies increase in frequency, “what you do” comes back to you with ever-quickening exactitude and this, dear friends, is the generous gift of the multiverse.

“You are the guardian of your own light.
Keep your thoughts bright and your spirit high.”

― Jodi Livon

Together We Rise!

As the energies of these fortuitous times continue to accelerate, it is important to remember that everyone on Earth is immersed in a steep learning curve, a fast-track course for understanding and respecting the very basic cosmic laws for living in balance. Once you can see through the script of beliefs and ideas that entrap your use of energy, you liberate your mind and free up your energy to be managed from a more consciously empowered position. When you take the time to notice and observe, to pay attention and to reinstate your curiosity, then your awareness will flourish – like a well-tended garden catching the latest news from the sun. A season of super-enhanced awareness is now upon you, and understanding that everything is a symbol for an expression of energy will reveal new and exciting levels of the game. Playing with the creativity of your naturally curious mind will serve you well as you process all that is churning deep inside, in preparation for another round of awakening. Together we rise.

“Connect with people who are soaring. You need to disconnect from people who are limiting your

potential, and connect with people who can help you reach levels you have never seen.

Stay connected to people who are going places, who are on another level,

and who make you strive to be better.”


― Germany Kent


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