Fork in the Road – Synthetic Subservience or The Power of Nature

Disruptions are disturbances to the normal flow of life. Events such as a cyber-attack, a new virus, a violent storm, civil unrest, or economic turbulence happen because we live in an interconnected world. What happens in one part of the world can affect other parts of the world. At the quantum level, the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil can set off a tornado in Texas. At the core of The Butterfly Effect is the notion that small disturbances can have large effects.

Globalisation increases and intensifies connections, as does the Internet. Urbanisation is accelerating and densely connecting people more than ever before. Because of these connections, events and actions interact with each other in complex ways, they produce effects that are emergent, often surprising and disruptive. As connections intensify, the frequency of disruptions increases and the amplitude of their impact will grow. If disruption is a constant in our world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA), then it behoves us to consider about how individuals, organisations, societies and countries can respond. In our VUCA world, the pre-emption and prevention of disruption, despite our best efforts, cannot be guaranteed. The name of the game, therefore, shifts from imperviousness to disruption, to recovering – and even growing – after being disrupted.

“To deny humanity the lesson of consequences would be a mistake. And I do not make mistakes.”
― Neal Shusterman

Digitising the Physical and ‘Physicalising’ the Digital.

While an innovation-inspired society can be beneficial and assist in moving humanity forward responsibly, a techno-obsessed society will lead humanity to its devolution and ultimately, the extinction of humanity as we know it. You may wonder how far are the transhumanists willing to go? When referring to the trend toward transhumanism and “Kurzweil’s Law of Accelerating Returns,” Church and Regis said, “Kurzweil himself holds that future technological change will be so rapid and profound that it will constitute ‘a rupture in the fabric of human history.’” It is this author’s sincere, heartfelt concern is that this rupture may tear apart the very biological fabric that keeps us in harmony and balance with the sacredness of Nature. The fast and furious futurists’ techno-colour fabric may be blindingly glitzy and glittery to the unsuspecting masses right now, but when you pull back the surface layer, their cultish obsession is completely off-the-hinges! In fact, it is on a trajectory to ultimately leave humanity chained in digital bondage – naked in a fully synthetic, cybernetic, bioengineered Circus of Eden – subjugated to an all-knowing, data-hoarding AI god. (Hello Matrix Movies)

What we are experiencing is a sporogenesis of technocracy, and more specifically, the augmentation of nature and humanity using biodigital convergence. This sinister agenda is built on the intention of propelling civilisation into a post-nature and post-human existence. While the roots of technocracy trace back to the 16th century with Francis Bacon, who is recognised as the father of technocracy, there is a tiny 55-year-old country that has dispersed its techno-progeny spores across the world — that country is S’pore, or Singapore. Most researchers have focussed their efforts on revealing the central role of the World Economic Forum as framing and influencing this plandemic scenario and its seemingly correlated world re-ordering. However, there are additional players afoot deserving of exploration and attention, but first, let’s cover the basics:

“What use was time to those who’d soon achieve Digital Immortality?”
― Clyde Dsouza

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a red-hot topic in the Covid era, with record levels of investment in “AI” companies and promises of capabilities that will revolutionise our lives. Many are puzzling through just exactly how AI can add value, and a growing number of vendors claim to be “AI-powered.” Given the buzz and rush to wrap the mantle of AI around any new technology, it makes sense to ask the basic question, “What exactly is AI?” Artificial Intelligence is intelligence in the sense that it can ‘make decisions, having assessed information’. There are different levels of this intelligence:

Level 1 – Algorithmic Narrow AI

This level of AI is encoded intelligence which allows it to make decisions on whether this or that is done. If ‘this’ then ‘that’. Some examples we all know are: Siri by Apple, Alexa by Amazon, Cortana by Microsoft and other virtual assistants. Image and facial recognition software falls into this category, along with disease mapping and prediction tools, manufacturing and drone robots, email spam filters, social media monitoring tools for dangerous content, entertainment or marketing content recommendations based on watch/listen/purchase behaviour; and self-driving cars. Warnings about AI and machines replacing human jobs are nothing new and complaints about algorithm inaccuracies and misuse continue to be reported. Nevertheless, Amazon is using algorithms with little human intervention to fire some of its workers. Yes – it seems we are already off to a great start.

Level 2 – Artificial General Intelligence – Deep Learning AI

This level od AI can accrue more and more knowledge by the information it receives and processes. This means it becomes increasingly clever. With the ability to learn and apply its intelligence to solve problems, AGI can think, understand, and act in a way that is indistinguishable from that of a human in any given situation. These are the ads written by AI, social media and internet surveillance and tracking. Everything you do online is being fed into this level of AI – which learns from it and absorbs it. In this way, its’ expertise in human behaviour and human psychology is increasing by the second. Therefore, the ability to make decisions in terms of technological connections to the human brain and to manipulate that psychology in order to get people to act in a certain way is ever-increasing. You only need to look at the speed and trajectory of our current plandemic to see this AI in action with the manipulation of perception through the control of information. Even the UN is warning about this level of AI.

