8:8 The Lionsgate – New Earth Awakening Out of the Emerging Data Economy

Happy Lionsgate, Everyone! If you thought we were alone in our fight for freeing humanity, healing ancestral trauma, and global conscious awakening; think again. The Lionsgate Portal is the annual opening of a galactic gate between Earth and the brightest star in our night sky, Sirius, known by the ancients as our spiritual Sun. High-frequency light codes are beaming through us right now: shifting our cellular expression, opening our energy centres, inspiring new ideas, raising our consciousness, and enhancing our ability to receive evermore downloads. 

Today marks the halfway point between Solstice and Equinox making it mid-season and halfway between winter or summer, depending on where you live in the world. Each hemisphere of the globe is holding the balance for the other. The Orion constellation now also aligns with the pyramids of Giza. This is a powerful time of direct manifestation and new beginnings for humanity, both individually and collectively. The numerical vibration of 8:8 represents infinity and DNA activation, allowing us to integrate the amplified Sirius energy. 

We are being given the opportunity to unlock and upgrade our cell memory to bring in more healing, peaceful harmony, and love. Remember the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto in the Hidden Messages in Water? He captured the shape of water crystals based on the vibration of their surroundings. Your body is mostly water and the molecular structure of that water is affected by your thoughts, words, and feelings. Now is the time to set intentions to inspire and embrace aligned change. On a personal level, it’s a time to identify what you need to let go of or do differently to align with your most purposeful intentions for abundance, freedom, and evolution. On a collective level, it’s an opportune time to connect with our Soul Tribe across the globe.

“Imagine North Korea in 2030, when every citizen has to wear a biometric bracelet 24-hours a day. If you listen to a speech by the Great Leader and the bracelet picks up the tell-tale signs of anger, you are done for.”
― Klaus Schwab

The Great Refusal

As the world increasingly wakes up to the war against humanity, people are turning the Great Reset into the Great Refusal. As with any war, there are already casualties and destruction of property. This is the price of liberty for those who remain. Technocracy is pitifully inadequate, much like the AI prophets pushing their ridiculous agenda. It’s a pathetic decaying pipedream. Technocracy, in all its facets – from the UN SDGs and 2030 Agenda to the brain chips and AI godheads of the transhumanists to the CBDC social credit surveillance state – is profoundly anti-human. It goes against nature itself. Therefore, it cannot work in the long run and it is destined to fail. However, insane Technocrats and Transhumans can do a lot of damage to humanity and civilization in the meantime – particularly with angry little germs like this guy blind with power and intent on culling whole populations. Ultimately, how much damage they do is up to us.

“A.I. is the perfect psychopath.”
― Rick Delmonico

Transforming the Human

Just because the ruling class are insane megalomaniacs, with an outlandish plan that is doomed to fail, does not mean we can sit back and do nothing. Those with eyes to see and mouths to speak must continue to interrogate emergent systems of techno-enclosure in the context of digital colonisation. The quicker we wake up and realise the power to change the world for the better is in our hands – not in the hands of the world shapers or controllers – the sooner this nightmare will end, and Conscious Leaders everywhere can get on with co-creating a New Earth. The world needs you right now – even if your only capacity is to share this article. Do what you can, where you are with what you have. As far back as the 1960s, convenings were held at the Bellagio Centre to advance the Rockefeller’s “Green Revolution,” remaking global agriculture as a mechanised, petrochemical endeavour tied to debt finance through CGIAR (Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research). And then in the 1990s to establish GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation) with fellow parasites from the WHO, UNICEF, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and The World Bank.

The imperative to “transform” the human has been decades in the making. Altering our food through the introduction of genetically modified organisms and nanoparticles was key, as was the introduction of bioengineering through injection, aerosol, and frequencies. Now there is a push for changes to be made with regard to human rights in the context of burgeoning artificial intelligence. The Institute For The Future states openly that the plan is for machines to have equivalent rights to humans under automated blockchain law. Augmented reality requires a “Trust Framework”. Within such a framework all “things” will eventually be designated with a unique identifier and managed within the smart contract layer according to how they are “programmed.” The twinned Trojan horses of privacy and compensated data-commoning are the means by which those in power hope to achieve the standardisation, tagging, and data interoperability required to run (and then bet on) real-time, global simulations.

