Phoenix Leadership

Phoenix Leadership

“It’s impossible”, says Reason  “It’s reckless,” says Experience. “It’s painful,” says Pride. “Do it!” says Passion. …to live with a burning passion is Leadership on Fire.

There comes a time when you realise that something is inherently wrong. You find the courage to dig deep and take an honest look at the measures and actions that need to be taken.

You know – a part of you must die. You can no longer hold on to old ways of thinking and being. Although change may feel difficult or frightening…it is imminent.

This process involves a sort of death – a letting go of who you thought you were, so that you can become more of who you truly are. You have to be willing to die to yourself, to be the person you want to become.

Are you willing to let go?

The skills and techniques you will learn from this program are the difference between an ad hoc, panic-driven, superficial change (providing you a limited measure of success) and a considered, insightful and deliberate transformation that will see you through your next evolution, so that you emerge powerfully.

Which would you prefer? A knee-jerk reaction, born out of a need to stay ahead of your peers and remain relevant in an ever-changing market? Or a conscious, mindful transformation resembling the phoenix firebird?

Reactive change is simply a band aid; an externally applied action that serves as a temporary quick fix, whereas transformation is an inside-out process that ensures a phoenix result.

It’s time to remove the expired and insignificant to allow re-birth of something new and powerful.

How will you transform?

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