Red October – Disclosure During End Times Madness

Welcome to RED OCTOBER, where the hunters become the hunted. Remember that just because the mainstream is not reporting on it does not mean that it is not happening. In the covert war for the future of human sovereignty, the tables have turned, yet all is not as it seems. We are now officially in a “False Flag” nuclear standoff. NATO sent out a warning to its members that President Putin’s 5D chess move was to deploy the Belgorod “doomsday” device into the Northern Atlantic – a nuclear submarine carrying the Poseidon underwater drone capable of unleashing a thermonuclear bomb to create radioactive tsunamis on enemy coastlines. It is no coincidence the book Hunt For Red October hit the shelves on the exact same day (2 Oct) in 1984.

Initially published by the Naval Institute Press, the novel was set during the late Cold War era. The story is based on the hunt for a typhoon-class ballistic missile submarine with a “caterpillar drive”, rendering it undetectable to passive sonar. In the current movie playing out on the world stage (on the exact same day in 2022) after an epic forty-five-minute speech slamming the dictatorship of Western elites as being directed against all societies, including the citizens of Western countries themselves, President Vladimir Putin called it out for what it is – pure Satanism. We were then shown, through the revelation of the method, a top-of-the-line Russian nuclear-powered submarine reportedly missing from its harbour in the Arctic along with its “doomsday weapon.” The Belgorod can go up to 120 days without having to return to the surface… tick-tock.

The Europe, NATO, UN, and Davos Group Kazarian Mafia are openly pushing for all-out war with Russia to facilitate a WWIII False Flag Event that would pull the US Military into open war with Russia and help to halt the US Elections in November. Make no mistake: we are at the critical end stages of supreme 5D chess events to bring about the final elimination of galactic-level criminal scumbags and to save millions of children all over the planet. The culmination of these events is fifty years in the making and necessary to regain peace and prosperity on planet Earth. At this stage of play, it is difficult to say who wins and who loses when the economic resources of civil society are continuously diverted toward global corporatisation, war, and the furtherance of a global security state. Whole system transformation is needed if we are to redirect those funds into building a New Earth for all of humanity to thrive.

“Everything affects everything else in one way or another. Whether you are aware of that or not does not change the fact that this is what is happening.”

– John Woods

Explosive Pipes and Alligations

As we edge towards Winter in the Northern Hemisphere, Hungary is now the only EU state still receiving Russian gas. On Wednesday 4 October 2022 the Chairman of the European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with the USA, Radosław Sikorski (Poland) publicly expressed his ‘excitement’ and ‘gratitude’ to the USA for the damages to Nordstream1 and NordStream2. Then, in an outrageously illegal middle finger salute, leaders from Norway, Poland, and Denmark attended a ceremony that very same day to mark the opening of a new pipeline carrying gas from the Norwegian shelf to Poland via Denmark. The mainstream media hardly stirred, yet Putin dropped some epic truth bombs in his response to the pipeline attacks:

“Citizens of the world I speak to you, although I know that my message will always be twisted or framed which will result that you will all think that I am the main perpetrator. But the only thing that I have done is protect my fellow countrymen – people who are Russian. I am not interested in overpowering any other nations or disrupting various worldwide markets or being any kind of frustration in any other kind of process. I am only interested since I have been saying since the beginning, in protecting my fellow countrymen who have been under attack for at least ten years. I am not against the citizens of Europe; it is your leaders who are against the citizens of Europe. I know that you have been indoctrinated with generations of propaganda, but this is your wake-up call. The Nazis won the second World War. Your leaders are the Nazis and you are well aware of that. It is the same club with the same approach towards other slave states, with ‘ignoring’ being a particular aspect of that. Ignoring your opinion and mine. Why would I blow up my own gas pipes? I can simply shut them down. All these kinds of accusations against Russia are very easy to debunk, like who is bombing the nuclear factory at this moment? Europe is being led by the Satan-worshipping Nazi leadership. Wake up people; let me be the actor in my own slave state. You have enough bullshit of your own to consider. Everything is a scam. They are lying to you.”