“How will machines know what we value if we don’t know ourselves?”
― John C. Havens

Cyber-Physical Environments

Rights, actions, and privileges in smart environments will be conditioned on how “things” are encoded. This is why the privacy argument is a red herring. Sure, we’d prefer NOT to have our data stolen or used in ways we do not approve of, but privacy and micropayments will not keep anyone out of the smart contract layer of automated blockchain law. The world is being remade as a vast interlocking sensor network where access can be arbitrarily cut off in real-time. An emergent digital empire built on a decentralised domination principle. The global brain (and impact investors) demand access to aggregated meta-data associated with our actions so they can predict what we are likely to do next. The intent is to remake each “life,” which now includes machines, as a node for risk-scoring and an access point for overt and covert optimisation through digital Metaverse nudging. Behaviours are gold in the data economy, but greedy FinTech has a problem: without the interoperability created by digital ID, the deposits can be accessed only at the most superficial level. It’s the difference between panning for gold alongside a stream versus mountaintop removal.

Influencers will attempt to convince the public that they’re the ones “in control,” but all freedom money/tokens are programmable and conditional in the CIA’s mixed-reality video game. The new economic construct of planned dispossession and portfolios of human capital in need of “improvement” will turn the masses into segmented data-vaults as public-private partnerships hold knives of economic precarity against their throats demanding the combinations. Do Zelensky’s recent holographic “appearances” at European tech conferences, where he proposes a next-gen digital lend-lease program for rebuilding Ukraine, offer a glimpse into what that may look like? His proposal for transforming “government” into a digital service delivered on a smartphone is certainly well suited to a scattered population in need of humanitarian assistance linked to digital ID. Not coincidentally, the situation could also turn out to be profitable for global investors like Brent Hoberman of Founders Factory venture capital who underwrote this ephemeral sleight of hand. Building out a digital empire will certainly be more palatable if it can be framed as a benevolent intervention. (spew!)

“AI has by now succeeded in doing essentially everything that requires ‘thinking’ but has failed to do most of what people and animals do ‘without thinking.”
― Donald Knuth

Computer Says "No"

Your inability to perform a desired action in the physical or digital realm, which could be as simple as not having an up-to-date “token” that allows you access to public transport or a VR training module, will have serious consequences. Do you want to live under a tyranny of token exchanges that enable the machine to “see,” integrate and compute every transaction you make? Think about stuff like neural impulses, your last AI-assigned gig, who you marry, the DNA of your extended family, and how much piezo-electric energy you produced today against your calorific intake. Parasite poster child, Carsten Stocker, WEF “Global Future Network” member and CEO of Spherity, is a German physicist working on Digital ID and cyber-physical systems in Web 3.0 Fourth Industrial Revolution applications. (yep – this guy is a true gem!) During a 2018 presentation at the Tech Open Air conference, Stocker demonstrated the imperative for digital ID adoption and raised questions about how we are expected to relate, as humans, to networked machine systems with their own “hierarchy of needs.” (yep – you actually read that right)

The concept of Digital ID can be traced back to the 1999 and Erick Hughes’s Cypherpunk Manifesto. Machines are reimagined as “self-aware” life forms capable of transacting. (Yes – they were crazy even before the year 2000)


Energy audits (think human energy harvest) are linked to behaviour change at a civilisational level (think decarbonisation).


Carsten Stocker’s company, Spherity is one of the sponsors of the 11th annual conference of Rebooting the Web of Trust, which is set to be held in the Hague in September 2022. (looks riveting, don’t you think?)

The focus is decentralised identity. (red flag!)

“Since mankind’s dawn, a handful of oppressors have accepted the responsibility over our lives that we should have accepted for ourselves. By doing so, they took our power. By doing nothing, we gave it away. We’ve seen where their way leads, through camps and wars, towards the slaughterhouse.”
― Alan Moore

Redesigning Democracy For the Bots

All of this intersects with Nicholas Berggruen’s plans to redesign democracy and transform our understanding of what it means to be human. The goal is for humans to meld with machines through digital contracting arrangements. This is the much-discussed bio-digital convergence. In Web 3.0, our “identity” is at once “fixed” by the unique identifier assigned to us and “fluid” in the amount of information we release for any given transaction. A story is being spun that people will have “choice,” but we have seen their playbook time and again. Many will be coerced into agreeing to otherwise unwanted transactions by life circumstance. Taking part in performative forced “choice” rituals is absolutely not autonomy. The only question remaining is, “Who will control you?” After the Great Reset, if it gets that far, you will own nothing, the global common trust will own everything, the central banks will have a 100% monopoly on money and you will be thrown into the Metaverse for whatever enjoyment might remain.