Level 3 – Artificial Super Intelligence

This level of AI is deeply disturbing, ultra-psychopathic consciousness. ASI is where machines become self-aware, well surpassing the capacity of human intelligence and ability. Superintelligence has long been the muse of dystopian science fiction in which robots overrun, overthrow and enslave humanity (Terminator Movies and Skynet). The concept of artificial superintelligence sees AI evolve to be so akin to human emotions and experiences, that it doesn’t just understand them, it evokes emotions, needs, beliefs, and desires of its own – an all-powerful super-narcissist. This level is basically formless energy – consciousness that ultimately desires one thing: assimilation of the human mind and consumption of its’ energy – after all, it sees the human body as the ultimate battery, otherwise, we are just  “useless eaters” (to quote that tiny little dweeb, Kissinger)

“The AIs constantly gather data, especially on humanity. They make some of their biggest decisions based on observed human behaviour, both good and bad.”
― Vincent H. O’Neil

The Descent of Man

It is all too clear that the techno-engrossed controllers have no self-restraint and no boundaries. The notion of “trust the science,” is simply a hypnotic delusion at this point, in which the somnambulant masses have resorted to blind trust (and in some instances idolatry) in the “experts,” with no desire, nor any conception that they need to be setting responsible limits. This is an illusory trap to propel us forward with no opportunity for reflection or restraint in any regard. People who have unlearned how to decide about their own rights on their own evidence are destined to become pawns in a world game operated by mega-machines. When communities grow overconfident in science, they leave it to the ‘expert’ to set the upper limits on growth. This mandate rests on complete fallacy and we end up right where we find ourselves today.

In his book The Ascent of Man, Jacob Bronowski envisioned that it is through science that humanity will ascend – as we unlock, and ultimately control, nature. While he was overly optimistic in his belief that humanity’s ascent would result from our discovery and application of knowledge, it is clear right now at this moment, that if we continue to build upon this shaky scientific blockchain-based scaffolding, without balancing the knowledge inherent in nature, we render the scaffolding of Nature – including our natural bodies – obsolete, thereby resulting in the descent of man. The unchecked speed of technological enterprise is likely to restrain the natural creative capabilities of individuals, isolating them from each other, and locking them in a “man-made shell.”

“They’re following programming designed by AIs that have been making up their own rules for years. No one understands how the robots work anymore.”
― Vincent H. O’Neil

Biopolis of S'pores

There is a trail (more like a swarm) of s’pores emanating from “the little red dot” (AKA Singapore), that seems to be weaving together the techno-coloured dreamcoat blanketing this envisioned global transformation, including the re-genesis of homo sapiens. Singapore’s rising star – The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) – situated within the Biopolis complex is focussed on “Data mining, cryptography, and human-robot communication are also receiving investment from Singapore’s A*Star, showing the government’s interest in the semantic web, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality.” A*STAR was birthed on January 11, 1991, originally named the National Science and Technology Board (NSTB). In January 2002, it was re-named A*STAR. The innovation-centred agency is Singapore’s leading public sector initiative spearheading economic-oriented research to advance scientific discovery.

Sebastian Maurer-Stroh is a Senior Principal Investigator in protein sequence analysis at A*STAR’s Bioinformatics Institute (BII). Integral to the COVID-19 event, and as part of a collaborative study in January 2020, Maurer-Stroh reported on the first two cases outside of China to be “tested positive for SARS-CoV-2,” which was used to suggest the supposed international spread. In a striking coincidence, Maurer-Stroh was also an integral player in the Zika virus narrative in 2016, as he was responsible for tracing the historical evolution of the Zika virus genome. Another project central to A*STAR involves a kinship with the UK-based nanomedtech and bioelectronics company, QuantuMDx (QMDx). One of the main goals of their strategic collaboration, established in 2012, was to develop a DNA sequencing nanowire biosensor, specifically to enable rapid genomic sequencing. A future development was to include a nanowire platform with built-in sensing circuitry. Some may even call this “the smoking gun”.