“If you can’t say F@#k, you can’t say F@#k the government.”

— Lenny Bruce

Information Mind Wars

The United Nations has come forward to say that the Nord Stream Pipeline rupture was supposedly the largest single release of methane ever recorded. Even if this was true, which we highly doubt, it wreaks of Cult lunatics blindly pushing for their ‘global warming’ hoax. Particularly because on 3 October, a climate bombshell was announced: Apparently the Greenland ice sheet has recovered and scientists are now saying earlier losses were due to natural warming, not CO2 emissions (you don’t say). Still, the cult-owned clowns will not surrender easily and the UN Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications, Melissa Fleming explained in a “Tackling Disinformation” panel during the WEF Sustainable Development Impact Meetings that the UN partners with tech giants like Google and TikTok to steer narratives about climate change and Covid. “You know, we partnered with Google, for example. If you Google climate change, you will, at the top of your search, you will get all kinds of UN resources,” she revealed. “We are becoming much more proactive,” she went on. “You know, we own the science and we think that the world, you know, should know it.” Fleming then detailed a project invertedly called “Team Halo” where the UN trains scientists and doctors on TikTok for narrative control.

Determined to alter your DNA one way or another, the NSW State Government (Australia) is fast tracking the world first mRNA shots for Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) and Lumpy Skin Disease, inking a deal with US biotechnology company Tiba Biotech. An intellectual pygmy from the National Party, Dugald Saunders, has either been heavily compromised, paid off or living under a rock for the past three years. As thousands of his mRNA jabbed constituents are now injured or dropping dead from mRNA jabs all around him, he wants to put the poison in our food. In a shocking story that appeared in our Twitter feed this morning, a dairy farmer from NSW said she was forced by the Department of Primary Industries to inoculate her herd with an mRNA shot. She complied and of the 200 head of cattle, 35 died instantly! This is absolutely outrageous news, and these pen-welding parasites need to be arrested immediately for crimes against cows and humanity.

“We just can’t trust the American people to make those types of choices…

Government has to make those choices for people.”


― Hilary Rodham Clinton

Infested With Parasitic Scourge

As usual, the self-proclaimed experts seem to know nothing about what is really going on, upholding the ruse for a fee and a directive to promote a particular narrative. So, when we stumbled across a couple of reports on ‘energy policy,’ it piqued our interest seeing as energy is such a hot topic on the world’s stage during these end times. Our research uncovered a program of note that was founded to promote innovation in energy policy with a $10 million gift from Scott Kleinman, a Wharton alumnus and co-president of Apollo Global Management. Two reports stood out as being of particular interest:

Nuclear Energy Meets Climate Change: Revitalising Nuclear Energy to Decarbonised Electricity in the United States – 2021

Energy and the Blockchain: Opportunities and Challenges for Climate Energy Governance – 2018

Apollo emerged from the wreckage of the Drexel Burnham Lambert collapse in 1990, resulting from Michael Milken’s junk bond exploits. Kleinman maintains an affiliation with the Milken Institute. Apollo’s early strategy, led by Leon Black, was to acquire distressed companies and proceed to gain a controlling interest in them through managed bankruptcy. Black left the firm (which has $500 billion in assets under management) in 2021 after an internal investigation revealed he had made $158 million in payments to Jeffrey Epstein over five years (Oh really!). To this day, Black remains the organisation’s largest individual stockholder (eww).

The term ‘globalisation’ is conventionally used to refer to the specific form of investor-rights integration designed by wealth and power, for their own interests.

-Noam Chomsky

ESG – The Globalist Scam

In October 2021, Apollo hired its first Chief Sustainability Officer, Dave Stangis (now there’s a name!), to lead ESG (Environmental Social Governance) efforts in its portfolio management. A few months later, Kleinman published a 120-page document, “The Apollo ESG Effect, Volume 12 Annual Report” from which the excerpt below is taken.