There is a very fine line between an authoritarian, transhumanist, money-as-debt, “brave new world” and a world made up of decentralised communities working together for the good of humanity. They openly tell us they plan to squeeze human consciousness into a digital prison, while the controllers rob the world of everything that’s real. Consumed by their own hubris, they can no longer see that this vision of the biometrically surveilled smart city of the future with its social credit economy and its lab-grown bug burgers and AI chatbot overlords is completely insane. Yet, they spend all of their time trying to convince you that it’s real. Why? Because the thing they fear most is you discovering your true powers: Your ability to say no. Your ability to withdraw your consent. Your ability to form community with like-minded people and to use the innate abundance of the natural world to survive and even thrive without the need for their technocratic tyranny.

“Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.”
― Margaret Thatcher

You Had The Power All Along, My Dear

Know this: you are far more powerful than you have been led to believe. This is why they are so concerned about losing the trust of the public. This is why Bilderbergers are fretting about “Populism in Europe.” This is why the World Economic Forum is focusing on “rebuilding trust” as the core theme of their latest Davos shindig. This is why the Council on Foreign Relations spends an increasing amount of their time worrying about how people are rising up against the technocrats. They know they are the pathetic, crusty old men behind the curtain and they know that we know. Toto is pulling back the curtain and we are telling everyone.

Yes, their system will eventually fail. But what will the world look like on the other side of that failure? Will it be a world full of people who are still looking to some group of would-be, self-appointed leaders to tell them what to do and how to do it? Or will it be a world of free, independent thinking human beings, casting off the shackles of the parasite class and working together to achieve life-affirming goals? This is the central question of our times, and it is the key to understanding what the Global War for Independence is all about.

“Did you think the lion was sleeping because he didn’t roar?”
― Friedrich Schiller

The Roar of Freedom

So here we are on the much-loved global power day of 8:8 in the Lionsgate portal. The eighth day of the eighth month activates within you the high-vibration, super-charged energy of manifestation mastery. This means that your focus, drive and inner intelligence (intuition at one with your intellect; heart and head connected) comes alive. It’s an influential day for the signing of contracts. Commit to a line of action that supports your creative abilities. Consider that the numerical vibration of 8, is also the symbol of ‘infinity’; of eternity ever-unfolding. It represents your balanced use of power (as above, so below). On 8:8 you’re reminded to embody a responsible use of power. This is potentially the greatest lesson of the 8:8 Lionsgate portal. Choose to focus your energy on the greater good. Under this energy, it will manifest strongly.

The Lionsgate portal always amplifies that which needs to change and the opportunities available to embrace. It also highlights the underlying themes of what needs to shift for humanity. The last few years has seen so much division. Polarisation, and the illusion that there is something to hide from or something to be in conflict and disagreement about, has dominated our collective story. Here’s the thing: deep down you know the truth that what is really required is connection and unity. The energy of Lionsgate can connect us with the cosmic skies, galactic frequencies, higher dimensional beings, and our own intuition. It can also activate heart healings, the expansion of spiritual wisdom, and help us awaken to our true potential. On 8:8 Lionsgate, set an intention of how you wish to use this energy and then create a ritual or practice that allows you to harness and work with it. The Conscious Leaders, lightworkers and way showers are here to assist humanity with breakthroughs that can harness these energies to support our planetary transition to a New Earth. There are parts of you that are so calm, so powerful, so unable to be touched by anything because they are so big and infinite. Tap into those today. Together we rise!

“The greatest fear in the world is of the opinions of others.

And the moment you are unafraid of the crowd you are no longer a sheep, you become a lion.

A great roar arises in your heart, the roar of freedom.”

― Osho


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