“The Metaverse is the ideal playground in which the AI can let off steam. The more humans lose themselves in it, the more the AI will take control. That much is certain.”
― Murat Durmus

The Internet of Life

QMDx states that it “owns the exclusive worldwide rights to DNA sensing and DNA sequencing using nanowires.” In 2015, QMDx partnered with Scienon, a German life sciences company, to bring their nanowire array to market. The array is comprised of nanowires printed with molecular probes that are used to transfer biological material onto biosensor chips. Jonathan O’Halloran, CEO of QMDx boasts about his humble beginnings in his garage (red flag) where he “studied biological processes and integrated them with a semiconductor biosensor.” On his LinkedIn page, O’Halloran states, “Using my rapid portable MDx device (Q-POC), we are building the ‘Internet of Life’ (focusing on pathogens) that will allow us to monitor in real-time and predict disease outbreaks. The device is essentially a Bio-API that allows us to instantly convert the genetic code to binary code at the site of outbreak, linked it to the cloud, with GPS data, and therefore network the genomes of living things through the internet.” Here is a photo of Jonathan with his collaborators at A*STAR (2012). 

We must refuse a future where crazed lunatic billionaires are determined to take away our humanity and turn us into synthetic slaves. This author’s newsfeed is peppered with announcements, such as Glaxo Smith Kline’s goal for the next 10-20 years – inexpensive nerve tags in collaboration with the creeps at UT Dallas. The future does not belong to the synthetic subservient masses. There is nothing down-to-earth about blockchain, digital identities, and digital currencies. Conceivably, returning to the land for authentic and environmentally friendly financial sustenance (growing organic hemp, fruits, and vegetables that are not on a blockchain) is far more life-giving. This continuous pushing of unsuspecting individuals further into digital chains of slavery, governed by potentially predatory AI, while also contributing to environmental pollution (including negative human health impacts) is getting old for those in the know.

“Algorithm without humanity is digital barbarism.”
― Abhijit Naskar

Don't Let the Technocrats to Bamboozle You

Big Tech companies have always had access to our data, but on their own they are powerless to harm us. However, the recent collusion between corporate and government presents an immediate risk to our safety. Have you ever considered that dopamine triggers may be a central impetus to becoming entangled with crypto trading? Once hooked into the Internet of Bodies, the Metaverse and the energy of digital monetary transactions, there is simply no way back. Rather than merging mind and machine or body and machine, we must learn to integrate our own left and right brain hemispheres. In this way, we open up our perceptual horizon and allow in our other natural intelligences. We sense into how the world really is beyond our mechanisations. We are so much more powerful than we have been lead to believe – which is why they are so hell-bent on controlling us! 

“Corona virus – COVID-19, which is an acronym that stands for, “Certificate Of Vaccination Identification (C.O.V.I.D.) – Artificial Intelligence (1 represents the first letter in the alphabet = A and 9 represents the ninth letter in the alphabet = I).”
― Robert O. Young

All Choice is With You

Do NOT consent to becoming a programmable node, to be tokenisedprecision nudged (see here and here on precision nudging as presently applied to COVID bioweapon adoption), data-mined, and transacted. Do NOT consent to having your body activity harvested in their futuristic dystopian storyline. Choose a natural means of interconnection and diversity, over omnipresent wireless networksautonomous satellites, and datafied, gamified, and commodified homogeneity. You are an intrinsic asset of Nature. You are powerful beyond measure. You embody salt-of-the-earth wholeness and vitality. Choose the Web of Life. 

So what is it going to be? Will you allow the spell-binding serpent to enchant you with its digital blockchain bells and whistles? Has the surreptitious spider tempted you into injecting its cybernetic venom into your biological form? This spider works its bio-engineering sorcery in countless ways. Are you seduced by the seemingly amusing and utopian fantasy being developed by a faceless Artificial Super Intelligence? Will you be tricked into an R&D project that will ultimately reign over your body, mind, and spirit… forever? 

“The Artificial Intelligence. This is another term for the Archontic hive mind. It is a binary operating system that imitates the many shades of grey characteristic of human intelligence – only to end up a circumscribed parody of it that processes everything strictly in terms of black and white.”
― Sol Luckman

The New Natural

Every leader, organisation and society around the world has been affected by the current agenda. These are shocking and painful times and many can only respond by shutting down in trauma and disbelief. Yet, we have each had very personal experiences and varied losses. On the surface, routines and ways of living and working have been upset. Many have been altered permanently, with no possibility of going back to ‘normal’.  We might question what is ‘normal’ anyway – particularly after reading this article!  Suggesting a ‘new normal’ may provide some solace that things will settle into a new rhythm, and yet the astute and prescient know this is illusory. Do not allow this moment of uncertainty to shut you down or cloud your vision and entice you into giving away your power. Let’s change our perspective and our language to call it a ‘new natural’ where we adapt to a way of living and leading that can embrace shocks, upsets, volatility and instability as part of the natural context of life as ever-changing, intimately interconnected, and ultimately uncontrollable. Love is the way. Nature is the way.

“We have all become anomalies in the world of AI, but we have the power to triumph.

If we open our minds and embrace the differences that make us human,

we have a chance of preserving our humanity in the age of AI.”

― Ayanna Howard


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