“For over a decade, we have built a successful ESG program that has set the standard for ESG reporting within our industry, helping to drive sustainability, climate action, employee engagement, and responsible citizenship across our companies. However, as we look to further integrate ESG principles throughout our business, our goal is to engage all 1,700 of our employees and those of our funds’ reporting companies and relationships. ESG principles need to be fully embedded into our culture and permeate our entire organisation. This is when we will truly make a difference and expand the opportunity and the impact.”

Reflecting on the past 12 months, we are proud of the progress we have made toward achieving this goal. Apollo has taken steps to move to a best-in-class, transparent governance structure; we have redefined our purpose and values; and expanded the opportunity for diverse talent with industry-leading initiatives. Within private equity, we launched a dedicated Impact platform, which will invest in later-stage companies that align with specific UN Sustainable Development Goals. And within credit, we have developed a proprietary rating system to further incorporate ESG into our investment process. ESG integration across our entire firm has proven to not only be the right thing to do, but simply, better business.”

“Thin graphene oxide sheets can translocate from the nasal cavity to the brain”

— Mark Playne (Science Direct)

Graphene Oxide Everywhere

The impact measurement platforms described above need to become automated and scalable. What will make that possible is the development of blockchain and Web 3.0 cyber-physical systems. The evolution of the internet from Individual Communication Technology into pervasive computing will demand intensive resource extraction to construct and power the sensor networks that will kill all natural life on Earth in order to generate a counterfeit, controllable simulation. Graphene in the poison shots, graphene in the food, graphene in the water, and graphene being sprayed from the skies – this is all part of the process. Research into bio-nano engineering will be leveraged to feed on and redesign carbon and water-based life as armatures for the collective consciousness envisioned for a century by uber parasites: Teilhard de Chardin, Vladimir Vernadsky, Julian Huxley, Oliver Reiser, and Fritz Kunz.

Dangerous man-made weather events will reinforce the need for intensive risk assessment and new insurance products like the automated claims management of parametric insurance policies governed by IoT data analytics. A division of Wharton’s new ESG initiative is a Risk Management and Decisions Process Centre, which is one of the Kleinman Centre’s on-campus partners. At this point most people are unwilling to engage seriously with the degree to which natural atmospheric forces have been influenced, going as far back as the 1950s. Here’s the thing: All of this will require sensors, edge computing, and quantum AI. The Quakers, UPenn’s mascot, described themselves as “children of the light.” Is this what they meant? Photonics? Optics? Iris, the rainbow, sending data to Olympus, the GIIN, of sustainable social impact compliance? Will the fire taken by Prometheus be tamed by Apollo and remade as biological photovoltaics? Will human flesh through the use of PiezoMEMs (Piezo Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems) become a novel computational substrate? The doublespeak alone in these names is enough to mess up a mind. (We shudder to think how far along they might be).

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”

― Anais Nin

You Are NOT Most People

Will you look everywhere but inside your heart where you might unearth your moral compass? Will you ignore the elephants in the room as the acrid odour of bullshit fills your nostrils? The war on consciousness and natural life is well underway, but few retain sufficient clarity of thought or a firm enough backbone to call a spade a spade. Their boning knives are so sharp, and the cuts so deft, that many victims never even realise they have been gutted. The machine bearing down on us will use any and all online interventions to manipulate data in ways that redirect public funds into private hands under the guise of “evidence-based” “impact.” Once agreements are signed, administrators have free reign to impose data-driven initiatives that claim to “close gaps.” By following the money, lots of it, we can see how this system of converting human (and now animal) life to data for profit is prolific at every turn. Wherever greedy FinTech impact investment sectors can leverage data-mining for profit, they will, pushing the lives of the most vulnerable onto data dashboards for review by financiers.

