Divine Union (The eBook for Everyone)

Our greatest human potential is uncovered when we balance our internal Divine Masculine and Feminine energies. We each carry a complex psychological and emotional makeup of past experiences, learned behaviour and self-discovery contributing to our internal wellbeing and external reality. This can cause one or both energies to be out of balance, stagnant, oppressed, confused, or disrespected in some manner.



In this book you will


  • Discover the seven universal laws or principles by which everything in the universe is governed
  • Explore ways to align with these laws
  • Meet the Divine Masculine – The Peaceful Warrior
  • Meet the Divine Feminine – The Compassionate Priestess
  • Learn how to balance the Divine power within
  • Assess if your wounded feminine needs healing, what could have caused the imbalance and what you can do to bring balance.
  • Assess if your wounded masculine needs healing, what could have caused the imbalance and what you can do to bring balance.

11 reviews for Divine Union (The eBook for Everyone)

  1. Angela

    This book was so helpful! Regardless of our gender, we are all made of masculine and feminine energies. We can see this in nature as well. This is part of the duality that makes everything in our world. This book has helped me look at the energies within and identify where I am out of balance. Healing the distorted feminine energy has been the key to much healthier relationships in my life – thank you!

  2. Catherine

    Both masculine and feminine energies have an unhealthy, wounded aspect and a healthy, divine aspect. The wounded part comes from ego, a place of fear and darkness and always leads to pain. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in improving all their relationships – including their relationship with themself.

  3. Jennifer

    This explains so much why my last relationship didn’t work. We were both operating from our wounded energies. This is a great book.

  4. Samantha

    Totally recommend!

  5. Rivka

    Most people only talk about the masculine energy being out of balance. I never knew how important the unbalanced/distorted feminine energies were. I have gotten a lot out of this book and I will read again and again.

  6. Marolyn

    I wish I had known this 20 years ago! Would’ve saved many headaches.

  7. Ella

    This book is invaluable. The unhealthy masculine feeds the unhealthy feminine and vice versa and we encounter this in our relationships as well. Which usually creates co-dependency and never ends well.

  8. Tony

    This is a great tool of self-discovery and can be very valuable in our relationships. Once we are whole and complete in our masculine and feminine energy (when they are both healthy within us), we can create and nourish beautiful, healthy and successful relationships and this is then mirrored in our world. That’s how we create change. By starting with ourselves.

  9. Tim

    This is a good indicator for us as to where we still have some healing to do and where we can step into our divine energies and embody them. Great read.

  10. Martino

    I learned a lot. Thanks!

  11. Diane

    So interesting. Loved it!

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