Business Intuition (*Best selling!)

Are you willing to have your own back? Are you willing to let go of the need to get it right? Then this book is for you. Once you tap into this superpower, things you never even imagined will become available.

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You have a superpower that you most likely (until now) have been overlooking. This book will show you how to save time, money, and energy by aligning your inner GPS in order to strengthen your Business Intuition.

  • Discover the 7 Characteristics of Intuitive Business Leaders
  • Learn the difference between the Ego-Mind and Intuition
  • Practical ways to enhance your Business Intuition
  • The pitfalls, if not used in the correct way
  • The science of meaningful work
  • 7 Tips for making Successful Intuitive Decisions

1 review for Business Intuition (*Best selling!)

  1. Anthony

    I wish I had read this earlier in my career.

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