Our lives are made for communication, our bodies bathed in information, and connection is vital. We are social animals, and collective intelligence (when it is consensual and non-coercive) can be profoundly satisfying. It’s hard to try and find new ways to communicate across distances that are meaningful and productive. There are so many pitfalls online: cancel culture, ghosting, interference, algorithmic suppression, selective curation. It’s as though nothing can be taken at face value. Of course, we have all blocked people. None of us are immune to the toxic aspect of these tools. Here’s the thing: none of this is normal, and we are expected to embrace it without question. (Deposit your trust token here). And it’s never just one wound, but many wounds. It is a pervasive network of woundedness, riddled with rot, and papered over with progressive social policy. We will not sugarcoat it – the prognosis is not good. There is no easy cure for chronic domination disorder though symptoms may temporarily be alleviated through superficial social justice performances enacted even as most participants know deep inside nothing is actually meant to change. Cycles of harm run on repeat with increasing intensity, a perpetual gas-lit charade. Conscious Leaders are here to end this debased system once and for all.

“The most confused you will ever get is when you try to convince your heart and spirit of something your mind knows is a lie.”

― Shannon L. Alder

NOW is The Time

It is vital that the public begin to grasp that the sustainability narrative as advanced by the United Nations, the Global Impact Investment Network, the Impact Management Project, Scott Kleinman’s Apollo Group, and other ESG promoters is not about saving the planet but rather entangling all facets of existence into mechanical systems to quantify nature, monitor the value of each individual piece (down to the microbe) to the larger system, engineer life from the position of full spectrum dominance, and using risk analytics gamble on innumerable combinations of possible outcomes beyond anything the human mind could ever hold. This is a dark, dark art masquerading as salvation. Conscious Leaders everywhere must be strong of heart and clear of head so as not to wander into the wrong story. If we unthinkingly follow the breadcrumbs being dropped it will be game over for all of natural life.

There are many ways of looking at any situation, and in the bigger picture, it can be said that consensual reality is currently experiencing a breakdown of beliefs. People have built their lives on the faith that beliefs are absolute facts or attributes of existence that are indisputable truths. However, Conscious Leaders know that beliefs are agreements about reality, and agreements can be changed. It is essential to understand that beliefs are the thoughts you hold within your imagination – consciously, subconsciously, and unconsciously – and in the imagination, all things are real. All thoughts produce energetic vibrations, and even though you cannot see these frequencies, the airwaves are full of who you are. During this period of acceleration our world is becoming ever more polarised over a massive conflict of beliefs.

“You need to know it’s your actions that will make you a good person, not desire.”

― Matthew Quick

As Within So Without

Two very distinct directions of thought, based on the value of life, express the tension of this great divide. A belief in a world of hostility uses the platform of “might is right” to promote violence and synthetic subservience as a means to an end. In direct opposition, a belief in a peacefully empowered existence places immense value on nature, and all life is held in significant regard. Stress and tension are steadily escalating all over the planet due, in part, to an increase in telepathic and psychic sensitivity to the magnitude of this great vibrational divide. Now, this great divide of beliefs is actually “a polarity of cooperation,” like a full moon shining its light, stoking the fires of passion, and illuminating what is normally hidden. These activities are a demonstration of the vast power of beliefs to create very distinct, and sometimes diametrically opposed, versions of reality. In purely practical terms, you make your choice in every moment for what you want. The use of your free will to choose to decide is, of course, your saving grace, and you must learn to cultivate it, seeding thoughts for an empowered life. You are in charge of the vital energy that sustains and connects you with the larger cosmic reality. When you abdicate and ignore your abilities to create your reality, essentially, you turn your power over to be maneuvered by others.

No one is going to save you: in order to flourish and thrive, you must be willing to take charge of your life. In order to understand and heal the insanity, instability, and seeming uncertainty of these troubled times, you must first learn to manage yourself. This is the very esscence of Conscious Leadership. And as the Conscious Leader of your own life, learning to manage energy in the material world is one of the reasons you are here at this time. Your body is your first and foremost responsibility, and essentially, it follows your commands. Your emotional intensity is the charge of power behind the frequency of your thoughts. How you feel about yourself and the world at large directly affects the functions and operating systems of your physical form. Feelings are fuel for beliefs (especially feelings of excitement) and when you follow your feelings, you will always find your beliefs. When you feel good about yourself, your outer world will mirror this state of mind. Choose to keep your vibrational frequency high. Together we rise!

“Do your actions agree with your words? There’s your measure of reliability.

Never confine yourself to the words.”


― Frank Herbert


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